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Off the boil? 20.12.2017 BBC: Business
There's a sharp fall in demand for country's favourite instant snack. We try to figure out why.
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Mitsubishi in deal with forced labourers 1.6.2016 BBC: Business
Japan's Mitsubishi Materials agrees a deal with Chinese groups seeking compensation for workers who were used as forced labourers during World War Two.
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VIDEO: No sari needed to pick coconuts in India 30.5.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Coconut picking has been traditionally a man's job in India but women are now filling the gap.
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VIDEO: Why are G7 ministers meeting in Hiroshima? 11.4.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
A meeting of G7 foreign ministers is being held in the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
Kashmiri Hindus: Driven out and insignificant 6.4.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
BBC Hindi's Zubair Ahmed travels to Indian-administered Kashmir to meet members of its once thriving Hindu community.
Indian worker’s tearful plea to leave Saudi Arabia 19.3.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The man who claims he's being kept from leaving Saudi Arabia
China to protect 'left-behind' children 16.2.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Chinese government issues guidelines to help protect 61 million children in rural areas whose parents have moved to cities to work.
First Rohingya census in Bangladesh 12.2.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The Bangladeshi government starts a census of unregistered members of the Rohingya ethnic group who have gone there to escape persecution in Myanmar.
VIDEO: The largest annual human migration 5.2.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Chinese New Year sees the largest annual human migration in the world. What are the numbers?
The Chinese New Year travellers who won't go back 4.2.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Millions of Chinese will be visiting home for the New Year holiday, but a changing industrial landscape means many may not return.
VIDEO: The long and emotional journey home 4.2.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The BBC accompanied two migrant workers in China as they made the long and emotional journey home, for good this time.
China snow strands 'nearly 100,000' 2.2.2016 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Heavy snow disrupts public transport in China, stranding tens of thousands outside a rail station in Guangzhou, police say.
Myanmar protests grow over Thai verdict 30.12.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Protests are growing against the conviction in Thailand of two Burmese men for the murder of a pair of British tourists.
Singapore minister 'in migrant gaffe' 18.12.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Singapore's manpower minister faces criticism over a Facebook post of him lying on a foreign worker's dormitory bed.
China to register urban migrants 13.12.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
China is to offer residency status to some of the millions of migrant workers who have moved from rural areas to cities in recent decades.
Gulf migrant workers fear rising temperatures 10.12.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Global warming has left millions of migrant workers in the Gulf increasingly worried they might have to leave if the region gets hotter.
Why thousands of people are leaving Nepal 7.12.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Why more than 1,000 men leave Nepal every day
Pakistan sends back Greece migrants 4.12.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Pakistan refuses entry to at least 30 migrants deported from Greece, saying their identities could not be verified.
VIDEO: People of Kiribati 'may have to relocate' 1.12.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Kiribati President Anote Tong says that any possible climate deal is already too late for his country which is planning migration with ''dignity''.
Islands want more cash from fishing 24.11.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Islands want a bigger share of fishing income
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