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Migration as Reparations 27.5.2016 Politics on
On May 12, Reuters revealed that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is poised to undertake a 30-day "surge" in deportations. The label for the operation suggests a military-like endeavor--the stated goal of which is to arrest and deport hundreds of single adults, mothers, and children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who arrived after January 1, 2014, have been ordered to leave the country, yet remain in the United States without authorization. According to Reuters, it will constitute "the largest deportation sweep targeting immigrant families by the administration of President Barack Obama this year." Reports of the looming surge have led to protests, with many asserting that the would-be targets of the operation are in fact refugees, as defined by international law . They are individuals who have a "well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion" and can't rely on their national ...
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In 'Game of Thrones,' it's time to start rooting for the White Walkers 27.5.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
In 'Game of Thrones,' it's time to start rooting for the White Walkers
50-years-to-life sentence upheld for killer who was 16 at time of shooting 27.5.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The California Supreme Court decided unanimously Thursday to uphold a sentence of 50 years to life for an inmate who was 16 when he fatally shot another teenager in 2011.

The court said a recent state law giving such offenders the chance of parole after 25 years satisfied legal concerns about life...

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PHOTOS: Colorado Mug Shots — The Rogues Gallery 26.5.2016 Denver Post: News: Local
A collection of mug shot photos from Denver and Colorado.
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Five days and five nights with Doctors Without Borders 26.5.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: News
They're in a crowded refugee camp, running the only hospital in a war-torn corner of South Sudan.
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'Shameful Attack on Transgender Youth': 11 States Sue Feds over Bathrooms 26.5.2016 Headlines
Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Eleven states are suing the Obama administration over its recent directive requiring public schools to grant transgender students access to bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.

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Students With Nowhere to Stay: Homelessness on College Campuses 26.5.2016 Truthout - All Articles
(Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout ) During the past decade, several hundred US colleges and universities have begun creating programs to meet the needs of enrolled students who are hungry or homeless. But many schools still lack comprehensive services to support the estimated 58,000 college students without permanent housing. (Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout ) When the College Cost Reduction and Access Act took effect in 2009, neither lawmakers nor school administrators had any idea how many college students would check the box on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) -- the document that determines eligibility for Pell grants, subsidized loans and work-study awards that help students pay for college or vocational training -- to indicate that they were homeless. At last tabulation, the number was 58,000, a small percentage of the 20.2 million students presently enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate study. Nonetheless, school counselors and advocates believe the number is starkly ...
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Amber Heard files for divorce from Johnny Depp 26.5.2016 CNN: Top Stories
Actress Amber Heard has filed for divorce from actor Johnny Depp, according to documents obtained by CNN.
Idaho family sues school after alleged sexual assault of black football player 26.5.2016 Washington Post
Idaho family sues school after alleged sexual assault of black football player
Five Days And Five Nights With Doctors Without Borders 26.5.2016 NPR News
They're in a crowded refugee camp, running the only hospital in a war-torn corner of South Sudan.
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Dad arrested in baby's shooting 25.5.2016 CNN: Top Stories
A St. Louis man accused of fatally shooting his 8-month-old son during an argument with his wife has been arrested, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson said Wednesday on his Twitter account.
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In Chicago, less than 1% saw a lawyer after arrest 25.5.2016 CNN: Top Stories
On the south side of this wounded city, young black men and women fill a youth center on a recent weekend to learn how to exercise their civil rights.
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L.A.'s homelessness math is a bit off - totals are the same but increases are smaller 25.5.2016 LA Times: Commentary

When the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority released the 2016 homeless count earlier this month, the takeaway was grim.

Homelessness was up 5.7% across the county. In the city of Los Angeles the change was even greater: a year-over-year increase of 11%

The numbers suggested that the homeless...

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Their 6-year-old was killed with a neighbor’s gun. A court just decided how much his life was worth. 25.5.2016 Washington Post
Brandon Holt was accidentally shot by a 4-year-old neighbor after the two boys were playing a "pretend shooting" game with a loaded rifle left under a bed.
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On the Mexico border, a surge of migrants ahead of a possible ‘Trump Wall’ 25.5.2016 Washington Post: World
The U.S. campaign talk is prompting some migrants to head north now.
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Illinois pushes legal aid for juveniles in murder cases 25.5.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — A lawyer would have to be present when police question juveniles younger than 15 in murder or sex offense investigations under a measure Illinois lawmakers are considering that seeks to eliminate false confessions. Illinois currently mandates legal representation for children younger than 13 in those cases, even if they’re not the […]
What the Media and Congress Are Missing on Zika and Poverty 24.5.2016 Views
Jamila Taylor

Where is the sense of urgency?

In recent weeks, that is the question I continuously find myself asking as I read media accounts of Zika and follow the funding debate in Congress.

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'Blatant racism' behind black father's murder charge in toddler's hot-car death, lawyer says 24.5.2016 Washington Post
'Blatant racism' behind black father's murder charge in toddler's hot-car death, lawyer says
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On Welfare Reform, Moynihan Was Right 24.5.2016 Politics on
Twenty years ago, to acclamation in some quarters and disdain in others, Daniel Patrick Moynihan predicted devastation would trail in the wake of welfare reform, especially for children, whom he anticipated would be "put to the sword" and collected "sleeping on grates." Sometimes decades are required to prove visionaries right. While I was writing a book on Moynihan's political thought, even admirers of the late statesman often asked: "What are you going to do with welfare reform?" The implication was a widespread assumption that the prophet who had called so many future events correctly had missed his mark on this one. The correct answer: With respect to the worst poverty, Moynihan was right. Welfare reform appears to have made several salutary gains, many of which would have pleased Moynihan, including some that might have surprised him. But when it comes to the most vulnerable, about whom Moynihan was most concerned, time is tragically revealing his foresight. They have been left without a ...
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Slain motorist’s 13 children get $218,000 each in settlement 24.5.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

CINCINNATI (AP) — A judge has ruled each of the 13 children of a black motorist killed by a white University of Cincinnati police officer at a traffic stop will receive nearly $218,000 as part of a wrongful-death settlement. A Hamilton County probate judge also ordered Monday that Samuel DuBose’s (doo-BOHZ’-ez) six siblings each will […]
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