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L.A. ballot measure would make housing affordability crisis worse, opponents' study finds 21.10.2016 LA Times: Business

A Los Angeles ballot measure pitched as a way to provide good jobs and less expensive housing would instead worsen the city’s affordability crisis, according to an economic analysis released Thursday by the measure’s critics.

The study targets Measure JJJ, which is backed by labor and tenant advocates....

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Biskupski says SLC council reckless in budget raid for housing, homeless 20.10.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Mayor Jackie Biskupski on Wednesday accused the Salt Lake City Council of being arbitrary and reckless with its $30 million rewriting of spending plans for the city’s urban-renewal agency. In a freewheeling meeting late Tuesday, the council, in its role as governing board for the city Redevelopment Agency (RDA), voted to raid cash from at least 28 separate budget items earmarked for other RDA projects and divert the money to address affordable housing and the homeless. “It all just unraveled in ... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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Affordable housing in the mix for apartment project at old PHA headquarters 19.10.2016 News
Airbnb Proposes Cracking Down on New York City Hosts 19.10.2016 NY Times: Business
The company told the city that it was willing to create a registry of hosts so it could track individuals renting out multiple homes.
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Obamacare enrollment is expected to grow by just 1 million next year 19.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Under pressure to stabilize wobbly insurance markets nationwide, the Obama administration is making a new push to sign up Americans for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, aiming to increase enrollment by about 1 million in 2017.

With insurers canceling health plans or raising premiums...

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A ballot measure that could make it easier to rent in Los Angeles 19.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles is in the grip of a widely acknowledged housing crisis. Two years ago, scholars at UCLA and Harvard proclaimed L.A. the most unaffordable rental market in the United States. This required some explaining: Other cities clearly have higher housing costs; Los Angeles won its dubious honor...

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L.A. Unified's affordable housing units fill up, but not with teachers 19.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

In the mid-2000s, in the midst of a housing boom, the Los Angeles Unified School District realized that skyrocketing rents were fueling teacher turnover.

Nearly half of all new teachers in some neighborhoods were leaving the district after three years. L.A. Unified was pouring millions of dollars...

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Can Affordable Housing Activists Save New York? 19.10.2016 American Prospect
(Photo: Sipa USA via AP/Albin Lohr-Jones) Union and AARP representatives rally at City Hall in Manhattan on March 9, 2016, in support of Mayor Bill de Blasio's affordable housing and zoning plan. Joe Vazquez was leaving mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs church one Sunday in June when a stranger handed him a flyer for a community forum in his Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood. Vasquez, 34, had never taken part in anything he’d call political. But when he looked at the flyer and saw that the neighborhood where he had been born and raised could soon be rezoned for luxury high-rise apartments, he realized that his home—what he calls one of the last “relatively affordable” places in Manhattan—was in danger. The person who handed him that flyer was with a neighborhood coalition called Northern Manhattan Is Not For Sale (NMN4S). The group formed this year to fight for affordable housing and against gentrification in Inwood, a working-class neighborhood that covers Manhattan’s northern tip. NMN4S was protesting ...
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'The solution to homelessness is housing': Salt Lake City sets aside $30M to address homelessness, affordable housing 19.10.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
What began Tuesday as an urgent effort to find money for new homeless-services sites in Salt Lake City became a $30 million budget overhaul, largely in the name of housing. By diverting money from a series of spending proposals for the city’s urban-renewal agency, members of the Salt Lake City Council amassed an $11.8 million fund for buying property for at least four facilities to serve the homeless. Those land purchases, likely to begin within weeks, are part of a state, county and city initia...
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The positive spin on Obamacare's success doesn't match reality for many 18.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: I have the utmost of respect for Times reporter Noam M. Levey’s superb healthcare writing, but this article seems like political spin. (“So you think Obamacare is a disaster? Here's how California is proving you wrong,” Oct. 7)

Other than a massive expansion of Medi-Cal, the Affordable...

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District attorney: Fatal shooting at low-income apartments 17.10.2016 News
WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) - The district attorney has confirmed a fatal shooting at a crime-ridden apartment complex for low-income residents in northeastern Pennsylvania.
Eric Garcetti ducks another tough choice - this time on affordable housing 17.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been on the campaign trail almost every day lately, encouraging people to vote for Measure M, the countywide sales tax increase for transportation, and Measure HHH, the city’s bond to build housing for the homeless. He backs Measure RRR to change Department of...

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How Clinton Can Put Health-Care Reform Back on Track 17.10.2016 American Prospect
This article appears under the title "Stronger Policy, Stronger Politics" in the Fall 2016 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here .  You’ve heard of a beautiful failure. What about an ugly success? That may be the best way to describe the Affordable Care Act. It has covered millions of Americans—just this year, 250,000 Louisianans signed up for Medicaid in the six weeks after the state expanded the program under the law. And the ACA has widened health coverage without spiking costs; indeed, expenditures are way below initial expectations. But even if we could forget its shambolic launch, the ACA has hit some increasingly serious obstacles. Enrollment in the new marketplaces created by the law (aka “exchanges”) is below expectations, and the number of plans competing in them is falling, particularly outside dense urban areas. Premiums are set to rise sharply, and these increases could further destabilize the most troubled exchanges by driving away current or potential enrollees, ...
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America’s Most Prosperous Companies Get $2 Million Per Job Subsidy at Their Data Centers 16.10.2016 Views
Kasia Tarczynska

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, America’s most well-known brands and most prosperous firms, are demanding that states and localities provide them ever-larger economic development subsidies to support their data centers. Last year these five tech giants reported nearly $120 billion in pre-tax profits, and yet they told states and localities they needed financial help to build new data centers, structures essential to their business operations. Their efforts resulted in more than $2 billion in public support to build 11 new data centers.

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Election Guide 2016: Diane Mitsch Bush Q&amp;A 16.10.2016 Steamboat Pilot
Bio: Diane moved here from Minnesota in 1976 to finish her PhD and ski. She immediately became interested in western water and agriculture issues — concerns that have never flagged. Since then, she has been an ardent volunteer, award-winning professor, county commissioner from 2007 to 2012 and is our District 26 representative. Q. The creation of affordable, workforce housing is a major problem facing many mountain communities. What strategies would you employ to help solve this issue? A. As your state representative, I will continue to support giving local public-private-non-profit partnerships additional tools and funding to tackle the supply-demand gap. In 2016, I co-sponsored the extension of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and the First-Time Buyer Mortgage Savings Account. I support our work to reduce state red tape for local housing authorities and making sure that the Department of Revenue does not again try to rescind the sales/use tax exemption for local organizations building affordable ...
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Off the Shelf: Three Excellent Books on Long-Term Investing 15.10.2016 NY Times: Books
As the market fluctuates, these books remind us to use common sense and stick to the basics when saving and planning for retirement.
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Delta considers no-frills seats on international flights to compete with foreign carriers 15.10.2016 LA Times: Business

Several major U.S. carriers offer no-frills airfares on domestic flights, but some airlines may be considering bare-bones fares for international routes to respond to stiff competition from foreign rivals.

Delta Air Lines, the nation’s second-largest carrier, is considering ultra-cheap fares on...

Dayton takes active role in campaign for Legislature 15.10.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
DFL Gov. Mark Dayton isn't on the ballot this year, but he's spending a lot of time on the campaign trail trying to help fellow Democrats get elected to the Legislature.
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RELEASE: Cities Need to Focus on Equitable Access to Core Services to Achieve Economic Prosperity and Environmental Sustainability 14.10.2016 WRI Stories
RELEASE: Cities Need to Focus on Equitable Access to Core Services to Achieve Economic Prosperity and Environmental Sustainability New World Resources Report examines whether extending core services to urban under-served will lay the groundwork for more sustainable urban growth QUITO//WASHINGTON (October 14, 2016)—Rapidly growing cities are finding it increasingly difficult to provide their residents with core services, like housing, water, energy and transportation — a challenge that is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...
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Three Challenges to Safe and Affordable Urban Housing 13.10.2016 THE CITY FIX
Urban leaders from around the world are meeting in Quito, Ecuador, October 17-20, 2016, to set the global agenda for the future of cities at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, known as Habitat III. Through ...
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