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Watch What Happened When Westboro Baptist Messed With The Wrong Group Of Students 6.10.2015 Politics on
A crowd of high school students drove Westboro Baptist Church protestors away from their school in Kansas City, Missouri last week where the hate group gathered to protest the  recent election of a transgender  girl as homecoming queen. Westboro showed up to picket Oak Park High School on Thursday, Oct. 1, but were met by a rally of students already gathered to  support transgender homecoming queen Landon Patterson .  We’re LIVE from Oak Park High School, where they pimp tranny perversion! #NeighborHaters Westboro was driven away from their picketing site by counter-protestors carrying signs with phrases such as "Westboro Baptist Church need Jesus"  and chanting "long live the queen!" "This isn't just about supporting Landon, this is about supporting all our students,"Christina Palermo, an organizer for the rally, told a local news outlet . "Landon is just their scapegoat. They're attacking everyone in the LGBT community." Westboro Baptist Church, which ...
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Roundup: Palmyra destruction, controlling the L.A. River, ugly sports stadiums 5.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

Art and destruction in the age of Islamic State. Architect Zaha Hadid receives an apology. Examining the winding path and tricky management of the Los Angeles River. Plus: A Cuban artist is declared a prisoner of conscience, a series of posters takes on the disappearances of 43 students in Mexico,...

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Activists Take Aim At High Schools For Mishandling Sexual Assault 5.10.2015 Politics on
Esther Warkov's daughter is 18, and hasn't been to school in almost three years.  When her daughter stopped attending class at Garfield High School in Seattle, she was suffering nightmares about being attacked. This hadn't happened before she took an overnight November 2012 high school field trip, when she says a classmate raped and sodomized her. Warkov complained to the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights that the school district botched the handling and fallout of her daughter's case, and federal officials are currently investigating what happened to uncover possible Title IX violations. Though Washington state law says  there should have been an investigation within one week of the reported rape, Seattle Public Schools waited months to begin an investigation, and only did so after Warkov complained. The district said it delayed an investigation because the FBI was already looking into the case, but the bureau has disputed that claim , saying it would never have asked the school not ...
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Headlines for October 5, 2015 5.10.2015 Democracy Now!
Doctors Without Borders: Airstrike on Kunduz Hospital May Be War Crime, Syria: Airstrike Kills Family of 5 and a Rescue Worker, Syria: ISIL Allegedly Destroys Ancient Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, South Carolina: At Least 8 Dead in "Once in a Millennium" Floods, Guatemala: 130 Die in Landslide Caused by Heavy Rain, U.S. and 11 Other Nations Reach Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership, Turkey Says It Intercepted Russian Warplane in Turkish Airspace, Turkey Launches Probe into Image of Corpse Dragged by Military Truck, Israel Bars Non-Resident Palestinians from Old City amid Rising Tensions, Oregon: Father of Gunman Who Killed 9 Criticizes U.S. Gun Laws, Following Mass Shooting in Oregon, Jeb Bush Says "Stuff Happens", Bernie Sanders Draws Record Crowd in Boston Rally, Education Secretary Arne Duncan to Be Replaced by John B. King Jr., Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz Announces Bid for House Speaker, AL to Shutter 31 Driver's License Offices After Passing Voter ID Law, Vatican Fires High-Ranking Priest Who Came Out ...
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The Supreme Court's new term: Here's what to watch 5.10.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The Supreme Court returns today for its new session, with cases pending that could limit access to abortion, restrict unionizing among public employees and alter voter participation.
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In rural America, a startling prospect: voters Obama lost look to Sanders 5.10.2015 Washington Post
In rural America, a startling prospect: voters Obama lost look to Sanders
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J. Whyatt Mondesire, 65, led Philadelphia NAACP for 23 years 5.10.2015 News
The sometimes controversial leader died last night after suffering a brain aneurysm.
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Are parents ruining youth sports? Fewer kids play amid pressure. 5.10.2015 Washington Post
Team sports hit with declines in the number of young participants include basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, and touch football, a survey ...
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Amber Rose's SlutWalk sparks debate 5.10.2015 CNN: Top Stories
Amber Rose, an actress and model known for her personal style and steady position on the gossip pages, staged a "SlutWalk" in Los Angeles on Saturday that has folks debating the usefulness of the term and what it represents.
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John Boehner’s legacy in the District 5.10.2015 Washington Post
John Boehner’s legacy in the District
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The art and science of strategic voting 5.10.2015 - News for the rest of us
Please support our coverage of democratic movements and  become a supporter of . Two weeks left. Two weeks to E-day. Two weeks to D-day -- decision day. We are frequently exhorted to either vote according to our conscience (and perhaps what we wish for will come true) or else to vote smart and vote strategic to ensure that "Anybody But Harper" will win. What is the politically smart decision? What is the politically ethical decision? Are they the ...
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The Gypsies problem in Europe 4.10.2015 Environmental News Network
Under new planning rules, Travellers and Gypsies must be able to prove they are actually traveling to qualify for limited planning benefits to create new sites. But for many, it's impossible to do that. Not only to remain in employment, or education - but precisely because there are so few sites, that they are unable to travel.Living on an unauthorised campsite carries a heavy weight of suffering and disadvantage. Travellers contend daily with the risk of criminalisation and eviction, as well as limited access to basic services such as running water and sanitation.Any attempt to subsume diverse groups under one label is going to be fraught with tension - and this is certainly true in terms of the word 'Traveller'.
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Ayotzinapa On the Ground and Across Borders 4.10.2015 Views
Nicole Rothwell

The Haunting Agony of a Nation

The incident has become a turning point in Mexican history: A year ago on the evening of Sept. 26, 2014 a group of 100 students from the Raul Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers College in Ayotzinapa were attacked in Iguala, Guerrero by Mexican security forces.

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Coral bleaching epidemic devastates reefs off South Florida 4.10.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Corals are turning chalk white and dying on reefs stretching from the Florida Keys to the Miami area, in what experts call one of the worst episodes in two decades of coral bleaching in Florida. Under stress from unusually warm water, the corals are expelling the tiny bits of algae that give ...
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NHL Preview: Who will bring the Stanley Cup back to the Eastern Conference? 4.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

The Eastern Conference is home to New York and Toronto, the largest media markets in the U.S. and Canada, and players on East teams regularly win the NHL's major individual trophies. But the biggest trophy of them all — the Stanley Cup — has taken up residence out West. An East team has won the...

What we talk about when we talk about rape 4.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

When I was a young social psychologist and feminist in the 1970s, I never imagined that I would be asked to testify for the defense in a rape case. Rape laws at the time still included the "marital rape exemption," with rape commonly defined as "an act of sexual intercourse with a female, not one's...

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Coral bleaching epidemic devastates reefs off South Florida 4.10.2015 LA Times: Science

Corals are turning chalk white and dying on reefs stretching from the Florida Keys to the Miami area, in what experts call one of the worst episodes in two decades of coral bleaching in Florida.

Under stress from unusually warm water, the corals are expelling the tiny bits of algae that give them...

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New Swarthmore president has a plan: listen, think, communicate 4.10.2015 News
Swarthmore College's new president has a plan for dealing with a student body known for its vocal activism: Listen carefully to the students. Craft a careful, well-researched response. Communicate with them.
Fetal-tissue uproar affects ‘under-the-radar’ UW lab 4.10.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories

The Birth Defects Research Laboratory at the University of Washington has for decades been a source of donated fetal tissue important to medical research, but the lab reports donations have fallen dramatically since the Planned Parenthood video controversy began in July.
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The families of Mexico's 'disappeared' people keep searching 3.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

The man’s voice cracked, then he sobbed as he spoke.“The government has everything and we have lost everything,” he said. “Please help us to keep looking and digging, to give us the resources we need.”Mario Vergara, 40, stood crying on a verdant hill on the outskirts of Iguala in Guerrero state....

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