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Child rape suspect caught in NY after month on lam 29.10.2014 AP National
BOSTON (AP) -- A Massachusetts child rape suspect who police say cut off a court-ordered GPS monitoring device and went on a cross-country crime spree has been captured after a month on the lam....
Fugitive Captured: Southbridge Man Accused of Child Rape Caught in New York 29.10.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Gregory Lewis of Southbridge is under arrest in upstate New York after fleeing from police then crashing his vehicle into a river, officials ...
South Carolina mom who drove minivan into ocean asks to see her children 29.10.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
Fugitive Massachusetts child rape suspect who cut off GPS is caught after driving into NY lake 29.10.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
Child rape suspect caught in NY after month on lam 29.10.2014 Yahoo: Top Stories
BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts child rape suspect who police say cut off a court-ordered GPS monitoring device and went on a cross-country crime spree has been captured after a month on the lam.
Suspect on crime spree arrested 29.10.2014 CNN: Top Stories
A Massachusetts child rape suspect who was wanted in connection with a cross country spree of sexual assaults, kidnappings and armed robberies has been arrested.
Homeless travelers find they're not welcome in tourist-dependent cities 29.10.2014 LA Times: Top News
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Malden Man Indicted on Child Rape Charges 29.10.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Two months after he was arrested for enticement of a child, a 62-year-old Malden man was charged with child rape and human trafficking of a minor.
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With A Soft Approach On Gangs, Nicaragua Eschews Violence 29.10.2014 NPR News
Despite being in one of the most dangerous regions in the world, Nicaragua remains relatively peaceful. Analysts credit its style of policing, which has rejected the iron fist policies of neighbors.
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Civil Rights Groups Call on Obama to Drop Test-Based 'Accountability' System in Schools 29.10.2014 Headlines
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'A Generation Cast Aside': Child Poverty On Rise in World's Richest Countries 28.10.2014 Headlines
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"You Got Into My Heart Violently, but You're There" 28.10.2014
The following is excerpted from the new paperback edition of Studs Terkel’s oral history of death, Will The Circle Be Unbroken?: Reflections on Death, Rebirth, and Hunger for a Faith , with special thanks to his publisher, the New Press. "The Other Son" Maurine Young In contrast to her husband’s introspective nature, she is outgoing, a large-boned woman, overflowing with gusto and ebullience. She frequently laughs out loud. I’m a forty-six-year-old woman of Jewish-Gentile descent -- my father’s a Jew, my mother’s a Gentile. My parents divorced when I was young, and I was raised by my stepfather -- raised Catholic. He was a truck driver. My younger brother, Mark, became a truck driver. I went to public school. But I went to the Catholic catechism every Wednesday. I did the confirmation and all that kind of stuff. I got close to age twelve, thirteen, and I began to see what I was saved from. I was saved from Hell. But what Catholicism wasn’t teaching me was what I was saved to. They didn’t tell me how to ...
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Vermont judge doubts murder charge in death of child after alcohol added to IV 28.10.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
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Judge doubts murder charge in child alcohol death 28.10.2014 Yahoo: US National
ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont judge says he has concerns about the murder charge against a woman whose boyfriend, according to police, put alcohol in her disabled son's feeding tube.
U.S. Child Poverty Rate Hit A 20-Year High 4 Years Ago And It's Not Budging: Report 28.10.2014 Politics on
The U.S. childhood poverty rate hit its highest level in 20 years back in 2010 and it’s showing no signs of letting up, a recent report concluded. More than 16 million American children live in poverty -- a staggering reality that leads to devastating health risks, in addition to overwhelming economic disadvantages, according to a new study published by JAMA Pediatrics. The figures have remained unchanged since they peaked in 2010 and federal spending on children dropped by more than $20 billion since that year. The good news though, is that the majority of American voters -- regardless of party lines -- are fed up. They’re tired of seeing vulnerable children suffer and want the government to step it up when it comes to investing in their future. These are the impossible struggles impoverished children in America face and some of the measures that could help put an end to them. 1.3 Million Public School Students Are Homeless The number of homeless public school students enrolled in grades K-12 hit a ...
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Smooth Criminals
How Subway Dancing Became A New York City Art Form -- And A Crime
28.10.2014 Politics on
Randy Vargas is a 19-year-old high school senior who dances for money after school on the trains beneath Manhattan. Among fellow dancers, he is admired and envied for his mastery of the “hat trick,” which he performs by juggling a baseball cap off his knees, feet and shoulders. Slim and elegant, he has long eyelashes and a smile so wide you can see his bottom teeth. He locks eyes with individual spectators as he dances, projecting his smile directly at them. “He naturally has a light on him,” one friend said recently, a view shared by talent scouts, video producers and other influential people who’ve noticed Vargas on the subway and have hired him to perform in music videos and commercials. Two summers ago, at 17, he beat hundreds of thousands of rivals for a spot in the quarterfinals of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” Although an inopportune slip-up cost him a chance to advance, Vargas, who performs under the name Kid the Wiz, won glowing praise from three of the four judges, including Heidi Klum, who ...
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Ex-Governor, Ex-Con Edwin Edwards Trying To Make A Political Comeback 28.10.2014 Politics on
HAHNVILLE, La. (AP) — Off a narrow gravel road running between a handful of mostly abandoned lots near a Mississippi River levee, down past sprawling oak trees and thick weeds, a lectern framed by banana trees has been set up in front of three short rows of folding chairs. This is about as far from Washington, D.C., as a politician can get, but Edwin Edwards is happy to speak here, standing patiently in the damp, sub-tropical heat in the town of Hahnville for even a few potential voters to show up. "I've had rallies where over 45,000 people attended. And I've had them where 10 people attended. You've got to make them all," says Edwards, whose four terms as Louisiana's governor were marked by boom times and budget woes, scandals and indictments, one improbable comeback and finally eight years behind bars. With enthusiasm and vigor that belie his 87 years, Edwards is running for Congress in south Louisiana in what would be his second political resurrection. Some say it's a fool's errand. "The only chance ...
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4-year-old girl dead, 3 children hurt in ATV crash 28.10.2014 News
SUMMIT, Pa. (AP) - A 4-year-old girl was killed and three children were injured in an all-terrain vehicle accident in southwestern Pennsylvania.
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Crisis pulls 2.6 million children below poverty line: UNICEF 28.10.2014 Yahoo: Politics
At least 2.6 million children have fallen below the poverty line in the world's richest nations since the economic crisis struck in 2008, UNICEF said in a hard-hitting report Tuesday. "Many affluent countries have suffered a 'great leap backwards' in terms of household income, and the impact on children will have long-lasting repercussions for them and their communities," said Jeffrey O'Malley, UNICEF's head of global policy and strategy. The study by the United Nations' children's aid agency assessed members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development grouping of industrialised nations, as well as European Union ...
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CAMDEN COUNTY 28.10.2014 News
CAMDEN The Camden Rescue Mission is collecting donations to prepare Thanksgiving food baskets for families in need and Christmas gifts for children.
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