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Judge approves gag order in case of South Carolina father accusing of killing his 5 children 2.10.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
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Judge issues gag order in case of 5 slain SC kids 2.10.2014 Yahoo: US National
LEXINGTON, S.C. (AP) — A judge has issued an order for all sides to keep quiet about information in the case of a South Carolina father who authorities say killed his five children.
Blasts outside two Syrian schools kill at least 18 people 2.10.2014 L.A. Times - World News
A pair of bombs ripped through a school compound Wednesday in the government-controlled central Syrian city of Homs, killing at least 18 people, including 10 children, and wounding scores of others, the state media reported.
Syria blasts at school kill 32, including 10 kids 1.10.2014 News
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) - Twin bombings near an elementary school in Syria killed at least 32 people on Wednesday, including at least 10 children, with the second blast going off as screaming parents frantically searched for their sons and daughters in a street littered with school bags and body parts.
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Jimmy Carter Turns 90: The 39th President's Most Inspiring Spiritual Quotes For His Birthday 1.10.2014 Politics on
Jimmy Carter turned 90 on October 1, 2014, and HuffPost Religion celebrated by taking a look back on some of the 39th president's most spiritual quotes. Born October 1, 1924, the Georgia native had an unsuccessful presidency by some measures but went on to become a prominent and admired public figure and humanitarian . Carter has also been vocal about his religious beliefs, recently speaking with HuffPost Live host Alyona Minkovski about the spiritual basis for gender equality . "There's no evidence at all that Jesus Christ did anything except to exalt women," the former president said. Here are some of our favorite spiritual quotes from Jimmy ...
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U.N. Week -- Style Over Substance 1.10.2014 Politics on
'Fashion week' just ended for the global development community, where thousands of international leaders convened in New York for the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA). Presidents, ministers, donors, U.N. leaders and CEOs celebrated the newest designs in global development: stylish poverty reduction plans, glamorous partnerships to end world hunger and beautiful spokespeople for the latest hot issues like climate change and child trafficking. And just like fashion, everything old was new again -- we pulled out our bellbottoms and re-visited the importance of meaningful civil society participation at the UNGA. This time around, we focused on the post-2015 development agenda that will replace the once trendy Sachs-inspired Millennium Development Goals . But from what I saw last week, it's style over substance. I was in New York with Memory, an 18-year-old girl from Malawi who has overcome challenges that most of us cannot imagine. Growing up in a family of six siblings, Memory fought with her parents to finish ...
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Syria blasts at school kill 17, including 10 kids 1.10.2014 Seattle Times: Nation & World
Twin bombings near a school in central Syria killed at least 17 people on Wednesday, including 10 children, as gruesome images appeared on social media networks purported to show Kurdish fighters slain at the hands of Islamic State militants during battles near Syria's border with Turkey.
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Syria blasts at school kill 17, including 10 kids 1.10.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
Twin bombings near a school in central Syria killed at least 17 people on Wednesday, including 10 children, as gruesome images appeared on social media networks purported to show Kurdish fighters slain at the hands of Islamic State militants during battles near Syria's border with Turkey.
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Ukraine Conflict: Shelling Hits School Playground And Minivan In Donetsk, Killing 10 1.10.2014 Politics on
(Reuters) - At least 10 people were killed on Wednesday when shells hit a school playground and a mini-van in a nearby street in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, city authorities and Reuters witnesses said.

There were no children among those killed in the shelling at School No. 57 on the first day of the new school year, though witnesses said the dead included a biology teacher and the parent of a child at the school.

Reuters correspondents saw the bodies of three adults at the school and an additional six bodies in a burnt-out mini-van and on streets nearby. The regional administration said a total of 10 people had been killed in the shelling of the city, a stronghold of rebels waging a separatist rebellion.

(Reporting by Maria Tsvetkova; Writing by Richard Balmforth, Editing by Timothy Heritage)
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Blasts in Syria's Homs kill 18, most children: state media 1.10.2014 Yahoo: Politics

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group, reported the same toll in the double bombing in the Akrameh neighbourhood of HomsDamascus (AFP) - Twin car bomb explosions in the central Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday killed at least 18 people, mostly children, and wounded 40 others, state news agency SANA reported.

This Mom Tried to Kill Her Autistic Kid 1.10.2014 Yahoo: Politics

This Mom Tried to Kill Her Autistic KidDr. Phil recently interviewed Kelli Stapleton, a mother who tried to kill her teenage autistic daughter. Why were no autism advocates included in the conversation?

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Mother who killed child seeks release from clinic 1.10.2014 Chicago Tribune: Nation
On a November day four years ago, inside a Bloomingdale townhouse, Marci Webber killed her 4-year-old daughter, an act a court-appointed psychologist later said happened while Webber had lost touch with ...
Police: 1 child hurt, school evacuated in Kentucky 1.10.2014 Yahoo: US National

Police: 1 child hurt, school evacuated in KentuckyOne child was injured and a high school was evacuated after a report of weapons seen on the campus in Louisville, police said Tuesday.

Single Parents Want to Be Good Parents 30.9.2014 Politics on
It's time to accept the fact that there is little stigma to single parenthood. "Born out of wedlock" is a phrase seldom heard today. More than 40 percent of new mothers are unmarried . Seventy-two percent of African-American children live in single parent families. The growing trend of having children outside of marriage is not likely to be reversed, writes Isabel Sawhill of the Brookings Institution, who has been studying childhood poverty for years. She has reached the conclusion that it's time to face up to that fact and help all parents become good parents. The second lesson is that parenting skills must be taught early. There are many reasons for the single parent trend: women increasingly don't think the men in their lives are dependable, many men are too poor to accept the responsibility of marriage, and social norms have changed. Marriage is one answer to child poverty simply because two incomes are better than one. And so are two loving parents. But no one has figured out how to promote ...
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Secret Service Head Takes Responsibility In Breach 30.9.2014 Politics on

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secret Service Director Julia Pierson told lawmakers she takes full responsibility for the serious breach of the White House mansion eight days ago. That's when an Army veteran with a knife climbed the fence and made his way well into the executive mansion before he was tackled.

Pierson also told a House panel there have been six fence-jumpers this year alone, including one just eight days before that intrusion.

Pierson is testifying before the House Oversight and government Reform Committee in her first public accounting of the episode.

The Army veteran, Omar J. Gonzalez, made it much further into the White House on Sept. 19 than the Secret Service previously disclosed.

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"I'm Just a Kid": Tariq's Ordeal 30.9.2014
Last summer, Tariq Khdeir, a 15-year-old American citizen from Baltimore, accompanied his parents to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat for a six-week visit with relatives. The first friend Tariq made when he arrived was his cousin, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, whom Tariq had not seen since he was four years old. “We had so much fun,” Tariq told a gathering at the national conference of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation in San Diego on September 19, 2014. One night while he was in Jerusalem, Tariq saw some police with Muhammad. Tariq thought they had kidnapped Muhammad. Tariq wondered, “Is he gonna come back? Is he gonna come back alive”? But Muhammad did not come back alive. In retaliation for the deaths of three Israeli teenagers, Muhammad was beaten and burnt alive by three Jewish extremists. After Muhammad’s murder, people took to the streets in protest. Israeli Defense Force soldiers began firing rubber bullets at them. Incredulous, Tariq thought, “Is this really happening in front of ...
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The Obvious Relationship Between Climate and Family Planning - and Why We Don't Talk About It 30.9.2014
Several years ago, Bill Gates keynoted a breakfast for Seattle-based Climate Solutions , a nonprofit focused on advancing the clean energy economy and driving practical, profitable solutions to climate change. Gates opened his speech with an equation. To paraphrase: Our carbon problem = persons x services x the energy intensity of services x the carbon intensity of energy. The number of people is growing, Gates observed, and we all want more services. While Americans arguably consume too many goods and services, billions of people currently living in dire poverty need more. He then spent the rest of the time discussing the last two factors in the equation. Recently, Robert Engelman and Samuel Codjoe published an article at Grist titled, “ Hey, UN: Climate Change and Population are related. ” They pointed out the fact that the United Nations would soon be hosting back-to-back conferences about population and climate change respectively, and they lamented that neither conference would likely address the ...
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Boston Marathon bombing suspect's sister faces court for alleged bomb threat 30.9.2014 Yahoo: Politics
Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's sister's latest brush with the law puts a family caught up in the mystery over the 2013 attacks back in the ...
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Man who fatally shot teenager in argument over loud music takes stand in 2nd trial 30.9.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
Escapes spark changes at Tennessee juvenile center 30.9.2014 Yahoo: US National
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee officials plan to beef up security at a juvenile detention center where three major escape attempts in less than a month have worried the facility's neighbors, but they also want to keep the it from becoming too much like an adult prison.
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