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U.N. head: 'You must stop fighting' 25.7.2014 CNN: Top Stories
The exasperation could be seen the face of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
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Shelling of Gaza school kills at least 15; toll nears 800 25.7.2014 Yahoo: Top Stories
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed horror at the Thursday attack on the school at Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza strip. I strongly condemn this act." Ban later arrived at Cairo where he was expected to meet U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been working the telephones to try to broker a truce. Israel Defence Forces spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner told Reuters TV: "It could be errant fire from the IDF or rockets landing from Gaza terrorists but we still don't know, there's still a question mark." A spokesman for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency said it had tried in vain to arrange an evacuation of civilians from the school with the Israeli army, and noted reports of Hamas rockets falling in the area at the same ...
Reverse Robin Hood: Conservatives Take Child Tax Credit from Families on the Brink, Give to the Rich 25.7.2014 Views
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Ryan "Opportunity Grant" Proposal Would Likely Increase Poverty and Shrink Resources for Poverty Programs Over Time 25.7.2014 Politics on
A centerpiece of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s new poverty plan would consolidate 11 safety-net and related programs — from food stamps to housing vouchers, child care, and the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) — into a single block grant to states.  This new “Opportunity Grant” would operate initially in an unspecified number of states. While some other elements of the Ryan poverty plan deserve serious consideration, such as those relating to the Earned Income Tax Credit and criminal justice reform, his “Opportunity Grant” would likely increase poverty and hardship, and is therefore ill-advised, for several reasons: While Chairman Ryan describes the proposal as maintaining the same overall funding as the current system for each participating state, that would be a practical impossibility. His proposal would convert the nation’s basic food assistance safety net — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps — from an entitlement that ...
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PostEverything: 24.7.2014 Washington Post

I received a call from my sons’ school in March telling me that my oldest needed to be picked up early. He had been given a one-day suspension because he had thrown a chair. He did not hit anyone, but he could have, the school officials told me.

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Chicago authorities charge man in child's death 24.7.2014 Yahoo: US National
CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago authorities have charged an 18-year-old in the slaying of an 11-year-old girl who was struck in the head by a stray bullet while at a sleepover last week.
Shift U.S. priorities closer to home 24.7.2014 CNN: Top Stories
I grew up on the border, at the site of today's humanitarian crisis involving tens of thousands of immigrant children seeking asylum. Even though I was born in Texas' Rio Grande Valley, my family and I lived on the Mexican side of the river for seven years of my childhood. There I saw poverty firsthand, right around the corner from our house, in the streets, by the bridge, in the countryside.
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U.N. chief appalled at attack on U.N. school in Gaza 24.7.2014 Yahoo: Top Stories
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday he was appalled by an attack on a U.N.-run school in the northern Gaza strip that had killed women, children and U.N. staff. "Many have been killed – including women and children, as well as U.N. staff." The Gaza health ministry said at least 15 people had been killed and some 200 wounded, while Israel Radio said, without citing a source, that most of those killed at the United Nations school were children.
A Letter From Doctor Mads Gilbert in Gaza 24.7.2014
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15,000 Detroit Homes Had Their Water Shut Off. You Can Help Where The Government Won't 24.7.2014 Politics on
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has filed a lawsuit against Detroit. Thousands gathered in protest over the weekend and advocates are calling on the United Nations to help . But it's the tenacity of two concerned non-Detroit residents that will help the thousands of desperate people in the city who don’t have access to water. In an effort to collect an estimated $90 million in past-due water bills , the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has shut off the water for more than 15,000 delinquent households , according to the Detroit News, and activists are calling the move a human rights violation. A bankruptcy judge called on the agency earlier this month to find more effective ways for struggling customers to pay their bills, the news outlet reported. But it was two engaged citizens who found an immediate solution. Tired of watching Motor City residents suffer -- and seeing suspicious fundraising campaigns crop up -- entrepreneur Tiffani Ashley Bell and designer Kristy Tillman, founded Turn on ...
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Judge: Why wasn't child murder suspect in jail? 24.7.2014 Seattle Times: Nation & World
A judge says an ex-convict accused of fatally shooting a 2-year-old girl in front of her father in suburban Detroit should have been behind bars at the time.
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Judge: Why wasn't child murder suspect in jail? 24.7.2014 Yahoo: US National
INKSTER, Mich. (AP) — A judge says an ex-convict accused of fatally shooting a 2-year-old girl in front of her father in suburban Detroit should have been behind bars at the time.
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Dozens killed in Iraq militant attack 24.7.2014 CNN: Top Stories
Nearly five dozen inmates were killed when militants attacked a convoy of Iraqi security forces who were transferring them from one prison to another, police said Thursday.
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12 children, man die in train-bus crash in India 24.7.2014 World
NEW DELHI (AP) — Twelve children were killed Thursday when a train crashed into their school bus at an unmanned railroad crossing in southern India, police said.
12 children, driver killed as train crashes into school bus at unmanned crossing in India 24.7.2014 Star Tribune: World
Los Gatos: Seaman retires after 12 years as town's chief 24.7.2014 San Jose Mercury News: San Jose/Valley
Woodworking, fly fishing and having the freedom to do more things with family and friends are at the top of Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Chief Scott Seaman's 'to do' list as he prepares to retire on Aug. 1--exactly 39 years to the day after he started as a rookie with the San Jose Police Department.
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DA: He killed teacher, tried to kill helper 24.7.2014 CNN: Top Stories
Philip Chism, a 15-year-old Massachusetts boy accused of raping and killing his math teacher in a high school bathroom, was arraigned Wednesday on attempted murder charges stemming from a separate attack on a female youth services clinician.
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Eva Longoria Says The Way The Child Refugee Crisis Has Been Handled Is ‘Un-American' 24.7.2014 Politics on
LOS ANGELES -- As a child growing up in a Texas border town, Eva Longoria recalls asking her father, “Why were we born on this side?” to which he replied, “Because we were lucky.” The actress reminisced about her childhood experiences crossing the border during the National Council of La Raza’s Awards Gala at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Tuesday night. After being honored for her activism, Longoria took time to reflect on the thousands of Central American children currently seeking refuge at the U.S.-Mexico border. NCLR, the country’s largest Hispanic advocacy group, honored Los Angeles First District Supervisor Gloria Molina, activist Angelica Salas, journalist Jose Diaz-Balart, baseball star Manny Mota and actress and activist Longoria during the final night of its annual conference. Longoria was awarded the Raul Yzaguirre President’s Award, named after the organization’s former leader, for her work with the Latino community. “Eva uses her platform to advocate for issues of concern for our ...
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The World Will Not Forget These Girls. Not for One Day. Not for 100 Days. 24.7.2014 Politics on
Wednesday, July 23, marks a tragic milestone. It is the 100th day in captivity for over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls. For an adolescent with plans, dreams and ambitions, 100 days must seem longer than an eternity. And still, even now, there is mystery over what has happened to the lost girls of Chibok. Stories are whispered of mass rapes, shotgun marriages, violent beatings, forced starvation -- and even the murders of girls who won't comply and do the terrorists' biddings. But they are uncorroborated stories because no one really knows the details after the girls were tricked by Boko Haram terrorists wearing Nigerian army uniforms and promised they were being taken to a safe place. It is inconceivable that even they were driven away from their school and their families into the vast forest areas of the Borno state, that 200 girls can just disappear forever. And no news is not good news. What is clear is that their childhood has been taken from them, never to return. Brutalized by the mass abduction, nothing ...
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Former Tacoma teacher pleads guilty to child rape 24.7.2014 Seattle Times: Local
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