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Child sex assault suspect shot by Golden police in Edgewater identified 23.6.2016 Denver Post: News: Local
A child sex assault suspect shot by Golden police has been identified; police say the suspect rammed police cars and fired at officers.
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Father of boy attacked by mountain lion calm as he called 911 23.6.2016 Denver Post: News: Local
The father of a 5-year-old boy attacked by a mountain lion called 911 and in a calm voice told the dispatcher that he was headed to the hospital with the child
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Taking Children To An Aquarium Is A Lesson In Cruelty 23.6.2016 Green on
Originally published on Aeon . Edited by Nigel Warburton . What could possibly be wrong with taking your child to an aquarium? It seems like an innocent enough pleasure. Most children love watching exotic fish swimming behind glass, seahorses, sharks, rays, jellyfish and turtles. A visit to the aquarium is a mixture of entertainment and education, and seems much less morally dubious than going to a zoo to see gorillas, and probably much better than playing point-and-shoot video games. True, recent publicity about the US theme park chain SeaWorld and the treatment of orcas makes it clear that some aquariums step over the line when it comes to the humane treatment of aquatic animals. While the argument has been won for orcas, the moral situation for other marine animals remains murky. New dolphinariums are opening around the world -- dozens in China, but also in the United States, Thailand and Kazakhstan, with plans for more in Poland, Cyprus and Turkey -- though not all dolphinariums put their animals to ...
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12-year-old used as bait, police say 23.6.2016 CNN: Top Stories
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Breckenridge police arrest man, identify juvenile suspect in 2 pot shop burglaries 22.6.2016 Denver Post: Business
Breckenridge police have arrested a 19-year-old man and identified a juvenile suspect in two similar marijuana burglaries at the same pot shop in the past several weeks.
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Midvale family shelter a world away from chaotic downtown homeless scene 22.6.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Midvale • Tranquility. That’s the feeling on a weekday afternoon at The Road Home’s Midvale family shelter. Kids are playing. Some parents lounge in the shade outside. There are no drug dealers. No crazed-looking people. No cars cruising by. The 2,300-square-foot family shelter, 529 W. Ninth Ave., has a maximum occupancy of 300, about a third the average nightly population of The Road Home shelter on Rio Grande Street in downtown Salt Lake City. Virgina Blankenship likes it. “We don’t have all t... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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Best, worst states to raise children 22.6.2016 CNN: Top Stories
Minnesota reigns as the most kid-friendly state to raise a family for the second year in a row, according to an Annie E. Casey Foundation study released Tuesday.
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Preschool Teachers Aren't Getting The Training They Need 22.6.2016 Politics on
Preschool teachers in many parts of the U.S. aren't adequately trained, according to a new study, released a week after a government report  deplored low wages paid to preschool teachers . The National Council on Teacher Quality study of 100 teacher-preparation programs in 29 states, released Wednesday, found that most provide inconsistent and incomplete training for early childhood educators. Most of the studied programs are bachelor's or graduate degree programs -- considered the "gold standard" for preschool teachers -- but nonetheless fail to adequately prepare educators for preschool classrooms.   The finding of poor training may help explain why preschool programs yield inconsistent long-term results. Some studies have found that children who attend preschool  attain  higher test scores and are less likely to require special education services. Other studies, however, have noted that the gains of these programs can fade quickly over time , and that costs may exceed benefits.  Most of the programs ...
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Ramsey murder suspect charged in Boulder child porn case 22.6.2016 Denver Post: Local
Gary Howard Oliva, 52, was booked without bond into the jail Friday by the Boulder Police Department.
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Our Pluralistic Democracy Must Protect The Rainbow Children Of God 22.6.2016 Politics on
Awash With Guns Heavily-armed freelance terrorist killers -- inspired by foreign extremists groups but not orchestrated by them -- like the one who struck Orlando last week and my community six months ago, represent a critical ongoing terror threat to America, but not the only one. As I testified before Congress in October 2015: "The United States faces multiple severe risk factors and a diverse set of emerging contemporary actors" with the most prominent being violent salafist jihadists, followed by domestic far right anti-government or bigoted extremists, with many of the worst now being active shooters. Despite this, and a ruling yesterday by the Supreme Court not to overturn a Connecticut law restricting assault weapons, the Senate failed to move forward on four limited proposals involving access to firearms for those on terror watch lists. This availability of weaponry has not been lost on extremists. Adam Gadahn, the deceased spokesman for Al Qaeda, another group the killer supported, exclaimed in ...
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Phila. judge weighs if accused teen killer should be tried as an adult 22.6.2016 News
Facing a possible life-sentence if convicted in a fatal attempted carjacking, 16-year-old Abdullah Karee Robinson, a 5-foot-3 100-pounder who looks much younger than his years, broke down in tears Tuesday in a Philadelphia courtroom.
Israeli military says Palestinian teen killed by mistake after stone throwing incident 21.6.2016 Washington Post: World
The 15-year-old boy was returning from a night out with his family at a local swimming pool when he was killed. The military acknowledges that he was apparently shot by mistake.
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The Case for a Child-Centered Energy and Climate Policy 21.6.2016 Views
Dr. Frederica Perera

Children suffer the most from fossil fuel burning.

Fossil fuel combustion and associated air pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) is the root cause of much of children’s ill health children today as well as their uncertain future. There are strong scientific arguments, as well persuasive economic ones, for reducing the world’s dependence on energy generated by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, diesel and gasoline.

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Inside the Mind of Steven Spielberg, Hollywood’s Big, Friendly Giant 21.6.2016 Wired Top Stories
Inside the Mind of Steven Spielberg, Hollywood’s Big, Friendly Giant
Steven Spielberg has made some of the greatest kids' movies ever. Now he's unleashing his inner child with The BFG. The post Inside the Mind of Steven Spielberg, Hollywood's Big, Friendly Giant appeared first on WIRED.
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We left upper-class suburbia to become Amish and learned you can be both socialist and capitalist 21.6.2016 Washington Post
We left upper-class suburbia to become Amish and learned you can be both socialist and capitalist
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New tool to take down terrorism images online spurs debate on what constitutes extremist content 21.6.2016 Washington Post
Tech companies are wary of an initiative to define and ban terrorist images.
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A Parent's Nightmare---Increasingly Unlikely 21.6.2016 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Children kidnapped by a stranger in 2011 had a 92% chance of making it home safe, thanks in two-thirds of cases to technology.
L.A. County district attorney looks into alleged beating by staff at Sylmar juvenile hall 21.6.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles County's perennially troubled Probation Department is under scrutiny again over an alleged beating of a youth by staff at a county juvenile hall, which was captured on video.

The district attorney’s Justice Integrity Division is reviewing an April 24 use-of-force incident at Barry J....

'How many massacres?' 21.6.2016 CNN: Top Stories
As a national debate rages over AR-15-style rifles, an attorney representing the families of Sandy Hook victims killed by one of those guns implored a court on Monday to let their lawsuit against the manufacturer move forward.
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Children's lot is worse in Pennsylvania, better in New Jersey, report says 21.6.2016 News
For the second consecutive year, the well-being of Pennsylvania's children slipped in a national ranking based on health, education, poverty, and family and community connections, while New Jersey moved up a notch, boosted by major improvements in the health of its youth.
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