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Starting Today, Starbucks Delivers (To One Building) 13.10.2015 Wired Top Stories
Starting Today, Starbucks Delivers (To One Building)
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Lyft’s Search for a New Mode of Transport 13.10.2015 Technology Review Feed - Tech Review Top Stories

How Uber’s archenemy plans to make the world a better place by building a kind of public transit system from private cars.

We were all in the car with Alexandr, listening to techno, which was his choice. He was driving; it was his car. As we crawled east across Los Angeles, through Hollywood, the two strangers seated behind me argued about whether you could call yourself a photographer if you only posted your photos on Instagram. None of us had met until five minutes before, and after Alexandr dropped us in the different places we were going, we’d probably never see each other again.

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Live from Mexico City: The Impact Today’s Cities Can Have on Tomorrow 13.10.2015 THE CITY FIX
TheCityFix is coming to you live from Mexico City this week, where EMBARQ Mexico is hosting the 11th annual International Congress on Sustainable Cities and Transport (“XI Congreso”) today through Wednesday. The conference is aimed at helping cities work toward ...
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On the Sustainability (Volks)Wagon 12.10.2015 Green on
It happened -- a build up you could say -- over many years crafting skills and knowledge to reach a point, that was out of sight, in which there was a collision of worldviews, a flash point between horizons. Gut feeling and tiredness pushed at the boundaries of my comfort zone and took me to unknown territory. I sat across the office table looking at my boss. He asked, "What is the matter?" I said, "This job; it is just not me." First, I made a call to my brother in Hong Kong, a proxy for my family values, knowing that I had to connect with them whether I like it or not. "Hi." I said, "Hello Mate." He chirped back. There was a deep pause waiting between fault-line and failure. "I've left my job." I told him, and went into some of the details. "Sounds like you've had a lucky escape, to be honest." he said. "You are right." I replied and in that moment, things moved on. Back in 2012 the economy still nursed a hang over from the Global Financial Crisis and markets still felt fragile, but out of the chaos of ...
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When Will Fed Raise Interest Rates? 12.10.2015 Politics on
It has been puzzling many major economists, including Nobelist Paul Krugman, Obama advisor Larry Summers, and Minneapolis Fed Chair Narayan Kacherlakota, why Janet Yellen's Fed is still talking about raising interest rates when current inflation numbers are so poor, as well as future growth projections. In fact, the numbers are poor enough that the only beneficiaries of a rate rise at present would be Republican Presidential candidates, since past history shows economic growth would slow even more if interest rates were raised at this time of low inflation, and so favor the Republican Presidential candidate, whoever it may be. And maybe that's the reason Republicans continue to criticize anything the US Federal Reserve does, even though most economic growth since the Great Recession has been due to the Fed's ultra-low low interest rates that has kept the cost of borrowing anything low. It could enhance their chances next November. But what is the Republican Party these days? In fact, there seem to be ...
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You're at Green Zone in Old Town Pasadena for the Hainan chicken 12.10.2015 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Green Zone, visitors to the San Gabriel Valley know, is a pan-Asian restaurant in the sweet spot of Valley Boulevard, known for its light, almost greaseless takes on what I suppose you could call fusion cooking, and an insistence, rare in that part of town, on organic ingredients. Even among people...

Fusion to change everything? 12.10.2015 CNN: Top Stories
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Sustainability Has Entered the Political Mainstream 12.10.2015 Green on
In the fall of 1975 I found myself sitting in Lester Milbrath's Environmental Politics graduate seminar at SUNY Buffalo, talking to the teaching assistant, my now longtime friend and colleague Sheldon Kamieniecki. I distinctly remember thinking, how did we get here? Sheldon and I are from Brooklyn, so what does environmental policy have to do with the urban issues we care about? The environmental stuff seemed interesting, but Earth Day appeared to be a fad and the environment was, at best, a second-tier political issue. Still, despite its low priority on the political agenda, the more we analyzed the interconnected set of problems humanity faced, the more I was convinced that the environment was the central issue of our time. As a result, two years later I was helping to staff EPA's working group on public participation in water programs and five years later I was working in EPA's Superfund toxic waste cleanup program. There was a lot of work to be done and I found myself learning about the environment ...
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Savory and sweet apple recipes 12.10.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories

They’re crunchy and delicious out of hand. Not to mention crazy nutritious. But autumn’s favorite fruit is even more spectacular when it plays nice with others in dishes — both sweet and savory.
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No, Your Eco-Vacation Is Not Actually Doing Animals Any Favors 12.10.2015 Mother Jones
Ecotourism—the practice of visiting natural places not just to observe wildlife, but to actively conserve it—has seen dramatic growth in recent years: 7 percent annually, says the International Ecotourism Society, making it the fastest growing segment of the travel market. It's not hard to understand why when you consider the promise of fun and charitable rewards in equal measure: In one fell swoop, zip-line through the cloud forest and save the orangutans that swing through it, too. But new research may give travelers pause before dusting off the binoculars or snorkels for their next ecotourism adventure. A paper published Friday in Trends in Ecology and Evolution suggests that visitors to protected wildlife areas may be harming the local fauna, no matter how good their practices and intentions. In an analysis of 100 studies on animal behavior, researchers found evidence that animals let down their guard in environments where human activity makes predators scarce. Those behaviors could spill into ...
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Century-old Rico mines require ongoing monitoring 12.10.2015 Durango Herald
The headwaters of the Dolores River share space with century-old mines similar to the Gold King Mine that spilled 3 million gallons of wastewater into the Animas River this August.But the long-abandoned Argentine Mine Complex near Rico is receiving proper pollution controls to reduce the risk of such an accident, mining officials...
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Rahm Emanuel isn't offering enough budget reform to justify his tax hike 12.10.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
The morning of Oct. 28 could be a day of rubber stamps or rebellion. The Chicago City Council is scheduled to vote on the 2016 city budget, which includes the largest property tax hike in modern history. The crescendo is palpable: A city running on borrowed money. Newly elected aldermen who ...
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Dem Debate Week -- Comeback Grandma? Can O'Malley Pull a Fiorina? Will Joe Run or Pass? 12.10.2015 Politics on
LISTEN HERE: By Mark Green Matalin and Corn preview the first Dem debate: Will HRC's new progressive push work? What's O'Malley's opening against an iconic woman and anti-plutocrat? Will Joe stop his tease? Then: after Oregon and four gun deaths per-hour all year, Right says answer is more guns. Really? Debate Preview I: Hillary & Bernie. After months of being target practice for a jaded media and no-holds-barred GOP, Hillary tried pre-debate to turn around a negative narrative by opposing TPP and Keystone, humor-izing herself on SNL, pushing back on Benghazi based on McCarthy's gaffe, going hard on gun safety after Oregon. Has she re-set race or at least stabilized it? Mary maintains that McCarthy's admission about the political motive of the Benghazi Special Committee was stupid because it enabled Hillary to "play to her sweet spot which is to play the victim." David says his comment was stupid not because it was false but true. "This eighth Benghazi Committee has no reason to exist since the others ...
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Seahawks’ Cary Williams looks forward after forgettable performance vs. Bengals 12.10.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories

CINCINNATI — Seahawks coach Pete Carroll called it “a hard start’’ for cornerback Cary Williams at Cincinnati on Sunday. The end wasn’t necessarily a whole lot easier. “I could have been better,’’ Williams said bluntly, if quietly, in a solemn Seahawks locker room following a 27-24 overtime loss to the Bengals. Williams was on the […]
Packers' defense backs Rodgers in 24-10 win over Rams 12.10.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories

Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers reacts during the first half an NFL football game against the St. Louis Rams Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Matt Ludtke)GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Aaron Rodgers' remarkable run of mistake-free football at home is over. Green Bay, though, is still perfect this season.

The Latest: At 39, Woodson oldest with 2 picks in a game 12.10.2015 AP Top News
The latest from NFL games around the league on the fifth Sunday of the season (all times EDT):...
Seahawks-Bengals grades: Low marks for late struggles on both sides of ball 12.10.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories

CINCINNATI — For three quarters the Seahawks had about as tight of a grip on the Bengals as one could imagine. Then suddenly it all fell apart, and they left town with one their more perplexing losses in recent years. The Seahawks allowed 17 points in the last 12:18 of the fourth quarter, then Cincinnati’s […]
Do the Democrats Offer a Progressive Choice for President? 11.10.2015 Politics on
Although the 2016 presidential election is a year away, the media is abuzz with the candidates - the Republican and Democratic candidates, that is. When CBS's Stephen Colbert posed comedically with a collage of the 18 or so declared hopefuls, the Green Party's candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, was noticeably absent from his photo. Only outlets like Democracy Now!, PBS and RT News feature the good doctor. What choices do progressives have? Hillary Clinton leaves a lot to be desired. She does favor a woman's right to choose and has recently come out in support of marriage equality. Clinton supports comprehensive immigration reform but also backs stepped-up border enforcement. A former member of the board of Walmart, she is cozy with Wall Street and voted for the Patriot Act. Clinton has been called a "focus group Democrat," often accused of believing what polls and focus groups tell her she should believe. On foreign policy issues, Clinton is a first-class hawk. As Robert Scheer wrote on Truthdig : "Clinton, in ...
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Inhabitat's Week in Green: 3D-printed pavilions and cardboard cars 11.10.2015 Technology
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Unlikely stars, and another American win in Presidents Cup 11.10.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
INCHEON, South Korea (AP) — The final hour when both teams thought they had it won. The clutch putt that turned a rookie into the hero. The stubbed chip that made the local star cover his face with both hands as if he wanted to ...
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