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Actress Adah Sharma's expressive eyes do the talking in 'Garam' 12.2.2016 DNA: Money
Adah Sharma will soon be seen in Jagga Jasoos but right now it's Garam that is the talk of Tollywood. Her latest Telugu film Garam releases on February 12. In this flick directed by Madan, she is paired with Aadi. The pretty actress plays a Muslim girl called Sameera in the film. And she will be donning a burqa where her eyes will be seen in most of the film. Considering this, the actress has told media that it will be her eyes that do all the talking in the film! She is said to have only five dialogues in the entire film. Aadi's parents, Saikumar and Sureka, are producing this romantic action entertainer. Madan zeroed in on Adah after seeing her film Heart Attack where he felt she had very lovely eyes.  In Garam, Adah apparently plays a character that is quite different from the typical heroine's role. She believes that the role of Sameera is very performance-oriented and the audience will see two sides of the heroine on ...
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‘To each his own weapon, I have my camera’: Iran's 1979 revolution – in pictures 8.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

It took Maryam Zandi more than three decades to get her photos of the revolution published

I met Maryam Zandi last spring in the cherry-coloured hallways of downtown Tehran’s House of Artists, a prestigious gallery, auditorium and theatre inaugurated under the administration of the reformist president Mohammad Khatami. Zandi was ‘in conversation with’ photographer Nader Davoodi, but I was looking forward to interview her about her book, Enqelab-e 57, published more than three decades after the 1979 revolution.

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'Speed-dating' with a twist: got questions for Muslim women? Here's where to go 8.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest
Hana Assifiri invites ‘generous and brilliant’ women to her Morroccan deli in Melbourne every fortnight for those who want to ‘ask a Muslim anything’ in a bid to create a more cohesive society, one conversation at a time Hana Assafiri knows how to harness the power of women. When she opened the now renowned Moroccan Soup Bar in North Fitzroy, Victoria, more than 15 years ago, she employed impoverished women struggling to break free from a cycle of poverty and domestic violence, teaching them the skills to provide affordable and nourishing food to their communities. Having recently opened an off-shoot of the vegetarian restaurant in Brunswick East, called Moroccan Deli-Cacy, Assafiri has once again surrounded herself with women, this time in a bid to dispel myths around Muslims and to create a more cohesive society, one conversation at a ...
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ISIS chief Baghdadi's sister-in-law being held in Kurdish prison: Report 7.2.2016 DNA: Top News
The sister-in-law of dreaded Islamic State supremo Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is being held in a Kurdish prison following a failed suicide bombing attack several years ago, according to a media report. The 24-year-old woman, Duaa Amid Ibrahim, is the sister of one of Baghdadi's three wives, and has been held by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) security forces since she was caught entering Erbil with a suicide vest beneath her burqa, the Fox News reported. Kurdish authorities say she was sent by al-Qaeda on a mission that long predated her brother-in-law's rise to power. With Baghdadi now becoming arguably the most dangerous terrorist in the world, Ibrahim appears to have major clout behind bars, the report said. "Her mind might have changed from wanting to be a suicide bomber, but her ideology is still the same. She is very popular, the other women really like her," a KRG official, was quoted as saying. Years behind bars has done nothing to soften her radical beliefs, the official said. Ibrahim was a ...
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Muslim makeover for Barbie with 'Hijarbie' 7.2.2016 DNA: Mumbai
A Nigerian woman, who wanted to see Barbie dressed the way she did, has given the popular doll arguably its most surprising makeover yet - all covered up and wearing a 'hijab'. The 'Hijarbie', created by 24-year-old Haneefah Adam, will be initially available in the US and will be sold in the UK from mid-March at major toy retailers for 9.99 pounds each. Adam said a look at the hugely popular Barbie Style Instagram "got me thinking about how I'd actually like to see a doll dressed up like I would have covered up. "I was mulling about the idea for about three months while I was still studying for my master's degree in the UK. When I got back to Nigeria, I went to the mall, purchased a doll, dressed it up, documented it and here we are," she told Style.Mic. Adam, who currently owns and runs a lifestyle brand called Hanie, posts about her 'Hijarbies' on an Instagram account which already has over 17,000 of followers. "My outfit is featuring Green Jumpsuit Denim long jacket with green threading details. Pearl ...
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The great escape: people with learning disabilities on what they love best 6.2.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page
Lucie loves swimming, Mark is a keen dancer, and Charles likes to climb. Polly Braden spent two years photographing people whose lives have been transformed by one groundbreaking organisation I am sitting in the Great Holm Coffee Shop, in Milton Keynes, being served with extreme care. This clean, colourful space is open to the public and has rave reviews on TripAdvisor , but it is a cafe with a difference, staffed by adults with learning disabilities. The waiter who takes my order listens attentively and, on a laminated order form, ticks the box beside the picture of a teapot. When he returns, he places the pot, milk jug and cup and saucer on the table with great deliberateness. Over by the counter, a support worker is watching discreetly. Everywhere in the cafe, and in the kitchens, there are support workers watching – the air here is a cat’s cradle of ...
David Cameron has become the master of trickle-down hate | Joseph Harker 28.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page
A bunch of migrants? Really? The prime minister once lamented broken Britain, but his words about those stuck in Calais show he now seeks to divide it During the last election David Cameron made great headway with his slogan about Labour and the SNP wanting to “break up Britain”. It’s been a theme with him. As leader of the opposition, Cameron declared Britain “broken” under Labour, and said he was the one to fix it . It’s ironic, then, that few people in the past decade have done more to break apart the bonds that hold Britain together than the Tory party ...
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Ofsted’s veil threats won’t help schools | Letters 28.1.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

So it’s official: Ofsted publicly announces that it uses ratings as a weapon and a threat, with its leader Michael Wilshaw warning school leaders that they risk their school being judged inadequate for the one transgression against his opinion of allowing the full veil to be worn by staff and pupils (Ofsted to get tough on schools that allow girls to wear full veil, 27 January).

A single issue of this kind then, whatever that may be, ignores and damns all else which happens in the complex fabric of an educational establishment. The achievements of pupils and staff alike are discounted.

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Pakistan arrests 4 men behind university attack 23.1.2016 Rediff: Intl News
According to Bajwa, the main facilitator -- "terrorist A" -- who received and made arrangements for the attackers at Torkhum border checkpost is still at large.
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Conservative magazine National Review goes all-out 'against Trump' – election coverage live 22.1.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest
Join us on the campaign trail as the Republican frontrunner continues to push everyone’s buttons and has establishment cavalry finally arrived 2.37pm GMT Donald Trump does not like to be interrupted. He banishes protesters from his rallies; a woman in a hijab garnered international prominence when she was removed from a campaign event earlier this month . But there are exceptions to his rule. One morning this week, as a pack of Iowans gazed at the mogul-for-president without much wondering whether Sarah Palin would pop up next to him, Trump’s remarks on polling and winning and being “greedy for America” got cut off by the crowd – twice. Related: 'We love you!' Conservative women turn blind eye to Donald Trump's slurs 2.33pm GMT Hillary Clinton left her audience cold in Iowa City on Thursday night, after she spoke for less than five minutes to a crowd of more than a thousand people, some of whom had lined up for more than an hour to see her.[...] The lack of length and substance of her address appeared to ...
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'We love you!' Conservative women turn blind eye to Donald Trump's slurs 22.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page

In interviews with female supporters across Iowa, not one mentioned being turned off by anti-women remarks. Why?

Donald Trump does not like to be interrupted. He banishes protesters from his rallies; a woman in a hijab garnered international prominence when she was removed from a campaign event earlier this month.

But there are exceptions to his rule. One morning this week, as a pack of Iowans gazed at the mogul-for-president without much wondering whether Sarah Palin would pop up next to him, Trump’s remarks on polling and winning and being “greedy for America” got cut off by the crowd – twice.

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Trust is the key to teaching English as a second language | Letters 20.1.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest
Twenty-five years ago Kenneth Clarke, the then minister for education, effectively closed down the national adult education service run by the local education authorities. Apart from a vast array of leisure-time study groups, he also closed the very flexible adult literacy scheme and its offshoot, English as a second language, both of which used a large number of volunteers and provided tuition in people’s homes, as well as at study centres. Home tuition suited those Muslim women who were reluctant to attend formal tuition in colleges and centres. The volunteers were mostly drawn from indigenous British people, which fostered the development of good relationships within the whole community. I know from personal experience that the whole structure took years to establish, recruiting and training paid tutors, and then the same procedure with the volunteers. To be done effectively, Cameron’s £20m ( Migration: Language scheme ‘stigmatises Muslim women’, 19 January ) will go nowhere, if all the target group ...
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David Cameron needs to look beyond the veil | Remona Aly 20.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page
The prime minister says he wants to help Muslim women, but his reckless intervention makes a bad situation worse For a man with an in-tray that never empties, David Cameron has strange priorities. This week, with the world economy shaking perilously and the EU campaign under way in earnest, his preoccupation was the claim that too few Muslim women speak English . Then he turned to the veil . If any public authorities put in place “proper and sensible” rules to ban women from wearing face veils, he would back them, he said. We must have done something to merit so much of his attention. I wear a headscarf. I know women who wear face veils. Each time we are put in the spotlight in this way, the reaction is the same: here we go again. For we have seen veil or niqab debate thrown into the political ring on numerous occasions. Many have spoken out against a ban, saying it would be contrary to British values; others support one, citing the very same reason. These discussions never provide much by way of ...
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'The numbers are small': Muslim groups play down issue of veils in schools 20.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page

Muslim Council for Britain rejects ‘hysteria’ over wearing of niqabs, while Muslim Women’s Network says it favours ban in class for under-16s

The renewed debate over the wearing of full-face veils in schools, either by pupils or teachers, has been greeted with scepticism by some in the Muslim community who say it is a small issue affecting tiny numbers.

Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council for Britain, could not disguise his frustration. “These issues come up every couple of years,” he said. “Every couple of years there’s a big debate, ‘should we ban it, what should we do?’”

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Schools can decide whether to ban full-face veils, says Morgan 19.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page

Education secretary’s comment comes after PM ruled out French-style ban but backed institutions with ‘sensible rules’

The education secretary, Nicky Morgan, has said it is “very much up to schools” if they want to ban the full-face veil, arguing that being able to see a person’s mouth was important for teaching.

Morgan was speaking after the chief schools inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, said inspectors had found that religious dress that covered the face sometimes caused communication problems.

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David Cameron's Today interview - Politics live 18.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page
Rolling coverage of all the day’s political developments as they happen, including David Cameron’s interview on the Today programme 8.33am GMT Cameron says Bramall is a “wonderful man” with a great record. 8.28am GMT Q: The Sunday Times said yesterday you are now proposing a new law asserting the supremacy of parliament over EU law? Cameron says the government already asserted the supremacy of parliament in its EU referendum lock in the last parliament. If there is a case for strengthening that, he will look at ...
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Boko Haram attacks killed nearly 1,200 people since 2013 15.1.2016 DNA: Popular News
Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists have killed nearly 1,200 people in neighbouring Cameroon's far north since 2013, the communications minister in Yaounde said on Friday. Issa Tchiroma Bakary told reporters that the group had staged 315 raids in the border region during this period and carried out 32 suicide bombings. "In total, 1,098 civilians, 67 of our soldiers and three police officials have been killed in these barbaric attacks by the Boko Haram terrorist group," Bakary said. Since July last year, Cameroon's far north has been hit by a series of attacks blamed on Boko Haram, which has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group. This year, the number of attacks in the region has increased to a near daily basis with simultaneous incursions in some areas. "In the face of such unjustified and gratuitous harassment our defence and security forces have inflicted heavy losses on the enemy," he said, adding that the group had been so weakened that it was now taking recourse to bomb attacks, often staged by ...
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Ruqia Hassan: the woman who was killed for telling the truth about Isis 14.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page
The 30-year-old Kurdish woman from Raqqa risked her life by openly criticising the regime on Facebook. Her friends, family and fellow activists remember her determination to tell the world the grim truth about life in Syria In July 2015, Ruqia Hassan posted a message on her Facebook page: “Greetings to every girl celebrating Eid in her pyjamas!” It was the kind of dig her followers loved; a sarcastic acknowledgment that small pleasures – such as wearing new clothes on Eid – had become impossible since Raqqa, a small city on the north bank of the Euphrates river, had turned into the dark heart of the Islamic State. It was also the sort of comment that made Hassan’s family fear that she was attracting the wrong kind of attention. They were right: weeks later, she was arrested and imprisoned; two months later, she was ...
D&G’s hijab range is aimed at people like me – so why do I feel excluded? | Ruqaiya Haris 11.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page
I don’t feel Dolce & Gabbana’s new collection is truly for Muslim women. Instead it reinforces the idea that western designers control global fashion Last week, Dolce & Gabbana released its first hijab and abaya collection for Muslim women in the Middle East. Catering to the Islamic requirements of loose-fitting clothing, the collection featured flowing, full-length dresses with long sleeves as well as headscarves – a striking image from a global fashion brand at a time where suspicion and hatred of Muslims is on the rise. D&G is the latest of several major fashion labels to have recently created clothing for Muslims. DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and Oscar de la Renta have also produced a clothing line targeting the Muslim market, while H&M featured a hijab-wearing model in one of its 2015 advert ...
Muslim woman ejected from Donald Trump rally after silent protest 9.1.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page

Rose Hamid, who wore a shirt that read ‘Salam, I come in peace’, was aggressively heckled as she was escorted from the campaign event in South Carolina

A Muslim woman was escorted from a Donald Trump rally on Friday night, after she stood silently behind the Republican frontrunner wearing a shirt that read: “Salam, I come in peace.”

Related: Bill Clinton avoids taking Donald Trump's bait as he campaigns for Hillary

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