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Curry scores 34, Warriors beat Pelicans 106-99 in Game 1 19.4.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Stephen Curry scored 34 points with an MVP-worthy performance, and the Golden State Warriors went up big before holding off the New Orleans Pelicans 106-99 in their playoff opener ...
'Anne of Green Gables' actor dies 19.4.2015 CNN: Top Stories
Canadian actor Jonathan Crombie, who co-starred in the "Anne of Green Gables" TV movies, died this week at age 48.
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The FBI's most-wanted domestic terrorist fugitives 19.4.2015 CNN: Top Stories
Threats range from white supremacists to eco-terrorists to anti-government extremists. FULL STORY
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Why I am Green (And the Republican Candidates Make Me See Red) 19.4.2015 Politics on
Have you ever heard the expression "a stitch in time saves nine"? How about "Trust in God, but tie up your camels"? Or "better safe than sorry"? We humans have a hilarious abundance of phrases that mean the same thing -- when in doubt, we should err on the side of caution. See, there's another one! The point being, one thing anyone who can read or hear and/or has been living on this planet should not be in doubt about is global climate change. The inevitable conclusion of having any information at all is that we must do something about pollution, like, yesterday. Or even better, 20 years ago! Where is the "way back" machine when you need it? Hey, you say, I recycle! And buy "Energy Star" appliances when my old ones crap out! I am doing my part! And you are. But unfortunately not only do you have to do your part, but a probably a couple dozen other people's parts too, because Houston, we have a problem. And the problem is, we have politicians who want to run our country committed to the ...
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Ringo Starr, Green Day headline eclectic Rock Hall class 19.4.2015 Star Tribune: Latest
Forever a Beatle, Ringo Starr will enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist on Saturday, inducted along with an eclectic class of musicians that includes pop punks Green Day, soul singer-songwriter Bill Withers and underground-rock icon Lou Reed.
Ringo Starr, Green Day headline eclectic Rock Hall class 18.4.2015 Entertainment
Ringo Starr, Green Day headline eclectic Rock Hall class
The Top Green Colleges In 2015, Ranked By The Princeton Review 18.4.2015 Green on
Some higher education institutions are leading the way in environmental responsibility, and the Princeton Review has recognized them in their annual rankings of the greenest colleges . At the top of the list is Lewis & Clark College in Oregon, which has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30 percent over the last nine years, according to the publisher. This list was put together by analyzing the state of the campuses themselves as well as the "academic offerings and career preparation for students," the Princeton Review said. Of the schools here, 96 percent offer a sustainability focused major while 81 percent of new construction is USGBC LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified. Green Mountain College is the second most green college. The campus has wind turbines and solar panels to generate energy, along with other innovative forms of preserving energy. Green Mountain was also the second in the nation to become climate neutral in 2011, meaning that the school removes ...
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Native Hawaiians Want To Bring Back Environmentally Friendly Burial Practices 18.4.2015 Politics on
HONOLULU (AP) -- A group of Native Hawaiians wants to bring back a centuries-old island burial practice that it says is more environmentally friendly than some modern interment methods. Traditional "clean burials" involve cleansing the deceased by fire in a pit and then compressing the skeletal remains, wrapping them in a cloth woven from trees, and burying them in a basket. Supporters note such burials use fewer chemicals and take up less space in cemeteries at a time when an aging population faces a limited amount of land. "We have a lot of elders who are concerned about having enough capacity to bury their families when it's time to go," said Mahealani Cypher, who represents the Koolau Foundation, which is pushing the state to update its burial laws. Several bills in the Legislature seek to change state law to encourage traditional Hawaiian burials. Native Hawaiians practiced a variety of burial traditions before Western contact, but scholars say the common thread among them was a reverence for ...
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Group wants return of Native Hawaiian 'clean burials,' says they're environmentally friendly 18.4.2015 Star Tribune: Politics
Latin America Green News: Chile's first solar village, Colombia launches REDD, Petition for Monarch protection 18.4.2015 Switchboard, from NRDC
Maria Martinez, Program Assistant, Director of Programs & Latin America Project, Washington, D.C.: Latin America Green News is a selection of weekly news highlights about environmental and energy issues in Latin America. April 11th - April 17th, 2015 Climate Change Last week at the 7th Summit of the Americas in Panama, United Nations...
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Green group praises Bush on climate remarks 18.4.2015 Yahoo: Politics
Billionaire activist Tom Steyer's climate change advocacy group offered unexpected praise on Friday to Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush for saying the United States should work with the world to reduce carbon emissions. NextGen Climate, which launched a "war room" earlier this month to target presidential candidates that deny the existence of climate change, said Bush stood out from fellow Republican hopefuls for acknowledging the issue but called on him to offer ideas for tacking the problem. "In the coming weeks, we urge Jeb Bush to outline his specific plan to reduce carbon emissions," the group said in a ...
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Condos Hoping to Bring New Life to the Financial District 18.4.2015 Boston Globe: Latest
On Thursday, April 16, The Boston Redevelopment Authority approved plans for new residential units at 102-112 Broad Street overlooking the Rose Kennedy Greenway.
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Species loss linked to unstable production of grassland ecosystem 17.4.2015 Environmental News Network
Losing plant species is directly linked to long-term declines in the stable productivity of grasslands, a new study has shown. The study demonstrates for the first time that for every decrease in plant biodiversity there is a proportional decrease in the stable production of plant biomass through time of grassland ecosystems. Over the long-term, factors such as rising levels of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, more frequent grazing, or drought, only affect ecosystem stability in as much as they affect biodiversity.
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Think Different: Apple and conservation 17.4.2015 Environmental News Network
Marking a precedent-setting conservation partnership, Apple and the Conservation Fund will purchase two large areas of working forest, the organizations announced on Thursday. The move is expected to conserve “more than 36,000 acres of working forestland in Maine and North Carolina, ensuring these forests stay forests and any timber on the land is harvested sustainably,” the partners said in a joint announcement.This initial purchase of U.S. working forestland marks “the beginning of a worldwide effort, one that represents a new approach as it reassesses its impact on the world’s paper supply chain,” Lisa P. Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental initiatives, and Larry Selzer, president and CEO of the Conservation Fund, wrote in a Medium op-ed. Prior to joining Apple, Jackson led the U.S. EPA as President Barack Obama’s EPA Administrator from 2009 to ...
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Chinese textile mills save money while going green 17.4.2015 TreeHugger
A new report from Clean by Design shows how energy and water efficiency translate into big savings.
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Enter the World Environment Day blogging competition and win a trip to Milan 17.4.2015 TreeHugger
In anticipation of World Environment Day on June 5, the United Nations Environment Programme is hosting a blogging competition to raise awareness about this year’s theme of sustainable consumption.
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Yes, You Can Help The World And Make Money At The Same Time 17.4.2015 NPR News
Entrepreneurs are figuring out ways to make the world better without relying on charity. It's called social entrepreneurship, and its rising stars showed us how it works at a conference in Oxford.
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California Needs a Strategy for Sustainable Natural Gas 17.4.2015 Green on
Combustion of natural gas is responsible for a quarter of California's carbon emissions. If we are going to achieve the 80 percent reduction in emissions proposed by state legislators in S.B. 32, we will need to think clearly about the role that natural gas plays now and the role that we envision for it in the future. Natural gas today is primarily -- but not exclusively -- a fossil fuel. It mainly comes from fossil carbon stored in the earth's crust, just like coal and petroleum. It is used for electricity generation and also for heating our homes and hot water, cooking our food, and to generate heat for various manufacturing processes. However, gas is different from other fossil fuels in three important ways. First, gas is not just a fossil fuel. Natural gas can also come from biogas, created from the decay of organic waste products in landfills, and from waste water, animal manure, and agricultural waste. Second, gas can also be a means for storing and transporting renewable energy. As California ...
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Greenroads: Certifying Streets as Green 17.4.2015 Switchboard, from NRDC
Deron Lovaas, State/Federal Policy & Practice Director, Urban Solutions, Washington, D.C.: The building industry has gone through a revolution since the 1990s. More and more structures are greener than in the past, with measurably better environmental performance yielding less air and water pollution as well as reduced waste. What accounts for...
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Mayor Coleman's 2015 State of the City Address 17.4.2015 MinnPost
Thank you Council President Stark for that kind introduction. It’s great to see you in your new role as president of the council. I’d also like to extend a special thanks to retiring Councilmember Dave Thune for whom this will be his last official State of the City. I would like to extend a welcome to Chief Finney who has sat through a number of State of the City addresses, but this is his first as a councilmember. And, of course, thanks to the partners who provided our space tonight, including the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Schubert Club, Minnesota Opera and Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. ********** In 2006, I stood before the people of Saint Paul in my first State of the City address and asked our community to seize the moment to move our city forward. Quoting Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel, I said that there comes a time when we must make a choice between repeating ourselves and choosing to grow. I asked that we intentionally implement our dreams for Saint Paul and propel our city forward ...
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