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Medina in Birmingham, Najaf in Brent: Inside British Islam review 23.7.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Innes Bowen's study reveals how the government's attitude towards British Muslims has been defined in part by ignorance Along with the "Trojan Horse" controversy about the imposition of a strict Islamic ethos on a number of Birmingham schools, the disclosure that several hundred Britons have been to Syria and Iraq to fight with the jihadis has fired up those who believe that Islam represents an urgent threat to this country. Amid the hype some of it justifiable, much not nuance has inevitably been lost. It is significant that the British jihadis have chosen to realise their fantasies not here but in Mesopotamia. From a theological point of view, a caliphate can only be set up in Muslim lands. Britain would be a poor choice even for a pilot scheme it has a substantial opposing majority and a competent intelligence service. As for the Birmingham "conspiracy", that, too, is more complicated than it seems: while there have undoubtedly been moves to Islamise the schools' curricula and atmosphere, much of ...
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Veil your mannequins, ISIS tells Iraqi shopkeepers 23.7.2014 Rediff: Intl News
Following the strict Sharia law, militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have ordered shopkeepers in the Iraqi city of Mosul to cover the faces of mannequins.
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Ukraine on the brink 23.7.2014 Telegraph: Opinion
Ukraine is at the crossroads, its future uncertain, its ethnic faultiness dangerously exposed to the deepening turbulence in Russia-Nato relations
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Tumblr user draws herself as hijab wearing Wonder Woman, Captain America, Katniss Everdeen, Spider-Man 20.7.2014 DNA: India
Tumblr user Nora , like many a superhero fans, has been drawing herself as superheroes and popular pop-culture characters. As part of the Draw Yourself challenge on the site, she has been posting the drawings on her account.  The 17 year old from Canada describes herself as "a Muslim girl who prefers to wear loose/baggy things and to wear long shirts/dresses that go past the butt". So this exactly how she chose to draw her superheroes as well. She started with drawing Marvel superheroes such as the Iron Man and Hulk. Her drawings have become quite popular with fellow Tumblr users sending her requests. This prompted her to draw versions of Wonder Woman, Captain America, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and Merlin, the wizard from the legends of King Arthur. Read Also:  Delhi based artist re-imagines Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the Hulk as Indians   The resulting drawings are fantastic with great attention to detail in the designing the outfits. The signature characteristics of the superhero are ...
Karnataka Congress MLA blames mobile phones for rapes 12.7.2014 Hindustan Times: Top Stories
Shakuntala Shetty has embarrassed the ruling party at a time when a spate of sex crimes has rocked the nation and the PM has asked politicians not to psychoanalyse the reason behind such ...
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Snapshot: Justin Timberlake shares his childhood picture on Instagram 12.7.2014 CNN-IBN Top Stories
A file photo of Justin Timberlake.Justin Timberlake shared pictures of his childhood in which he is seen playing a tiny banjo amongst a group of adults with their full-size instruments.
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Wearing the Hijab and playing football in Kashmir 11.7.2014 DNA: Recent Columns
Shunning taboos and breaking stereotypes, young women footballers are bending it like Bechkam in conservative Kashmir in the fasting month of Ramzan. Thanks to the J&K Football Association, which for the first time organised a major women's football tournament in Srinagar to explore the hidden talent of young girls in the restive valley. At least 112 women footballers participated in the tournament that has been a runaway success in the valley that has of late seen the surge in moral policing by Islamists. Mallinson Girls School (MGS) VII defeated Government College for Women (GCW), MA Road, VII in the penalty shootouts in the final match on Friday. What added zing to the tournament were the Hijabs (head scarf). Several girls donned the Hijab, which eventually became an intrinsic part of the sports uniform during the matches. "Hijab is part of my overall personality. It is part of my uniform and I feel comfortable in it. Nobody has objected to it. In fact, I would say they (organisers) supported it," ...
PHOTOS: 12 Pakistani women who dared to lift the veil 11.7.2014 Rediff: Intl News
Though instability continues to plague Pakistan and many areas are dominated by social conservatism, some of the country's more affluent women have worked to fashion a very different kind of lifestyle for themselves. From being a pilates instructor to a rock climber, meet the feisty women who have broken away from tradition and shattered stereotypes.
A look at Zohra Sehgal's life: From a girl in purdah from Saharanpur to the lead dancer of Uday ... 11.7.2014 CNN-IBN Top Stories
No one celebrated life like Zohra Sehgal did. A look at the landmark events in the actresses life.
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What is it like to be a Muslim in Britain today? 9.7.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
We asked Muslim bloggers to tell us their experiences of living as a Muslim in the UK today. Do you agree? Share your thoughts and experiences. We asked Muslim bloggers to share their own experiences and opinions about living as a Muslim in Britain today. Have you had similar or different experiences? Answer the questions yourself in the comment thread, or fill out the form anonymously below. We'll post a selection of the best responses on the site. Today, global events have transformed what being a Muslim means from a private to a public experience. We are faced with divisive and worrying questions from our children asking, What does Jihad mean? or What is a Shia or a Sunni? Why or how these questions have been created is debatable. What I do know is being Muslim in essence can never change, only the political rhetoric that surrounds it. To be a Muslim is a deeply personal and spiritual sense of being that is individual to every Muslim. Of the Sunnah teachings, my favourite is to smile. Smiling is ...
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I am not a devil I only go by the book DarulUloom mufti 8.7.2014 Hindustan Times: India
Hunching over a low wooden desk in a small cell inside DarulUloom Deoband an influential Islamic school in Uttar Pradesh 80yearold chief mufti Habibur Rahman pours over hundreds of mails from many countries each day seeking his opinion on some very personal ...
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Life in a war zone Iraq 5.7.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
How can you maintain some semblance of normality for your children when your country has become a battleground? We find out from families in Baghdad Continue reading...
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French Muslim women on burqa ban ruling: 'All I want is to live in peace' 1.7.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Rights organisations and Muslim women shocked at European court ruling that France has right to ban full-face veil in public

Anti-discrimination organisations have expressed shock after the European court of human rights ruled that France has the right to ban women from wearing the full-face veil in public in the interests of everyone "living together".

The judges ruled that the contested ban affected a group of Muslim women but did not take away their freedom to wear in public clothing or items that did not hide their faces.

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European rights court upholds French burqa ban 1.7.2014 Hindustan Times: Top Stories
The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday upheld Frances controversial burqa ban rejecting arguments that a 2010 law outlawing fullface veils breaches religious ...
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France's burqa ban upheld by human rights court 1.7.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
European judges declare that preservation of a certain idea of 'living together' was legitimate aim of French authorities. Continue reading...
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Not all Muslims are jihadists and it's a shame such reassurances are needed | Sharif Nashashibi 30.6.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
One would be forgiven for thinking there is an exodus of British Muslims going to fight in the Middle East. This is far from reality Since the militarisation of the Syrian revolution, there has been much reporting in the UK of British Muslims going to fight in Syria and now Iraq. The recent spike in coverage follows the publication of a video by Isis, in which three British Muslims appeal for others to join their cause . Of course jihadism arouses domestic alarm, particularly given the very real possibility of British Muslims returning radicalised and battle-hardened, and given the risk of them carrying out deadly attacks in the UK. The extent of media coverage is largely a reflection of such concerns, but it also gives the impression that the problem is far more widespread than it actually ...
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Women targeted in rising tide of attacks on Muslims 29.6.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Hotline figures reveal an average of two Islamophobic incidents every day since the murder of Lee Rigby

More than half of Islamophobic attacks in Britain are committed against women, who are typically targeted because they are wearing clothing associated with Islam, new data reveals.

The figures of anti-Muslim attacks, compiled in the nine months following the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in May 2013, come days after Saudi Arabian student Nahid Almanea was stabbed to death in Essex, with detectives believing that she may have been attacked because she was wearing traditional Islamic clothing.

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Police hunting Muslim woman's killer in Colchester drain fishing lake 22.6.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Detectives say they have yet to recover any knife or bladed weapon with proven link to murder of Nahid Almanea

Police hunting the killer of a Muslim woman have drained and searched a fishing lake and plan similar searches of two more lakes close to where she was attacked in Colchester on Tuesday.

Detectives say they have yet to recover any knife or other bladed weapon with a proven link to the murder of Nahid Almanea and have also appealed for local residents to check their gardens, hedges, rubbish bins and communal areas around flats for any trace of discarded weapons or bloodstained clothing or footwear.

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Discovering Iran: from Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf 21.6.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
The recent diplomatic thaw and growing awareness of its attractions are set to make Iran a must-visit destination. Arron Merat takes a tour from Tehran to the Gulf Holiday hotspots: where to go in 2014 'Foreigners! Welcome to Tehran! You may also line up here," announces a smiling airport official dressed in a long, black chador who is pointing to a newly opened immigration booth. A throng of young Dutch, Polish and German travellers pick up their rucksacks and peel off from the back of our queue and rush towards the new one. Queues for foreign passport holders at Imam Khomeini International airport have been conspicuously short for almost a decade, but 2014 is tipped to be the biggest year for western tourism in the Islamic Republic's 35-year history. The populist and bombastic former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left office late last year and his replacement, Hassan Rouhani , has assumed a softer diplomatic style, lifting many barriers that kept tourists ...
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Iran's morality police: patrolling the streets by stealth 19.6.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest

President Rouhani vowed to rein them in, but they are still in force
quietly keeping check on Tehran's dress code

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