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Can Lyft reclaim cities for people, not cars? 21.9.2018 Small Business |
The chief of sustainability at the ridesharing giant shares plans for electric and autonomous vehicles.
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Bird-watching, Play-Doh sculpting, woodland walks - young Jews find new ways to mark Yom Kippur 18.9.2018 News
Across the region, young Jews are reflecting on their lives during High Holiday yoga classes, group discussions on racial justice, quickie, 45-minute Rosh Hashanah services featuring meditation and singing, and bread baking to raise funds for anti-hunger programs.
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The 2018 VERGE Vanguard Awards 17.9.2018 Energy & Climate |
A salute to the pioneers and leaders at the intersection of tech and sustainability.
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Wisconsin school districts ban cellphones in classroom 16.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
School districts across Wisconsin are banning cellphones in the classroom in an effort to reduce distractions during class time.
Voting on campus: At Haverford College, they want to, but can't 15.9.2018 News
How one college's quest to get an on-campus polling place highlights a larger issue nationally: With the importance of millennial voting growing, college campuses have become a bigger battle ground for registering voters and making sure they get to the polls.
Voters are 'on fire about politics.' Why the 2018 midterm elections feel so epic. 12.9.2018 News
The upcoming midterm elections are charged in a way like few in recent memory, crackling with the the furious energy of 2016 that in many ways has only grown more intense during President Trump's tenure. The election is the first national test of Trump's presidency, and will serve to either rebuke his unconventional style, or affirm its appeal.
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50 years ago, Girard College admitted its first black students. What does that mean today? 12.9.2018 News
"I'll never forget it," said Alan L. Bond, 59, one of the first black students admitted to Girard College. "People used to call our house and threaten us, call us terrible names. They said they would hurt us."
North Carolina politicians have decried the climate-change science that makes Hurricane Florence so dangerous | Will Bunch 12.9.2018 News
North Carolina Republicans passed a bill in 2012 to overrule the dire climate-change predictions of a state scientific panel. Will a Category 4 storm and weakened coastline make a tragic mockery of America's climate denial?
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What will it take to end plastic pollution? 11.9.2018
Collaboration. Innovation. Persistence. But, mostly, patience.
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Bharat bandh fuels violence 11.9.2018 National News – The Navhind Times
PTI   NEW DELHI Sporadic incidents of violence were reported on Monday during a Congress-led Opposition-sponsored ‘Bharat bandh’ against spiralling fuel prices that disrupted normal life mainly in Bihar, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam and Odisha. As the Congress top brass including party chief Rahul Gandhi targeted the Modi government at a protest rally in Ramlila Maidan ...
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On the sidelines of democracy: Exploring why so many Americans don't vote 10.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
In recent midterms, 4 in 10 eligible voters cast ballots. Nonvoters talk of apathy, disgust, barriers and other reasons. But those who don't vote, and their interests, can be ignored by candidates.
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Inside the global war on plastic pollution 10.9.2018 Small Business |
How did we get here? Where is all this going?
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Personal Journey: At Tolstoy's Grave, seeing through the haze 9.9.2018 News
Throughout the tour I kept thinking that if I hadn't been so drunk, I would remember what she told me, but then again, if I hadn't been so drunk, I would never have gotten this private tour.
A medical school tradition comes under fire for racism 5.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A prominent medical school has pulled back from electing students for a sought-after honor society, saying the award reinforces racial bias in medical education.
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What Trump and His Foes Get Wrong About Immigrants 5.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
They’re not especially crime-prone, but that doesn’t mean the problem is make-believe.
Want to keep our kids safe from gun violence? Keep them after school | Opinion 4.9.2018 News
Half - 50 percent - of the youth in our state would participate in after school programming if given the chance.
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Alphabet's Chairman on Government, China and Fake News 31.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
John L. Hennessy talks about the future that Silicon Valley is creating, the rise of employee activism and how Google should address censorship.
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It’s Not the 'Future of Work,' It’s the Future of Workers That’s in Doubt 31.8.2018 American Prospect
As another Labor Day passes, the stakes have never been higher for workers, unions, and people who believe in a just economy and a decent country. The capitalism of recent decades has relentlessly undercut worker bargaining power, triggering an explosive rise in inequality that has undermined democracy itself. Driven by an ideological embrace of “creative disruption and destruction” and supercharged by the fusion of Wall Street’s financialization of the economy with Silicon Valley’s techno-monopolies, this profoundly destabilizing version of capitalism is reshaping every aspect of the economy. Meanwhile, however, the architects of inequality are brilliantly distracting us from their growing domination by defining and controlling the debate about what is inevitable and what is possible. Nearly every discussion of labor’s future in mainstream media quickly becomes mired in a group of elite-defined concerns called “The Future of Work.” Rarely has a phrase been so ubiquitous in discussions of the economy or ...
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Betsy DeVos proposes using public education funds for guns 30.8.2018 - News for the rest of us
US Politics Joaquin Oliver would have turned 18 years old on Aug. 4 had he not been killed on Valentine's Day, along with 16 other students and staff, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Like many student survivors of the Parkland massacre, Joaquin's parents, Manuel and Patricia Oliver, have become gun control activists. Had Joaquin lived, Aug. 4 would have been a day of celebration. Instead, Manuel and Patricia joined other activists outside the headquarters of the National Rifle Association in Fairfax, Virginia. Manuel wore a shirt that day that read, "Books not Magazines." The artful play on words included a stylized AR-15 semi-automatic rifle embedded in the word "Magazines," highlighting the large ammunition capacity of the weapon -- the gun of choice of mass shooters in the U.S. The phrase took on another meaning last week when it was first reported that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was considering allowing federal education funds to be used to buy guns to arm teachers ...
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From plastic straws to a sea change for plastic 29.8.2018 Design & Innovation |
It's time for some big thinking — and concrete action — on plastic waste.
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