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Anglers, get ready: State and tribal officials agree to salmon plan 27.5.2016 Seattle Times: Local

State and tribal officials have reached agreement for Puget Sound salmon seasons, which is expected to result in reopening of sport fisheries in the weeks ahead.
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APNewsBreak: Poor suburb softens on merger with Cleveland 27.5.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — Leaders of one of Ohio’s poorest cities have dropped their opposition to being annexed by neighboring Cleveland, a shift East Cleveland residents hope could provide basic services the city hasn’t been able to afford for years. Mayor Gary Norton has been pushing for a merger with Cleveland for several years […]
Students With Nowhere to Stay: Homelessness on College Campuses 26.5.2016 Truthout - All Articles
(Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout ) During the past decade, several hundred US colleges and universities have begun creating programs to meet the needs of enrolled students who are hungry or homeless. But many schools still lack comprehensive services to support the estimated 58,000 college students without permanent housing. (Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout ) When the College Cost Reduction and Access Act took effect in 2009, neither lawmakers nor school administrators had any idea how many college students would check the box on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) -- the document that determines eligibility for Pell grants, subsidized loans and work-study awards that help students pay for college or vocational training -- to indicate that they were homeless. At last tabulation, the number was 58,000, a small percentage of the 20.2 million students presently enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate study. Nonetheless, school counselors and advocates believe the number is starkly ...
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What the Media and Congress Are Missing on Zika and Poverty 24.5.2016 Views
Jamila Taylor

Where is the sense of urgency?

In recent weeks, that is the question I continuously find myself asking as I read media accounts of Zika and follow the funding debate in Congress.

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4 Big Reasons Why Land Rights Matter 24.5.2016 WRI Stories
4 Big Reasons Why Land Rights MatterAdd Comment|PrintA farmer in Babati, Tanzania. Photo by S.Malyon/CIAT This article was originally posted on Thomson Reuters Foundation News. “Let us wake up, humankind…Let us build societies that are able to coexist in a dignified way, in way that protects life. Let us come together and remain hopeful as we defend and care for the blood of this Earth and of its spirits.” These were the influential words of the Honduran indigenous land rights... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...
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While Nature Might Not Discriminate, the Effects of Climate Change Do 24.5.2016 Green on
For far too long, American popular opinion has relegated climate change to the ranks of pedagogical scientists, clearly siloed from our everyday lives. It is with this in mind that a number of environmental advocates kicked off a campaign this spring in support of President Obama's Clean Power Plan . The legality of the EPA's carbon rule to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Power Plan will be determined in the State of West Virginia vs. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)--the court case was originally scheduled to come before a three-person panel at the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on June 2. As of last week, it has been delayed to September 27--but will come before a whole court. The campaign in favor of the Clean Power Plan is unique in that its rhetoric borrows from the gay rights movement: Joshua Dorner, a strategist at the Washington political communications firm SKDKnickerbocker who has experience working on same-sex marriage campaigns, ...
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Want a better higher education system? Raise taxes 24.5.2016 Seattle Times: Opinion

Gov. Jay Inslee should name two new UW regents who will actively push for the increased state revenues necessary to strengthen state support for UW and the entire state public higher education system.
A warming world means less water, with economic consequences 23.5.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
We know that climate change will make water scarcer. But it could also have big economic impacts, Richard Damania of the World Bank says.
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Girl, 12, dies after tug of war 20.5.2016 CNN: Top Stories
A 12-year-old girl collapsed and died after a game of tug of war during her school's field day activities.
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UN report: By 2030 two-thirds of world will live in cities 19.5.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

NEW YORK (AP) — A new U.N. report is forecasting that by 2030 two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities, the urban population in developing countries will double, and the area covered by cities could triple. The report launched Wednesday by UN-Habitat also says that in 15 years cities will by producing […]
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Sowing the Seeds of Africa's Success 19.5.2016 Green on
Africa's transformation lies in the continent's rich soil. If we protect the ecosystems that sustain us we can lift Africans out of poverty, achieve food security, build climate resilience, create wealth and end hunger THERE is an old Nigerian proverb that says "fine words do not produce food". So I will keep my words as simple and clear as possible. Africa is facing a harsh reality. One in every two people on the continent lives in extreme poverty. In 15 years, most of the world's poor will reside here in Africa. Sadly, as I write, about 240 million people go to bed hungry every night while malnutrition kills more than 50% of the African children who die before they reach the age of five. These stark statistics are hard to grapple with. But imagine for a moment the pain of a mother who cannot feed her new-born daughter with the proper food she needs to live beyond the age of five. Imagine the mother who toils all day in the field but still goes to bed with a stomach aching from hunger because she cannot ...
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Raped, then rebuffed by the hospital 18.5.2016 CNN: Top Stories
She remembers leaving the neighborhood bar at closing time and walking down the street with the guy who kept an eye on her drink while she ducked into the restroom. She remembers telling him she didn't want to have sex. She remembers the pool of blood between her legs.
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Poll: Americans more upbeat about own finances than economy 18.5.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans are of two minds about the economy in the midst of an election race that largely hinges on the issue. They are strikingly pessimistic about the national economy yet comparatively upbeat about their own financial circumstances. Just 42 percent of adults describe the U.S. economy as good, according to a survey […]
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Can the Working Family Work in America? 17.5.2016 American Prospect
By Allison J. Pugh Oxford University Press The male-breadwinner family is arguably the least traditional family form in all of world history. For thousands of years, husbands, wives, and children worked together to provision the household. In the United States, it wasn’t until the 1920s that a bare majority of children lived in homes where the mother was not working beside her husband in a family enterprise or earning income in other ways, with the children exempted from labor to go to school. Receding in the Great Depression and World War II, the male-breadwinner family roared back once the war ended. At the end of the 1950s, only 19 percent of married mothers with children under age six were in the labor force. Two-thirds of children under age 15 lived in married families in which the husband had a job and the wife stayed home. But by that time, wives and mothers were already re-entering the labor force, and by 2014, 64 percent of married women with children under six were employed. Today, only 22 ...
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Marco Rubio Let It All Out in This Epic Tweetstorm 17.5.2016 Wired Top Stories
Marco Rubio Let It All Out in This Epic Tweetstorm
Can you blame him? The post Marco Rubio Let It All Out in This Epic Tweetstorm appeared first on WIRED.
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Dietitian on aisle four: Grocery stores are calling in health experts 17.5.2016 Seattle Times: Health

Supermarket chains increasingly are deploying dietitians in stores to help customers navigate the sometimes bewildering array of diet trends and options, especially if they are on a tight budget.
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State Dept. issues blunt warning 17.5.2016 CNN: Top Stories
The State Department is urging any American thinking of a trip to reclusive North Korea to think again. And they're doing it in an unusually blunt and direct fashion.
Toward an Urban Marshall Plan: Power Politics and Community Reinvestment 13.5.2016 Politics on
The 2016 elections give communities of color the chance to use our growing political power to organize and mobilize to move America forward after more than a generation in which this country has moved backward. There was a time when our nation put a man on the moon, found cures for diseases that ravaged our communities, advanced technology that we all benefit from today - jet planes to the internet. We birthed some of the greatest artists and fought against laws and practices that harmed us. We abolished slavery, and crushed Jim Crow too. We outlawed child labor, created an eight-hour day. We increased wages, and organized unions; we made school public and available to everyone. After the election of President Obama it has become increasingly important if not imperative for any candidate that seeks the Democratic nomination to understand that the Black and Brown vote can no longer be treated as a secondary strategy for victory. In fact it is virtually impossible to win the nomination without having our ...
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Obama Administration Warns Schools To Allow Transgender Access To Bathrooms 13.5.2016 Politics on
The Obama administration on Friday will tell schools and colleges nationwide they must allow transgender students access to bathrooms consistent with their gender identity. The Justice Department and the Education Department, in guidance directed at every American public school district, will admonish educators to treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity, regardless of what sex is listed on student records. The guidance, which cites the gender equity law Title IX, further injects the federal government into  a heated debate over controversial anti-LGBT state legislation , including a North Carolina law  that bars transgender students from bathrooms that don't match their birth gender. The Justice Department on Monday filed a civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina. "No student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus," Education Secretary John King Jr. said in a statement. King told HuffPost last week that he condemned ...
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Push to start Midwest pipeline meets opposition 13.5.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Des Moines, Iowa • Opponents of a proposed oil pipeline slated to run through four Midwestern states pressed Iowa regulators Thursday to keep a Texas-based petroleum company from starting construction before all federal permits are approved. Dakota Access planned on beginning construction by now on the 1,150-mile pipeline that’s designed to carry a half-million barrels of oil a day from the Bakken oil fields in northwest North Dakota to a tank storage facility in south-central Illinois. The comp...
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