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McDonald's drive-thru rules disallow blind late-night diners, lawsuit says 28.5.2016 Chicago Tribune: Business
As many a drunken reveler has discovered to his frustration, McDonald's won't serve late-night customers who rock up to the drive-thru window without a car. But now the rule that says you need wheels to get a midnight feast at Mickey D's is being challenged in court. Scott Magee, a blind ...
It's The Zika Virus In Action, Drawn By A Scientist-Artist 28.5.2016 NPR News
He's a scientist. And an artist. His latest subject: the Zika virus.
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Stop blaming Ralph Nader for Al Gore's loss in 2000 28.5.2016 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: It’s unbelievable that 16 years after the 2000 presidential election, political commentators like Jonah Goldberg still make the fatuous claim that Green Party nominee Ralph Nader was responsible for Democrat Al Gore losing Florida and the presidency. ("Could we see a four-way race...

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The big green -- 9 parks projects, maybe more, proposed for Salt Lake County 28.5.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Nine projects appear poised to receive significant funding from a voter-approved bond that will allow Salt Lake County to expand and maintain parks and recreation facilities across the valley. A few more could join the list — if the County Council opts to up the amount of the general obligation bond it issues, a bond made possible in 2014 when voters overwhelmingly extended the tenth-of-a-cent Zoo, Arts and Parks tax for another decade. County financial officials believe the value of the bond, p...
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Driving Detroit: Pushing fuel economy to the max 28.5.2016 Yahoo: Business

Driving Detroit: Pushing fuel economy to the maxThe Shell Eco-Marathon brings wild-looking cars to the streets of Detroit in a bid for a more fuel-sipping automotive future.

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In Game 5, Warriors' Draymond Green showed he's alive and (back to) kicking 28.5.2016 Washington Post
In Game 5, Warriors' Draymond Green showed he's alive and (back to) kicking
250 top leaders from all over the world at the Global Green Growth Forum - 3GF Summit 2016 28.5.2016 Green on
Denmark is host to more than 250 top leaders from all over the world at the Global Green Growth Forum - 3GF Summit 2016 in Copenhagen on June 6-7. #3GF16 For the fifth time, top leaders from the private sector, governments, and civil society from more than 35 countries meet at the Global Green Growth Forum - 3GF Summit in Denmark . The goal is to create innovative collaborations and tangible green solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges across energy, food loss and waste, climate, and sustainable cities. At this year's summit, more than 30 public-private partnerships will be developing solutions that contribute to green growth all over the world. Background The timing of this year's 3GF Summit is designed to follow up on the Paris Climate Agreement and the Agreement on UN's Sustainable Development Goals from September 2015. Under the headline A Call to Action - Enabling Solutions at Speed and Scale, the 3GF provides a platform for developing solutions and private-public partnerships that ...
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Six Months Later, Do You Want to be the Good COP or the Bad COP? 27.5.2016 Green on
A Historic Agreement Signed and Soon to be Ratified In November 2015 at the COP21, after a long period of behind-the-curtain negotiations, the historic Paris agreement was signed. We hear that it has been a success. The agreement, however, should not be seen as the completion of a process but rather, the beginning. What the Paris agreement represents is a long awaited collective commitment to achieve common goals. While this is significant, it is not enough. On the 22nd April 2016, heads of state came together at the United Nations headquarters to sign the agreement that was negotiated 5 months prior. 175 countries signed that day, including the largest emitters of CO2. This was a new record in the history of international agreements, which Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN, did not hesitate to underscore. But now what? Each signatory needs to ratify the agreement into their domestic legislation and turn the environmental objectives outlined into political decisions. This step is key: to come into ...
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Draymond Green says he received some encouraging words from Kobe Bryant before Game 5 27.5.2016 LA Times: Commentary
Draymond Green was in the middle of a rough stretch following the Golden State Warriors second straight loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder to fall behind 3-1 in the teams' NBA playoff series. "I'm frustrated right now, mainly because I know what I've been to this team for years now and I haven't...
Draymond Green got his swagger back. Will it stick around? 27.5.2016 Washington Post
Draymond Green got his swagger back. Will it stick around?
Solving "Wicked Problems" - the Road to a Better World? 27.5.2016 Green on
What makes a problem "wicked" rather than just daunting, formidable or really, really tough? Wicked problems are ones in which we operate with incomplete or contradictory and rapidly-changing information with a large number of stakeholders and with connections to many other problems. How to provide nutritious, satisfying and sufficient food for 9 billion of our neighbors in a sustainable and affordable way is an example of a wicked problem. By DNV GL Chief Sustainability Officer Bjørn K. Haugland; and Professor Kevin Noone, Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES), Stockholm University. It's clear that dealing with wicked problems will require a far greater degree of collaboration and cooperation than most of us are used to applying in our day jobs. We will need to assemble new constellations in which not only stars shine, but where everyone can contribute to illumination. What is equally true, but perhaps less clear is that fixing these constellations in the sky requires ...
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2006 Iron Horse champion Rolando Gonzalez finally earns U.S. citizenship, peace of mind 27.5.2016 Durango Herald
Rolando Gonzalez went from a professional cyclist for the Costa Rican national team to a man desperate to find work in a new country he couldn’t call home. Finding time to race bikes quickly fell on his priority list. Finally, nearly 12 years after he moved to Durango, the 2006 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic road race champion can call himself...
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Hillary Embodies Washington's Decadence 27.5.2016 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
She breaks the rules and gets away with it every time. No wonder voters are fed up.
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Warriors stave off elimination, defeat the Thunder, 120-111 27.5.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The Golden State Warriors aren’t going home. There’s still at least one more game to play.

Stephen Curry made sure of it in the closing minutes Thursday night at Oracle Arena. With the Oklahoma City Thunder still within striking distance in a game that could have ended the Warriors’ season, Curry...

Warriors stave off elimination, beat Thunder to force Game 6 27.5.2016 Washington Post
Warriors stave off elimination, beat Thunder to force Game 6
The best landscape designs don’t require hours of watering and maintenance 27.5.2016 Washington Post
The best landscape designs don’t require hours of watering and maintenance
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The key to Africa's prosperity? Cultivating 'agropreneurs' 27.5.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Dismiss the thought that the key to Africa's financial well-being lies in oil or other standard bearers of economic prosperity. Agnes Kalibata looks to the future and sees smallholder farmers as the answer.

“Today, the countries that have depended so much on oil are suffering the most,” said Kalibata,...

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The Latest: Police ID 4 victims of shooting at T.I. concert 26.5.2016 AP National
NEW YORK (AP) -- The Latest on a fatal shooting inside a New York City concert venue where hip-hop artist T.I. was getting ready to perform (all times local):...
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Generation Wind - Building a Bridge to America's Clean Energy Future 26.5.2016 Green on
Excerpted from remarks by Chris Brown, President of Vestas Americas and the new Chair of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) on May 24th at AWEA's annual WINDPOWER conference in New Orleans. In the past, progress has always been about mastering the physical world. The plow modernized agriculture, aqueducts enabled urbanization, and steam power created the industrial revolution. Sustainability is the next chapter in human progress, and the key is economic renewable energy technology. The paradigm shift towards sustainability is moving the energy industry from resource constrained to technology enabled, from destructive to creative and from scarcity to abundance. Historically, the energy industry has been focused on extracting scarce resources, getting them out of the ground, refining them and shipping them to energy markets. Today, with renewable energy, our industry focus is on how to use technology to harvest the wind, and the sun, in ways that are even smarter and more economical, so it's the ...
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Tired of coleslaw? Make this curried slaw for Memorial Day 26.5.2016 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Sometimes you want a simple side. Slaw is perfect, particularly as the weather gets warmer. We loved this curried slaw from Mustards Grill in Napa Valley. It uses this simple but brightly flavored curried vinaigrette tossed with cabbage, carrot and fresh Fresno or jalapeno chile for a little heat. The...

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