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Prosecutor: Mom of missing 5-year-old treated her like trash 26.3.2015 Yahoo: US National
PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona woman charged with murder in the 2011 disappearance of her daughter badly mistreated the 5-year-old before she eventually killed the girl and disposed of her body by hiding it in a suitcase and throwing it in the trash, a prosecutor said Wednesday as the mother's trial began.
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Shock and awe: Congress may do the right thing on children's health 26.3.2015 LA Times: Opinion
The moments when Congress appears to function effectively are rare and fleeting these days. So it's proper to recognize that the House is on the verge of taking the right steps on the Children's Health Insurance Program, of CHIP, which was on the cusp of losing its funding...
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Child brides take Zimbabwe govt to court over marriage laws: TRFN 25.3.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
By Emma Batha LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Two former child brides have taken Zimbabwe's government to court in a ground-breaking bid to get child marriages declared illegal and unconstitutional. Loveness Mudzuru and Ruvimbo Tsopodzi say child marriage, which is rife in Zimbabwe, is a form of child abuse which traps girls in lives of poverty and suffering. "I want to take this action to make a difference," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone from Harare on Tuesday. "There are a lot of children getting married." Data published last year indicates one third of girls in Zimbabwe marry before their 18th birthday and 5 percent before they turn 15.
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California inmate's parole reflects rethinking of life terms for youths 25.3.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Edel Gonzalez expected to die in prison for the crime he committed at 16.
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Kids OK after school bus crashes through house in suburban Philadelphia 25.3.2015 LA Times: Top News
Defense blames earlier suspect in 1979 New York child murder case 25.3.2015 Yahoo: US National
By Natasja Sheriff NEW YORK (Reuters) - Prosecutors in the trial of a man who confessed to a decades-old murder of a New York City boy tried in court on Tuesday to undermine claims by the defense that an earlier suspect is guilty of the crime. Pedro Hernandez, 54, a former grocery clerk, is accused of kidnapping and murdering 6-year-old Etan Patz in 1979 after telling police in 2012 that he choked the boy, stuffed him in a box and left him in a New York alley. His defense attorneys blame Jose Antonio Ramos, a convicted child molester who was a longtime suspect in the ...
Denver Coffee Shop Hires Homeless Youth, Gives Them Second Chance 'No One Else Would' 25.3.2015 Politics on
Most bosses avoid meddling in their employees' personal lives, but Madison Chandler and Mark Smesrud are different. They co-founded Purple Door Coffee , a Denver-based nonprofit that employs young people "who have been homeless and want to leave homelessness behind." The shop provides a 52-week curriculum , teaching employees practical skills -- like budgeting and banking -- as well as the know-how to improve their physical, emotional and mental health. "We believe that every human being has incredible value," Smesrud, the group's program director, said in a video on the coffee shop's website, which is also posted above. "It's not defined by their successes or their failures, but the fact that they're human ." Purple Door Coffee, which opened almost two years ago, takes in teens and young adults three at a time and provides them with a job for one year , as NBC 9 News in Denver reported. Smesrud said he and Chandler chose a coffee shop as a catalyst to carry out their idea, as it allows for employees to ...
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Video shows Oregon man blowing marijuana smoke into his infant child's mouth, police say 25.3.2015 Star Tribune: Nation
Oregon man accused of blowing pot smoke into infant's mouth 24.3.2015 Yahoo: US National
BEAVERTON, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon man has been accused of blowing pot smoke into the mouth of his year-old child.
Nine Billionaires Are About to Remake New York's Public Schools 24.3.2015
Of all the hedge-fund billionaires dedicated to education reform, none stands out more than Paul Tudor Jones II. (Photo: TED Conference / Flickr ) Truthout combats corporate power of everything by bringing you trustworthy, independent news. Join our mission by making a donation now! Hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson stands at a Harvard club podium in midtown Manhattan, facing a room full of investors eating eggs and bacon, and eager to learn more about charter schools. The walls of the wood-paneled room are lined with the portraits of Tilson's Harvard forefathers. Above the podium where Tilson stands hangs an ornamental gold ship, swaying. In the corner of the room is a large screen, on which the logos of the day's sponsors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation, float like guardian angels. Two large stone fireplaces dominate the west end of the room. Their exaggerated mantelpieces are each decorated with two empty crests and a laurel—symbols of power drained of any ...
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Kenyan schoolboys save girls from rape after learning 'no means no': TRFN 24.3.2015 Health
By Katy Migiro NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The schoolboy watched as a man tried to remove the nappy of a little girl he was dragging along a Nairobi riverbank, suspecting that he was going to rape her. Having been trained to defend girls against sexual assault, the boy called other young men to help him confront the man and rescue the child. "It would have been fatal," said Collins Omondi, who taught the boy as part of a programme to stamp out violence against women and girls in Nairobi slums. "If this man would have assaulted this kid, he would have thrown her inside the river." Omondi teaches a programme called 'Your Moment of Truth', run by the charity Ujamaa Africa which encourages adolescent boys to stand up against violence towards ...
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Family of teen who killed herself after sex assault settles with 1 attacker 24.3.2015 LA Times: Opinion
The family of a Northern California teenager who committed suicide after three high school students sexually assaulted her has reached a settlement with one of the attackers, their attorney said Monday.
In Pakistan, We're Not So Different From You 24.3.2015 Politics on
LAHORE, Pakistan -- Images are based on histories, encounters and the ability of those represented to fight for an equal voice to represent themselves. Creating negative images of "the Other" is deeply problematic for the idea of human morality, as it implicitly rationalizes the condoning of violence against "the Other." Similarly, images are built of countries as images are built of men and women: this one is a "good" one; that one is a "bad" one. This one is "friendly"; that one is "hostile." Beneath this surface of media information and propaganda in which each country perceives itself as inherently good and "the Other" as inherently evil, there are real people struggling to survive, to find their next meal, to live a life of dignity. I write from a country where people like you and I live with our families -- loving grandparents, self-sacrificing parents with babies, innocent children and know-it-all teenagers. Where we search for tools of peace-building to heal our fractured but shared ...
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Ex-prosecutor: 2nd man confessed in NYC missing boy case 24.3.2015 Yahoo: US National
NEW YORK (AP) — A convicted child molester claimed he accosted a young boy who looked like Etan Patz the same day in 1979 that Patz disappeared, a former federal prosecutor told a jury on Monday at the trial of another man accused of murder in the infamous missing child case.
Teenager sentenced to 14 years for rape near Autzen Stadium 24.3.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
A teenager who raped a woman during a supervised group outing to an Oregon football game has been sentenced to more than 14 years in prison.
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Mother charged with fatally attacking 3 children in Florida 24.3.2015 Yahoo: US National
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A mother in Florida strangled her two young boys and drowned her little girl, police said Monday.
Child Homelessness In New York City Hit An All-Time High. Here's How It Can Be Fixed 24.3.2015 Politics on
A record number of kids in New York City are homeless and they won’t see any relief until they get access to more affordable housing, a new report concluded. According to the Coalition for the Homeless, 25,000 children in the Big Apple didn’t have a place to call home last year, and the situation has had a particularly dire effect on African American kids, the group said in a report released on Thursday. However, the group said the city could see “unprecedented” drops in child and family homelessness rates if it creates more reasonably priced housing options -- a cost-efficient system that has already proven to work. Nearly one-third of adults in homeless families in New York City are employed, yet they are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. The issue remains that low-cost housing is on the decline and their paychecks can’t cover market-rate apartments. While the Coalition applauded Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent efforts to provide more permanent housing, which have helped lift more ...
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At liberal venue, Clinton urges better deal for urban poor, youth 23.3.2015 Yahoo: Politics
By Amanda Becker WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for better access to jobs and improved opportunities for the urban poor and the young on Monday at an event hosted by a left-leaning think tank. In remarks that will likely appeal to her Democratic base, the former secretary of state said middle-class Americans risk being squeezed out of U.S. cities and called for cheaper housing, improved infrastructure and expanded jobs training. She praised the work of the Clinton Foundation in urban centers. We don’t have enough good jobs, we don’t have people being placed into those jobs, we don’t have enough social mobility." While she has not announced her candidacy, Clinton is the presumed frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic ...
Percent of Colorado kids in poverty down for first time since 2008 23.3.2015 Denver Post: Local
The percent of Colorado children living in poverty decreased for the first time since 2008, according to data in the Colorado Kids Count report released ...
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U.S. Supreme Court to Review Juvenile Life Sentences 23.3.2015 Wall St. Journal: Policy
The Supreme Court said it would review whether inmates sentenced as juveniles to life without parole can retroactively seek their release based on rehabilitation, good behavior or other factors.
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