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Keeping an eye on migrant workers 15.4.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Keeping an eye on migrant workers
VIDEO: 'No justice' after son's school rape 6.4.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The BBC's Celia Hatton reports on sexual abuse at one school in China - and why the victims are still seeking justice.
Search for justice after China school abuse 6.4.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Search for justice after China school sex abuse
VIDEO: Poetry contest for construction workers 19.3.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
A group of migrant workers from Bangladesh are sharing poems of longing for family and home with enthusiasts in Singapore.
Singapore's construction worker poets 19.3.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The construction workers who write poetry
Australia 'sick of lecturing by UN' 9.3.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
PM Tony Abbott defends Australia's controversial treatment of asylum seekers, saying he is "sick of being lectured" by the UN.
Rebel's return sparks Myanmar crisis 20.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Rebel leader's return sparks Myanmar violence
VIDEO: Sheep v Goat in China New Year battle 18.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
BBC News investigates the confusion over whether the Lunar New Year is dedicated to the sheep, ram, or goat.
China's New Year getaway begins 18.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Hundreds of millions of Chinese people begin the journey home to celebrate Lunar New Year, in the world's biggest annual human migration.
VIDEO: The mad dash of Chinese New Year 18.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
More than one billion Chinese are travelling home to spend the Lunar New Year holiday with their families in the world's biggest annual migration.
China media: Migrant workers 16.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Papers back plans to give permanent residency rights to migrant workers in cities.
China's mass underground eviction 10.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
About 120,000 people living in former Cold War air raid shelters in Beijing have been removed by authorities.
HK woman convicted of maid abuse 10.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
A Hong Kong woman is found guilty of severely abusing an Indonesian maid in a high-profile case that drew global attention.
Malaysian vacuum advert sparks row 5.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Indonesia formally complains to Malaysia over an advert for a robotic vacuum cleaner using the slogan 'Fire your Indonesian maid now'.
Delhi election: What women voters want 5.2.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Delhi's women voters tell the BBC what they want from politicians
Thailand scraps prisoner boat plan 20.1.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Thailand's government drops a controversial plan to get prisoners to work on fishing boats, after rights groups condemned the project.
Thailand warned over prisoners 15.1.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Human rights groups warn the Thai government that sending prisoners out to sea threatens their rights and fails to help the fishing industry in any case.
Unease in Singapore over Filipino workers 29.12.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Unease in Singapore over Filipino workers
Thai tourist murder trial under way 26.12.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The trial is under way in Thailand of two Burmese men charged with the murder of British tourists Hannah Witheridge and David Miller in September.
VIDEO: The refugees behind America's Christmas turkeys 16.12.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The refugees behind America's Christmas turkeys
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