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Fact checking the third day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention 28.7.2016 Washington Post: Politics
Here's our roundup of claims made on the third day of the Democratic National Convention.
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Text of President Obama’s Democratic convention speech 28.7.2016 Seattle Times: Top stories

Wednesday’s address to the Democratic National Convention
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Trump and Putin as partners: The surreal prospects 28.7.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Trump and Putin as partners: The surreal prospects
Obama's Speech Wednesday Is About More Than Electing Hillary Clinton 27.7.2016 Politics on
PHILADELPHIA ― Barack Obama has said on many occasions that he wants his presidency to leave the kind of mark on America that Ronald Reagan’s did. As far back as early 2008, before Obama was even his party’s nominee, he described Reagan as a “transformational” figure ― somebody whose impact on policy and politics endured for many decades. Obama hoped to do the same thing, except by pushing the country in a more liberal direction rather than a more conservative one. Obama is on his way to achieving that. By any reasonable standard, he has been the most successful Democratic president in a generation, and maybe for longer than that. He has signed into law more pieces of meaningful progressive legislation than any president since Lyndon Johnson ― and he did so without the benefit of Johnson’s huge congressional majorities, and without the stain of something like Vietnam on his legacy. But Reagan, Johnson, FDR ― they enacted policy changes that outlasted their tenures and, in so doing, they helped change ...
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Mike Pence Is a Loyal Friend to Polluters 27.7.2016
Gov. Mike Pence has benefited from a well-coordinated network of industry front groups, conservative think tanks and law firms bent on blocking the Clean Power Plan. In 2015, Indiana Governor Mike Pence told President Obama his state would not comply with the Clean Power Plan. (Photo: Gage Skidmore ) Truthout delivers trustworthy reporting and thought-provoking news analysis. If you share our passion for the truth, help strengthen independent media with a donation today! In Mike Pence, Donald Trump has picked a running mate who could be relied on to take a chainsaw to President Obama's signature environmental policy. In 2015 the Indiana governor  told  Obama in no uncertain terms that his state would not be complying with the Clean Power Plan, which sets targets for reducing power plant emissions in each state. Pence joined a lawsuit that has succeeded in tying up the plan in court. He and other climate crisis-denying policymakers have benefited from a well-coordinated network of industry front groups, ...
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ALEC 2016 Agenda Boosts Charters, Coal and Other Corporate Funders 27.7.2016
ALEC has long relied on funding from its coal and oil industry members. This year it's proposing yet another resolution opposing the Clean Power Plan. (Photo: Rich / Flickr ) At Truthout, we refuse to subject you to ads or "sponsored content" -- we believe in producing journalism with integrity. If you agree, please support us with a donation today! The  American Legislative Exchange Council  will push bills to protect failing charter schools, silence political speech, and obstruct environmental protections in the ALEC 2016 agenda introduced at its annual meeting in Indianapolis this week. ALEC faces renewed public attention as it gears up for the annual meeting, where corporate lobbyists sit side-by-side with state legislators in luxury hotels to vote as equals on "model bills" that then get pushed to become law in states across the country. As the Center for Media and Democracy  has reported , Donald Trump chose an ALEC ally, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, as his running mate, while his party's 2016 ...
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Is slow 'growth' inevitable? A progressive response to sustained stagnation 27.7.2016 - News for the rest of us
Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Like this article? rabble is reader-supported journalism. Chip in to keep stories like these coming. Most of the world economy (including Canada's) has performed sluggishly since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-09. And many economic and fiscal projections now accept this pattern of slow growth as more or less inevitable, as a "new normal." This argument is typically invoked to justify a ratcheting down of expectations regarding job prospects, incomes and public services. Since the 2008 financial crisis, many economic projections now accept a pattern of slow growth as inevitable. Jim Stanford explains why it's important for progressives to dig beneath this ...
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Whoa. Big grid project moving too fast for comfort 27.7.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Gov. Jerry Brown doesn’t shy away from big solutions to the problems that ail California. A multibillion-dollar bullet train to transport Californians from north to south.  Two giant tunnels beneath the Sacramento-San-Joaquin Delta to help move precious water around the state. The most aggressive...

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The Democratic Wigwam: Day 1 27.7.2016 Politics on
One of the country's first fraternal orders, named after a storied Native American called Tammend, developed a political wing and built a meeting place in New York that would later become synonymous with Democratic machine politics: Tammany Hall. Occasionally forced into endorsing a political vision, in the main Tammany preferred to keep the machine running by operating as a gatekeeper for municipal contracts or, in the days of government chartered banks, government money. In exchange for exquisite constituent service, or perhaps access to the Tammany job machine, loyalists resigned themselves to supporting power without purpose, and access to national conversation without any great consequence. In similar fashion the leaders of the Democratic Party opened their convention in the Philadelphia cheered by an arena of enthusiastic operatives--and a handful of noisy disruptors, eager to put their narrow politics and self-regard on display for the cameras. As I listened to the speeches--some exceptional, ...
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The Top 10 Solar States & How Utilities Are Fighting Them 27.7.2016 Green on
With three solar panels installed for every two Nevadans, Nevada now has more solar capacity per person than any other state. But, at the behest of NV Energy, the state also eliminated its net metering program last December, causing a whopping 93 percent decline in rooftop solar applications the following month. The Silver State's solar schizophrenia, detailed in the latest ranking of state solar capacity by Environment America and Frontier Group, exemplifies a growing trend: the states where solar is booming the most are those where utility interests are attacking it the hardest. That's why Bret Fanshaw of Environment America, co-author of the study, has said: "The more solar grows, the more big utilities try to stop it. Even in the face of strong public support for pollution-free energy, these special interests are working across the country to undermine the policies that have helped states become solar leaders." The study's top states for solar capacity per capita -- Nevada, Hawaii, California, ...
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Give felons and prisoners the right to vote 27.7.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s order to re-enfranchise felons doesn’t go far enough.
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Pope to find a Catholic Poland out of step with his vision 26.7.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

KRAKOW, Poland (AP) — When Pope Francis arrives in Poland this week for World Youth Day, he will meet a nation still deeply committed to its conservative Catholic traditions and to the memory of St. John Paul II, who inspired this country’s successful struggle against communism in the 1980s. But Francis will also find a […]
A Tale Of Two Conventions: Hillary Versus The Man On Horseback 26.7.2016 Politics on
Seldom have our national conventions provided such enlightenment. Usually these quadrennial talkfests are mounds of verbal tapioca, as riveting as a four hour walking tour of your own living room. Their ostensible purpose is to unify the party and burnish the candidate, launching the campaign with a burst of enthusiasm which swells the hearts of voters. But this year's conventions sharpened our divisions and exposed one candidate's craving for adoration and submissiveness, provoking waves of uncertainty and fear. The Republican convention was notable for its emptiness - of vision, ideas, or even hope. Its singular aim was to frighten us into entrusting our future to a demagogue with a barren soul. The strategists for Donald Trump have concluded that stoking anger and division is their only way to win. An opening night dedicated to the theme "make America safe again" became a hymn of hatred against Hillary Clinton. The second night was more venomous yet, its centerpiece Chris Christie's indictment of ...
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Why you should read Max Gladstone's fantasy novels if you're interested in politics 26.7.2016 Washington Post
Why you should read Max Gladstone's fantasy novels if you're interested in politics
Hillary Haters’ Fixation on Saul Alinsky 26.7.2016 American Prospect
Forty-seven years after she graduated from Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton is still having to defend her senior thesis. That’s because right-wing activists and their media allies are assailing Clinton’s research paper on Saul Alinsky, a key figure in the world of community organizing whom conservatives have labeled a dangerous radical and a diabolical influence on both Barack Obama and Clinton.  Ben Carson kicked off the Saul Alinsky hatefest on the second night of this year’s Republican convention in Cleveland, declaring during his primetime speech: “Now, one of the things that I have learned about Hillary Clinton is that one of her heroes, her mentors, was Saul Alinsky. And her senior thesis was about Saul Alinsky. This was someone she greatly admired and let me tell you something about Saul Alinsky.” Alinsky “wrote a book called Rules for Radicals,” Carson continued. “It acknowledges Lucifer, the original radical who gained his own kingdom. Now think about that. This is our nation where our ...
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New Oregon Law Protects EV Charging Choice 26.7.2016 Green on
In my experience in energy politics, I've seen many attempts around the country to undermine customer choice when it comes to new clean energy technology. Net metering advocates fought to defend solar choice. Cities battled for the ability to directly provide greener and more affordable power through customer choice aggregation. And now electric vehicle drivers, businesses, and innovators have succeeded in protecting charging choice, through legislation just signed into law in Oregon. SB 1547 , signed by Governor Kate Brown, increases the state's renewable portfolio standard, ends the use of coal in Oregon, and directs utilities to support transportation electrification and deployment of EV charging stations. Though there were serious concerns when this legislation was first introduced, the final version signed into law promotes clean energy policy and importantly supports the competitive development of charging infrastructure across the state. As it often happens in politics, the original bill was ...
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Truck mishap knocks out power in Delco 25.7.2016 News
On what promised to be the steamiest day of the summer so far, hundreds of Delaware County residents were without power Monday morning as a result of a truck accident that took down four utility poles, officials said.
5 Inspiring Signs That Sustainability Is Gaining Traction In The U.S. 25.7.2016 Green on
The first half of 2016 saw devastating events that have left many -- including us -- feeling pessimistic about the future of the U.S. and the world. However, since December 2015's Paris Climate Agreement , there have been various environment-related developments that provide us with some hope that, at least in regard to making sure our world is liveable in the future, we are starting to move forward. Here are 5 inspiring signs that sustainability is gaining traction in the U.S. Chemical safety reform. The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act is a much-needed chemical safety reform signed by President Obama in June 2016. Although most of the products we consume today contain chemicals, chemical safety law in the U.S. has been broken for decades and had not been substantially amended since it was signed into law in the 1970s...until now. This 2016 amendment, which received bipartisan support, makes more information about chemicals available and provides the U.S. Environmental ...
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Taking a conservative approach to clean energy 25.7.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A new group aims to give conservatives a voice in natural gas, wind and solar energy policies.
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We Must Reject Economic Cannibalism 24.7.2016
Neoliberal ideology has created a cannibalistic economy that is consuming us into extinction. We can change that by joining and supporting social movements that are pressuring governments and corporations to create a more regenerative economy. Truthout is your go-to source for news about the most critical issues of our time. If you want to see more stories like this one, make a tax-deductible donation today! "What can I do to fix a broken global economy?" It's a question I've been asked a lot these past few months as I've crisscrossed the US speaking at TED venues, music concerts, the World Affairs Council, bookstores, on radio and TV shows, and at a variety of other forums. During this election year it is important to recognize that corporations pretty much run the world. Despite the outcome of the elections, they will continue to do so -- at least until we organize and change the rules that have created the dominant neoliberal system. We all support corporations. We buy from them, work for them, manage ...
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