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Arctic refuge drilling closer as Senate moves to open site 21.10.2017 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one step closer to oil and gas drilling....
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Backers of oil terminal pour money into Washington port race 20.10.2017 AP Business
SEATTLE (AP) -- Developers of a proposed oil-by-rail terminal that would be the largest in the nation have poured big money into a port commissioner race in Washington state that may shape the project's future....
Backers of oil terminal pour money into local port race 19.10.2017 AP Washington
SEATTLE (AP) -- Developers of a proposed oil-by-rail terminal that would be the nation's largest have poured big money into a local port commissioner race that may shape the project's future....
Uncertainty as Mideast turns a page with IS defeat in Raqqa 19.10.2017 AP Top News
BEIRUT (AP) -- The Middle East may have turned a page with the defeat of the Islamic State group in its self-declared capital of Raqqa, but the future is looking even more tangled, and potentially as violent....
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Lawsuit: CenterPoint, contractor negligent in Minnehaha Academy explosion 19.10.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
An attorney for the mother and daughter of Ruth Berg says workers ran when they couldn't stop a gas leak and didn't warn anyone to evacuate.
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Republicans see new chance for oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 18.10.2017 LA Times: Nation

The last time congressional Republicans mounted a serious push to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, they painted America as a desperate petroleum mess. The need, they said, was clear. The country consumed and imported more oil than ever before, produced less than at any...

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This testbed in Iceland sucks carbon dioxide out of the air 18.10.2017 Small Business |
Swiss company Climeworks pushes the envelope on capture technology.
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Collaboration helps reforestation take root 18.10.2017 Resource Efficiency |
More than 190 governments, businesses and civil society organizations have committed to ending commodity-driven deforestation by 2020.
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Oil spills pose unacceptable threats to marine life 18.10.2017 - News for the rest of us
David Suzuki Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says oil pipelines have no place in B.C.'s Great Bear Rainforest. Opponents of the approved Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion to the West Coast and the cancelled Energy East pipeline to the East Coast argue pipelines and tankers don't belong in any coastal areas. Research led by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation confirms the threat to marine mammals in B.C. waters from a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic is considerable. After examining potential impacts of a 15,000-cubic-metre oil spill in B.C. waters on 21 marine mammals, researchers concluded most individuals would be at risk and a few local populations wouldn't survive. Baleen whales, for example, are highly susceptible to ingesting oil because they breathe through blowholes, filter and eat food from the ocean surface and rely on invertebrate prey. Oil residue can stick to the baleen, restricting the amount of food they consume. Resident and transient killer whales, sea otters and Steller sea lions ...
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Vastly underreported emissions in Alberta’s oil patch reveal excessive natural gas waste 17.10.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
By Drew Nelson Alberta’s oil and gas industry is emitting at least 25 to 50 percent more methane than current estimates suggest, according to a new peer-reviewed study. Published in Environmental Science and Technology , a clear pattern of energy waste is occurring across Canada – a problem worth a minimum of $530 million dollars (CAD) of natural gas a year, or enough gas to heat nearly every home in Alberta. Researchers indicate that the volumes of methane – the main ingredient in natural gas and a powerful climate pollutant – observed in Alberta are higher because two key emission sources, unintentional leaks and intentional venting of methane, are happening at rates much larger than the oil and gas industry reports. This is not the first scientific study to draw this conclusion. The Carleton University research builds on previous studies underscoring the climate risks of an unabated methane gas problem, but widespread leaks and persistent venting are making the problem worse. Canada’s oil and gas ...
Rick Perry’s coal bailout is an attack on competitive energy markets, with customers footing the bill 17.10.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
By Michael Panfil Secretary of Energy Rick Perry – whose agenda as governor of Texas was squarely focused on states’ rights and free markets – is now pushing for a federal plan that could disrupt organized electric markets. Perry’s proposal  to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) aims to prop up uneconomic coal at the expense of Americans’ health and wallets. Perry’s proposal would effectively pay owners of coal and nuclear power plants their operating costs, plus a guaranteed profit, regardless of whether those plants are selling electricity at a competitive price. These aging plants are currently being driven out of the competitive market by flattened energy demand and a growing list of cheaper, cleaner, more efficient alternatives – from natural gas and renewables to demand response and grid-scale battery systems. Simply put, Perry’s proposal shields uneconomic coal power, replacing competitive markets with profit guarantees. That’s not a thumb on the scale supporting obsolete and ...
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Dems slam Arctic drilling plan as 'polar payout' to Big Oil 17.10.2017 AP Business
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats and environmental groups on Tuesday denounced a Republican plan to allow oil and gas drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, saying it would defile a crown jewel of U.S. wilderness to promote oil exports to China and other nations....
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New biomass plant to cut Simon Fraser University's greenhouse gases by two-thirds 17.10.2017 Environmental News Network
A new project at Simon Fraser University (SFU) will soon divert wood waste from the landfill and help reduce greenhouse gasses at the University.SFU and SFU Community Trust are collaborating with Corix Multi-Utility Services Inc., on a $33-million community-based biomass project called the Burnaby Mountain District Energy Utility (BMDEU).
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Power plant developer pulls the plug on its natural gas project in Oxnard 17.10.2017 LA Times: Business

The developer of a proposed natural gas power plant in Ventura County asked state regulators Monday to suspend review of the plans, effectively ending the controversial project.

In response to regulators’ recommendation this month to reject the project, NRG Energy asked the California Energy Commission...

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Colorado regulators propose new oil and gas pipeline rules, but critics call for more 17.10.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado regulators on Monday proposed new rules for oil and gas pipelines, but the move did little to assuage critics who say an April fatal home explosion shows the need for more expansive changes.
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Colorado proposes new rules for oil and gas lines after Firestone blast 17.10.2017 Denver Post: Business
Colorado energy regulators on Monday proposed tighter rules for shutting down oil and gas pipelines after a fatal explosion blamed on natural gas leaking from a line that was thought to be out of service but was still connected to a well.
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Stocks edge up, extending their winning streak 17.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

U.S. stocks posted modest gains Monday, extending a record-setting run into a sixth straight week.

Financial and technology companies notched some of the biggest gains. Energy stocks rose as crude oil prices went up. Healthcare companies declined the most. Bond prices fell.

The three major stock...

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Trump voters in storm-ravaged county confront climate change 17.10.2017 AP Politics
PORT ARTHUR, Texas (AP) -- The church was empty, except for the piano too heavy for one man to move. It had been 21 days since the greatest storm Wayne Christopher had ever seen dumped a year's worth of rain on his town, drowning this church where he was baptized, met his high school sweetheart and later married her....
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Financials, tech companies lead US stocks slightly higher 16.10.2017 Washington Post: World
Banks and technology companies helped nudge U.S. stocks slightly higher in afternoon trading Monday, adding to the market’s five straight weeks of gains. Energy companies also rose as crude oil prices climbed. Health care stocks were among the biggest laggards.
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Innovative measurement tool will help Illinois calculate the benefits of smart-grid investments 16.10.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
By Dick Munson Even as the Trump administration moved this week to repeal the Clean Power Plan , some of the biggest American utilities indicated they’ll continue investing in clean energy and strategizing around climate change. And as they continue investing in smart meters and other  grid modernization efforts , utilities will want to know how well they do. Are grid programs fulfilling environmental promises and cutting pollution? Can they measure success and prove to investors and regulators they’re making smart decisions? In Illinois, electricity providers Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and Ameren are the first in the country to adopt a new tool that calculates clean air benefits from investments such as advanced meters. ComEd began using the tool last year, and now Ameren will follow suit . Beyond bringing tangible rewards to the utilities, this little-noticed milestone can have major implications for the entire power industry. Billions for smart grid After Illinois passed the Energy Infrastructure ...
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