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How self-driving cars might make cities better for everyone, if we plan ahead 27.6.2016 TreeHugger
National Association of City Transportation Officials lays down the law.
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Durangoans envision future transit, sidewalk options 26.6.2016 Durango Herald
Crosswalks, trails, bike lanes, expanded bus service and parking garages are just a small slice of the items Durangoans have on their wish list. The city is compiling all these ideas as part of an update to the 2012 Multimodal Transportation Master Plan. This plan update will...
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Opinion: Did 'Brexit' voters just walk Britain off a cliff? 25.6.2016 LA Times: Commentary
Happy Saturday, everyone. This is Matthew Fleischer, digital editor of The Times' Opinion section, filling in for Paul Thornton. Subscribe to the newsletter Notice your 401(k) take a precipitous dip overnight? You are not alone. We can all thank Britain for voting Thursday to "Brexit" the European...
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Man shot to death walking with girlfriend in Frankford 22.6.2016 News
Philadelphia police have identified a man who was fatally shot while walking with his girlfriend in the city's Frankford section on Tuesday morning.
Kirkland, North Seattle light-rail stops could pick up voters for Sound Transit expansion 21.6.2016 Seattle Times: Politics

Two new train stations made it into the Sound Transit 3 plan — one for walking and bus access in North Seattle, the other for park-and-riders in South Kirkland.
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What runners and cyclists need to know about our air pollution 19.6.2016 Seattle Times: Health

A local runner explores what the recent air-pollution study, led by a UW professor, could mean to people who like to exercise in the urban outdoors.
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Capitol Hill: Pretty much Seattle’s capital of everything cool 17.6.2016 Seattle Times: Business & Technology

One of the city’s quirkiest, hippest and most happening neighborhoods also has some of its best restaurants, cafes, breweries and bars.
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Amid life's tumult, the airport chaplain is praying for a safe landing 13.6.2016 Washington Post
Amid life's tumult, the airport chaplain is praying for a safe landing
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Man charged in shooting death outside Norristown McDonald's 10.6.2016 News
A man has been arrested in a fatal shooting that took place earlier this week in the drive-thru lane of a McDonald's in Montgomery County.
Scheduled Flights To Cuba Approved For As Early As This Fall 10.6.2016 NPR News
The Department of Transportation has authorized six U.S. airlines to schedule round-trip flights from the U.S to some cities in Cuba. The DOT has not yet approved any flights to Havana.
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Here's a first mile, last mile solution to L.A.'s transit woes - try walking 10.6.2016 LA Times: Commentary

When babies learn to walk, they stumble at first, clumsily cruising from coffee table to couch until a leap of faith finally frees them to walk independently. Even then, the steps are unsteady — most babies don’t master the smoother heel-to-toe motion that adults use until they’re 2.

Here in Los...

Two Degrees for Food: Rebuilding the Global Food System 10.6.2016 Politics on
After the success of the Paris Agreement, I can walk into any room shouting "2°C!" and everyone knows that I am talking about climate change. We have a problem, there is a science-based target to aim for, and we are implementing the solutions to solve it. If I walk into those same rooms and shout "food," people would just look around for lunch. Yet as with climate change, food-related issues are entwined with every development challenge we face. Food insecurity, famine, hunger, nutrient deficiency, distribution and transport issues sit cheek-by-jowl with obesity, over-consumption, food loss and waste -- not to mention the rise of diabetes in adults and now in children. While a child dies from hunger every six seconds, the global weight-loss industry generates close to $200 billion in revenue every year. Our food system is broken. It contributes to climate change, water stress, desertification and ecosystem degradation. It's also a vast contributor to global emissions. According to the IPCC, agricultural ...
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More travelers sign up for airport programs, only to wait 10.6.2016 AP Top News
NEW YORK (AP) -- A growing number of travelers are signing up for the government's expedited airport screening programs, only to face another wait....
More travelers sign up for airport programs, only to wait 9.6.2016 Seattle Times: Business & Technology

NEW YORK (AP) — A growing number of travelers are signing up for the government’s expedited airport screening programs, only to face another wait. After angry fliers missed flights this spring because of lengthy security lines, government officials promoted the PreCheck and Global Entry systems. The number of applicants for PreCheck more than tripled in […]
Philly to use parked cars to protect bike lanes in Mayfair 9.6.2016 News
Philadelphia will soon use a new tool to separate cyclists from moving cars: other cars. For about half a mile on Ryan Avenue, between Lexington and Rowland Avenues in the Mayfair neighborhood, parallel parking space will be moved about 14 feet from the curb to make room for a bike lane in each direction.
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Spoke Talk: How do you use your bike 9.6.2016 Steamboat Pilot
How do you use your bike? What kind of bike is it? Here in Steamboat, you see a big cross section: older steel road bikes, ultralight carbon road bikes, really old vintage road bikes, cruisers, hybrids, comfort bikes, old mountain bikes, shiny-new, full-suspension mountain bikes, fat bikes and everything in between. I haven’t seen any bamboo frames in town, but there’s probably at least one hiding somewhere nearby. Most of us use our bikes for recreation and fitness, whether that’s a casual ride on the Core Trail or grinding up Rabbit Ears Pass. But bikes aren’t just toys; they’re a useful tool. Bikes are a great transportation option, especially for shorter distances, and you can carry a surprising amount on them. Maybe the idea of biking to work or for errands intrigues you, but you’re a little nervous about how to make that happen? Start with short trips on routes you know well and are comfortable riding. The Core Trail is a great resource for getting from one side of town to the other, so that you ...
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Premier bicycle race Tour of Utah expected to pass through Zion National Park 9.6.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
The first dozen miles of this year’s Tour of Utah, the nation’s premier multi-stage bicycle race, are expected to pass through Zion National Park, which is already experiencing crushing crowds that spill into the gateway town of Springdale. That plan, which has yet to be officially confirmed by the National Park Service but has been described by Utah Rep. Chris Stewart, is not sitting well with many local residents who feel Zion, which saw a record 3.5 million visitors last year, already has too...
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Walking to school in Camden: Shootings, stabbings, drug sales, and prostitutes 7.6.2016 News
Camden High School junior Janayzia Morris' typical commute to school is just under 2.5 miles on foot through some of the city's dangerous neighborhoods.
Long delays to avoid this weekend on I-5, I-90 4.6.2016 Seattle Times: Local

Avoid westbound I-90 at Bellevue Way, and northbound I-5 at Marysville, where lanes will be reduced this weekend for construction.
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Walking is transportation too 3.6.2016 TreeHugger
With all our love for bicycle infrastructure, we shouldn't forget how many people get around by walking and they need good infrastructure too.
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