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Thai junta leader seeks sweeping new power to replace martial law 31.3.2015 Washington Post: World
BANGKOK — Thailand’s general-turned-prime-minister moved a step closer to seizing absolute authority Tuesday, proposing to replace martial law with even more sweeping executive powers.Prayuth Chan-ocha, who traded his military uniform for a suit when he led a coup 10 months ago, asked King Bhumibol Adulyadej for permission to repeal martial law and institute measures that human rights activists say will be more draconian.Read full article ...
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Top 10 Reasons Why States Should Ignore Senator McConnell's "Just Say No" Advice on Carbon Pollution 31.3.2015 Switchboard, from NRDC
David Doniger, Director, Climate and Clean Air Program, Washington, D.C.: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently penned an op-ed and a letter to governors urging states to refuse to cooperate with the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan to cut dangerous carbon pollution from power plants under. Governors aren't...
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Iraq's former leader still looms large months after his ouster 31.3.2015 Washington Post: World
BAGHDAD – Inside the walls of his shaded villa in the heart of Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, Nouri al-Maliki still greets his visitors in the same marble floored office where he worked for eight years as prime minister.Read full article ...
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Deal or not, Iran's a winner in nuke talks 31.3.2015 CNN: Top Stories
Deal or no deal in the Iranian nuclear talks, Tehran is already behaving like it's made a killing.
Puerto Rico Utility Extends Deadline With Creditors 31.3.2015 Wall St. Journal: US
Puerto Rico’s cash-strapped power utility extended an agreement with creditors for 15 days, as investors worry about the financial health of the U.S. territory.
When Being Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israeli Is the Same Thing 31.3.2015 Views
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Thai leader moves to lift marital law, impose absolute power 31.3.2015 World
BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand's prime minister has asked the king for formal approval to lift martial law, which the military imposed ahead of a coup last May that overturned an elected government. The monarch's approval is considered a formality.
Thai junta chief asks king to lift martial law 31.3.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
Thailand's junta chief said Tuesday he has asked King Bhumibol Adulyadej for permission to end martial law, but added that an executive order retaining sweeping powers for the military would soon replace it. "I have already submitted permission to the king to lift martial law. The king will have to approve whether martial law is lifted," Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha told reporters. "A new order (to replace martial law) will be issued very soon," he ...
Thai leader moves to lift martial law, replace it with much-criticized absolute power measure 31.3.2015 Star Tribune: World
Fossil Fuel Divestment: Some Points of Utility 31.3.2015 Politics on
The Financial Times recently weighed in on the issue of fossil fuel divestment, arguing that divestment is "largely irrelevant to the ultimate objective of minimizing the threat of climate change." It's a common argument: that we can be certain that divesting won't affect anything. It's a favorite of industry-funded counterattacks and intransigent universities. The problem is that it's not a good argument. It's not based on reason, and it's not based on evidence. Now, when we talk about the future, we are reduced to possibility and likelihood. That does not mean, however, that we may throw reason and evidence out the window. On the contrary, we need them more than ever when we attempt to read the tea leaves, and especially so when we try to convince others that our reading is a good one. This is one area where financial professionals, scientists and others who rely on demonstrable evidence can agree: The eye of the beholder can provide a vision of the future, but at the end of the day, the best proof is ...
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Menendez Downfall Could Be Diplomacy's Windfall 31.3.2015 Politics on
Co-authored by Katie Powers Senator Robert Menendez, a powerful Democrat from New Jersey, has been down on his luck lately. He is currently under federal investigation for corruption, and although the senator has denied all allegations, charges are expected to be filed against him any day now. This is not the first time the senator has been investigated. In fact, his wikipedia page even considers the 'Controversies' section too long to read and in need of subsections. Recently, the senator has been accused of using his government position to aid his long-time friend and donor, Dr. Soloman Melgen. In 2008, when Dr. Melgen got into a dispute for overbilling Medicare, Sen. Menendez used his position on the Finance Committee to push for reforms of the Medicare multidosing policy -- a change that would have resulted in millions of dollars more for Melgen's practice. Menendez also used his power to persuade the Department of Homeland Security not to provide cargo screening equipment to the Dominican Republic ...
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Skepticism Is Our Only Salvation 30.3.2015 Politics on
Why bother with facts? That question threads its way through political discourse, through educational philosophy and through observations on the media. Rarely is it confronted squarely. For the lines between actual reality and virtual reality have been so blurred that the distinction itself no longer is generally recognized. The axiom that since I say it with good (personal) reason, it's as good as true has become the implicit article of faith. However, the immediate benefits of playing fast and loose with the facts have huge costs for society as a whole that our self-absorbed fellow citizens blithely overlook. This cavalier attitude ignores the great advantages of thinking with a fact filled mind - rather than a sparsely populated one that reaches for the smart phone on those increasingly rare occasions when a bit of information is sought in lieu of just making it up. To demonstrate that proposition, here are five more facts that can help navigating the turbid waters in which we routinely find ...
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Wind power or hot air? Foes question Christie’s shift on clean energy. 30.3.2015 Washington Post
ATLANTIC CITY — Just off this city’s famous coastline is one of the windiest stretches of the Mid-Atlantic, where constant breezes can fill a sail or — in theory — turn the blades of a wind turbine. It’s a place the state’s Republican governor invoked in 2010 in pledging to make New Jersey a wind superpower. Read full article >>
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Wyden Shows Connection Between Rigged Trade and Rigged Government 30.3.2015
Participating in US politics, as a citizen activist, puts you face-to-face with corruption and the ugliness of money-politics. At least I find it ugly that a senator would be negotiating fast track legislation through Congress for secret corporate rigged trade deals while raising money from big business interests that would profit immensely from those deals. Taking money while negotiating legislation that benefits the donor should be illegal. It should be considered bribery or a pay-off, but the deep corruption of US politics has legalized that kind of bribery and made it the norm. While this was occurring  Wikileaks published the text  of the Investment Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This chapter allows corporations to sue governments in a tribunal that supersedes the  US judicial system when a law passed in the public interest would undermine their profits. Corporations can sue for the profits they were expecting to make in rigged trade tribunals where corporate lawyers play the role of ...
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DWP ratepayers may get soaked again 30.3.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Power plant project cost spikes 30.3.2015 Denver Post: Local
The price of pollution-control technology for Colorado Springs' coal-fired Martin Drake Power Plant has jumped 40 percent in the last four years to $170 ...
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Rise in government insurance rates to mirror rising waters, flood debt 29.3.2015 Washington Post
At her small beach house that sits in a flood zone, Nancy Loft-Powers worries. The prospect of rising water, she said, isn’t what bothers her. It’s the expected rise in the cost of her $7,500 yearly flood insurance.Read full article >>
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How green is Christie's record? 29.3.2015 News
In Iowa this month, Gov. Christie bragged that he had "spent the last five years dismantling" what he called environmental protection "overreach."
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In Virginia ABC arrest numbers, tilt is toward buyers rather than sellers 29.3.2015 Washington Post
Agents working for Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control issued more arrest warrants to minors for buying or having alcohol than to stores for selling to underage drinkers in 2014, agency records show. Read full article >>
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Jerry Brown Perks Up On Presidential Politics 35 Years After One of His Best and Most Disastrous Speeches 28.3.2015 Politics on
Governor Jerry Brown made something of a stir last weekend with a crisp appearance on Meet the Press. After months of repeatedly saying he's not running for president, the four-term governor of the nation's largest state allowed as how, if he were 10 years younger, as host Chuck Todd put it, he might well be mounting a fourth presidential campaign. But he's not, so he isn't. Well, unless Hillary Clinton, whom Brown all but endorsed at a White House press avail earlier this month, blows up. She's a strong frontrunner. And yet, she's made some big mistakes in her pre-campaign mode and really has not impressed much even when she's not getting into trouble. On Meet the Press, Governor Jerry Brown ripped into climate change denialist Ted Cruz, the far right Texas senator and brand-new Republican presidential candidate. But even though he is not running for president, Brown, who just signed an emergency $1.1 billion drought relief bill largely financed by 2006 bond-authorized funds, can impact presidential ...
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