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Thailand scraps prisoner boat plan 20.1.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Thailand's government drops a controversial plan to get prisoners to work on fishing boats, after rights groups condemned the project.
Thailand warned over prisoners 15.1.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Human rights groups warn the Thai government that sending prisoners out to sea threatens their rights and fails to help the fishing industry in any case.
Unease in Singapore over Filipino workers 29.12.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Unease in Singapore over Filipino workers
Thai tourist murder trial under way 26.12.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The trial is under way in Thailand of two Burmese men charged with the murder of British tourists Hannah Witheridge and David Miller in September.
VIDEO: The refugees behind America's Christmas turkeys 16.12.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The refugees behind America's Christmas turkeys
Why segregated housing is thriving in India 10.12.2014 BBC: Business
Why segregated housing is rising in India
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Maid testifies in Hong Kong trial 8.12.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The Indonesian maid at the centre of a high-profile abuse case describes being "tortured" at her former employer's trial in Hong Kong.
China: Two dead in Xinjiang violence 19.3.2014 BBC South Asia
Police shoot dead a man who attacked and killed a police officer in the far western region of Xinjiang, Chinese authorities say.
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Stolen jet passport 'no terror link' 11.3.2014 BBC: World
One of the holders of a stolen passport on the missing Malaysian airliner was a young Iranian, not believed to have terrorist links, Malaysian officials say.
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Inside Qatar's squalid labour camps 7.3.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Inside Qatar's squalid immigrant labour camps
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Why India's landmark education law is shutting down schools 7.3.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Why a landmark Indian law is shutting down schools
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Home thoughts are where the money is 23.2.2014 BBC: Business
The businesses benefiting from other people's money
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Amnesty seeks detail on Qatar deaths 21.2.2014 BBC: World
Amnesty International urges India to provide "more transparent information" about deaths of Indian workers in Qatar, the host nation for the 2022 World Cup.
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VIDEO: Rebuilding quake hit Christchurch 21.2.2014 BBC South Asia
Thousands of migrant workers have been recruited to help with the reconstruction of Christchurch, New Zealand which was devastated by an earthquake in February 2010.
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Indian death rate in Qatar 'normal' 19.2.2014 BBC: World
Indian and Qatari officials insist that the death rate among Indian workers in the 2022 World Cup host nation is not abnormal.
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Indonesian maids get Saudi rights 19.2.2014 BBC South Asia
Saudi Arabia signs an agreement with Indonesia aimed at protecting the rights of Indonesian maids in the country following allegations of abuse.
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Why India's domestic help are joining job sites 18.2.2014 BBC: World
Why India's domestic workers are joining job sites
China media: Visa controversy 13.2.2014 BBC South Asia
Controversy over Canadian visas for wealthy Chinese.
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Qatar draws up workers' charter 11.2.2014 BBC: World
World Cup 2022 organisers draw up a new charter to protect workers in Qatar following 185 deaths in the last year.
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Sweeping change across China's Inner Mongolia 6.2.2014 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Sweeping change across China's Inner Mongolia
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