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After 40 years, first of MOVE 9 is paroled - but others denied 19.6.2018 News
On Saturday, Debbie Africa left the State Correctional Institution Cambridge Springs and, after 38 years, became the first of the MOVE Nine to be released on parole. She also said goodbye to two women she's been incarcerated with for four decades. Both were denied parole last week, for reasons Debbie Africa can't understand.
Denver coroner identifies 29-year-old man killed in officer-involved shooting at Colfax Avenue 16.6.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
Denver authorities have identified the 29-year-old man who was fatally shot Wednesday evening in a shootout on Colfax Avenue with a police officer.
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Blackbird Public House chef’s teenaged murderer gets life sentence for 2016 shooting 16.6.2018 Denver Post: Lifestyles
With an urn holding the remains of the Denver chef he gunned down just 10 feet away, 18-year-old Raheem Benson was sentenced Friday to life in prison with the chance for parole in 40 years in the 2016 first-degree murder of Blackbird Public House chef Nicholas Lewis.
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Dancing FBI agent charged in nightclub shooting allowed to leave Colorado on bond 13.6.2018 Denver Post: Local
An off-duty FBI agent who investigators say accidentally fired a weapon that he dropped while dancing at a Denver club is allowed to leave Colorado while out on bond.
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Murder suspect used Facebook Live from jail to call a key witness a 'snitch' 13.6.2018 News
A murder suspect used Facebook Live from the Camden County Jail to call out "a snitch" after he was incarcerated and accused of killing eight-year-old Gabrielle "Gabby" Hill-Carter two years ago. Tyhan Brown is accused of shooting the child when she was caught in the crossfire of an alleged gang shooting in Camden.
After 14 years in prison, ex-con fills out his first resume - and hopes 12.6.2018 News
Nationally, the unemployment rate stands at 3.8 percent; for African Americans, it is 5.9 percent, the lowest since the government started keeping track of that data in 1972. But across the country, between 60 and 75 percent of former inmates remain jobless a year after their release.
Boulder council to take public input on dockless bikes, citywide broadband 12.6.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
The Boulder City Council will look at bringing dockless bikes and public broadband to the city in two separate public hearings Tuesday night.
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Adams County Jail inmate found guilty of murder in attack on cellmate 12.6.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A 29-year-old man has been convicted of second-degree murder in the death of a fellow inmate at the Adams County Jail.
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Littleton house fires caused by discarded paint rags that combusted in 95-degree heat 12.6.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A residential fire that destroyed two homes and damaged a third was sparked by used wood stain rags discarded in a container, which ignited in 95-degree heat.
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Northglenn officer shoot, kills armed kidnapping suspect in Westminster 11.6.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
A Northglenn police officer shot and killed an armed suspected kidnapper in Westminster Sunday night after the fugitive jumped out of a car that crashed during a chase and took off running on foot.
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Police fatally shoot shoplifting suspect as she drives car at them 11.6.2018 News
Police in Deptford Township shot and killed a 36-year-old Philadelphia woman who tried to run over an officer on Saturday after a shoplifting attempt at a Marshalls department store. The woman had a long criminal record.
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'Never again'? 'Again' is happening right now on America's border. What will you do? | Will Bunch 10.6.2018 News
In a nation that puts its kids on buses for the Holocaust Museum to learn to say "never again," we need to admit that "again" is happening right here, right now, with the Trump administration's inhumane policies on the southern border.
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Denver police seek driver who walked away from scene after crash kills pedestrian on Federal Boulevard 10.6.2018 Denver Post: Local
A pedestrian was killed Sunday morning in a crash involving an SUV on Federal Boulevard, and Denver police said the driver walked away from the scene.
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Man with seven prior felony convictions found guilty of murder in Lakewood stabbing 9.6.2018 Denver Post: Local
A man with seven prior felony convictions was found guilty of first-degree murder for a fatal stabbing in a Lakewood convenience store parking lot.
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Cosmo DiNardo's transfer to medium-security prison draws ire of victims' families 8.6.2018 News
DiNardo was transferred to a prison in Luzerne County early Thursday.
Delhi HC reduces jail term of man convicted for rape 8.6.2018 Delhi – The Indian Express
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Colorado Parks and Wildlife search for bear that attacked family in tent in Red Feather Lakes area 6.6.2018 Denver Post: Local
Colorado Parks and Wildlife is searching for a bear in the Red Feather Lakes area of Northern Larimer County after responding to a reported bear attack Tuesday night.
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The torturers' bargain: Crime and no punishment, but many rewards 6.6.2018 - News for the rest of us
Politics in Canada Despite being deeply implicated in some of the worst crimes of the Bush administration's torture regime, Gina Haspel has been promoted to Director of the CIA. Haspel managed the CIA's Site Green detention camp in Thailand, the  blueprint  for the rest of the Agency's "black sites" around the world: a matrix of secret prisons where the captives could be brutalized with impunity. Black site detainees were broken physically and psychologically; kept naked, beaten, hooded, waterboarded, threatened with electric chairs and military dogs, sexually abused (including through medically unnecessary rectal feedings so forceful the effects resembled those of violent rape), locked in boxes filled with insects, and forced to lie in their own excrement. One lost an eye, at least two died, and many hallucinated or begged to be killed. Even more damningly, it turned out that almost one-quarter of the detainees had been sucked into the CIA's system of black holes completely by mistake, according to the ...
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Pill mill rivalry, murder net Delco man life sentence in opioid epidemic tragedy 6.6.2018 News
Neither the defendant, Anthony Vetri, nor his victim, Gbolahan "Bo" Olabode, were typical players in a routine drug world drama. Both were self-made men and successful entrepreneurs. Both came from loving, relatively well-off suburban families. But more than a decade after both became embroiled in an upscale pill mill operation run by a corrupt pharmacist, both have now lost their lives to drugs.
Upper Bucks murderer, questioned in father's unsolved disappearance, dies in prison 6.6.2018 News
Mary Jane Fonder, 79, was pronounced dead Monday at the state correctional institution in Muncy.
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