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Iranian women on Facebook want to shun veil: Study (Cached) 9.4.2014 New Kerala: World News
London, April 9 : Use of social media can influence attitudes and behaviours to a greater extent, even empower women too. According to a promising research, Iranian women who use Facebook may be willing to display pictures of themselves without a veil.
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Iranian women on Facebook want to shun veil (Cached) 9.4.2014 DNA: Opinion
Use of social media can influence attitudes and behaviours to a greater extent, and empower women as well . According to a promising research, Iranian women who use Facebook may be willing to display pictures of themselves without a veil. "Among women in Iran, the duration and amount of daily Facebook activity is associated with their desire to wear a traditional head-covering and their willingness to put photos without a veil," explained Sean Young from David Geffen school of medicine, University of California. Young, along with Abbas Shakiba from University of Shahid Chamran in Iran and Mohammad Sadegh Montazeri from University of Semnan, Iran, did a survey of Iranian women and the use of social media. They found significant relationships between several factors and how likely the Iranian women surveyed were to cover themselves with a veil and whether they would post unveiled photos on Facebook. "This study is an important foray into the impact technology and social media is having on cultural and ...
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Photo highlights of the day 8.4.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page

The Guardians picture editors bring you a selection of the best photographs from around the world

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Percentage of women voters low in MP district (Cached) 7.4.2014 New Kerala: India News
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Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls review recollections of a resolute outsider 6.4.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
A secretly gay child's memories are captured with exacting candour David Sedaris's voice is familiar to listeners of This American Life or Radio 4's Meet David Sedaris : arch, insinuating, slightly world-weary as it winds itself around childhood recollections, awkward moments, modern fables. Written down, in his latest collection of essays Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls, the humour becomes sharper, the veil of melancholy heavier. Beneath all the wryness and self-deprecation is an undercurrent of carefully controlled anger. He constructs a persona to survive as a physically puny, secretly gay child in 1960s Raleigh, North Carolina "Is this how a normal boy would swing his arms? Is this how he'd laugh? Is this what he'd find funny?" But then, as now, Sedaris is a resolute outsider, always observing and meticulously chronicling everything in the diary he has kept since 1977. "It's not lost on me that I'm so busy recording life, I don't have time to really live ...
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Teenager held after terror suspect fled in burqa 3.4.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Seventeen-year-old arrested in connection with disappearance of Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed last year

A teenager has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a terror suspect who escaped surveillance by dressing in a burqa.

Anti-terror officers arrested the 17-year-old man on Thursday morning on suspicion of conspiring with another to breach measures in a notice issued under the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (Tpim) Act 2011, Scotland Yard said.

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Queen to meet pope at Vatican for the first time 3.4.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Monarch and pontiff to meet in papal study with Falkland Islands and Anglican-Catholic relations potentially thorny issues

The Queen will meet Pope Francis for the first time on Thursday in a private audience at the Vatican expected to lack the stiff formality of previous encounters between pontiffs and monarchs.

As part of a day-long visit to Rome, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be received by the 77-year-old pope on Thursday afternoon in a papal study rather than the lavish apostolic palace where Francis met Barack Obama last week. On this occasion, the Queen is not expected to wear black or a mantilla (lace veil).

Protest-wary cops stall group of burqa-clad women at Modi rally (Cached) 3.4.2014 TOI: India
The group of 20, led by the state co-ordinator of the BJP Teachers' Cell Farida Sultana, were allowed inside only after the party's city president, Pushpendu Sharma, stopped the police from shooing away visitors wearing black ...
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Eyewitness: Kabul, Afghanistan 30.3.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series
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Taliban attack Afghan electoral commission HQ in Kabul 29.3.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
Five Taliban fighters killed during four-hour gun battle in latest in spate of attacks ahead of 5 April presidential election

Five Taliban fighters were killed after they launched an assault on the Kabul headquarters of the Afghanistan's independent election commission (IEC) headquarters on Saturday, the latest in a spate of attacks before next week's presidential vote.

Two police officers were injured in the ensuing four-hour gun battle.

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Taliban attack election commission headquarters in Kabul ahead of vote 29.3.2014 DNA: Popular News
Taliban insurgents attacked the Independent Election Commission headquarters in Kabul on Saturday, staff and police said, in the their third big assault on the capital this week aimed at derailing the April 5 presidential election. Four hours after the attack started, Afghan security forces were still battling to secure the area in the east of the city. Eight international UN staffers remained inside the besieged IEC building, a security source said. Another security official said at least three suicide bombers have been killed. No further details on casualties were available. It is the second IEC building this week to have been targeted by the Taliban, and the attack occurred less than 24 hours after militants stormed a guesthouse used by a US-based aid group. A child was killed in Friday's attack. Kabul is on high alert ahead of the presidential vote that Taliban insurgents have threatened to derail with a campaign of bombings and assassinations. Election commission staff heard ...
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Lady Gaga kicks off 28th birthday in 'near nude' sheer body stocking (Cached) 29.3.2014 New Kerala: World News
Washington, March 29 : Lady Gaga left very little to imagination when she came as close as possible to wearing nothing but her birthday suit to the famed New York venue, Roseland Ballroom.
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Image and beyond (Cached) 28.3.2014 Telegraph: Opinion
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Why we find the idea of a singing nun so comic – and so appealing | Katherine Butler 25.3.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
A Sicilian nun's success in the Italian Voice may reflect modern society's incomprehension of a life devoted to others What is it about singing nuns? Julie Andrews is usually held to blame for the phenomenon, climbing every mountain and following every dream (including marrying Captain von Trapp) as the fictional Maria with her guitar in The Sound of Music. Then there was the real nun, Jeanine Deckers , from Belgium, who became a sensation in America after her gentle records were played on US radio stations to soothe the nation after the death of John F Kennedy. She was invited onto The Ed Sullivan Show and had her life made into a movie starring Debbie Reynolds. Now a nun performing an Alicia Keys song in The Voice of Italy has, understandably – because when you read that as a headline you want to see the video – gone viral. Italian TV producers must have been salivating when the smiling Sister Cristina Scuccia, dressed in unflattering black habit and full veil, not only auditioned for the ...
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ABC cancels controversial pilot Alice of Arabia following backlash 24.3.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest

Script, about an American girl kidnapped by her Saudi Arabian family, had been condemned by Council on American-Islamic Relations• Alice in Arabia could break the mold, but don't hold your breath

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Acid attack victim accuses Metropolitan police of incompetence 24.3.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Naomi Oni, whose attacker Mary Konye was jailed for 12 years last week, says police claimed she had poured acid on herself A woman left scarred for life after an acid attack has accused Scotland Yard of incompetence, saying police initially claimed she had poured it over herself. Naomi Oni, a shop assistant, suffered serious burns on her face and chest in the incident in Dagenham, east London, in 2012. Her former friend, Mary Konye, 22, who disguised herself in a Muslim veil before throwing the sulphuric acid, was jailed for 12 years last week. Oni told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that police were slow to act on information she gave them about the attack. She said it almost felt as if she had "been accused of lying", adding that she had suffered "pain and backlash for her [Konye's] actions and other people's incompetency". The Metropolitan police said they considered all lines of inquiry in the early stages of their investigation. Oni said officers were incompetent "to kind ...
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Hijab design takes centre stage at Tokyo Fashion Week (Cached) 22.3.2014 Hindustan Times: Lifestyle
Hijab design takes centre stage at Tokyo Fashion Week
Mary Konye jailed for 12 years for acid attack on former friend in east London 21.3.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Naomi Oni, 22, left scarred for life by burns on face and chest after attack that Konye only admitted after her conviction A woman who threw acid in the face of her friend while disguised by a Muslim veil has been jailed for 12 years. Business student Mary Konye, 22, attacked Naomi Oni, a Victoria's Secret shop assistant, over a "trivial, insignificant" argument after following her home from work. Oni was left scarred for life after suffering serious burns on her face and chest following the incident in Dagenham, east London, on 30 December 2012. Judge David Radford, who sentenced Konye at London's Snaresbrook crown court , said the consequences of her "deliberate [and] wicked act have been devastating to Miss Oni". He added that it was a premeditated and callous plan to burn and disfigure the victim. Konye, who was convicted in January, looked straight ahead from the dock and showed no reaction as she was sentenced. Oni, 22, who did not attend the sentencing, said in a statement ...
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Photo highlights of the day 21.3.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of the best photographs from around the world Joanna ...
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Cairo University chief blames woman's dress for sexual harassment 19.3.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Stance of Dr Nasser Gaber toward campus incident that was filmed by bystanders sparks fury among women's rights activists The head of Egypt's leading state university has provoked furious condemnation for claiming that an on-campus sexual harassment case was the fault of its female victim, and saying that she may be punished. The Cairo University student was surrounded on Monday by a group of male students who sexually harassed her as she walked across a busy campus. The woman was later escorted from the university by campus security, and the incident was filmed by bystanders – many of whom appear unconcerned, or eager to join in – and uploaded to social media. One male student can be heard saying: "Guys, I'm going to upload it on Facebook – whoever wants to watch this video, come to my page." The university's president, Dr Nasser Gaber, added to public outcry when he told a television talkshow the incident had resulted in part from the woman wearing colourful clothes, instead of a ...
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