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The real revolution in NKorea is rise of consumer culture 18.8.2017 Washington Post: World
Like all North Korean adults, Song Un Pyol wears the faces of leader Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather pinned neatly to her left lapel, above her heart. But on her right glitters a diamond-and-gold brooch.
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The real revolution in NKorea is rise of consumer culture 18.8.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — Like all North Korean adults, Song Un Pyol wears the faces of leader Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather pinned neatly to her left lapel, above her heart. But on her right glitters a diamond-and-gold brooch. Song, who manages a state-run supermarket with freezers stocked full of pork and beef […]
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Why we should be more materialistic 18.8.2017 TreeHugger
Materialism is not the same thing as consumerism, David Cain argues.
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How My Little Community Garden Plot Went From Flop To Flourish 17.8.2017 NPR News
Two years ago, Carolyn Beans — plant biologist, flower farm worker and daughter of a veggie-grower — thought she had what it took to coax a bounty out of her tiny urban garden. She was wrong.
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The pathos and perfectionism behind the long-awaited third season of 'Rick and Morty' 11.8.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Justin Roiland has every minute of the new season of “Rick and Morty” accounted for, which makes it easy for the cartoon co-creator to pinpoint the exact moment that’s making him anxious.

It’s the last bit of the sixth episode in the third season. “We need to pop the hood on just the end,” Roiland...

A Smoother Ride Over Troubled Waters 10.8.2017 Green Technology and Environmental Science News - ENN
Boating through choppy waters can be an exciting but physically exhausting experience. Now researchers at Utah State University’s Splash Lab are taking steps toward the design of an inflatable speedboat that absorbs wave energy and provides a smoother ride for passengers.Their findings were recently published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, and for the first time demonstrate the unique differences in water impact behavior of rigid and elastic bodies.
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Rushing to fill the vacuum, companies deliver more sustainable products 7.8.2017 Energy & Climate |
Nature abhors a vacuum. Or so my old physics teacher and Gary Larson’s "Far Side" cartoon liked to say.And so it is with action on sustainability. In this time of political uncertainty in the U.S., Europe and beyond, it is heartening to see civil society and the private sector rushing forward to fill the gaps.
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Rob Greenfield: How we can be the change we want to see in a "messed up" world 5.8.2017 TreeHugger
When it comes to walking the green and sustainable walk, Greenfield really puts it all on the line.
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No Pipe Dream: Cannabis Company Buys California Town 5.8.2017 NPR News
Nipton is a small desert town on the Nevada border. American Green says it wants the town to be a "first-of-its-kind eco-tourism experience for conscious cannabis consumers."
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Atlanta's model for the future of urban green spaces 4.8.2017
The multi-use BeltLine trail system is driving economic, environmental and cultural renewal — while saving the city millions of dollars.
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Sponsored: Taking steps to close the gender gap in tech careers 4.8.2017 Seattle Times: Top stories

'It doesn’t make any sense to have half the workforce missing out economically on the advantages software careers have to offer.'
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Rebecca Sugar and the 'Steven Universe' cast share their feelings through song 4.8.2017 LA Times: Commentary

You’re not alone: The “Steven Universe” cast gets caught up in “Steven Universe” feelings too.

When you’re crafting a sophisticated animated series that explores complex ideas (including gender, identity and love) while maintaining an underlying optimism about humanity, forging an emotional attachment...

Joshua Green on How Bannon's Experience with Video Gamers Gave Rise to the Alt-Right 26.7.2017 Truthout - All Articles

Journalist Joshua Green talks about how Steve Bannon used his experience in the video game industry to use Breitbart News to mobilize young, largely white men. "The reality is, Fox News' audience was geriatric and no one was connecting with this younger group," Bannon told Green. Bannon's hires at Breitbart include Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been widely accused of being a white nationalist.

Please check back later for full transcript.

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Trump's presidency may be hurting his L.A.-area golf course 21.7.2017 LA Times: Business

At President Trump's golf club in Rancho Palos Verdes, there is a driving range on a cliff, with a stunning view of the blue Pacific. There's room for 24 golfers.

But, on a recent afternoon, there was only one.

And he was playing with a guilty conscience.

"I feel like I'm cheating on my wife,"...

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Bringing neural networks to cellphones 20.7.2017 Environmental News Network
In recent years, the best-performing artificial-intelligence systems — in areas such as autonomous driving, speech recognition, computer vision, and automatic translation — have come courtesy of software systems known as neural networks.But neural networks take up a lot of memory and consume a lot of power, so they usually run on servers in the cloud, which receive data from desktop or mobile devices and then send back their analyses.
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Hippies came to Minneapolis 50 years ago 19.7.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Today's Morning Edition music is from the Electric Prunes with "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night."
Between the Road and the Built Environment: Exploring New Opportunities for Africa’s Cities 19.7.2017 THE CITY FIX
WRI Ross Center’s engagement with sub-Saharan African cities is emerging with new projects, research and training programs. In this series, we explore – and ask partners – how to pursue and maintain equal and sustainable cities, highlighting people, spaces, challenges ...
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Inside The 'Shakespearean Irony' Of Trump And Bannon's Relationship 18.7.2017 NPR News
Author Joshua Green says that although Steve Bannon was instrumental to Donald Trump's election, it now appears that the president lacks the ability to implement Bannon's nationalist vision.
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Why sourcing organic meat is like finding a 'hog in a haystack' 15.7.2017 Energy & Climate |
One small family farms' long, painstaking commitment to "slow-food" meat sourcing.
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Ick-free and ready for a dip: Portland touts revived river 15.7.2017 AP National
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Portland is well-known as a tree-hugging, outdoorsy city, but the river that powers through its downtown has never been part of that green reputation....
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