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Friday Talking Points -- End Of The Silly Season 27.8.2016 Politics on
It's still only August, but already the predictions that this would be an exceedingly banal presidential election campaign look like they've already come true. This week's campaign news might be summed up as an elementary school playground shouting match: "You're a bigot!" "No, you're a bigot!" Sigh. We've still got over two months of this to get through, folks. And nobody sane expects things are going to get any better any time soon -- quite the opposite, in fact. Now, normally August is the official "Silly Season" of politics, where reporters get so bored with the lack of actual political news (Congress having larked off on vacation for the entire month) that they write speculative pieces pondering ideas only one step removed from conspiracy theories. Like whether Donald Trump's real Machiavellian plan all along has been to start up his own alt-right media empire after he loses to Hillary Clinton. That's pretty much par for the August course. Over on the right, Rudy Giuliani is ...
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Report: Texas flouted federal aquifer rules for 34 years 27.8.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas allowed the drilling of oil and natural gas injection wells in some areas near drinking water sources starting more than three decades ago, but state regulators recently assured the federal government the effort posed “little to no risk” to the subterranean reserves, according to a report released Friday. Clean Water […]
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Toronto's doc section includes 'Amanda Knox' and Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Turning Point' 27.8.2016 LA Times: Commentary
Follow the Toronto International Film Festival with the Los Angeles Times Aug. 26, 2016, 2:08 p.m. On Sept. 8, the 40th Toronto International Film Festival will kick off, and with it the annual awards-season derby that will end with the Academy Awards next February. Over the course of 10 days,...
Fatigue, Migraines Linked to Fracking as Case Builds for National Ban 26.8.2016 Headlines
Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

New research published Thursday links severe fatigue and migraine headaches to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, leading to renewed calls for a ban on the controversial oil and gas extraction method

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reported their findings online in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, saying their research adds to "a growing body of evidence linking the fracking industry to health problems."

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How the Party of John McCain Became the Party of Donald Trump 26.8.2016 Mother Jones
One Saturday afternoon in June, a few thousand Donald Trump supporters wearing T-shirts with slogans such as "Italian Lives Matter" and "I'm the infidel Allah warned about" streamed into the Arizona State Fair Grounds in Phoenix, to hear the newly minted Republican nominee speak at a venue known locally as the "Mad House." Walking among the rallygoers, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was greeted by a succession of cheers from the crowd, a reception befitting a man whose immigration raids and birther task force had foreshadowed Trump's rise. On stage, former Gov. Jan Brewer, an immigration hardliner who clashed with the White House on border security, warmed up the crowd with a chant of "Build! That! Wall!" When it was his turn onstage, Trump egged on his supporters' delirium with visions of triumph. "We are going to do unbelievably well with the Mexicans," he said. Earlier that day Trump had met with Arizona's new governor, Doug Ducey, and schmoozed with donors and dignitaries at the Paradise Valley ...
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Proposed marijuana grow facility leads to well water anxiety 26.8.2016 Durango Herald
Residents of a rural Bayfield community are worried that a marijuana grow facility proposed for the neighborhood could drain their well water.The applicants, Teresa and Sherri Dooley, are seeking a Class II land-use permit for a wholesale grow operation on their father Dean Dooley’s Vista Lane property near County Road...
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A transcript of Jill Stein's meeting with The Washington Post editorial board 26.8.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
A transcript of Jill Stein's meeting with The Washington Post editorial board
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As Iowans clean up devastating flood, costs rising quickly 26.8.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Homes flooded across northeast Iowa following heavy rain earlier this week. One person was killed in a flash flood, and cleanup costs are adding up fast.
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The Democratization Of Health Care: Building Sustainable Communities 26.8.2016 Politics on
With competing crises dominating the daily news, the public may not be aware that healthcare policy is losing its way and that a new path forward is urgently needed. Recent news about healthcare policy has covered the cost of care, who would be reimbursed for what, and who would be able to afford access to care. The public should be concerned about this state of affairs. The health system emerging from these policy deliberations will be designed to meet financial objectives rather than to grow into an integrated, community-based learning system that delivers quality care while innovating quickly and rapidly, deploying novel therapies that promote community well-being. The federal government is the nation's largest single payer of healthcare in the United States, yet it has no coherent plan or strategic vision beyond developing and executing alternative payment models. [Footnote 1] It seems to interpret payment reform as the most urgent innovation, and it only incidentally invests in innovative therapies ...
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Rio's Olympic legacy: too few public projects, often in well-off areas 26.8.2016 LA Times: Commentary

During the Olympics, Rio's new Line 4 metro extension ferried fans to events and served to connect people across the city. Tourists and locals riding the pristine trains struck up conversations, exchanged stories and added each other to Facebook.  

“It's excellent. It's a huge jump forward for...

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How the NFL and its stadiums became leaders in Wi-Fi, monetizing apps, and customer experience 25.8.2016 Yahoo: Business

How the NFL and its stadiums became leaders in Wi-Fi, monetizing apps, and customer experienceLearn how sports stadiums and professional sports leagues have embraced digital transformation to make stadiums the best place to watch the game again.

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Korean thriller 'Tunnel' may make you rethink your commute 25.8.2016 LA Times: Commentary

What “Psycho” did for showers and “Jaws” did for the ocean, the Korean disaster flick “Tunnel” won’t likely do for, well, tunnels. But after watching this often gripping, humanistic thriller, you may just think twice before driving into one.

On a typical day’s ride home from his job selling Kias,...

New Study Underscores Health Dangers of Fracking 25.8.2016 Newswire
Food & Water Watch “A new study out today from Johns Hopkins in Environmental Health Perspectives revealed associations between fracking and various health symptoms including nasal and sinus problems, migraines and fatigue in Pennsylvanians living near areas of natural gas development. The study suggests that residents with the highest exposure to active fracking wells are nearly twice as likely to suffer from the ...
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Are we the earliest intelligent life in the universe? 25.8.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A new paper suggests there are good reasons to predict that life will be increasingly common in the universe as the eons pass, says guest blogger Marc Kaufman.
Deconstruction of an old house can provide huge tax benefits for property owners 25.8.2016 Washington Post
Deconstruction of an old house can provide huge tax benefits for property owners
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Remembering Aaliyah 15 years after her death 25.8.2016 CNN: Top Stories
August 25 is a tough day every year for celebrity stylist Derek Lee.
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The Israeli public says NO to fracking 25.8.2016 Green on
In September 2014 an Israeli government planning committee delivered a remarkable decision: it rejected a pilot project for non-conventional oil exploration in the country's Adulam region located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, a pastoral rural area rich in biblical archeology with a strong eco-tourism sector. The company that had submitted the request, Israel Energy Initiatives (IEI), had planned to use an untested technology called "In Situ Thermal Recovery" to produce oil by heating shale rock to temperatures as high as 950 degrees Fahrenheit. This releases organic matter known as kerogen, a compound that eventually transforms organic matter into oil and gas. The committee's decision was a major victory for Israel's environmentalists, and a fatal blow for the IEI. IEI had argued that the since the project would operate underground, it would leave a minimal ecological footprint, and water resources would not be endangered because of an impermeable rock layer protecting them. However, the committee ...
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The Daily 202: How Trump could show his African American outreach is sincere 25.8.2016 Washington Post: Politics
What he’s really up to
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As urban density increases, so does the sharing of pathogens 25.8.2016
You may love your neighbors, but do you love their germs, too?
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Editorial: Tibble Fork sludge flow deserves full explanation 25.8.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
It’s not the 3 million gallons of bright yellow sludge that washed through the Four Corners area a year ago, but the Tibble Fork Reservoir sediment that blackened a creek in American Fork Canyon does share some similarities. In both cases, it’s a project involving the federal government, with a private contractor hired to carry out the work. And in both cases, those in charge didn’t anticipate well, and decades of toxic old mine waste came cascading down. So while Tibble Fork will never be the...
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