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Judge blasts District’s handling of Medicaid contracts, orders re-evaluation 14.12.2017 Washington Post
Judge blasts District’s handling of Medicaid contracts, orders re-evaluation
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Maybe now attention can turn to children’s health care 13.12.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Lost amid all the focus on sexual harassment, Roy Moore, and the presidential tweets of the day is the fact that the Children's Health Insurance Program will run out of money in February, sooner in some states. The program was created two decades ago to ensure health care for kids whose parents don't have a lot of money, yet make too much money to qualify for Medicaid.
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Mental health care worries linger 5 years after Sandy Hook 13.12.2017 AP National
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- Anguished mothers with mentally ill children have sought out Liza Long for help ever since she wrote an essay, "I am Adam Lanza's Mother," comparing experiences with her son to the emotionally troubled 20-year-old who carried out the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting....
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The other drug crisis: Seniors taking meds they don't need, and that hurt them 13.12.2017 News
Researchers estimate that 25 percent of people ages 65 to 69 take at least five prescription drugs to treat chronic conditions, a figure that jumps to nearly 46 percent for those between 70 and 79. Doctors say it is not uncommon to encounter patients taking more than 20 drugs to treat acid reflux, heart disease, depression or insomnia or other disorders.
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Fact-checking Jimmy Kimmel on CHIP funding 13.12.2017 Washington Post
The late-night television host addressed the dispute over funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, but he was a bit one-sided.
We are even more convinced that thousands will die prematurely if the ACA is repealed 13.12.2017 Washington Post
We are even more convinced that thousands will die prematurely if the ACA is repealed
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Acadia Healthcare and Reading Hospital building new psychiatric hospital in Berks County 12.12.2017 News
Citing a need for more mental health care in its community, Tower Health said it will partner with Acadia Healthcare to build a 144-bed psychiatric hospital near Reading. The facility is expected to open in early 2019.
The Health 202: Roy Moore is a nightmare for abortion foes 12.12.2017 Washington Post: Politics
Many antiabortion groups didn't want this battle.
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Jimmy Kimmel Brings Infant Son to Make Passionate Plea for Children’s Health Care 12.12.2017 Mother Jones
After taking a week off to care for his infant son who recently underwent a second heart surgery, Jimmy Kimmel returned to his late-night show on Monday with special guest baby Billy Kimmel to bring attention to the imperiled Children’s Health Insurance Program. The program, commonly referred to as CHIP, covers roughly 9 million children […]
Jimmy Kimmel holds his baby son, post-heart surgery, in emotional health-care monologue 12.12.2017 Washington Post
The late-night television host scolded Congress for letting funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program expire, leaving millions of children in danger of losing health insurance.
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There's a medical 'land grab' underway as hospitals try to get larger 12.12.2017 Washington Post
There's a medical 'land grab' underway as hospitals try to get larger
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In kidney failure at 27, N.J. man warns of protein-supplement hazards 11.12.2017 News
It is possible he had kidney problems since birth but no symptoms.
Hospital Giants in Talks to Create U.S.'s Largest Operator 10.12.2017 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Two major hospital operators are in talks about a possible merger that would create the largest U.S. hospital owner, as a series of major deals are poised to consolidate control of the health-care landscape into fewer hands.
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Colorado Divide: In rural Colorado, doctors are retiring and dying — and no one is taking their place. 10.12.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Rural Colorado is struggling to attract -- and retain -- doctors and other medical providers, leading to a widening gap between the health of people in cities and in small towns.
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Price hikes push health insurance shoppers into hard choices 10.12.2017 AP Top News
Margaret Leatherwood has eight choices for health insurance next year but no good options....
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Polluted air, health problems brought by Southern California fires are expected to linger 9.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary

A week of major wind-whipped fires across Southern California has caused significant air pollution and health problems.

The air quality is worst in and around fires burning from Ventura County to San Diego County, but the smoke has traveled to places not threatened by the flames. And with the Santa...

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Doubts rise about Sen. Collins' strategy to shore up insurance market 9.12.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
Even if the Republican from Maine can get her party to go along, her suggestions to bolster the individual insurance market may be too little, too late.
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Prince George’s health care is finally on the mend 9.12.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Construction has begun at a new regional health center in Largo.
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Open season for feds closes Monday. It's not too late to consider health plans. 9.12.2017 Washington Post
Open season for feds closes Monday. It's not too late to consider health plans.
'Crisis mode': As boomers age, a shortage of caregivers 8.12.2017 Chicago Tribune: Business
As more and more baby boomers cross the threshold into old age, members of the Me Generation are confronting a new and growing problem: Who will take care of them when they can no longer care for themselves? It’s a situation few families are prepared for but one many will face. As relatives ...
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