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Former USC medical school dean saw patients after using meth, investigators allege 19.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary
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Former USC medical school dean saw patients after taking meth, investigators allege 19.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

For more than a year while he was dean of USC’s medical school, Dr. Carmen Puliafito abused drugs on days he worked as an eye doctor in university facilities and “would return to his medical office to see patients within hours of using methamphetamine,” a state investigation alleges.


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The Feds Spent Millions Seizing 5 Million Marijuana Plants in 2016, Did Not Solve Any Drug Problems 18.10.2017 Truthout - All Articles
(Photo: Rainer Vandalismus ) Even as he talks about declaring the opioid crisis a national emergency, Trump is actively seeking to cut Medicaid and undermine the Affordable Care Act, which extended access to addiction treatment for millions. It's time Congress acted to push government toward public health solutions for the US's drug problems rather than pouring money into failed law enforcement policies. Want to see more coverage of the issues that matter? Make a donation to Truthout to ensure that we can publish more original stories like this one. Last year, the Drug Enforcement Agency's marijuana eradication program confiscated 5.3 million marijuana plants in operations nationwide, a 20 percent increase from the year before and by far the heaviest haul since President Obama's first term in office. The DEA pulled 3.5 million plants in California, more than any other state by a long shot, even as Californians voted to legalize cannabis for recreational use. The DEA still spends millions of dollars every ...
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Another outbreak related to the nation’s opioid crisis: Hepatitis C 18.10.2017 Washington Post
New cases of the liver disease have tripled nationwide, driven largely by the use of needles for intravenous drugs.
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Study argues marijuana legalization reduced opioid overdose deaths in Colorado 17.10.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
A new study concludes that marijuana legalization reduced overdose deaths from prescription opioids in Colorado, but state health officials urged caution, saying that the topic is too complex for there to be a simple explanation for the decline.
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Rebuked, ex-Wolf adviser suspends sale of marijuana company 17.10.2017 News
The politically-connected company has attempted to sell its license to grow cannabis for a cool $20 million.
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Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds 16.10.2017 Washington Post
Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds
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Recreational marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds 16.10.2017 Denver Post: Local
Marijuana legalization in Colorado led to a 'reversal' of opiate overdose deaths in that state, according to new research published this week.
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Eagle County ballot initiative would create new marijuana tax for mental health funding 13.10.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
Eagle County, Colorado ballot measure 1A would institute countywide sales and excise taxes on recreational marijuana to fund mental health treatment.
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Philly region's drug deaths are soaring faster than ever, new data show 12.10.2017 News
Camden County fatalities doubled; Philly's increased more than 50 percent. Only Montgomery County's went down.
Why N.J. patients with chronic pain still can't get medical marijuana 10.10.2017 News
Five months ago, a N.J. health panel voted to add chronic pain and 42 other conditions to the list of ailments that qualify for treatment with medical marijuana. But final approval appears a long way off. Why?
Duterte’s ‘drug war’ is fueling the spread of disease 7.10.2017 Washington Post: World
Demonizing drug use will raise the rates of HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis, experts said.
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To slow deadly hepatitis outbreak, paramedics will now provide vaccinations to the homeless 6.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Paramedics are the newest troops in the fight against San Diego’s ever-growing hepatitis A outbreak.

A letter signed this week by the director of the state Emergency Medical Services Authority temporarily expands state laws that govern paramedics, granting them emergency powers to “vaccinate at-risk...

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Top Mental Health Researcher Suggests Link Between Opioid Overdoses and Suicides 5.10.2017 Politics on
Joshua Gordon, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, believes more work must be done on connections between suicidal thoughts and overdoses.
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To Save Opioid Addicts, This Experimental Court Is Ditching The Delays 5.10.2017 NPR: Morning Edition
Underscoring the severity of the U.S. overdose crisis, a first-of-its kind opioid intervention court aims to get drug-addicted criminal defendants into recovery before their criminal case is heard.
3 Counties, $59 Million And The Opioid Crisis 4.10.2017 NPR News
The Justice Department pledged nearly $59 million in grants to address the opioid crisis. Here's a look at how that money will affect three communities facing an epidemic.
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Consumer Product Safety Commission Cracks Down on Flame Retardants Linked to Health Problems 4.10.2017
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the independent federal commission charged with product safety, voted on September 20, 2017 to take steps toward protecting consumers and firefighters from the hazards posed by the  organohalogen  class of  flame retardants . "The vote is a rare victory for health groups and a rare setback for industry groups during the first months of President  Donald Trump 's administration," writes the  Chicago Tribune . CPSC Moves to Protect Consumers and Fire Fighters The organohalogen class of flame retardants has been shown to leach from the products, or "migrate widely," resulting in human exposure. This class of chemicals have been found in the bodies of  97% of Americans  says the Center for Disease Control. They have been  linked  to cancer, neurological deficits, hormone disruption and other health problems. Just last month,  a study by the Harvard Chan School of Public Health  found that flame retardants reduced the likelihood of clinical pregnancy and live ...
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Tom Price may be gone, but the Trump administration's sabotage of Obamacare is moving ahead at full speed 3.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price is gone, ushered out of office last week after being caught causing $1 million in unnecessary taxpayer expense by chartering private planes and taking military aircraft around the country and the world instead of flying commercial, like normal people.

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Amid concern about kids, Colorado bans edible pot shapes 1.10.2017 AP Business
DENVER (AP) -- A ban on gummy bears and other edible marijuana products shaped like animals, people and fruit takes effect this month in Colorado - a change aimed at decreasing the likelihood small children will mistake them for a favorite treat....
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Pa. marijuana officials resist order to release IDs of panelists who awarded lucrative pot permits 30.9.2017 News
"Releasing this information puts these state employees at personal risk for harassment or worse," the Pa. Department of Health said.
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