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Confederate Memorial in Arlington: Honoring rebel soldiers and slavery on the nation’s sacred ground 18.8.2017 Washington Post
As monuments to the Confederacy come under fresh scrutiny following the violence in Charlottesville, the 32-foot-tall testament to Southern pride stands out for its hallowed location in Arlington National Cemetery. But there is little evidence of any public campaign to remove it. Even if there were, it’s unclear what legal path exists for it to be taken down.
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Here’s Where Confederate Monuments Are Coming Down—And Which Ones Could Be Next 18.8.2017 Mother Jones
This past weekend’s violent protests against the planned removal of a Charlottesville, Virginia, monument commemorating Robert E. Lee by “alt-right” activists and white supremacists—and the counter-protests that opposed those demonstrations—has captured the attention of the entire country. But the effort to take down the symbols that glorify the Confederacy and its leaders are far from new. The tensions […]
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Liberal hero Noam Chomsky joins University of Arizona staff 18.8.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — The University of Arizona has hired noted academic and social critic hero to the political left Noam Chomsky as a new faculty member in its linguistics department. Chomsky is joining the faculty this month and will start teaching part time in 2018. The 88-year-old, who has written over 100 books and […]
Trump shuns healing gestures, redoubling support for Confederate memorials and slamming fellow Republicans 18.8.2017 LA Times: Nation

President Trump, increasingly isolated, appears caught in a cycle of anger and provocation as he pushes wider the nation’s longstanding racial and cultural divide to solidify his dwindling base of populist political support.

The latest examples came Thursday: Trump further inflamed the incendiary...

Discovery could lead to new catalyst design to reduce nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust 18.8.2017 Green Technology and Environmental Science News - ENN
Researchers have discovered a new reaction mechanism that could be used to improve catalyst designs for pollution-control systems to further reduce emissions of smog-causing nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust.
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'We're Not Them' — Condemning Charlottesville And Condoning White Resentment 18.8.2017 NPR News
A scholar and a journalist offer context and analysis on the events in Charlottesville and the politics of white anger.
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The Case for Naming and Shaming White Supremacists 18.8.2017 Mother Jones
After the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one woman dead and 19 injured, internet vigilantes and activists have been combing through photos to identify the people who attended. Cole White resigned from his job at Top Dog, a libertarian hot dog restaurant in Berkeley, California, after he was identified and it was “inundated with inquiries” about his employment.   […]
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A Post-Charlottesville To-Do List for Anti-Trumpers 18.8.2017 American Prospect
Andrew Shurtleff /The Daily Progress via AP People participate in a candlelight vigil at the University of Virginia Wednesday night, August 16, 2017, in Charlottesville.  In the wake of the Charlottesville murder, the resistible re-emergence of the Klan, American Nazis, and a neo-fascist president settling into a groove, progressives’ action agenda could stand some updating. Here are a few suggestions: ·      Mount ongoing vigils or demonstrations at the nation’s anti-fascist, anti-racist monuments. In the nation’s capital, that would include both the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II memorial in the middle of the National Mall. The World War II Memorial should get special attention, with demonstrators making constant reference to the thousands of their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on—or, among the very old, their buddies—who gave their lives to defeat the most virulent anti-Semitism and racism the world has ever known, and making clear that neo-Nazis and Klansmen make a mockery ...
Essential California: Confederate monuments in California come down 18.8.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Thursday, Aug. 17, and here’s what’s happening across California:


They’re coming down

Memorials honoring Confederate icons and history are falling like dominoes across California and the country in the aftermath...

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Poisonings went hand in hand with the drinking water in Pompeii 17.8.2017 Green Technology and Environmental Science News - ENN
The ancient Romans were famous for their advanced water supply. But the drinking water in the pipelines was probably poisoned on a scale that may have led to daily problems with vomiting, diarrhoea, and liver and kidney damage. This is the finding of analyses of water pipe from Pompeii.- The concentrations were high and were definitely problematic for the ancient Romans. Their drinking water must have been decidedly hazardous to health.
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Participation trophies abound as Georgetown celebrates 'Millennial Day' 17.8.2017 Washington Post
Participation trophies abound as Georgetown celebrates 'Millennial Day'
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Kyle Quinn Hid At A Friend's House After Being Misidentified On Twitter As A Racist 17.8.2017 NPR News
A University of Arkansas professor falsely identified as a participant in a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville says the online reaction was frightening and felt like being chased by a mob.
Hong Kong student leaders jailed over pro-democracy protest tied to Umbrella Movement 17.8.2017 L.A. Times - World News

Nearly three years ago, several Hong Kong youth with hopes of greater democracy led a downtown protest that ballooned into thousands and lasted for 79 days. Now, they’re going to jail.

Three student leaders who helped catalyze the city’s pro-democracy movement were sentenced to prison on Thursday,...

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Capitalist Economies Create Waste, Not Social Value 17.8.2017
More production means more waste: more waste means more production. Waste is a sign of capitalism's success. In this excerpt from Creating an Ecological Society, Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams show the immense levels of waste created by capitalism today, including the prison-industrial complex, food system and housing in the United States -- not to mention the horrendous expensive and wasteful US military. (Photo: hroe / iStock / Getty Images Plus) What would a truly just, equal and ecologically sustainable future look like? Why would it require a change in our economic system, namely the end of capitalism? Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams answer these questions in Creating an Ecological Society: Toward a Revolutionary Transformation. Suffused with radical hope, this book can be yours with a donation to Truthout! In this excerpt, Magdoff and Williams show the immense levels of waste created by capitalism today, including the prison-industrial complex, food system and housing in the United States -- not ...
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Voices of the Palestinian Diaspora: Ramzy Baroud and Rima Najjar on Identity and Resistance 17.8.2017
Palestinians have been artificially divided for nearly seven decades, but from generation to generation, members of the Palestinian diaspora have neither forgotten their identity nor despaired. Diasporic Palestinians are fundamental to the struggle for equality and justice in several key ways, say journalist and author Ramzy Baroud and retired English professor Rima Najjar. An activist holds up a Palestinian flag during a protest outside the White House on the day Donald Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu February 15, 2017, in Washington, DC. (Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images) Help Truthout supply a counterpoint to the dangerous rhetoric and misinformation spewing forth from Washington DC. It takes less than thirty seconds to contribute via card or PayPal: Just click here! Uprooted from their native dwellings, loved ones and joint heritage, Palestinians have embraced a steadfastness ( sumud ) that has been one of the principles of their struggle for justice. For over 69 years since ...
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Democrats launch #RiseAndOrganize campaign to build on Charlottesville protests 17.8.2017 Washington Post
Democrats launch #RiseAndOrganize campaign to build on Charlottesville protests
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'The architecture degree will be the law degree of the 21st century': A conversation with Woodbury's Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter 17.8.2017 LA Times: Commentary

So far this year in Building Type we’ve interviewed the outgoing heads of the architecture programs at UCLA (Hitoshi Abe) and USC (Qinyun Ma) and the incoming dean at USC (Milton Curry). This week we sit down with Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, an architect who was named dean of the School of Architecture...

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The most dangerous intersections in Seattle for bicyclists and pedestrians 17.8.2017 Seattle Times: Local

While Seattle is one of the country’s safest major cities for pedestrians, we’re not yet at the city’s goal of eliminating pedestrian deaths and major injuries. Where are bike and pedestrian injuries happening? Here are some of the hot spots around the city.
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Nobel winner shot for education advocacy to study at Oxford 17.8.2017 AP Top News
LONDON (AP) -- Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by a Taliban gunman at age 15 for speaking out for the right to an education, has been accepted to the University of Oxford....
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People who get Medicaid are made to feel powerless. That pushes them out of politics and toward fatalism. 17.8.2017 Washington Post: Politics
They say that they're treated like ‘stupid animals,’ made to feel like they were ‘nothing,’ and ‘looked down upon’ for needing help.
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