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New Poverty Numbers Remind Latinos: We Must Grow Our Power 19.9.2014 Views
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This Is Going to Hurt You More Than It Hurts Me 18.9.2014 American Prospect
We're now having a national debate on the merits of corporal punishment, an issue that has many facets and brings up all kinds all kinds of complications involving religion, culture, gender, authority, and tradition. I'm not going to begin to address even a small portion of them, but I do want to talk about one thing that gets me a little perturbed about this discussion. If you actually look at what corporal punishment advocates (and yes, there are people who do that on a semi-professional basis) say, there's a constant effort to characterize "good" corporal punishment as something that isn't really all that unpleasant for the child. They say it should never be done in anger (and if more than one out of 20 actual spanking incidents in the real world isn't done in anger, I'd be shocked), but only in a controlled, limited way that is over quickly, causes no injury, produces only temporary discomfort, and carries the ultimate message, "I love you." As Focus on the Family founder James Dobson wrote in his ...
Training available for Colorado child abuse mandatory reporters 18.9.2014 Denver Post: News: Local
Coloradans whose profession requires them by law to report suspected child abuse — from firefighters to registered dieticians to veterinarians — now can take an online training course, state officials announced ...
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Man Who Allegedly Threw Molotov Cocktails At Missouri Congressman's Office Arrested 18.9.2014 Politics on
Authorities have filed criminal charges against the man they say threw two Molotov cocktails at the office of Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) in Kansas City, Missouri last week. Eric King was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly breaking a window and throwing two Molotov cocktails that failed to ignite into Cleaver’s office. According to WDAF , video footage captured King breaking into Cleaver’s office, and Kansas City police identified him while reviewing surveillance tapes for a separate incident involving anti-government graffiti. The Kansas City Star reported that when authorities searched King’s apartment, they found documents that allegedly outline how to firebomb future targets in ways similar to how Cleaver’s office was attacked. Police also say they found a handwritten letter that said “the Missouri congress has been a willing partner in the US governments [sic] capitalist war hungry agenda.” In a statement, Cleaver expressed gratitude that King had been apprehended. "Property can be replaced, people ...
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Census: More Than 175K MN Children Live In Poverty 18.9.2014 WCCO: Local News
(credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)New numbers released by the U.S. Census Bureau reveal that more than 175,000 children are living in poverty in Minnesota. Still, that figure is a slight decrease from the number of children in poverty since 2012.
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Children's Rights Groups Urge Defense Program to Stop Giving School Cops Military Hardware 18.9.2014 Truthout - All Articles
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Facility trains kids to shoot guns 18.9.2014 CNN: Top Stories
Children in Missouri are learning about guns and gun safety. CNN affiliate KSPR reports.
The US Is Losing a Generation to Poverty 18.9.2014 Yahoo: Politics

The US Is Losing a Generation to PovertyOK, the official poverty rate declined this week. But it’s worth remembering that millions who aren’t officially in poverty are still poor.

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Tainted Measles Vaxx Kills Syrian Kids 18.9.2014 Yahoo: Politics

Tainted Measles Vaxx Kills Syrian KidsAn accidental mix-up of measles vaccine and a common muscle relaxer killed at least 15 Syrian children, and possibly many more.

Number of poor in N.J. spikes, in city slows small drop 18.9.2014 News
New Jersey registered the highest increase in the number of poor people in America between 2012 and 2013, while poverty dropped slightly in Philadelphia.
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Texas executes woman who starved child to death 18.9.2014 Yahoo: Top Stories

The Polunsky Unit, where death row inmates are held, in Livingston, Texas, about 40 miles from HuntsvilleWashington (AFP) - Texas, which has put more inmates to death than any other US state, executed child killer Lisa Coleman, one of only a handful of women on death row.

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South Carolina father accused of killing kids feared them: report 18.9.2014 Health
By Harriet McLeod CHARLESTON S.C. (Reuters) - The man accused of killing his five children in South Carolina and dumping their bodies in Alabama feared that they were going to chop him up and feed him to the dogs, a local television station reported, citing arrest records. Timothy Ray Jones Jr., 32, is being held in South Carolina on murder charges after he allegedly killed his children, ages 1 to 8, and then drove their bodies through five states before dumping them in Alabama, according to authorities. ...
Warrant: SC dad feared 5 slain kids would kill him 18.9.2014 Yahoo: Top Stories
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — An arrest warrant issued for the South Carolina father who authorities say killed his five children says the father thought his children were going to "kill him, chop him up and feed him to the dogs."
'Going crazy': survivors tell of Europe's deadliest migrant shipwreck 18.9.2014 World

Mohamed Raad, a 23-year-old from Gaza, talks to AFP at the port town of Chania on Crete island on September 17, 2014Chania (Greece) (AFP) - After three days adrift, drinking his own urine to survive as he watched dozens of people sink to a watery grave, Mohamed Raad started to lose his grip.

Arrest warrant: SC father thought 5 slain children were going to kill him, 'feed him to dogs' 18.9.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
These Architect-Designed Cat Cribs Are Seriously Classy 18.9.2014 Green on
You've never seen cats chill in cribs like these before. No one had until last weekend in Los Angeles, when top architects with local offices showcased a series of cat houses they'd designed for display at a fundraiser for FixNation , a non-profit working to control cat populations the humane way: trapping, neutering and returning kitties to where they were found . The architects' creations, which were donated to FixNation, are truly fantastic. Plus, the kitties seem to love them: Studio: NAC Architecture. Photo: Grey Crawford Studio: Formation Association + Edgar Arceneaux. Photo: Grey Crawford Studio: DSH Architecture. Photo: Grey Crawford Studio: HOK. Photo: Grey Crawford Studio: Space International. Photo: Joshua White Studio: Standard Architecture Design. Photo: Grey Crawford Studio: Abramson Teiger Architects. Photo: Grey Crawford Studio: Wolcott Architecture Interiors. Photo: Grey Crawford Even though these cribs appeared for a one-night-only event, they'll help more feral cats lead happy, healthy ...
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St. Paul police take up homeless family's cause 17.9.2014 Pioneer Press: Most Viewed

Living in a vehicle on a St. Paul street with her children and grandchildren was the last place Kim Washington wanted to be, but she said she had no other options.

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Top 10 Solutions to Cut Poverty and Grow the Middle Class 17.9.2014 Views
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On Beyond Preschool: Alleviating Poverty Over a Lifespan 17.9.2014 Politics on
Preschool is good for disadvantaged children. But is preschool alone sufficient to significantly reduce poverty and inequality? Like many researchers, I'm delighted about the current enthusiasm for preschool at the policy level, and would not want to throw cold water on it. Yet almost all studies of garden-variety replicable preschool programs show that the clear positive effects of preschool in the early grades fade as children go through elementary school. This should not be a cause for despair, but rather for realism about how to help children succeed all the way through to adulthood. If preschool is seen as the first step in a multi-step societal strategy, it is worthy of all the attention and investment it is currently receiving. If we're counting on preschool alone to solve all problems, we're just not being serious. Isabel Sawhill and Quentin Karpilow at the Brookings Institution recently issued a paper making exactly this point, and illustrating it with evidence. They argue for intervening early ...
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2013 Census Data on Poverty, Income Tells a Story About Our Priorities 17.9.2014 Politics on
The US Census Bureau released its 2013 report on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance today. The data offered a mix of good news and bad news. They also offered an underlying story about priorities. It turns out, we get results in the places we invest. The question is, are we investing in the right places? First for some good news. Last year saw genuine improvement for children. The child poverty rate in the United States went down to 19.9%. (Let's stipulate that a 20% child poverty rate in a country as prosperous as the United States still is not, in fact, good news, but that downward trends are worth a moment of appreciation for what they represent.) This is the first time we have seen a decrease in the childhood poverty rate in the US since 2000. Census Bureau staff largely credited the change to an increase in year-round, full-time employment for families with children - which went up by about 1 million families over 2012. Hispanic households in the US also saw improvement over 2012. Their ...
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