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China children 'pesticide deaths' 11.6.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Police are investigating the apparent pesticide poisoning of four abandoned siblings in rural south-west China.
VIDEO: China's giant oil painting copy shop 8.6.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Chinese town turning out half the world's oil paintings
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Have 1,200 World Cup workers really died in Qatar? 6.6.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Have 1,200 World Cup workers really died in Qatar?
VIDEO: Rohingya migrant: I have to beg for food 2.6.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Rohingya migrants in Bangladesh explain what drives them to take terrible risks by leaving Myanmar and trying to seek a better life.
Islamic State lures Central Asians 2.6.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Why some Central Asians are turning militant
Concern over Thai murder trial 31.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Lawyers for the men charged with the murder of two British tourists in Thailand say they are concerned key evidence will not be re-examined before trial.
Are more people on the move? 29.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Are more people on the move than ever before?
Bangkok talks on Asia migrant crisis 29.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
A regional conference is due to begin in the Thai capital Bangkok to discuss solutions to the South-East Asia migrant crisis.
NZ migration to Australia reverses 21.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
For the first time in 24 years more Australians move to New Zealand to live and work than the other way around, NZ figures show.
Narendra Modi: 'Insensitive remark' on migration 19.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Twitter backlash over Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks about India's past.
VIDEO: China van crammed with 51 people 15.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
A van driver in China has been fined after he was found to be carrying 51 people in a vehicle designed to seat six.
Myanmar migrants 'begging for help' 12.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
A group of 350 migrants from Myanmar tell an activist by phone that they have been abandoned at sea and need help.
Indonesia turned away migrant boat 12.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Indonesia says it turned away a boat carrying hundreds of migrants believed to be from Myanmar and Bangladesh.
VIDEO: Migrants 'exploited and tortured' 11.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Thousands of refugees from Bangladesh and Myanmar are stranded at sea close to Thailand, according to an international migration agency.
Migrants land on Malaysian island 11.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
More than 1,000 Bangladeshi and ethnic Rohingya migrants land in Langkawi, Malaysia, a day after nearly 600 are rescued off Indonesia's coast.
The migration of the eagle hunters 1.5.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The migration of the eagle hunters
Keeping an eye on migrant workers 15.4.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Keeping an eye on migrant workers
VIDEO: 'No justice' after son's school rape 6.4.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
The BBC's Celia Hatton reports on sexual abuse at one school in China - and why the victims are still seeking justice.
Search for justice after China school abuse 6.4.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
Search for justice after China school sex abuse
VIDEO: Poetry contest for construction workers 19.3.2015 BBC News: AsiaPacific
A group of migrant workers from Bangladesh are sharing poems of longing for family and home with enthusiasts in Singapore.
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