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Residents cheer Denver's National Western plan, but concerns persist 1.2.2015 Denver Post: Local
On the dusty National Western Stock Show site, Denver's new 10-year makeover plan would add a gleaming arena and expo center, university research facilities and the potential of drawing more events ...
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E-mail stirs 'fat shaming' controversy at Bryn Mawr College 1.2.2015 News
Sometimes you just can't win for losing. Bryn Mawr College students are planning a demonstration this week to protest what some described as an insensitive e-mail sent to women with "elevated BMIs" - that is, a little overweight.
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Minnesota Book Awards: And the finalists are... 1.2.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The finalists are out for the 27th annual Minnesota Book Awards.
She fought for patients’ rights, then she was put in a hospital against her will 1.2.2015 Washington Post
The morning of the recommitment hearing, Alison Hymes sat in a small waiting area of a Virginia mental hospital in a navy blue sweatsuit, clutching a green composition book to her chest.She’d scribbled down a list of arguments in favor of releasing her from Western State Hospital in Staunton, Va. They included: “Been here too long” and “Becoming institutionalized.”Read full article ...
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Pete Carroll, Seahawks focused on Patriots, not legacy, entering Super Bowl 1.2.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
With a win Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium, Seattle would become the ninth team to capture consecutive Super Bowl titles -- the first since the 2004-05 Patriots.
New York Mayor Bill De Blasio Says Back-Turning By Police Was 'Really Inappropriate' 1.2.2015 Politics on
NEW YORK (AP) — Weeks removed from an open revolt from his own police force that had officers turning their backs on him, Mayor Bill de Blasio now declares he has moved past the rift, striking a tenuous truce with a strategy to stay above the fray and public opinion that eventually soured on the cops' behavior. While he acknowledged much work remains to repair the hard feelings over the chokehold death of Eric Garner, de Blasio told The Associated Press he has regained the footing to move on to other matters, including an agenda he plans to outline in next week's State of the City address. "It was a perfect storm. It was based on two tragedies. The death of Eric Garner and the murder of these two officers. People felt pain all around," de Blasio said in an interview Friday. "I do believe things are much better. I believe the dialogue is moving forward." It was the biggest crisis of the Democrat's year-old administration. Rank-and-file police had already been distrustful of him over his plans to reform ...
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Must You be a ‘Work Martyr’ to Change the World? 31.1.2015 Views
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Laird leads as Tiger shoots 82 and misses the cut 31.1.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories

Tiger Woods acknowledges the gallery on the ninth hole during the second round of the Phoenix Open golf tournament, Friday, Jan. 30, 2015, in Scottsdale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Rain wasn't the only thing that put a damper on the Phoenix Open on Friday.

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The Jewish State's George Washington 31.1.2015 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Born David Green, when he moved to Palestine in 1906 he adopted the surname Ben-Gurion after one of the leaders of the Great Revolt against Rome.
Email stirs 'fat shameing' controversy at Bryn Mawr College 31.1.2015 News
Sometimes you just can't win for losing. Bryn Mawr students are planning a demonstration next week to protest what some described as an insensitive email sent to women with "elevated BMIs," that is, a little overweight.
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Greece Strikes a Blow to Austerity. What Happens Now? 30.1.2015 Politics on
Mario Seccareccia , a professor of economics at the University of Ottawa, has been outspoken in his warnings that austerity policies have the potential to smash economies and spread human misery. In his work supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking and elsewhere, he has challenged deficit hawks and emphasized the need for strong government investment in things like jobs, education, healthcare, and infrastructure if economies are to prosper. In the following interview, he talks about why what happened to Greece was entirely predictable, why the Greeks were right to reject austerity in the recent election, and what challenges the country faces in forging a sustainable path forward with the left-wing Syriza party at the helm. Lynn Parramore: You have long been warning of problems in the Eurozone.  What do the Greek elections mean to the debate about austerity and how it impacts economies? Mario Seccareccia: I actually began warning about problems in the Eurozone even before they launched the ...
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Venezuela Authorizes Use of Lethal Weapons on Protest Control 30.1.2015 Politics on
Geraldine Moreno was shot to death in her hometown of Valencia during the February 2014 student protests in Venezuela. The painful pictures of the disfigured young demonstrator circled the globe. She was shot in the face at point blank range with rubber pellets fired from a shotgun. The weapon of a national guard. Geraldine's is just one of the many cases that sparked the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act . A law enacted by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Obama in December 2014, which imposed sanctions -- restrictions to travel to the U.S. and asset freezing -- on certain Venezuelan officials involved in the human rights violations that happened during last year's antigovernment protests. Come January 27, 2015. The Ministry of Defense issues resolution 8610 to regulate the role of the armed forces in the control of protests and public gatherings. In Venezuela the armed forces are not allowed to enforce public order. The only component of the military that may act in ...
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Headlines for January 30, 2015 30.1.2015 Democracy Now!
U.S. Rejects Giving Guantánamo Back to Cuba, Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Open Travel to Cuba, 35 Die in Bombing of Shiite Mosque in Pakistan, Three U.S. Contractors Killed in Afghanistan as U.S. Moves to Classify War Data, Egyptian Wing of Islamic State Claims Credit for Killing 27 in North Sinai, Apartheid Death Squad Leader "Prime Evil" Granted Parole in South Africa, Republican-Led Senate Approves Keystone XL Pipeline, Girlfriend of Akai Gurley to File $50 Million Lawsuit Against NYPD, Dismissed Professor Steven Salaita Sues University of Illinois, San Francisco Public Defender Arrested Inside Courthouse, CodePink Activists Attempt Citizen's Arrest on Henry Kissinger
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The way engineers rate city streets is rapidly evolving. That's a good thing. 30.1.2015 MinnPost
Anyone who’s ever handed out grades knows how difficult it is. I did this for years, teaching geography around the Twin Cities, and readily admit that grades can sometimes be a bit arbitrary. But if assigning value to students is a challenge, imagine giving grades to city streets. More and more transportation engineers are struggling to evaluate our roads as they rethink one of the key performance measures called “level of service” (LOS). The engineering origins of LOS A while back , I did my best to explain the complexities of street and highway design manuals and the role they play in creating our built environment. Today I want to dive into the detail of performance measurement that I learned about recently at a webinar (my least favorite neologism) hosted by the advocacy organization Transit for Livable Communities . As Peter Koonce , an engineer in Portland, Oregon, explained during the session, the idea of assigning letter grades to streets emerged during the 1950s as traffic engineering was ...
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Measuring Brainwaves to Make a New Kind of Bike Map for NYC 30.1.2015 Wired Top Stories
An easy to read guide to where cycling is relaxing and where it’s ...
Episode 161: Entrepreneurship under the microscope 30.1.2015 - News for the rest of us
rabble_radio_161_social_enterpreneurship.mp3 These days we're hearing a lot of voices encouraging all of us to be entrepreneurs. And it's not just from Chamber of Commerce types these days. Even the progressive community is saying that we all need to create our own jobs. On one hand, being self-sufficient is a good thing. But maybe not entirely. Today we're going to be looking at both sides of the entrepreneurial spirit and how it's practised. Especially in progressive circles where we're likely to hear words like "social enterprise." Things have really changed from the days when everybody had a job that they went to, with job security, benefits, and good pay. We'll also hear how one union is trying to diversify and represent some of those ...
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Fiery debate as $12 minimum wage bill advances 30.1.2015 Seattle Times: Politics
OLYMPIA -- A bill to boost the state minimum wage to $12-an-hour over four years passed out of a House committee Thursday, but not before an opposed GOP lawmaker ripped minimum-wage activists as entitled in a "kids-these-days" diatribe.
Juicing trend still going strong in 2015 30.1.2015 LA Times: Health
A year ago, trendistas were snuggling up to juice bars all over L.A. to cleanse, reset, detox and glow a little. Today, things are only busier in the world of juice — and I don't mean Minute Maid. Juicing just won't go away.
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UVA Sororities Stick To Hated Ban On This Weekend's Frat Parties 30.1.2015 Politics on
National offices for 16 sororities on Thursday declared they would not back down from their deeply unpopular directive forbidding University of Virginia sorority members from attending this weekend's fraternity parties. Sororities at UVA were told last week they are prohibited from participating in "men's bid night," one of the biggest party events of the year, when fraternities welcome new members. Despite a petition drive, a letter-writing campaign and widespread grumbling on the Charlottesville campus, national offices for the 16 sororities with UVA chapters and the National Panhellenic Conference, an umbrella group representing 26 women's Greek organizations, stuck to their declaration that existing policies prohibit sorority women from participating in fraternity recruitment. "While we value the input our chapter leaders have to offer on this important and ongoing dialogue, our members' safety and well-being must remain our top priority," said a joint statement from the national and international ...
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If Humans Suddenly Disappeared From The Planet, Here's What Could Happen 30.1.2015 Green on
What would happen if all humans suddenly vanished from the face of the planet ? That freaky thought experiment is explored in a new video from YouTube's AsapSCIENCE (see above). The video details things that might happen -- from shortly after our disappearance to thousands of years after the fact. Cities would be wiped out by fire or other natural disasters, and even the sturdiest buildings and other man-made structures would eventually crumble. Our pets probably wouldn't fare so well either, having a hard time holding their own against wolves and other predators. On the positive side, other remaining species -- even those whose populations have been decimated by human activity -- might bounce back. The atmosphere might bounce back too, although certain pollutants would stick around for a very long time. It’s a sobering thought, ...
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