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For novelist John Green, OCD is like an 'invasive weed' inside his mind 20.10.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
"It starts out with one little thought, and then slowly that becomes the only thought that you're able to have," Green says. His new novel, "Turtles All The Way Down," is about a teenage girl with OCD.
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For Novelist John Green, OCD Is Like An 'Invasive Weed' Inside His Mind 20.10.2017 NPR Health Science
"It starts out with one little thought, and then slowly that becomes the only thought that you're able to have," Green says. His new novel, Turtles All The Way Down, is about a teenage girl with OCD.
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Packers coach angrily swats question about Colin Kaepernick replacing injured Aaron Rodgers 17.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Mike McCarthy had to have known he was going to be asked about Colin Kaepernick the day after the Green Bay Packers lost superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers, possibly for the season.

But that didn’t make the Packers coach any happier to receive the question about the controversial former San Francisco...

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The best restaurants in Washington 12.10.2017 Washington Post
Has there been a better time to be a diner in Washington? The Post's dining critic surveyed more than 100 restaurants to bring you his top 10, plus 43 other favorites.
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It's Zero Waste October! 5.10.2017 TreeHugger
It's the perfect month for teaching kids about waste reduction, since it falls between the start of school and the holiday consumerism.
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How corporate buyers, utilities can embrace the low-carbon future together 5.10.2017 Resource Efficiency |
More utilities are "in the room" with corporate energy planning, and few companies are seeking a "RExit."
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50 Years After The Summer Of Love, Hippie Counterculture Is Relegated To Kitsch 4.10.2017 NPR News
Looking back on the vanished styles and language of the hippie movement, linguist Geoff Nunberg says, "The most persistent single pejorative term to come out of the era is 'hippie' itself."
Dell drives inclusion; cities champion sustainability 3.10.2017
Notable career moves in sustainability involve city resilience, corporate diversity and renewable energy buying. Plus, a GreenBiz editor helms HuffPo.
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Sustainability in the Age of Megacities and On-Demand Consumerism 2.10.2017 Business Operations |
As rapid urbanization collides with on-demand consumerism, the world faces unprecedented sustainability challenges. Across sectors businesses are being tasked with developing solutions to meet consumer expectations, while simultaneously minimizing their environmental impact.
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Home-field disadvantage for Chargers against Eagles 2.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

It was surreal. One look at the palm trees towering behind the north end of StubHub Center confirmed that the Eagles and Chargers were playing in California. But the roars and cheers from legions of green-clad fans told both teams otherwise — and reminded the Chargers that their house is not yet...

A charged-up Rivers is anything but calm 2.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

It was time to take a chance — at least, Philip Rivers thought so.

The Chargers quarterback convulsed in frustration on the field before screaming his way off of it in the third quarter of a 26-24 loss to the Eagles.

The offense faced fourth down and wanted to stay on the field. And Rivers, the...

Energy technologies get a boost toward commercial use 27.9.2017 Environmental News Network
Six energy technologies that do everything from protect fish to monitor the health of flow batteries are getting a boost at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.DOE is awarding PNNL nearly $1.5 million to bring six technologies closer to commercial use. The projects were announced today by DOE's Office of Technology Transitions, which selected them for funding from its Technology Commercialization Fund. The technologies show great promise, but need further development to improve their potential use in commercial products or services.
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NFL’s Amazon deal could be test for more streaming games 27.9.2017 Seattle Times: Business & Technology

Amazon begins its foray into live streaming of NFL games Thursday night when it will air a matchup between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers on its Prime Video service. It’s another option to the traditional broadcasts on CBS and the NFL Network. Amazon will stream 10 Thursday night games and one Christmas game […]
Hoping to bring VR to the multiplex, AMC joins Spielberg in backing Culver City startup 27.9.2017 LA Times: Commentary

In a bid to popularize virtual reality without that pricey headset purchase, some of Hollywood's biggest names are teaming up with the nation's largest theater chain.

Dreamscape Immersive, the Culver City-based company co-founded by veteran producer Walter P‎arkes and financed in part by Steven...

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Does buying in bulk save money, or is it a false economy? 25.9.2017 TreeHugger
It is a subsidy to people with cars living in the suburbs by by the poor, the singles, the seniors, the urban, the cyclists.
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Venice contemporary displays a fresh face, forward-thinking 23.9.2017 LA Times: Commentary

This contemporary residence, built in 1988, in Venice’s canal neighborhood presents itself as a happy marriage of eco-conscious features and minimalist design following a renovation by David Hertz.

The architect-environmentalist added a third story to bring in natural light and promote passive...

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Creating a truly green building may be harder than rocket science 11.9.2017 Energy & Climate |
Promised energy savings in buildings don't deliver. The problem is inept modeling systems that fail to capture how buildings really work.
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Another thing Trump stripped from 'Dreamers': The chance to visit home 7.9.2017 L.A. Times - World News

Last month, California college student Miriam Juan stepped off a plane in Guadalajara, Mexico, and hugged her grandparents for the first time in 17 years. She had no words at first, just smiles and tears.

An immigrant brought to the U.S. from Mexico at age 4, Juan was able to make the trip thanks...

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How New Orleans plans to survive the next Katrina 1.9.2017 Energy & Climate |
The Gulf city has become the poster child for building to withstand extreme weather, climate change and social or economic shocks — but there's a long way to go.
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Hippies, radicals, pranksters: Jerry Rubin has a bio and Paul Krassner has our review 31.8.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Pat Thomas, the author of “Did iT! From Yippie to Yuppie: Jerry Rubin, an American Revolutionary,” had noticed that there were six books about co-activist Abbie Hoffman, but none about Jerry Rubin, so Thomas welcomed the challenge. Seventy-five co-conspirators were interviewed for revealing anecdotes...

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