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Whistleblower Exposes Torture and Child Abuse at For-Profit Prison 28.7.2015 Headlines
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Tragedy of ‘golden’ daughter’s fall resonates with Asian immigrant children 27.7.2015 Washington Post
For a while, Jennifer Pan’s parents regarded her as their “golden” child.The young Canadian woman, who lived in the city of Markham just north of Toronto, was a straight A student at a Catholic school who won scholarships and early acceptance to college. True to her father’s wishes, she graduated from the University of Toronto’s prestigious pharmacology program and went on to work at a blood-testing lab at SickKids hospital.Read full article ...
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Brentwood police arrest juvenile in connection with home invasion, baseball bat attack 26.7.2015 Science / Technology News

Police have arrested a juvenile in connection with a home invasion and baseball bat attack that left two people seriously injured early Wednesday morning in Brentwood, police said. He declined to provide the age of the juvenile or any other information about the arrest, citing state law that prohibits the disclosure of a juvenile's court records.

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"A Wound That Will Never Heal": Organizing After the Death of Daniel Covarrubias at the Hands of Police 26.7.2015
Demonstrators on the march to demand justice for Daniel Covarrubias. (Photo: Leela Yellesetty | SW)On April 21, Daniel Covarrubias was shot and killed by police in Lakewood, Washington, a community south of Tacoma and Seattle. The 37-year old father of seven had just been released from a nearby hospital and appeared to be disoriented when he wandered into a lumberyard. Employees called 911 and reported that Covarrubias was trespassing, but not that he was a threat. Enter officers David Butts and Ryan Hamilton, who say they believe the cell phone Daniel was allegedly reaching into his pocket for was a gun, and they had no choice but to fire nine bullets at him, five of which struck him. An internal investigation by police upheld their actions, and both officers are back on active duty. Daniel's family has been marching and organizing tirelessly ever since to win justice. His sister, Lanna Covarrubias, talked to Leela Yellesetty about her brother and about why she and her family will keep protesting. Can ...
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Startup whiz pens how-to book 26.7.2015 Seattle Times: Politics
Entrepreneur veteran writes a startup how-to book; childhood poverty increases in state; Costco stand firm on egg issue.
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What drives a 'perfect' boy to become a killer? 26.7.2015 CNN: Top Stories
'Shootout' on Erie street kills 1 youth, hurts 5 other teens 25.7.2015 News
ERIE, Pa. (AP) — One teenager was killed and five other youths wounded in what police described as a "shootout" on an Erie street, authorities said Saturday.
Briefly... CITY/REGION 25.7.2015 News
Teens arrested for murder of Montco man Two 18-year-olds were arrested this week in connection with the murder and carjacking of a Montgomery County man in West Oak Lane, police said yesterday.
The Effort To Stop Campus Rape Is Finally Starting To Focus On High Schools 25.7.2015 Politics on
A provision in the Senate’s proposed rewrite of the nation's main education law governing K-12 schools would push for more sex education that focuses on dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. The Teach Safe Relationships Act of 2015 would award four-year grants to schools to teach "safe relationship behavior." It was originally introduced in February by Sens. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). McCaskill has been pushing for a bipartisan measure to crack down on colleges that mishandle sexual assault cases. While the Teach Safe Relationships Act would not actually appropriate any new funding for anti-sexual assault measures, it further clarifies that schools could get money for such programs. Earlier this month, the Teach Safe Relationships Act was rolled into the Senate’s larger overhaul of a No Child Left Behind Act rewrite  called the Every Child Achieves Act . That legislation, a bipartisan effort to update the major education law that expired in 2007, passed the Senate ...
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Is El Salvador Heading to a Second Civil War? 24.7.2015 Politics on
Political posturing and American indifference have put bloody El Salvador on the path toward a second civil war If you make a pact with the devil, the devil will expect much in return. That is exactly what El Salvador's former leftist President Mauricio Funes did in 2012 with his party, the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), and the Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) and 18th Street, or Barrio 18 gangs -- both created in Los Angeles, and responsible for many murders and much anguish here and throughout the United States. We now know that many young children who were coerced into joining these gangs had been previously involved as government child soldiers or guerrilla fighters in their home countries of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico. These children eventually grew into vicious gang members who attacked their enemies -- other gangs and civilians -- without mercy. In the 1990s, President Bill Clinton quietly ordered the deportation of gangsters living in the United States. ...
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The Myth of India's Vegetarian Elites: A Response to NPR and New York Times 24.7.2015 Green on
National Public Radio (NPR) recently featured an article entitled " Egg War: Why India's Vegetarian Elites are Accused of Keeping Kids Hungry ." On the face of it, the concern expressed by the writer was legitimate: the nutritional needs of poor school children in Madhya Pradesh following the state government's decision to remove eggs from the menu. But, as the rather judgmental term "vegetarian elites" suggests, the article seems to more about perpetuating a common Hinduphobic misperception in reporting on India, that somehow vegetarianism is an upper caste Hindu ploy to make the poor in India starve. After all, just a few days before that, the New York Times addressed the beef ban issue with the schoolmasterly headline " Saving Cows, Starving Children ," complete with a photo of a woman offering a heartfelt pranam to a cow at that. The irony, as readers have pointed out already, is that both NPR and New York Times have been fairly open-minded, liberal, shall we say, when it comes to coverage of the ...
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Tackling Informal Youth Labor in Latin America 24.7.2015
A young street vendor sells typical Argentine baked goods in a market near the Plaza de los dos Congresos, in Buenos Aires. (Photo: Fabiana Frayssinet/IPS) Buenos Aires - The 56 million young people who form part of Latin America's labour force suffer from high unemployment, and many of those who work do so in the informal sector. Governments in the region have begun to adopt more innovative policies to address a problem that undermines the future of the new generations. According to an International Labour (ILO) report , unemployment among young people between the ages of 14 and 25 is three times higher than among adults. That is just one aspect of the problem, however according to the coordinator of the study, Guillermo Dema from Peru. "These statistics are compelling, but the main problem faced by young people in Latin America is the precariousness and poor quality of the work they have access to," he told IPS. The region's seven million unemployed young people represent 40 percent of total ...
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U.S. condemns 'horrific' Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria, Cameroon 24.7.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
The United States on Friday condemned Boko Haram suicide attacks in Cameroon and Nigeria as "horrific and indiscriminate" and deplored the militant group's use of children as bombers. Multiple bomb blasts at two bus stations in Gombe, Nigeria, killed 37 people on Wednesday, while two suicide bomb attacks killed at least 13 people in northern Cameroon. The United States "strongly condemns the horrific and indiscriminate suicide attacks," the State Department ...
Maryland man charged with death of boy beaten over cake 24.7.2015 Yahoo: US National
The suspect, Robert Wilson, 30, of Hagerstown, was charged with second-degree murder by a Washington County grand jury on Wednesday. Prosecutors allege that Wilson handcuffed and beat Jack Garcia on June 30 when he took a piece of birthday cake without permission at the home in Hagerstown, about 50 miles northwest of Washington. Jack's mother, Oriana Garcia, 26, and his uncle, Jacob Barajas, 23, had earlier been charged with second-degree murder and child abuse.
James Holmes jury finds aggravating factors exist, moves on to second phase 24.7.2015 LA Times: Commentary
The same jury that found James Holmes guilty of murdering a dozen people during a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colo., ruled Thursday that he acted in an especially cruel manner when he blasted his way through the multiplex.
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Fighting stops aid reaching starving South Sudan children: charity 24.7.2015 World
By Katy Migiro NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Fighting in northern South Sudan is preventing lifesaving aid from reaching thousands of people living in "inhumane conditions", including starving children, the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said on Thursday. It called for warring parties to allow aid into Malakal, a town in Upper Nile State in the north of the country, which government forces recaptured from rebels on July 6. Almost 80 children with severe acute malnutrition, which is usually fatal without medical care, cannot receive treatment at MSF's health center in Wau Shilluk, on the outskirts of Malakal, because of the fighting, MSF said in a statement.
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Dynel Lane pleads not guilty in attack on Longmont pregnant woman 23.7.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
Dynel Lane, the woman accused of cutting out an expecting mother's unborn child in a Longmont attack earlier this year, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Boulder County court.
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ALEC Admits School Vouchers Are for Kids in Suburbia 23.7.2015 Truthout - All Articles
(Photo: Suburbs via Shutterstock) Truthout combats corporate power by bringing you trustworthy, independent news. Join our mission by making a donation now - whatever you can spare will be matched dollar-for-dollar! School vouchers were never about helping poor, at-risk or minority students. But selling them as social mobility tickets was a useful fiction that for some twenty-five years helped rightwing ideologues and corporate backers gain bipartisan support for an ideological scheme designed to privatize public schools. But the times they are a-changin'. Wisconsin is well on its way towards limitless voucher schools, and last month, Nevada signed into law a universal "education savings account" allowing parents to send their kids to private or religious schools, or even to homeschool them - all on the taxpayers' dime. On the federal level, a proposed amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that would have created a multi-billion-dollar-a-year voucher program was only narrowly defeated ...
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The relativity of poverty 23.7.2015 MinnPost
CC/Flickr/Thomas Hawk family living on less than $2 a day is poor anywhere in the world. But in the United States, poverty looks different. You’re a new mom. Maybe a single mom, but even if your husband is there, you have trouble making ends meet. Who knew kids were so expensive? And who knew diapers would be the final, unbearable expense?  Jessica Aragon told NBC  that she “was once so desperate for diapers she considered stealing them.” That was 13 years ago, but Aragon still remembers feeling ashamed when she would have to leave her baby in a wet diaper because she didn’t have enough diapers. “‘For other needs, like food, you could go to a food bank,’ Aragon, now 33, says. ‘But there was no help for things like diapers. I had to borrow money and sell everything I had — the DVD player, the TV – to get money for diapers.'” Aragon was not alone.  A study published in Pediatrics journal  found that 30 percent of moms did not have enough money for diapers. Neither food stamps (SNAP) nor WIC can be used to ...
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Tacoma man charged in death of girlfriend’s 1-year-old son 23.7.2015 Seattle Times: Politics
TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A Tacoma man has been charged with killing his girlfriend’s 1-year-old son after the boy’s mother brought the child to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital Saturday. The News Tribune of Tacoma reports that 31-year-old Dedric Greer was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder in the death of Sayvon Jordan Jr. Charging papers show […]
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