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Rehab Before Cancer Treatment Can Help Patients Bounce Back 28.7.2015 NPR News
Cancer patients who get what some people are calling prehabilitation can recover more quickly, early research suggests. Getting insurance to cover it can be tricky, though.
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CDC report on teen's Colorado death calls for more pot edibles education 25.7.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a report released Friday, says the case of a teen who leapt to his death from a Denver hotel balcony after eating marijuana-infused cookies
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U.S. health insurer mergers to speed industry deals: experts 25.7.2015 Health
Anthem announced its proposed $54 billion purchase of Cigna on Friday, just weeks after Aetna Inc said it would buy rival Humana Inc for $37 billion. If both transactions are approved by regulators, the industry will go from five major national players to three.
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Health Canada's lack of rigorous safety review is the real outrage 24.7.2015 - News for the rest of us
Monday, July 27, 2015 Health Minister Rona Ambrose is "outraged" by the Supreme Court's recent ruling on medical marijuana. Other are outraged at Ambrose's claim that Health Canada requires rigorous safety reviews. Chip in to keep stories like these ...
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CDC warns of marijuana consumption in report citing teen's Colorado death 24.7.2015 Denver Post: News: Local
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a report released Friday, says the case of a teen who leapt to his death from a Denver hotel balcony after eating marijuana-infused cookies illustrates "a potential danger" with edible ...
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Durango won't add to marijuana industry's taxes 22.7.2015 Denver Post: Local
DURANGO, Colo. (AP) — Durango Mayor Dean Brookie says the city needs to look for more creative ways to solve budgetary needs than taxing recreational ...
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First medical marijuana dispensary outside Twin Cities opens in Rochester 21.7.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Minnesota Medical Solutions will open its second facility on Thursday. The company is one of two allowed to manufacture and distribute medical marijuana in the state.
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Obama is wrong: Granting clemency isn't a legal decision 20.7.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
President Barack Obama's historic visit to a federal prison Thursday shows that his head and his heart are in the right place on criminal justice reform. As he said a few days earlier, "Mass incarceration makes our country worse off, and we need to do something about ...
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The Uncommittables: How mentally ill offenders fall through the cracks of Minnesota's criminal justice system 20.7.2015 MinnPost
Jack Harvey McClellan was mentally ill, but not mentally ill enough. The 62-year-old veteran came to Hennepin County court’s mental health channels the usual way: He was arrested. Over a six-month period last year, McClellan was charged with eight offenses. Most were minor: trespassing at a grocery store and a veteran affairs building, a couple of small thefts. But in October, McClellan relieved himself on a mailbox in Bloomington while a 9- and 12-year-old watched from their parents’ living room window. By the time police arrived, according to court documents, McClellan didn’t even seem to remember doing it. When McClellan came to court in November for the indecent exposure case, Judge Kerry Meyer flagged him as possibly mentally ill, and a psychologist deemed him incompetent to face the charges. The ruling kicked the case over to civil commitment court, where a new judge would decide if McClellan needed mental health treatment from the state. In doing so, Meyer dismissed the seven misdemeanors. The ...
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Doctor's Path of Discovery 19.7.2015 News
The path to David Casarett's new book began when one of his patients at Penn Medicine's Wissahickon Hospice asked him if medical marijuana could help her.
The scariest thing about synthetic drugs is everything that’s unknown 19.7.2015 Washington Post
The man in the Mickey Mouse shirt was clinging to a light pole on H Street NE when police showed up, and then he dropped his pants. Another man near Eastern Market was laughing so hard that paramedics had trouble keeping him on a stretcher. A third, whom police found prancing through Capitol Hill, started kicking and screaming when eight police and fire officials tried to restrain him.Read full article ...
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Pa. medical pot bill may seek middle ground 19.7.2015 News
HARRISBURG - At a time when state budget talks have yielded little progress, some legislators are working on bridging the gap on another widely debated issue: legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.
Why medical marijuana is off to a slow start in MN 18.7.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Some doctors question whether they know enough about marijuana to justify helping their patients get it.
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Feds, Colo. discuss countering prescription-drug abuse 17.7.2015 Durango Herald
DENVER – Blair Hubbard knows all too well the damage overprescribing prescription drugs can have on individuals, families and society.The Denver-area recovering heroin addict’s struggle began with prescription pain medication. She took more than she was supposed to and liked the pleasure she gained from it too much.
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Yampa Valley High School educators design first health curriculum for marijuana in the country 16.7.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Without any local or national resources to address students' questions about marijuana in a post-legalization environment, Yampa Valley High School counselor Molly Lotz and teachers Sarah Peed and Chuck Rosemond decided to take matters into their own hands by establishing the Marijuana Education Initiative. Through the organization, the educators began developing their own reality and science-based education curriculum for schools in northwest Colorado and around the country. “We started to see a change in the dialogue and communication with our students, especially about their marijuana use,” Lotz said. “For the first time, I had some students ask me for help in reducing and taking stock of their use, but when I looked for resources, I found ones for tobacco and alcohol, but nothing for marijuana.” MEI, which will pilot in schools in Northwest Colorado and the Front Range in the fall and spring, acknowledges that students are naturally curious, will have questions and, in some cases, may try marijuana. ...
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Hickenlooper, Health and Human Services secretary discuss opioid and heroin abuse 16.7.2015 Denver Post: Local
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper met Thursday in Denver to bring focus to best practices to fight opioid ...
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Colorado, liberal on pot, but rejects PTSD use 16.7.2015 Seattle Times: Local
DENVER (AP) — Colorado is known for pushing boundaries on marijuana, but a recent decision from the state health officials rejecting pot as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder shows the issue is far from settled. Though voters have made marijuana legal for both medical and recreational use, public officials at every level of government […]
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Colorado, land of pot experimentation, rejects PTSD use 16.7.2015 Yahoo: US National
DENVER (AP) — Colorado is known for pushing boundaries on marijuana, but a recent decision from the state health officials rejecting pot as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder shows the issue is far from ...
PTSD ruled ineligible for medical marijuana 16.7.2015 Durango Herald
DENVER – Citing scant research, Colorado health officials voted Wednesday against adding post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of ailments eligible for treatment with medical marijuana.The 6-2 vote came despite a recommendation from Colorado’s chief medical officer and a panel of physicians to make PTSD the first...
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Colorado rejects medical marijuana for PTSD treatment 16.7.2015 Health
Colorado health officials on Wednesday rejected a bid by medical marijuana advocates to put cannabis on a list of approved treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder, an agency spokesman said. While Colorado has allowed the use of medical marijuana to treat various ailments since 2001, the state's health board has three times refused to put PTSD on its approved list. The spokesman, Mark Salley, said the Colorado Board of Health voted 6-2 to reject a petition for PTSD to be included as a "debilitating condition" that can be treated with medical ...
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