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10 reasons why you should use public transport 23.7.2014 TreeHugger
Public transportation, while maybe not as enjoyable as commuting in your own personal vehicle, does ease congestion, reduce emissions. Need more convincing? Here's more info about public transportation.
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This Pit Bull Carried Her Injured Chihuahua 'Soul Mate' To Safety, Now They Need A Loving Home 22.7.2014 Green on
About a week ago, Joanie the pit bull was discovered carrying an injured little friend -- Chachi the Chihuahua -- inside her mouth, around a Savannah, Georgia, neighborhood. Animal control officers found Joanie putting Chachi down from time to time, to lick the Chihuahua's badly infected eye. Chachi "appreciated the attention," according the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department's Facebook post on the pair. "It's not every day we get to see such devotion between two special dogs like this," Animal Control Officer Christina Sutherin is quoted as saying. "They are both such sweet animals. But the relationship they share just sets them apart." Shelter veterinarians had to remove Chachi's bum eye, and so Joanie has been living separately from her companion while he convalesces -- though Sutherin tells HuffPost that the two still "get together-time daily." "Staff is amazed at the dedication and love these two have for one another," says Sutherin. Post by Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police ...
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Twin Cities Cyclopath tool goes statewide 21.7.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The map includes MnDOT's complete road network and most of its trails. But bicyclists can edit the map to add more routes as the bicycle network expands.
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The Drive: Outdated Metrodome traffic signs to remain 21.7.2014 Star Tribune: Latest
Motorists can see signs for the Metrodome on northbound I-35W in the downtown Minneapolis commons, southbound I-35W near Hennepin Avenue, and elsewhere.
Green Line thrown behind schedule by traffic lights 21.7.2014 Local

Mere yards from its intended station stop, an eastbound Green Line train rolls to a halt before the traffic signal at Dale Street and University Avenue, waiting for the red light to change.

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The Drive: Obsolete Metrodome signs not going away 21.7.2014 Star Tribune: Local
Commuting during I-90 work: traffic experts’ suggestions 20.7.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
Area traffic experts weigh in on what they would do if they had to commute on I-90 while the westbound lanes on the East Channel Bridge are under construction.
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Plane Crash: What We Know 18.7.2014 NPR News
Investigators are working to learn more about the deadly crash of a passenger jet – and who might be responsible. The plane had nearly 300 people on board; none survived.
In Green Line's first month, police deal with left-turn accidents 18.7.2014 News During the first month of Green Line operations, 60 percent of Metro Transit police reports were about fare evaders.
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How Bicycling Improves City Life for Everyone 18.7.2014 Green on
You can see big changes happening across America as communities from Fairbanks to St. Petersburg transform their streets into appealing places for people, not just cars and trucks. "Over the past five years we're seeing an infrastructure revolution, a rethinking of our streets to accommodate more users -- busways, public plazas, space for pedestrians and, of course, bike lanes," says David Vega-Barachowitz of the National Association of City Transportation Officials . "More protected bike lanes is one of the most important parts of this." Protected bike lanes separate people on bikes from rushing traffic with concrete curbs, plastic bollards or other means -- and sometimes offer additional safety measures such as special bike traffic lights and painted crossings at intersections. Protected bike lanes help riders feel less exposed to danger and are also appreciated by drivers and pedestrians, who know where to expect bicycles. Streets work better for everyone when everyone has a clearly defined space. The ...
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CDOT looks to start 2 years of work on I-25 between Lincoln, County Line 17.7.2014 Headlines: All Headlines
South metro drivers can expect two years of road construction on Interstate 25 between County Line Road and Lincoln Avenue, the Colorado Department of Transportation said in a news release
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The complete city: why density and amenities are essential to everyday urban living 16.7.2014 MinnPost
Courtesy of Steve Date The Lunds across the street from Chute Square in Minneapolis Downtown areas are on the rebound. With that comeback, they're bringing new development, including a surge in downtown retail that's unlike anything we've seen in the past 30 years. As U.S. Census data confirms, we’re a nation that’s increasingly migrating from rural and suburban areas back into cities. Our urban population increased by 12.1 percent from 2000 to 2010, and it continues to grow. “The percentage of our nation’s population living in a metropolitan area ticked up from 85.3 percent in 2012 to 85.4 percent in 2013,” wrote  Marc Perry on the U.S. Census Bureau’s blog  in March. That might not seem impressive, but population in “micropolitan statistical areas” (“the kid sister of sorts to metro areas,” Perry explains) increased only 8,000, and the number of people in rural areas dropped by more than 35,000. “So metro areas were responsible for virtually all of our nation’s population growth,” he adds. The reasons ...
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Minneapolis crosswalks keep fading to black 16.7.2014 Star Tribune: Local
City ponders using materials more durable than paint on its 4,000 marked crosswalks.
Minneapolis' 4,000 crosswalks keep fading to black 16.7.2014 Star Tribune: Latest
City leaders are considering whether to transition from latex paint to the use of more durable — and expensive — materials. These heavy-duty crosswalks would be melted onto the street with heaters, in some cases, or just glued there.
Major U.S. 40 construction about to change Steamboat's summer at both ends of town 15.7.2014 Steamboat Pilot
The Colorado Department of Transportation and Steamboat Pilot and Today will collaborate through the summer and fall to update changes in the U.S. 40 construction details as often as necessary. Go to Also: People interested specifically in the U.S. 40 project can register for CDOT’s text updates by going to and clicking on the green cell phone icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. By filling out a personal profile and providing a password, they can customize the project updates they will receive by project name. Note: U.S. Highway 40 in Steamboat Springs was not yet listed as one of the options as of Monday night. City of Steamboat Springs public works engineer Ben Beall said Monday night the city is folding a federal grant it obtained to improve pedestrian safety at one of the most dangerous intersections in town into this summer’s CDOT project on U.S. Highway 40. “The whole point is to improve the safety,” Beall said of the planned work at the highway ...
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Text of Denver Mayor Hancock's 2014 State of the City Address 15.7.2014 Denver Post: Local
Read the prepared text of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's 2014 State of the City Address, released by the Mayor's ...
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Horse Dies On Highway In Hawaii After Falling Out Of Trailer 13.7.2014 Green on
One horse owner faced a tragic loss after a horse died in a freak accident on a highway in Hawaii. The trailer, which was carrying a total of five horses, was trying to merge onto Interstate H-1 westbound on the island of Oahu when the bottom of the trailer broke and one of the horses fell through it, according to KHON2. It became wedged underneath the 40-foot-long trailer, where it died. Emergency responders and the horse's owner did what they could to help the horse, but it was too late. The four remaining horses were unhurt and the horses' owner eventually continued west down the freeway. "I'm surprised it happened, but I'm heartbroken for the horse as well for the owner," Diane Cornish with Equine 808 Horse Rescue told KHON2. She reminded local reporters that trailers made to handle livestock should be regularly maintained and inspected more than once a ...
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Anoka opening downtown park on the Rum River 11.7.2014 Star Tribune: Local
New downtown Anoka park has a key bike path link for the Rum River Regional Trail.
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$30 million trail planned to improve access to Bay Bridge Trail 11.7.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Breaking News
Caltrans and Bay Area Toll Authority plan 1.1-mile trail to link Bay Bridge to West Grand Avenue corridor in Oakland.
Scaling up sustainability: ‘Raahgiri Day’ comes to New Delhi 10.7.2014 THE CITY FIX
Raahgiri Day, the weekly event that closes city streets to cars to celebrate walking, biking, music-making, and socializing, has expanded beyond Gurgaon, India. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) together with the New Delhi Police Department has decided to stage ...
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