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Green Party candidate compelled to run for U.S. Senate 22.10.2016 Durango Herald
DENVER – Green Party candidate Arn Menconi is running for U.S. Senate because he is tired of what campaign money has done to politics.“I’ve been trying my best as an activist to get to the fact that we are killing innocent people in the Middle East and not fighting environmental destruction and racial...
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Fort Lewis College lecture to explore connection with nature 22.10.2016 Durango Herald
The Office of Alumni Engagement at Fort Lewis College will host the third Mixed Thinks lecture from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Nov. 4 at Durango Arts Center, 802 East Second Ave. “Why So Happy … Because Outdoors!” will feature Dr. Lee Frazer and Brett Davis speaking about the health...
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A Mexican police chief is finally arrested in the disappearance of 43 students. But will he talk? 22.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Mexican authorities said they hope the arrest of a former police chief who had been a fugitive for more than two years will help them solve one of the country’s most notorious human rights cases: the disappearance and presumed murder of 43 students.

Felipe Flores Velazquez, 58, was arrested Friday...

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Man charged with beating, stomping girlfriend in U. District alley 22.10.2016 Seattle Times: Local

The victim is still hospitalized from a severe beating last week in the University District.
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Anger grows as Venezuela blocks effort to recall president 22.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

In what critics blasted as the latest efforts of an embattled government to quash dissent, Venezuela’s electoral council derailed efforts to recall President Nicolas Maduro, and a judge ordered eight prominent opposition leaders not to leave the country, a move that could presage their arrests. 

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USU updates sexual assault policies for amnesty, confidentiality 22.10.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
The Utah State University Board of Trustees approved Friday changes to the school’s confidentiality and amnesty policies in an effort to inform students about their options if they or someone they know is sexually assaulted. These changes already are in practice, said Mica McKinney, USU’s general counsel, but it is important to codify them so there is a guiding policy for the whole campus. The policies outline where sexual assault victims can report an attack confidentially or anonymously as wel...
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Seattle’s own urban swamp gets a boardwalk trail 21.10.2016 Seattle Times: Local

Yesler Swamp has a new boardwalk trail providing access for everyone to its quiet, green groves and views of Lake Washington.
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Q&A on public engagement with UMN IonE Director Jessica Hellmann 21.10.2016 EcoTone
ESA Fellow and AAAS Leshner Fellow Jessica Hellmann is director of the Institute on the Environment and a professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior at the University of Minnesota. Some ESA members regularly practice public engagement, but it often falls by the wayside due to lackluster support from their workplace and time pressures. Four ESA members, ...
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Final Presidential Debate Showed That the 2016 Election Is a Low Point for American Democracy 21.10.2016 Views
Sonali Kolhatkar

“If we could run our country the way I’ve run my company, we would have a country that you will be so proud of,” said GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday night during the third and final debate before the Nov. 8 election. “You would even be proud of it,” he added to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

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What We Don’t Learn About the Black Panther Party—But Should 21.10.2016 Views
Adam Sanchez, Jesse Hagopian

Fifty years ago this month, the Black Panther Party was born. Its history holds vital lessons for today’s movement to confront racism and police violence, yet textbooks either misrepresent or minimize the significance of the Black Panthers.

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Mascot Hall of Fame gives furry cheerleaders a spotlight 21.10.2016 Seattle Times: Top stories

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Do you prefer Chicago’s Benny the Bull or Boston’s Wally the Green Monster? The deviousness of Arizona State’s Sparky the Sun Devil or the goofiness of South Carolina’s Cocky? Or maybe you’re more traditional, and like Penn State’s Nittany Lion. If you’re offbeat, go for Stanford’s Tree. Those are among […]
Mascot Hall of Fame gives furry cheerleaders a spotlight 21.10.2016 AP Top News
SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) -- Do you prefer Chicago's Benny the Bull or Boston's Wally the Green Monster? The deviousness of Arizona State's Sparky the Sun Devil or the goofiness of South Carolina's Cocky? Or maybe you're more traditional, and like Penn State's Nittany Lion. If you're offbeat, go for Stanford's Tree....
H&M launches capsule collection with its Design Awards winner Hannah Jinkins 21.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Retailer H&M has launched a capsule collection in collaboration with Royal College of Art graduate Hannah Jinkins in its London flagship on Oxford Circus. The 10-piece capsule will be stocked at the store’s fourth floor, which carries a selection of women’s wear and lingerie, in a specially designed...

Latino Immigrants Are Changing the Politics of … Nebraska! 21.10.2016 American Prospect
If the winds of political change are starting to blow in Nebraska, the center of the storm is a third-floor office on 24th Street in South Omaha. There, huge maps of eight targeted precincts in Ward 4 line the walls of the Heartland Workers Center (HWC), covered in red dots for all the people organizers have spoken with over the past six months. Little stickers highlight the key issues in each neighborhood.  Every afternoon on weekdays, and all day on weekends, a row of reconditioned iPhones sits on a table next to clipboards holding signup lists and Spanish-language voter-education brochures. Rain or shine, young Latino organizers climb the stairs to pick up their packets and then fan out into the streets.  This is not an old-fashioned paper-based effort, though. Derek Ramirez, HWC’s data cruncher, has loaded voter information derived from the Voter Activation Network database onto the iPhones. This allows precinct walkers to know house by house whom they’re talking to, and to immediately input the ...
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Green Party candidate Jill Stein to visit Seattle, Olympia 21.10.2016 AP Washington
SEATTLE (AP) -- Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is holding events in Seattle and Olympia next week....
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Opponents to take aim at giant telescope at Hawaii hearing 21.10.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

HONOLULU (AP) — A $1.4 billion project to build one of the world’s largest telescopes is up against intense protests by Native Hawaiians and others who say building it on the Big Island’s Mauna Kea mountain will desecrate sacred land. Hearings for the project’s construction permit began Thursday, with opponents and the University of Hawaii, […]
Green Party candidate Jill Stein to visit Seattle, Olympia on Monday 21.10.2016 Seattle Times: Politics

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president, will hold events in Seattle and Olympia on Monday.
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Conservative leadership slate pretty uninspiring -- but at least there's no Donald Trump 21.10.2016 - News for the rest of us
The Conservative Party of Canada has not yet figured out why it lost the election last year. To hear Conservatives talk, you sometimes wonder if they know they lost at all. It seems that many of them believe their 99 seats counts as a "moral victory." The NDP should sue for breach of copyright. Then there's the widespread view among people within the party that the problem was their "tone." It's not at all clear what they think they mean by this, but it seems to have little to do with a series of mean and bigoted policies that failed to appeal to any but the Conservative ...
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Safe new storage method could be key to future of hydrogen-powered vehicles 21.10.2016 Environmental News Network
Hydrogen is often described as the fuel of the future, particularly when applied to hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. One of the main obstacles facing this technology – a potential solution to future sustainable transport – has been the lack of a lightweight, safe on-board hydrogen storage material.
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Move over, solar: The next big renewable energy source could be at our feet 21.10.2016 Environmental News Network
Flooring can be made from any number of sustainable materials, making it, generally, an eco-friendly feature in homes and businesses alike.Now, however, flooring could be even more “green,” thanks to an inexpensive, simple method developed by University of Wisconsin–Madison materials engineers that allows them to convert footsteps into usable electricity.
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