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Metro light rail crash near USC renews debate on rail safety 29.3.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Rina Cutler resigns Philadelphia job to work for Amtrak 28.3.2015 News
Philadelphia Deputy Mayor of Transportation Rina Cutler, who also worked for Ed Rendell's mayoral and gubernatorial administrations, is leaving next month for a senior position at Amtrak.
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Friday Fun: Three cities’ pedestrian-friendly skyways, in photos 27.3.2015 THE CITY FIX
The rapid increase in car ownership in cities worldwide has brought conflicts between pedestrians and cars to center stage. Complete streets that accommodate all users not just are ideal in design, but have actually been successfully implemented in cities like ...
How Thoughtful Street Design Is Helping Communities and the Economy 27.3.2015 Green on
Earlier this week the National Complete Streets Coalition, a program of Smart Growth America, released a new report analyzing street improvements in 37 neighborhoods across the country and finding that streets re-designed with all users in mind -- pedestrians, transit users and bicyclists as well as drivers of motor vehicles -- generally delivered positive results in the form of measurable increases in safety, non-polluting forms of transportation, and economic benefits. The study examined projects that had before-and-after data from transportation and economic development agencies, spread across 31 cities in 18 states. In a blog post , Smart Growth America staffer Stefanie Seskin highlighted five particular findings from the report: Streets were usually safer: Automobile collisions declined in 70 percent of projects, and injuries declined in 56 percent of projects. This safety has financial value: Looking only within the sample, Complete Streets improvements collectively averted18.1 million in total ...
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Saturday marks opening of Chester Valley Trail 27.3.2015 News
EXTON Several county groups will mark Saturday as the opening day of the Chester Valley Trail with giveaways of bicycle helmets, refreshments, and new maps of the trail.
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Pricing congestion to invest in sustainable transport: lessons from London 26.3.2015 THE CITY FIX
In 2003, London adopted a program of congestion pricing that now places a roughly $17 (£11.50) daily fee on motor vehicles entering central London. The effort was expected to reduce car traffic, air pollution, and emissions in the area, and ...
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A Day in the Life of America’s Most Walkable Suburb 26.3.2015 Views
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Don't yield at St. Paul crosswalks? $100 fine could be yours 25.3.2015 Pioneer Press: Most Viewed

St. Paul police are stepping up enforcement of the city's crosswalk laws in an effort to make the streets safer for pedestrians.

Franklin Avenue, a Past and Future Native Home: An Interview with NACDI's Andy Hestness 25.3.2015 Twin Cities Daily Planet
MORE » Franklin Avenue was once the border of Minneapolis, marking the edge of the city. Before that it was home to the Dakota people, and since the 1950's post-"relocation era", it is the site of the Little Earth community , the country's only Indian-preference affordable housing site. But Franklin Avenue, which is controlled by Hennepin County, is also one of the most danerously designed streets in the city, home to a disproportionate amount of bicycle and pedestrian accidents. In particular, the corner of Franklin, Riverside, and Hiawatha , around the light rail station, has long been a dark, unpleasant place for people to walk and divded communities around.  Transforming Franklin from a dangerous eyesore into a welcoming home for the surrounding Native community is one of the top priorities for Andy Hestness, vice president of the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI), which runs the All My Relations gallery on Franklin Avenue and works as an intermediary for the Twin Cities Native ...
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Franklin Avenue to be repaved and improved for bikes and pedestrians 24.3.2015 Twin Cities Daily Planet
Anne Holzman Park Bugle Paving and improvements to Franklin Avenue just west of trunk Highway 280 will cause street closures and other traffic disruptions this summer. MORE » Paving and improvements to Franklin Avenue just west of trunk Highway 280 will cause street closures and other traffic disruptions this summer. St. Anthony Park Community Council member Brad Engelmann said it will be worth the trouble. The council met with city officials in early March and reacted with enthusiasm to the plan, which Engelmann said will make the street friendlier to pedestrians and bikes and help draw the neighborhood together. “They included nearly all the elements we look for in a street plan,” said Engelmann, who co-chairs the community council’s transportation committee. The project, which stretches from St. Paul’s western border at Curfew Street east to Eustis Street, will be funded by city street improvement bonds and assessments to adjacent properties. Eustis Street serves as a frontage road along the western ...
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Pedestrian struck and killed in Bensalem 24.3.2015 Yahoo: US National

Pedestrian struck and killed in BensalemPolice say a pedestrian was struck and killed in Bensalem, Pennsylvania Tuesday morning.

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Republicans Have Unveiled Their Latest Austerity Budget, and More 23.3.2015 Truthout - All Articles
In today's On the News segment: Republicans have unveiled their latest austerity budget, but that's not the only budget that the media should be focusing on; thanks to Obamacare, 16 million Americans are no longer uninsured; members of both parties agree that we need to extend transportation funding; and more. TRANSCRIPT: Thom Hartmann here – on the best of the rest of Economic and Labor News... You need to know this. Republicans have unveiled their latest austerity budget, but that's not the only budget that the media should be focusing on. While it's important that we all fight back against the Republicans' proposals to further the destruction of our social safety net, we need to be pushing hard to support the progressive budget as well. Last week, the House Progressive Caucus - which is the largest caucus in the House of Representatives - unveiled "The People's Budget: A Raise for America." Instead of slashing programs like Medicaid and food stamps, like the Republican Budget, the "People's Budget" ...
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Pedestrian struck, killed by vehicle in Mount Prospect 23.3.2015 Chicago Tribune: Popular
A pedestrian was fatally struck by a vehicle Sunday evening in northwest suburban Mount Prospect, police ...
Greet Spring with a hike along Lime Kiln Trail 22.3.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
A guided trek along the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River is offered by the city of Bellevue on Sunday, March 29.
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Getting tourist deals, freebies in Europe’s major cities 22.3.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
European travel specialist Rick Steves gives advice on finding good deals and making cultural connections in Rome, Paris, London and other big cities.
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Car-free CicLAvia festival will debut in the Valley on Sunday 22.3.2015 LA Times: Opinion
CicLAvia, the car-free festival that has become a popular fixture in Los Angeles, arrives in the San Fernando Valley for the first time Sunday.
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Rethinking our narrow, often ugly freeway pedestrian bridges 20.3.2015 MinnPost
A freeway pedestrian bridge is probably the least pleasant place to spend time in today’s modern city. Often they’re narrow, utilitarian spaces surrounded by wire mesh cages, and every moment you’re perched inside, the exhaust and sound of cars flood your senses. They’re often covered in graffiti, and to many they seem like the epitome of urban dilapidation. It’s hard to imagine a less appealing setting. But at the same time, these simple bridges can be the only link between neighborhoods that were cut in two by freeways generations ago. After decades of neglect, state agencies and community groups are starting to rethink how we design and build pedestrian bridges over our ubiquitous freeways. The busiest ugly bridge in Minneapolis The modern-day pedestrian bridge was born during the freeway construction era that began in the late 1950s. As with sound walls , planners at the time didn’t give much thought to how impassable freeways affected surrounding urban neighborhoods. Pedestrian bridges were almost ...
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It's past time for Congress to pass Medicare reform 20.3.2015 LA Times: Opinion
House Republicans have no qualms about leaving millions of low-income Americans without health coverage, as evidenced by their repeated votes to repeal Obamacare. But they're so skittish about reducing access to Medicare, the federal insurance program for senior citizens and the disabled,...
Why are the two most sustainable forms of transport missing from the UN Sustainable Development Goals? 20.3.2015 THE CITY FIX
Walking and cycling may be the two most basic modes of transport, but they may also be the most promising for a sustainable future. In a car-filled world, it’s the people who use their own two feet or two wheels that ...
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Goal: Zero traffic-related injuries and deaths 19.3.2015 Seattle Times: Opinion
We can make Seattle streets safer.
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