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Chesco gets grant for heroin antidote 24.6.2016 News
First responders in Chester County have received a grant from a health-insurance company to purchase naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of heroin and opioid overdoses, the Chester County District Attorney's Office announced Friday.
Pot opponents question validity of Colorado study 22.6.2016 LA Times: Commentary

When Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2012, opponents of the new law warned that more teenagers would start using the drug.

But teen use of marijuana has held steady, according to a new survey of nearly 17,000 high school and middle school students by the state department of...

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Supervised Injection Facilities Are Safe Houses, Not Crack Houses 21.6.2016 Politics on
SIFs are medically supervised sites where drug users are able to inject pre-obtained substances under the supervision of medical professionals who can administer the overdose reversal drug, Naloxone , as well as connect participants to treatment, detox, and other services . SIF supporters call them a necessary, common-sense public health intervention for curbing the incidence of death, disease, and infection associated with public injecting. Cities around the country, from Seattle , Baltimore , San Francisco , New York City , and even Ithaca, New York , are all making strides to establish the first legal site of its kind in the United States. While supervised injection facilities are nothing new , opening a SIF in the United States is part of a new wave of solutions grounded in compassion, reason and public health. Yet some Americans believe that the mainstreaming of the supervised injection facility conversation in the US is, arguably, prompted by the changing public face of the heroin epidemic. By all ...
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Colorado study shows what legalizing marijuana will do to your kids 21.6.2016 Washington Post
A large survey provides the clearest picture yet of what happens when the drug is legalized.
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No spike in teen marijuana use after legalization 21.6.2016 Durango Herald
DENVER – Teen marijuana use has not increased since the state legalized the drug, according to state health officials.But anti-marijuana groups remain concerned that the normalization of the drug is misleading kids across the state.The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Monday released its
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Jones fights health merger; Microsoft stirs the pot; hi, Napster 17.6.2016 SFGate: Business & Technology
California’s insurance commissioner called on the U.S. government to block Anthem’s $48 billion takeover of rival health insurer Cigna, saying the deal would limit competition. Dave Jones doesn’t have legal authority to block the merger, but his opposition could have a lot of influence with the Justice Department, which is reviewing the takeover for antitrust issues. [...] Microsoft — of all companies — is offering software that tracks marijuana plants from “seed to sale,” as the pot industry puts it. The product — which will be in the cloud (insert your own joke here) — is meant to help states that have legalized the medical or recreational use of marijuana keep tabs on sales and commerce, ensuring that they remain in the daylight of legality.
Despite Overdose Epidemic, Georgia Caps The Number Of Opioid Treatment Clinics 15.6.2016 NPR: Healthcare
Georgia has stopped licensing new clinics that provide medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Some call the state's move irresponsible. Others say the clinics aren't regulated enough.
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Canada is poised to become North America's new cannabis capital 11.6.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Colorado and Washington may have jumped ahead in the race to become North America’s marijuana kings, but Canada is now positioned to take a lead in the booming multibillion-dollar industry.

Canadian leaders could legalize recreational marijuana use as soon as next year, potentially opening the...

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Health Canada considers allowing use of prescription heroin 10.6.2016 - News for the rest of us
rey-2016-06-10a.mp3 There are encouraging signs that the Liberal government will take a radically different approach to harm reduction. Pivot Legal says prescription heroin is a crucial tool in addiction treatment. Doug King is a lawyer with Pivot Legal. He explains why access to diacetylmorphine is so important for chronic heroin addicts. Doug King speaks with Redeye host Esther Hsieh. Check out our  website for more information about Redeye. Find us on Facebook and like our  page  for regular ...
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Fentanyl and heroin deaths continue steep rise in Maryland 10.6.2016 Washington Post
Fentanyl and heroin deaths continue steep rise in Maryland
Ohio becomes latest state to legalize medical marijuana 9.6.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Republican Gov. John Kasich signed a bill Wednesday legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio, though patients shouldn’t expect to get it from dispensaries here anytime soon. The bill lays out a number of steps that must happen first to set up the state’s medical marijuana program, which is expected to be fully […]
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TODAY: Elected Officials, Community Members and Civil Rights Groups Demand Racial Equity in New York's Response to the Heroin and Opioid Crisis 9.6.2016 Newswire

Today, elected officials, community members, civil rights and legal advocates, and drug policy reformers joined together to call for the inclusion of communities of color in Albany’s response to heroin and opioids. In the midst of the opioid crisis, lawmakers and the media have increasingly highlighted strategies that treat drug use as a public health issue. But despite the rhetoric, the overwhelming emphasis of New York drug policy remains on criminalization, which is disproportionately focused on people of color.

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FDA moves to speed access to compassionate-use drugs 8.6.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A simplified form should make it easier for doctors to treat seriously ill patients with experimental drugs after other options run out. But that's not the only obstacle to compassionate use.
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When Someone You Love Dies in Police Custody and They Blame 'Excited Delirium' 7.6.2016 Politics on
by Tana Ganeva The following article first appeared on The Influence . Follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Julie Cobio Firkins prayed and then walked into a room to watch her 33-year-old husband die. "The video that you're going to see is very sad," she remembers the officer warning her--twice--before playing footage from a police bodycam. But as the tape rolled, she had a different thought: "It was brutal, not sad." Why were all those officers tasing her husband, over and over, while he lay under a trailer truck? And why, once they had him in handcuffs, didn't they help him more when he cried out that he couldn't breathe? "If you're talking, you're breathing, dude," an officer said. *** On a clear, mild night in April 2013, at just after three, an Idaho man named Bobby Muse called 911 because he thought he heard a woman screaming. Two Nampa County police officers drove to a neighborhood in Nampa known to police as a place where trouble happens. But on their way to the call, officer Eric Duke noticed a ...
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Medical marijuana is helping, patients say, but it's unaffordable 7.6.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: News
While most patients are seeing benefits, medical marijuana is not covered by any health plan in the state, so patients must cover the costs themselves.
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2 women who died in Seattle after snorting tainted cocaine identified 6.6.2016 Seattle Times: Local

Law-enforcement officials have identified Sara Valenzuela, 36, and Maria Paschell, 49, as the women who died last week in Seattle after snorting cocaine laced with a powerful synthetic opiate, acetyl fentanyl.
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Celebrities who died from painkillers and heroin 6.6.2016 CNN: Top Stories
Prescription painkillers, or opioids, are supposed to help us get back to health. But all too often, opioids, including heroin, kill instead of heal.
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Alabama Mom's Charges Are Dropped, but Only After an Arduous Battle 5.6.2016 Truthout - All Articles
Sixteen months after her arrest, Katie Darovitz -- one of at least 500 women prosecuted under Alabama's toughest-in-the-nation chemical endangerment law -- has had her case dismissed. Darovitz's story, first  chronicled by ProPublica  last year, was especially wrenching: She has severe epilepsy, and doctors told her that the medications she was using to treat her condition carry a risk of miscarriage and birth defects. When she got pregnant in 2014, she discovered marijuana could control her seizures and had not been associated with birth defects. But when she gave birth, hospital staffers turned over her positive marijuana screen to a social worker who turned it over to law enforcement officials. Two police officers showed up at the house Darovitz shared with her common-law husband and their two-week-old son, handcuffed her, and hauled her off to jail. Though her son, Will, was in good health, Darovitz was charged with a Class C felony -- punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Darovitz's mother-in-law, ...
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Addressing heroin crisis is a shared obligation 5.6.2016 Seattle Times: Opinion

The shared responsibility to address the heroin epidemic includes cities and towns.
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Two die from cocaine laced with powerful opiate 4.6.2016 Seattle Times: Local

King County officials are warning drug users to avoid cocaine after the deaths of two women who inhaled the drug, which had been laced with a powerful opiate, acetylfentanyl.
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