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Routt County commissioners hesitate to invest public monies in community solar garden 16.9.2014 Steamboat Pilot
The Routt County commissioners placed an emphasis on the goal of transitioning to “future energy economies” in their recent strategic planning process, and they already oversee a significant solar array on top of the Justice Center on the west side of Steamboat Springs. But they weren’t ready on Monday to tell Facilities Director Tim Winter to continue to explore investing in the new community solar garden that Clean Energy Collective is planning to begin constructing next month in Craig in collaboration with Yampa Valley Electric Association. CEC is a for-profit company that has built similar community solar arrays in Colorado mountain towns. The company allows individual households to spend as little as $850 on a small portion of the larger solar facility, in order to offset a portion (or all) of their electricity usage without having to invest thousands of dollars to put their own grid on top of their homes. The solar garden offers the added benefit of being ideally situated on its planned site for ...
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Farm-Faith Project gives Hmong immigrants gardening space at churches 15.9.2014 MinnPost
Khoua Vang carefully tiptoed Saturday in a vegetable-covered garden outside Hope Lutheran Church in St. Paul and went down on her knees to reap dozens of Japanese sweet potatoes. She then stood in a shaded corner near the garden, peeled a big potato and ate it with delight. “It tasted really delicious,” Vang later said. “It was sweet and juicy.” Vang, 60, planted that potato and various other vegetables with three Hmong immigrant women at the Hope Lutheran garden. The church participates in Farm-Faith Project , which provides immigrant communities in St. Paul with farming opportunities, economic skills and gardening spaces at churches — thanks to the Saint Paul Area Council of Churches and the Hmong American Partnership. On Saturday, Vang spoke of her gardening experience at Hope Lutheran as part of the Gardening Matters’ Community Day tour. Vang started farming with her parents in Laos when she was just 5 years old. For the Vang family, farming was a source of income, which the family depended on for ...
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Who Grows Our Food: Farmshare Austin, Growing Organic Famers 15.9.2014 Green on
Who Grows Our Food is an occasional Meatless Monday series, taking a closer look at some of the people, so often unsung, who bring us the food on our plates. Ten years ago, Brenton Johnson started growing vegetables in his back yard. Organically. "I've never grown conventionally. I don't know what it's like on the dark side," says Johnson, who now owns Johnson's Backyard Garden . He grows 60 kinds of organic vegetables on 205 acres, feeding 1,500 Austin CSA (community supported agriculture) subscribers. He's hoping to grow Austin's organic farming community the same way, with Farmshare Austin . The nonprofit approaches organic farming well, organically, holistically. Farmshare Austin Board Member and Johnson's Backyard Garden manager Carrie Kenny describes it in terms of a four pillar approach -- education, research, land preservation and food access. But it can't happen without farmers. That's why FarmShare Austin is launching its Farmer Starter program October 1, "teaching beginning farmers how to grow ...
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Janesville, Wis.: For 86-year-old, pickling is a family tradition 14.9.2014 Local

If cucumbers had legs, they'd run when they saw Mr. Pickles coming.

Tax breaks may turn San Francisco's vacant lots into urban farms 11.9.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A new program in San Francisco encourages property owners to convert vacant lots into agricultural plots. Critics say there is no room for such luxuries in a tight housing market.
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Jail gardening therapeutic for Colorado ex-cons re-entering society 10.9.2014 Denver Post: News: Local
FORT COLLINS — Tending a garden wasn't on Spencer Johnson's agenda when he left state prison after doing eight years for assault with a deadly ...
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Tax Breaks May Turn San Francisco's Vacant Lots Into Urban Farms 10.9.2014 NPR News
San Francisco is one of many U.S. cities rolling out incentives to grow food on unused land. But some San Franciscans argue that land should be used to address the acute affordable housing shortage.
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Letter from Skunk Hollow: Straw-bale bounty, with zucchini the size of a cat 9.9.2014 MinnPost
The way to make God laugh, it's been said by Woody Allen and other philosophers, is to make a plan. But if you really want to make him howl, and call his buddies over to share in the fun: Make a garden plan. I used to know this, years ago: Early every spring I would lay out my vegetable gardens on graph paper, the rows and patches and trellises color-coded and drawn to scale. Come Mother's Day I would transfer the design to the dirt with a trowel in one hand and a tape measure in the other. And then, through weeks of planting and tending, I would follow my scheme as closely as possible, making the inevitable adjustments here and there ... right up until the point, usually mid-September, when I surveyed the chaos and wondered what I'd been thinking. Eventually winter would come, I'd put everything to bed, and proceed to forget most of whatever I'd learned. This April, as I planned a new garden for the first time in a decade or more, I was determined to do it all differently from the ground up — starting ...
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Nurtured by loving hands 9.9.2014 Durango Herald
It all began in 1992 with a heroic rescue, saving beauty from certain death. A rose rescue.“They were remodeling the library, the one on East Second Avenue,” said Karen Anesi, a longtime member of the Garden Club of Durango. “And I got a call from Doris Ferguson that they had pulled out these really pretty roses and...
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Ely, Minn., man claims world-record tomato 9.9.2014 Star Tribune: Latest
It took fertilizer, the greenest of thumbs and a pair of pantyhose for Dan MacCoy to grow his record-breaking 8.41-pound tomato, a lobed behemoth that looked something like a partially-inflated beach ball when he finally plucked it.
ERROR: Missing Story Title 8.9.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Denver-based SunShare wants to sell Minnesota a share of the sun 7.9.2014 Star Tribune: Business
SunShare is developing a money-saving, fossil fuel-alternative for Minnesota customers.
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Los Angeles residential developments are pumping up gym amenities 7.9.2014 LA Times: Health
Apartment dwellers are no longer content with a StairMaster and some hand weights in a basement room. A new and upcoming crop of condos offers enticements such as Spin classes, Pilates, juice bars and concierges ready to arrange personal training sessions.
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State fair, salmon and bird fests | Community Corner 6.9.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
Activities for the weekend of Sept. 6-7, 2014, include the Washington State Fair, Salmon Return Family Festival, Puget Sound BirdFest and Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival.
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Guest: The citizen wildlife steward and the return of the Western bumblebee 6.9.2014 Seattle Times: Opinion
Anyone with a yard can play a role in helping revive the Western bumblebee, writes guest columnist Julie O’Donald.
Summer veggies were just the first round 5.9.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
In the heat of summer, it’s hard to imagine that the weather will ever be cool again. And with dry weather it’s hard to imagine it becoming rainy and snowy again. But of course the weather does change, and you’ve got to plan what vegetables to grow for the cool days ahead that sap the vitality from tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other summer vegetables. Growing fall vegetables is like having another whole growing season in the garden. Cool weather brings out the best flavor from vegetables suc...
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Adams County partners with SunShare for first community solar garden 5.9.2014 Denver Post: Business
Adams County will see its first community solar garden installed by December, but the energy shares won't be divvied up among homeowners, like many other metro area solar ...
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Growing a bounty for the hungry 5.9.2014 CNN: Top Stories
When Chip Paillex started a garden with his 4-year-old daughter in 2002, he never imagined it would change the lives of thousands of people.
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New edible garden at AT&T Park offers fans healthy lessons in unique ballpark setting 5.9.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
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Rodale cultivates farm-to-hospital food system in Pennsylvania 4.9.2014 Business Operations |

More hospitals are looking to improve their food. Rodale and St. Luke's are going a step further by operating an organic farm.

Rodale cultivates farm-to-hospital food system in Pennsylvania
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