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Teen is often late to school, but punishing her isn’t the answer 24.5.2017 Washington Post
Teen is often late to school, but punishing her isn’t the answer
Trump isn't a huge fan of NATO. But his complaints are off target. 24.5.2017 Washington Post
Trump isn't a huge fan of NATO. But his complaints are off target.
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From the Arhives: Oil well blowout 24.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The blowout occurred during drilling in the Athens neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The original caption in the Oct. 3, 1975 Los Angeles Times for this two photo combo reported:

TABLEAUX IN MUD - Workers struggle to put cap with a shutoff valve in place after an oil well being drilled at Figueroa St....

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Column: Just say no when it comes to hosting Olympics 24.5.2017 AP Top News
It never figured to end well for Rio....
State tightens guidelines for PFCs in drinking water 24.5.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The new state standards are significantly tougher than federal Environmental Protection Agency standards.
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3.3 Million-Year-Old Fossil Sheds Light On How The Spine Evolved 24.5.2017 NPR Health Science
It's hard evidence that the type of spinal segmentation and numbering found in modern humans emerged 3.3 million years ago, the scientists say. The remarkable fossil was discovered in Ethiopia.
State lowers recommended levels of PFCs in groundwater 24.5.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
The Minnesota Department of Health is lowering its recommended levels for the industrial chemicals PFOA and PFOS found in the groundwater in the east Twin Cities metro and in Bemidji.
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10 ways to prepare your home for aging in place 23.5.2017 Washington Post
10 ways to prepare your home for aging in place
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Making Us All Sicker: Detroit Water Shut-Offs May Well Have Caused Irreparable Damage 23.5.2017 Truthout - All Articles
Despite widespread concern across the US and around the world, the water crises in Detroit and Flint, as well as many neighboring towns and suburbs, have only worsened. Now the emphasis on profits over clean water access for all residents is making people physically ill, says water warrior Monica Lewis Patrick. This story was published only because of readers like you. Support independent journalism: Make a donation to Truthout today! This story we've been telling this season, in Anne Elizabeth Moore and Melissa Mendes' comics journalism series exclusive to Truthout, started for folks like Nicole Hill  three years ago . For many across the nation and throughout the world, that was when concern for Detroit's water crisis started -- and ended. Focus shifted to  Flint, Michigan , and the work of people like Melissa Mays, shortly thereafter. But as we saw last month, these threats to public health have barely been addressed in the courts in that time. What movement has been made to ensure water as a  human ...
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In Colorado, gas line damage from digging happens as often as four times a day. Getting punished for it is much more rare. 23.5.2017 Denver Post: All Political News
Records show that in 2015 nearly 1,300 gas pipeline excavation damages occurred in Colorado. The state that year issued no civil penalties or sanctions of violations for any pipeline excavation violations.
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Trump's Exhausting First Road Trip 23.5.2017 Politics on
President Donald Trump has only just begun his first road trip outside the United States, and he’s already “exhausted,” according to one of his own advisors. This may or may not be true, since anything either Trump or any of his spokespeople say at this point has to be taken with a grain of salt ― especially considering the “exhausted” comment was given as an excuse for a Trump gaffe (more on that in a bit). But this week’s calendar for Trump seems to have been constructed on the theme of: “Any Trump campaign promises left unbroken? Well, let’s see how many we can break in a single week!” Let’s begin with Trump’s reported exhaustion. Trump apparently tried to cut the length of his first trip in half, because nine days on the road was just too much to ask. On Day Two of his trip, he’s already got an advisor explaining a gaffe away because of exhaustion. That doesn’t exactly bode well for the rest of the trip, does it? Especially since he made so much political hay on the campaign trail over the issue of ...
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10 Great trees for small yards 23.5.2017 TreeHugger
Even small yards and gardens can be home to a variety of trees, without crowding out everything else, and provide fruit, shade, wildlife habitat, or all three.
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40% of Utah/Arizona Navajo Reservation residents still have no running water 23.5.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Monument Valley, Ariz. • On the outskirts of Monument Valley, touching the Arizona-Utah border, a water well is encased in a brick building behind a barb-wired fence. A few cattle graze nearby, mooing to occasionally pierce the quiet. Residents say the well is one of two in the area, a couple miles from a small town on the Navajo Reservation. One well is a direct line to hotels. This one, leading to a one-spigot watering hole a few miles away, is the main water supply for about 900 people living...
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APNewsBreak: 2 more leaks found along Dakota Access pipeline 23.5.2017 AP National
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) -- The Dakota Access pipeline system leaked more than 100 gallons of oil in North Dakota in two separate incidents in March - the second and third known leaks discovered as crews prepared the disputed $3.8 billion pipeline for operation....
Delta Dispatches: Louisiana's Working Coast 22.5.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
Welcome to the latest episode of Delta Dispatches with hosts Jacques Hebert & Simone Maloz. We’re happy to welcome Lacy McManus and Joni Tuck to the show today. Lacy is the Director of Program Development of GNO Inc. and talks with Jacques and Simone about the economic case for restoration in Southeast Louisiana. In the second half the show, Joni sits in studio to chat about Port Fourchon & The Working Coast. Joni Tuck is the External Relations Manager for the Greater ...
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Airway Heights residents use bottled water as system flushed 22.5.2017 AP Washington
AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. (AP) -- Millions of gallons of water have been flushed from the water system in Airway Heights and testing is set to begin in the next few days....
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Two-thirds of Trump's national security team doesn't get it 22.5.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Two-thirds of Trump's national security team doesn't get it
Chevron Was Just Fabricating a Lie to Get Out of Paying for a Cleanup 22.5.2017
MP3 Link Janine Jackson: When we talk about environmental justice, the emphasis is usually on the first word. That might be what comes to mind first when you think about Chevron, formerly Texaco, dumping some 16 billion gallons of toxic oil waste into the land and water of indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador. But when, having poisoned these communities, which have seen increases in cancer and other health problems, Chevron refuses to clean it up, and instead embarks on a decades-long effort to intimidate and silence anyone who tries to call attention to the disaster they've created and profited from -- well, then, it's clear that it's a story about justice. And, in this case, years and years of cross-national organizing and solidarity. Here with the latest on Chevron and Ecuador is Paul Paz y Miño. He's associate director at Amazon Watch . He joins us now by phone from here in New York. Welcome to CounterSpin, Paul Paz y Miño. Paul Paz y Miño: Thank you. Well, let's start right where we are. ...
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Medea Benjamin: Congress Should Halt Trump's $110 Billion Arms Deal Over Saudi Atrocities 22.5.2017
In his first foreign trip abroad as president, Donald Trump traveled this weekend to Saudi Arabia, where he signed an arms deals totaling $110 billion. This comes in addition to more than $115 billion offered in arms deals to Saudi Arabia by President Obama during his time in office. The deal also includes precision-guided munitions, which the Obama administration had stopped selling Saudi Arabia out of fear they would be used to bomb civilians amid the ongoing Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen. Since 2015, 10,000 people have been killed in the ongoing fighting, which has also decimated the country's health, water, sewage and sanitation systems. The arms deal includes tanks, artillery, ships, helicopters, a missile defense system and cybersecurity technology. We speak to Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink and author of the book Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the US-Saudi Connection. TRANSCRIPT This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: In his first foreign trip abroad ...
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Land around powerlines could be boon to birds 21.5.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Transmission lines may be eyesores for most people but for songbirds, the forest around them might just be critical habitat. A team of researchers want to see if these birds are populating land cleared along the route of a powerline — as well as areas that have been recently logged — […]
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