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More than 300 million Indians suffer from a crippling drought 4.5.2016 Washington Post: World
Dry weather, a record-breaking heat wave and bad farming practices have driven farmers to desperation.
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Water Scarcity Could Shrink Economies By Mid-Century: World Bank 4.5.2016 Green on
By Sebastien Malo NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Economies across large swathes of the globe could shrink dramatically by mid-century as fresh water grows scarce due to climate change, the World Bank reported on Tuesday. The Middle East could be hardest hit, with its gross domestic product slipping as much as 14 percent by 2050 unless measures are taken to reallocate water significantly, the Washington-based institution said in a report. Such measures include efficiency efforts and investment in technologies such as desalination and water recycling, it said. Global warming can cause extreme floods and droughts and can mean snowfall is replaced by rain, with higher evaporation rates, experts say. It also can reduce mountain snow pack that provides water, and the melting of inland glaciers can deplete the source of runoff, they say. Also, a rise in sea level can lead to saltwater contaminating groundwater. "When we look at any of the major impacts of climate change, they one way or the other come ...
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Significant contamination at 3,900 fracking spill sites in North Dakota alone 3.5.2016 TreeHugger
Lead, salt and radioactive radium, these are just some of the yummy things you'll find in water and soil in and around fracking sites in North Dakota.
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EDF Recommends Policy Reforms for California Water Market 3.5.2016 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
EDF Recommends Policy Reforms for California Water Market
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 Father Daniel Berrigan Sought to ‘Build a World Uncursed by War, Starvation, and Exploitation’ 3.5.2016 Views
John Nichols

Father Daniel Berrigan, who has died at age 94, was a beautiful man with a beautiful vision that he made real by engaging in radical acts of conscience that sought not merely to end wars but to achieve the justice that has always been essential to peacemaking.

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True Reagan: His Beliefs Were His Arsenal, and Words His Weapons 3.5.2016 Politics on
Excerpted from TRUE REAGAN: What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why it Matters . (Copyright 2016) Used with permission from Center Street, a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc. ________ On September 1, 1983, two years into his first term as President, while Reagan was vacationing at his beloved Santa Barbara, California, ranch, the Soviet Union decided to awaken a drowsy world with its terrorist downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007. The Boeing 747 was a passenger jet flying from New York to Seoul, South Korea, carrying one member of the United States Congress and 268 other passengers and crew members from various countries. After stopping in Anchorage, Alaska, for refueling and after a change of routing, the plane mistakenly veered into Soviet airspace and, after a short volley of radio communication, was shot down by a Russian fighter pilot over the Sea of Japan. This jarring and deliberate act on the part of the Soviets came on the heels of Reagan's now iconic, but fiercely controversial at the ...
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How to make your own Sriracha 3.5.2016 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Homemade hot sauce? It's easier than you think. Puree a handful of ingredients, then simmer them for a few minutes to marry the flavors. Strain the mixture and bottle it, and you're good to go. Vary the chiles or spices to suit your tastes — it's really that easy. Then store the good stuff in the...

A Global Wave of Actions to Break Free from Fossil Fuels Begins 3.5.2016 Newswire

Starting today, a global wave of peaceful direct actions lasting for 12 days will take place across six continents targeting the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects, under the banner of Break Free.

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Military and Energy Company Officials Arrested for Murder of Berta Cáceres 3.5.2016 Headlines
Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Authorities have arrested four suspects in the assassination of environmental and indigenous rights activist Berta Cáceres, the Honduran attorney general announced on Monday.

Adding credence to suspicions that Cáceres' killing was politically-motivated, among those arrested were Honduran military officials as well as an employee of Desarrollos Energéticos (or DESA), the private energy company behind the Agua Zarca dam, which Cáceres fiercely opposed.

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Project aims to bring light to an entire country with solar lanterns 3.5.2016 TreeHugger
This crowdfunding campaign intends to help illuminate the lives of millions of Dominicans who face the daily prospect of blackouts, as well as those in the country who don't have electricity.
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In Turkey, Secularism Is Much More Than a Word 3.5.2016 Politics on
ISTANBUL -- In September 2011, Turkey's then prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was greeted at Cairo airport by members of the Muslim Brotherhood who cheered him as his cortège moved along a road covered by billboards with his image. While there, Erdoğan gave a speech at the Cairo Opera House in which he talked about his vision of the Middle East. "Now, in this transitional phase in Egypt, as well as in what comes after it, I believe that the Egyptians will establish democracy very well, and they will see that a 'secular state' does not mean 'an irreligious state,'" he said during an interview with Mona El-Shazly on Dream TV. "Rather it means respect for all the religions and giving all individuals the freedom to practice religion as they please." At the time Erdoğan's words sent shockwaves among Muslim Brotherhood figures who were opposed to the separation of state and religion. Brotherhood figures expressed anger at the promotion of Turkey's secular system and even issued a statement in which they ...
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The Revenge of Gordon Chang and the Coming Collapse of China? 2.5.2016 Politics on
REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION OF THE NATIONAL INTEREST In July of 2001, Gordon Chang predicted an inevitable meltdown of the Chinese Communist Party in his best-selling book The Coming Collapse of China . Since that time, China's economy has increased by more than 8-fold to surpass even the United States on a purchasing parity power basis. Oops? In Chang's defense, he could not have anticipated the colossal blunder of President Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress in paving China's ruthlessly mercantilist way i nto the World Trade Organization just five months after his book was published. That mother of all unfair trade deals - a well-deserved target of both the Sanders and Trump presidential campaigns - kept China's Great Walls of Protectionism largely intact. However, it also opened U.S. markets to a flood of illegally subsidized Chinese imports - and catalyzed the offshoring of millions of American manufacturing jobs. Since China's entry into the WTO in 2001, the center of the world's manufacturing ...
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Texas Floods Sending Toxic Fossil Fuel Runoff into Public Waters 2.5.2016 Headlines
Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Recent flooding in Houston has sent crude oil and toxic chemicals into Texas waterways, and residents and experts say regulators are not doing enough to address the threat to public health and the environment.

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Thousands ill from mysterious kidney disease 2.5.2016 CNN: Top Stories
For decades, thousands of farmers in tropical hotspots across the world have been experiencing a disease that destroys their kidneys and it's cause remains a mystery.
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It’s party time in North Korea. Workers’ Party party time. 2.5.2016 Washington Post
It’s party time in North Korea. Workers’ Party party time.
As Climate Disruption Advances, UN Warns: "The Future Is Happening Now" 2.5.2016
Recent studies have shown that the melting of ice is compounding itself, generating dramatically fast increases in both melting and sea level rise. (Photo: Marie and Alistair Knock / Flickr ) Nearly 100 percent of the Great Barrier Reef is bleached and could die, sea levels could rise 44 feet by 2500 if emissions are not cut, and global temperatures keep rising as human-caused climate disruption continues to break records and shock scientists. Recent studies have shown that the melting of ice is compounding itself, generating dramatically fast increases in both melting and sea level rise. (Photo: Marie and Alistair Knock / Flickr ) Each month as I write these dispatches, I shake my head in disbelief at the rapidity at which anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) is occurring. It's as though each month I think, "It can't possibly keep happening at this incredible pace." But it does. By late April, the Mauna Loa Observatory, which monitors atmospheric carbon dioxide, recorded an incredible daily reading : ...
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Balancing the Scales of City Sustainability 2.5.2016 Green on
I spend virtually all my professional time thinking about the intersection of human settlement and environmental sustainability. I am particularly interested in the built environment of American cities, towns, and suburbs - what I like to call our "people habitat" - and how it relates to the natural world. How can we make these two realms - people habitat and natural habitat - more harmonious? These issues are acutely on my mind today because I am preparing a talk I have been invited to deliver early next month on "Urbanism and Sustainability." (For those who are interested, it will be at the annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism, in Detroit, at 10.15 am on June 8 .) The scales of urban sustainability I suppose I should start by defining what I mean by "environmental sustainability." I generally use the phrase in its colloquial sense, to mean environmental health. More formally, most scholars start with the definition of sustainable development in the international treatise Our Common ...
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Colorado Mountain College unveils sustainability action plan 2.5.2016 Steamboat Pilot
Colorado Mountain College continues to take steps forward in sustainability efforts, with a goal of neutralizing its carbon footprint entirely by 2050. The latest development is the launch of a Sustainability Action Plan, unveiled during CMC’s second annual sustainability conference, held at the college’s Alpine Campus in Steamboat Springs on April 22. The plan, a product of nine months of collaboration with nonprofit Natural Capitalism Solutions, took into account existing and past sustainability efforts and offered a roadmap for the future. “Sustainability is part of our mission and our vision statement for the college,” said Pete Waller, CMC director of college facilities, who worked with NCS on the plan. College officials are reviewing the recommendations in the plan and will consider various components of it. Long-term targets suggested in the plan include 2050 goals of zero waste, cutting transportation-related emissions by 85 percent, purchasing sustainably sourced products 50 percent of the time, ...
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Villagers just protected a sacred forest outside India’s polluted capital 1.5.2016 Washington Post: World
The battle has reflected India’s struggle to save its green cover amid a wave of urban growth.
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Southern Ute shale drilling goals draw scrutiny 30.4.2016 Durango Herald
Citizen and environmental groups are calling for transparency and a new environmental impact statement for prospective shale oil and gas development on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. Last month, the tribe announced plans to conduct a supplemental environmental impact statement for an existing EIS on natural resource extraction on...
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