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2014 World Green Car of the Year is... 25.4.2014 TreeHugger
Test out your green car awareness by seeing if you can name the 2014 World Green Car of the Year. Note: it has to be a new model.
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Why business needs to care for ocean health 25.4.2014 Business Operations |

The oceans are in danger, yet we need them for more than business. Companies should be "impatient" and take action with these tools and tactics.

Why business needs to care for ocean health
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'My Chicago' is a promising work in progress 25.4.2014 Chicago Tribune: Popular
"Ugh, everything is gone!" the best-selling novelist John Green laments as he and Mark Bazer, co-host of the new WTTW series "My Chicago," drive through Chicago neighborhoods the writer once called ...
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The Flood Is Coming -- And Russell Crowe Can't Help 25.4.2014 Green on
Noah, the Hollywood blockbuster starring Russell Crowe, has generated a lot of buzz since its March 28 premiere. The movie depicts the Genesis story about Noah building an ark to save himself, his family and various animals from a great flood. While this may be billed as an action/adventure movie, I view it more as a cautionary tale, because devastating floods are a very real and increasingly destructive and frequent threat to our world. Last week, just in time for Earth Day, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a new report that outlines the need to enact major climate change laws. In a related story, The New York Times wrote, "This week's report makes clear ... that the window is rapidly narrowing to forge new policies that will protect the globe from a future of serious food and water shortages, a drastic sea level rise, increased poverty and disease and other profound risks." This is no Hollywood story. This is our reality. And there are examples all around ...
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Gotham Greens Is Pushing The Scale Of Urban Agriculture With Their Tasty, Pesticide-Free Veggies 25.4.2014 Green on
When you think of farming, New York City may be one of the last places that come to mind. But Gotham Greens, an urban greenhouse business, is reversing that mindset and linking urban areas with agriculture. Co-founded in 2008 by Viraj Puri and Eric Haley with the goal of advancing urban agriculture, Gotham Greens works to provide high-quality, pesticide-free produce to grocery stores, restaurants and other local retailers. By using advanced technology and providing a climate-controlled environment, Gotham Greens is able to provide produce year-round -- something that sets them apart from rooftop or conventional farms around New York. In January, Gotham Greens opened its second urban greenhouse on top of Whole Foods Market in Gowanus, Brooklyn. This 20,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility harvests 200 tons of organic, non-GMO produce a year, and supplies grocers like Whole Foods, Fresh Direct and Key Foods. This facility uses the hydroponic technique , meaning plants receive nutrients from their ...
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US wood pellet exports to Europe hit record high 24.4.2014 Environmental News Network
Europe's boom in biomass demand has led to a doubling of wood pellet exports from North America in just two years to reach 4.7 million tons in 2013, according to the latest data. North America exported wood pellets valued at over 650 million dollars in 2013, a dramatic increase of more than 250 percent in just two years, according to new research released by the North American Wood Fibre Review. The US South shipped almost three million tons last year, which was almost two-thirds of total export volume from North America, and with no slowdown in sight, North American wood pellet exporting companies keep building new facilities to manufacture pellets for the European market.
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Green Lawns Don't Make for 'Green' Yards 24.4.2014 Green on
by guest blogger Maya K. van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper The natural world is awakening from a tough winter, and our yards are greening up as the weather warms. But are our yards really as "green" as they could be? Across the country, as communities have expanded and new developments have been built, the amount of land covered with a green grass carpet has grown. We've lost the native vegetation--trees and shrubs in particular--that should characterize our landscapes. And as this vegetation disappears, we've seen floodwaters rising, stream banks eroding, drinking wells running dry, and overall water quality declining. There is a direct connection between the loss of native vegetation in our communities and what's happening to our local streams and rivers. When vegetated with native trees and shrubs and covered in a blanket of decaying leaves, conifer needles, and wood, the land acts as a sponge. Rainwater percolates into the soil, filtering down to the water table below to resupply the aquifers that ...
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Misplaced garden: City of Longmont frowns on amateur green-thumb 24.4.2014 Denver Post: News: Local
Longmont resident Dan Nelson has built quite a garden for himself. Using four 4-by-8-foot raised beds and two different colors of mulch for what's directly in the ground, Nelson has planted strawberries, potatoes and various types of flowers and herbs, including thyme, oregano, lavender and ...
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Have supply chains changed since the Rana Plaza calamity? 24.4.2014 Business Operations |

A forthcoming Ceres report examines how little manufacturing has improved in the year since Bangladesh's deadly apparel factory collapse.

Have supply chains changed since the Rana Plaza calamity?
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Earth Week: How Much Your Electronics Cost Per Year 24.4.2014 WCCO: Local News
CFL Light BulbWe've dubbed this week "Earth Week" on the WCCO this Morning Show and are exploring several ways to learn about being more eco-friendly. It's been a good opportunity to think about our impact on the environment. One way people go eco-friendly is remembering to turn off the lights.
St. Paul gives 15 awards for environmental sustainability 24.4.2014 MinnPost
Fifteen businesses, organizations and individuals received Sustainable Saint Paul Awards Wednesday for their efforts in protecting the environment. And the winners are: Local, Healthy Food Award for commitment to promoting local, healthy food: Gateway Food Co-op Green Products Award for organizations which have developed or use innovative products that reduce toxicity, prevent pollution and lower environmental impact overall: Garden Fresh Farms Youth Leadership Award to a student, school group, organization or youth club working to enhance and protect our air, water and natural environment: Central High School Roots and Shoots Natural Resources Conservation Award for community groups and residents who replant, restore, and reclaim the urban environment into opportunities for the social and physical renewal: Frogtown Tree Frogs Environmental Education & Awareness Award — for programs and concepts which develop skills and attitudes necessary to understand the inter-relatedness among humans, culture, and ...
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Quiros, Dyson share lead at China Open 24.4.2014 World
SHENZHEN, China (AP) — Alvaro Quiros and Simon Dyson each shot a 5-under 67 to share the lead after the first round of the China Open on Thursday.
5 'healthy' foods that can backfire 24.4.2014 CNN: Top Stories
You've proudly switched your morning bacon, egg and cheese biscuit to a slice of whole-grain toast with avocado and hummus, and your vanilla latte has become a big glass of fresh-squeezed juice. You feel more energetic, but you're not losing the weight you thought would fall right off. What's up with that?
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This Town Was Almost Swallowed by a Coal Mine 24.4.2014 Mother Jones
Holzweiler, Germany, just escaped impending death. A tidy village of stone houses clustered around an aging cathedral, it's only 40 minutes up the Autobahn from the modernist bustle of Cologne, the country's fourth-largest city. The drive winds past farms spiked with towering wind turbines, standard-bearers of Germany's nationwide green energy overhaul. But Holzweiler's quiet sidewalks are also precariously close to one of Europe's largest open-pit coal mines. When I visited last fall, residents of Holzweiler and a cluster of neighboring villages had been living on borrowed time. The villages were in the way of the expanding mine, and locals had been told by the government that within a matter of years their homes would be bulldozed to get at the coal—the world's dirtiest kind, known as lignite—buried underneath. Gisela Irving, a 78-year-old Holzweiler resident, keeps a small garden and a few chickens here that she raises with the help of a big, shaggy mutt named Butch. Gisela told me the region's ...
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Green Power or Cheap Power? You Choose. 24.4.2014 Yahoo: Politics

Green Power or Cheap Power? You Choose.Not only can homes with photovoltaic cells and wind turbines generate electricity, but they can also sell that juice on the backs of grids that the power companies pay to maintain. No wonder they’re asking states to tax renewables.

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Dear Shannon: Does a CSO need a leadership coach? 24.4.2014 Business Operations |
What does a leadership coach do? As CSO, could I benefit from one?
Dear Shannon: Does a CSO need a leadership coach?
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Seattle to play host to Green Bay in NFL opener 24.4.2014 LA Times: Top News
Seahawks open against Packers, face 49ers on Thanksgiving 24.4.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
Seahawks regular-season schedule also includes Super Bowl rematch with Denver on Sept. 21 among at least four nationally televised games in prime time.
SL Green Realty 1st-Quarter Net Soars on Asset Sale 24.4.2014 Wall St. Journal: US Business
SL Green Realty Corp.'s first-quarter profit soared, mostly driven by the company's sale of its interest in two properties.
Seahawks to open NFL season vs. Packers 24.4.2014 Sports
NEW YORK (AP) — As Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks get to kick off the NFL's regular season by hosting the Green Bay Packers on Sept. 4.
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