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Modi's diplomatic talents will be an asset 2.9.2014 Rediff: Columns
'Secretiveness and the element of surprise in announcing decisions marks the Modi style of diplomacy. From being a voluble politician, he became a reticent statesman... But the diplomatic dance is performed on thin ice and his adroitness is still to be proved,' says Ambassador T P Sreenivasan.
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Like 'Made in Japan', want to turn 'Made in India' into a brand: Modi to investors 2.9.2014 CNN-IBN Top Stories
Modi assured that the Indian government has eased a lot of regulations for trade by saying, "I have come to assure you that there is no Red Tape but Red Carpet in India."
PMs Modi, Abe welcome progress in civil nuclear cooperation 2.9.2014 New Kerala: World News
Tokyo, Sep. 1 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe affirmed the importance of civil nuclear cooperation between the two countries and welcomed the significant progress in negotiations on the agreement for cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
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Partnership for prosperity rolled out during PMs Modi and Abe meet 2.9.2014 New Kerala: World News
Tokyo, Sept. 1 : Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe affirmed a broader and stronger partnership for his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi's bold and ambitious vision for accelerating inclusive development in India, particularly by transforming the infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.
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Bala Thampoe: a life-long struggle for labour rights 1.9.2014 Hindu: News
Veteran trade unionist Bala Thampoe — who has been at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s labour movement for nearly seven decades — passed away here on Monday. He was 92. As general secretary o...
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The bond rush in Indian markets 1.9.2014 HBL: Home
Thanks to the Government's saccharine incentives to foreign capital, the debt market is seeing an ominous spurt that could even trigger a balance of payment crisis
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Japan and India host trade and security talks 1.9.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
Five-day visit to Tokyo highlights growing economic and diplomatic ties between Shinzo Abe and Nahendra Modi Continue reading...
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Pak trade event called off amid mounting tension 1.9.2014 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
MUMBAI : Heightened tensions with Pakistan has cast a shadow over the second edition of ‘Made in Pakistan Expo Mumbai’ which was scheduled to start here on Sunday, with the organisers indefinitely postponing the event at the last minute. “We would like to inform you that due to the ongoing tense situation at the Line of Control (LoC) and on the advice from our partners ...
India-Pakistan talks 1.9.2014 Hindu: Letters
The decade-old truce between India and Pakistan has been frayed by Pakistan’s ceasefire violations (Editorial, “ Also found in: [+]
South Asian countries join together to combat wildlife crime 31.8.2014 CNN-IBN: World
South Asian countries, including India, have endorsed a statute to develop an action plan for the next six years for working collaboratively to fight wildlife crimes.
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Nine Extraordinary Ways to Use the Tools of your trade in protest 31.8.2014
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Can Modi, Abe completely rework the India-Japan ties? 31.8.2014 Rediff: News
Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoys a close relationship with Shinzo Abe. For Abe, "a strong India is in the best interest of Japan, and a strong Japan is in the best interest of India."
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Newsbrief 31.8.2014 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
Comprehensive strategy needed to address water issues LAHORE (APP): A comprehensive strategy is needed to address water issues faced by Pakistan. The views were observed at a dialogue titled “Indian Water aggression and present situation” organized by Nazria-i-Pakistan Trust on Saturday. Former President of Pakistan and Chairman Nazria-i-Pakistan Trust Muhammad Rafique Tarar chaired ...
India, Japan ink Kyoto-Varanasi partnership agreement 30.8.2014 New Kerala: World News
Kyoto, Aug 30 : India and Japan Saturday signed the Kyoto-Varanasi partnership agreement, soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was warmly received by his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe here.
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Over 250 Pakistani exhibitors to showcase in Delhi next month 30.8.2014 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
New Delhi- The second edition of lifestyle exposition Aalishan Pakistan in Delhi next month has drawn over 250 exhibitors from Pakistan, Indian media reported today. According to IANS report, It is due to begin September 11, 2014 and conclude on September 14. The exposition, hosted by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), will take place at Hall No.14 and Hall No.18 at Pragati ...
Over 250 Pakistani exhibitors to showcase in capital 30.8.2014 New Kerala: World News
New Delhi, Aug 30 : The second edition of lifestyle exposition Aalishan Pakistan here next month has drawn over 250 exhibitors from Pakistan.
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What dispute? India and China ignore land squabble 30.8.2014 AP Top News
NEW DELHI (AP) -- For more than 50 years, it has pitted India against China - a smoldering dispute over who should control a swath of land larger than Austria. Two militaries have skirmished. A brief, bloody war has been fought. And today, thousands of soldiers from both countries sit deployed along their shared frontier, doing little but watching each other....
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Amid Chinese assertiveness in South China Sea, territorial dispute with India goes unnoticed 30.8.2014 Star Tribune: World
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Looking East and beyond 29.8.2014 Telegraph: Opinion
Addressing the 12th India-Asean meeting in Nay Pyi Taw a few days back, the external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, rightly underlined that "the ASEAN-India strategic partnership owes its strength to the fact that our 'Look East' to ASEAN meets your 'Look West' towards India". Swaraj has done well to reassure the region that the new Indian government would like to stand with them, taking the trajectories of common interests higher in the coming years, both in terms of achievement and relevance to the bilateral Asean+1 relationship and of the multilateral ambition at the regional and global levels. This is important because there is a lot of concern in the region about the viability of New Delhi's role as regional balancer, a role that became a casualty of the policy paralysis in the previous government. Ironically, this happened at a time when the region has been passing through one of the most critical phases in its evolution.
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Everything works 29.8.2014 Telegraph: Opinion
Mamata Banerjee can sometimes seem endearingly like a deprived child let loose in an expensive toy shop. One moment she craves London, the next, it's Switzerland. In a trice, her seemingly fickle attention has flickered off to Singapore. There, she first demands the Jurong bird park, then the night safari, then, perhaps both. That is not said in any spirit of mockery. On the contrary, the chief minister's ebullience invites respect on two counts. First, high office hasn't dimmed her capacity to be impressed. Second, she doesn't seem to have any yearnings for herself. Whatever she wants is for West Bengal.
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