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Counter: Vietnamese small plates, Guatemalan big breakfasts 5.9.2015 L.A. Times - Food & Dining
In between repeating heat waves and much nail-biting over the (now surging, thanks to some serious pitching) Dodgers, summer in L.A. has been a pretty great time for exploring food, particularly from some of the zillion cultures we have represented in this town. What this has meant this week is...
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Soil as Our Salvation 4.9.2015 Views
Hannah Apricot Eckberg

What if the answer to stopping climate change was lying right under our feet? What if one of the most revolutionary acts you could do was to plant a garden? Well, research is starting to show this might just be true.

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California cuisine queen Alice Waters to be awarded National Humanities Medal 4.9.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Why a ‘work from home’ option is a necessity but not a cure-all 3.9.2015 Boston Globe: Latest
Why a ‘work from home’ option is a necessity but not a cure-all
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Recipes that bring out the best in tomatoes 31.8.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
Recipes for Tomato Tart, Moroccan Stuffed Tomatoes, Tomatoes Glazed with Balsamic Vinegar and Garden Fresh Tomato Soup.
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When the wells run dry: California neighbors cope in drought 30.8.2015 Yahoo: US National
TULARE, Calif. (AP) — Looking for water to flush his toilet, Tino Lozano pointed a garden hose at some buckets on the bare dirt of his yard. It's his daily ritual now, in a community built by refugees from Oklahoma's epic Dust Bowl drought. But only a trickle came out; then a drip, then nothing ...
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Do You Know What It Means to Love New Orleans? 28.8.2015
A flooded neighborhood adjacent to the 12th Street levee in New Orleans, September 1, 2005. (Vincent Laforet/The New York Times) The island in the center of my kitchen is red upon green. These are not the colors of the countertop; they are the decorations provided by our absurdly productive garden. Zucchini the size of nuclear submarines, cucumbers big enough to club a Grizzly bear to death, string beans and snow peas all the way around the block, and tomatoes ... oh my goodness, the tomatoes this year, beefsteak and early-girls and cherries coming through the damn window, a riot of red. The smell on my fingertips after I do a harvest is ... I suppose "humbling" would be the proper word. I don't have another one, and I lack the adequate vocabulary to explain the scent, or the product. Nothing I will ever do can equal the simple beauty that grows from the ground. The counter is covered, and the kitchen windowsill is likewise packed to the final inch. Once I'm done blanching, blending and freezing the ...
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Authors' Garden Clippings Grow Students' Love Of Literature 26.8.2015 NPR: Morning Edition
High school English teacher Jennifer McQuillan spent the summer collecting clippings from the gardens of American authors. She's using them to plant a "literary garden" in her school's courtyard.
Teens are shopping more like their parents 24.8.2015 Seattle Times: Business & Technology
GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (AP) — Giulia Pugliese is a typical teenager. She likes to look good, and she’s particular about what she wears. But when The Associated Press followed the 15-year-old from Long Island on a recent back-to-school shopping trip with friends, she left a Nike store empty-handed — even though Nike is one of […]
Teens are shopping more like their parents 24.8.2015 AP Business
GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (AP) -- Giulia Pugliese is a typical teenager. She likes to look good, and she's particular about what she wears....
Actress Cate Blanchett lists mansion in the land down under 22.8.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Urban agriculture in MSP: growing, diversifying, sustainable 22.8.2015 MinnPost
It’s a beautiful Tuesday afternoon in late summer. You hop on your bike and pedal to Midtown Global Market, passing lush yards and bountiful vegetable plots. Once there, you park your bike and make a beeline for Kitchen in the Market, where your weekly CSA share awaits. You peer into your share box, marveling at the perky lettuce heads, just-picked tomatoes and colorful summer squash. You feel like the luckiest home cook on Earth. Plenty of CSAs deliver delicious, fresh-picked produce to markets and garden stores around MSP. Why is this one so special? Because it’s administered by  Shared Ground Farmers’ Co-op , a new, growing agricultural collective with “strong commitment to making environmentally sustainable farming a living wage job for any who chose to pursue it,” according to the collective’s website. Three of Shared Ground’s five founding farms are Latino-owned and -operated spreads in rural Minnesota and Wisconsin. The fourth, near Amery, Wisconsin, belongs to a U.S.-born couple. And the last is ...
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Friday Durango Dayplanner 21.8.2015 Durango Herald
Meetings and EventsOutdoor Yoga, 7-8 a.m. and 8:15-9:15 a.m., amphitheater, Durango Community Recreation Center, 2700 Main Ave., $5, 259-0385. Durango Botanical Society free garden tour, 9:30 a.m., Durango Public Library Demonstration Garden, (meet in library lobby), 1900 East Third Ave.,...
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Creative Ways to Conserve Water During a Drought 21.8.2015 Green on
In a previous post , I threw myself and my “smelly kids” under the bus for contributing to California’s water woes. I also threw a lot of other folks under the bus (including one of my favorite breweries, golf courses, and my hometown for that matter), but I feel like many Californians are finally starting to get past the denial/anger/bargaining/depression stages of the drought and accepting conservation and sustainable water practices for the long haul. While we have a lot of work to do, our recent water bills show a drastic cut in the amount of water our family is using, so I thought it was worth sharing some of the creative ways we're cutting back to help further the conservation conversation. Here are some of the water-saving practices we’ve adopted, including a massive lawn-removal project that helped my parents reduce water use for the month of May by 70% over the same period last year. SEVENTY PERCENT! If we’ve learned anything after four years of drought, it’s that extreme weather is here to stay ...
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The Way of the Rose 20.8.2015 Politics on
Portland, Oregon has traditionally been known as "The City Of Roses." There are several rose gardens located around the city at Washington Park, Ladd's Addition and Peninsula Park. The city hosts its Annual Rose Festival every June and the brilliant colors and varied fragrances of roses fill the city throughout Spring, Summer and into the Fall. A soothing, meditative activity is to walk through a rose garden and to appreciate the beauty and the aroma of the flowers. Clark Strand writes: Roses have long been sacred to the goddess in Western culture. Roses were sacred to Venus before they were sacred to Mary, and sacred to Isis before Venus. Before Isis, they were sacred to Innana. There is a long history of associating roses with mother goddesses and goddesses of love and fertility. In pre-Christian culture Roses were a way of honoring the union of body and soul. They celebrated both the material and spiritual dimensions of life and recognized no split between the two. To offer a garland of roses to the ...
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Globeville group hopes to help students by fixing Garden Place Academy 20.8.2015 Denver Post: Local
A community group is hoping new homes will serve as a catalyst to raise money to support one of north Denver's oldest elementary ...
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Fun & Easy Gardening Tips For Kids 19.8.2015 Planet Ark News
There's nothing kids love doing more than getting their hands dirty. Whether it's raining or the sun is out, making mud pies or finding wriggly worms in the ground, it always puts a smile on their faces.
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Cherokee Purple: The Story Behind One Of Our Favorite Tomatoes 19.8.2015 NPR News
Consumers have seed savers and amateur breeders to thank for discovering and sharing heirloom varieties of some vegetables and tomatoes like the Cherokee Purple.
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London neighbors create 'instant' permaculture gardens for each other 18.8.2015 TreeHugger
You redo my yard, I'll redo yours. And we'll both eat better as a result.
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Durand-Ruel: The Art Dealer Who Liked Impressionists Before They Were Cool 18.8.2015 NPR: Morning Edition
Parisian art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel acquired some 5,000 Impressionist works long before others were buying them. Claude Monet said he and his artist friends "would have died of hunger" without him.
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