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State of the Union and Inequality: What Are You Going to Do Now? 23.1.2015 Politics on
This week, there was a lot of commentary about the State of the Union, the title of the president's annual January speech before a joint session of Congress. I thought it was one of Obama's best addresses recently because he focused on what is real for this country -- growing economic inequality where only a few are doing "spectacularly well" while many families are still struggling just to get by. The wife and mother from one of those families wrote the president a letter that seemed to have moved him, so he lifted up her "tight-knit family" trying to get through "hard times," as she sat up in the gallery next to first lady Michelle Obama. Her family became a parable for the nation that is starting to do better economically but still faces hard choices that the president sought to address with very practical suggestions to support what he called "middle class economics." Obama's proposals for shifting tax breaks from the very wealthy to the middle class, to make possible child tax credits, days for sick ...
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Delco firefighter, charged with arson, now accused of child rape 23.1.2015 Yahoo: US National

Fmr. Delco firefighter, charged with arson, now accused of child rapeA volunteer firefighter from Delaware County, who was charged with arson back in August, is now being accused of raping more than one dozen children.

Fmr. Delco firefighter, charged with arson, now accused of child rape 23.1.2015 Yahoo: US National

Fmr. Delco firefighter, charged with arson, now accused of child rapeA former volunteer firefighter from Delaware County, who was charged with arson back in August, is now being accused of raping more than one dozen children.

Report: Delco infant seriously injured in ferret attack 23.1.2015 News
An infant reportedly suffered serious facial injuries Thursday after being attacked by pet ferrets inside her Darby Borough home. The one-month-old baby was placed in her car seat and left on the floor of the home on the 300 block of Poplar Street as her mother went upstairs, according to WPVI-TV.
With fewer voices, the survivors of Auschwitz speak 23.1.2015 Washington Post: World
There are fewer and fewer of those who still remember. The Russian army entered Auschwitz — the network of extermination camps operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland — on Jan. 27, 1945, liberating the most notorious site of the Holocaust. In the decades since, groups of survivors have gathered to honor that day — including an annual remembrance at Auschwitz itself. This year, they mark the 70th anniversary of liberation on Tuesday — a day that, for a significant portion of remaining survivors, may be the last major remembrance of their lifetimes.Read full article ...
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Teenager hurt in serious crash in East Oak Lane 23.1.2015 Yahoo: US National

Teenager hurt in serious crash in East Oak LaneA teenager is hospitalized after a 2-vehicle crash in the East Oak Lane section of Philadelphia.

Do the United States' Hungry Children Matter? 23.1.2015 Truthout - All Articles
In President Obama's State of the Union address last night he asserted that American children really do matter to our nation's top politicians. "I want our actions to tell every child, in every neighborhood — your life matters, and we are as committed to improving your life chances as we are for our own kids." 2015 was supposed to be the year when America ended its child hunger crisis. That was the promise then-president-elect Barack Obama made during his first campaign in 2008. At that time some 12.4 million children lived in homes that self-reported as food insecure — in other words, they couldn't afford enough food for an active and healthy life. Today there are 15.8 million such children . At the start of 2009, the Obama administration began to look into what it would take to end child hunger. Officials from the United States Department of Agriculture were put to the test as they hosted listening sessions in each region to hear from experts and people who knew hunger firsthand. Tangela Fedrick, a ...
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Justice Department explores taking action on violent Illinois youth centers 23.1.2015 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Illinois' troubled residential treatment centers for children and teens are drawing the attention of federal authorities after the Tribune documented hundreds of rape and assault allegations and found that state officials kept sending juvenile wards to the most violent ...
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New York Asks Federal Prosecutors To Launch Civil Rights Probe Into Rikers Island Inmate's Death 23.1.2015 Politics on
NEW YORK (AP) — Federal prosecutors should launch a civil rights probe into the 2013 death of a mentally ill Rikers Island inmate who was locked in his cell for six days without care or medication, a state oversight panel concluded in a review that called the treatment "so incompetent and inadequate as to shock the conscience." Bradley Ballard, a 39-year-old paranoid schizophrenic with diabetes, died shortly after a doctor finally went into his cell and found him naked, covered in feces and badly infected from a piece of cloth he tied tightly around his genitals. The review by the New York State Commission of Correction, obtained by The Associated Press, said the lapses by the city and its medical provider, Corizon Health Inc., violated state law and "were directly implicated in his death." "Had Ballard received adequate and appropriate medical and mental health care and supervision and intervention when he became critically ill, his death would have been prevented," the report said. "The medical and ...
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Denver caseworker charged with falsifying records in fatality case 23.1.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
A former Denver child protection worker falsified records to make it look like she had checked on a newborn baby later beaten to death even though she did nothing to protect the infant, the district attorney's office said Wednesday.
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This Photo Captures The Tender Moment A 102-Year-Old Woman Fell In Love With A Shelter Cat 23.1.2015 Green on
Barbara Bates, the adoption coordinator for a Texas animal shelter, was there with her camera when 102-year-old Iona L. and 2-year-old Edward discovered each other. "It just filled my heart," Bates says about the scene in the shelter lobby. "The kitty just snuggled right up to her. Matched her outfit she had on. "I said, 'Iona, do you mind if I take your picture?' And she said, 'Honey, I sure hope I don't break your camera.'" She didn't. Far from it: Iona's cat had recently died, so last week, she and her son took a trip to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas . "I'd had him for 10 years," says Iona, who asked The Huffington Post not to use her full name, citing safety concerns. "I needed a companion." Edward won her over right away. "The way he cuddled upon my shoulder reminded me of the cat I'd just lost," she says. Iona's had cats her whole life. In fact, she says one of her favorite pictures is of herself as a teenager with a cat on the family farm. She'd been milking cows, but a ...
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France tackles discrimination, inequalities after attacks 22.1.2015 Seattle Times: Nation & World
The French government launched a new effort Thursday to heal social and religious fractures by better teaching children about secular values and steering them away from extremist propaganda, after French-born Islamic radicals shocked the nation in three days of terrorist attacks.
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50 Amazing, Adorable Cats, Dogs, Birds, And Bunnies -- Even A Pig! -- Looking For Homes 22.1.2015 Green on
This little teddy bear of a dog had a loving home for the first 9 years of his life, but Chewy's situation changed and his family could no longer keep him. His impossibly cute photo was posted on Facebook in hopes of finding a new home. Greta Engle saw the plea and offered to foster Chewy in her home outside Baltimore, where she lives with two sons, two cats and a little Frenchie pup. So just around the holidays, Chewy was dropped off by his bereft former owner, along with "two beds, a bag of toys, a case of clothes and lots of goodbye kisses," says Engle. "However things came to a head, we were just really glad to help because it's sad for everyone." Chewy has fit right in, snuggling and napping with his human brothers and begging for morsels of food in charming ways that make it hard to keep him at a healthy weight. "We love him so much already," says Engle, but she can't keep Chewy forever. Her home is very full already, and this situation was temporary from the start. So like all of the amazing, ...
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France tackles discrimination, inequalities after attacks 22.1.2015 AP Top News
PARIS (AP) -- The French government launched a new effort Thursday to heal social and religious fractures by better teaching children about secular values and steering them away from extremist propaganda, after French-born Islamic radicals shocked the nation in three days of terrorist attacks....
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8 Women On Why Roe v. Wade Has Mattered So Much To Them 22.1.2015 Politics on
Thursday marks the 42nd anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, the landmark ruling that affirmed women's right to obtain a legal abortion. At that time, the majority of states outlawed terminating a pregnancy , except in instances when it would save a woman's life or in cases of rape, incest or major fetal problems. But as HuffPost's Laura Bassett reports , access to the procedure continues to be challenged 40+ years later, with Republicans in Congress introducing a handful of new potential abortion restrictions in the first few days of the new 2015 legislative session alone. "I'm fearful we may lose [the right to legal abortion] and lose access to safe care. And affordable care is still an issue depending on where you live," Debra Hauser, executive director and president of the sexual health advocacy group Advocates For Youth, told The Huffington Post. The organization runs the 1 in 3 campaign, an effort to encourage women to share their experiences to help bolster political ...
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UN Calls On Davos Participants To Do More For Kids Affected By Violence, Poverty, Disease 22.1.2015 Politics on
At its largest gathering to date, the World Economic Forum is expected to be “more serious” than recent years because of the pressing economic, health and terror turmoil. But the U.N. wants to make sure that the devastating threats against children aren’t left out of the conversation. More than 2,500 participants are expected to attend the five-day event in Davos, Switzerland, where business leaders, politicians and Nobel laureates are tackling such heavy topics as deepening global inequality and declining trust in government . But experts say that such grave issues as Ebola and Islamic extremism will inevitably take center stage, and UNICEF has urged participants to also put crises vulnerable children face at the forefront of the event. “The world has made significant progress in the last 15 years, and yet millions of children remain marginalized,” Yoka Brandt, UNICEF deputy executive director, said in a statement. “This is a critical opportunity to reach the children who have been left behind. Fight ...
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Iran's Khamenei urges Western youth to examine Islam 22.1.2015 World
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has urged Western youth to examine Islam for themselves rather than swallow prejudiced views, in a message posted on his Twitter account. "The recent events in France and similar ones in some other Western countries have convinced me to directly talk to you about them," he wrote in reference to the January 7-9 jihadist attacks in Paris that left 17 dead. "Many attempts have been made over the past two decades, almost since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, to place this great religion in the seat of a horrifying enemy," Khamenei said of Islam. "Don't allow them to hypocritically introduce their own recruited terrorists as representatives of Islam," he ...
The Quiet Horrors of House Arrest, Electronic Monitoring, and Other Alternative Forms of Incarceration 22.1.2015 Mother Jones
This story first appeared on the TomDispatch website. On January 27th, domestic violence survivor Marissa Alexander will walk out of Florida's Duval County jail—but she won't be free. Alexander, whose case has gained some notoriety, endured three years of jail time and a year of house arrest while fighting off a prison sentence that would have seen her incarcerated for the rest of her life —all for firing a warning shot that injured no one to fend off her abusive husband. Like many black women before her, Alexander was framed as a perpetrator in a clear case of self-defense. In November, as her trial date drew close, Alexander accepted a plea deal that will likely give her credit for time served, requiring her to spend "just" 65 more days in jail. Media coverage of the development suggested that Alexander would soon have her "freedom," that she would be "coming home." Many accounts of the plea deal, however, missed what Alexander will be coming home to: she'll return to "home detention"—house arrest—for ...
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Jon Stewart Gives 'Implodey' Award For Worst State Of The Union Response 22.1.2015 Politics on
After Tuesday night's State of the Union address, the Republicans delivered their response . And their response . And their response . And their response . So many Republicans who represent the Tea Party wing of the GOP delivered responses that "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart wondered aloud, "How many fucking people are at this Tea Party?" On Wednesday night's broadcast, Stewart presented his "Implodey" award "for outstanding achievement in unforced response speech errors." The nominees: Sen. Joni Ernst, Rep. Curt Clawson, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz. And the winner ...
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St. Louis officers shoot, kill armed teen: police 22.1.2015 Yahoo: Opinion/Editorial
(Reuters) - Police officers shot dead a teenager armed with a handgun after he got out of a stolen car in St. Louis on Wednesday night, their force said. The shooting comes five months after a white police officer shot dead an unarmed black teenager in a suburb of the city -- one of a number of racially-charged cases that have prompted protests about police tactics across the United States. Officers were tailing the car, which was reported stolen in December, when it struck a wall and the engine stopped, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson told reporters.
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