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Turkey to host 2017 global innovation conference 22.9.2016 New Kerala: Technology
Turkey to host 2017 global innovation conference
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SolPad offers portable solar power, batteries included 22.9.2016 SFGate: Business & Technology
To many analysts, the future of home energy looks like this: solar panels on the roof and a battery in the basement. SunCulture Solar on Thursday unveiled a prototype product — the SolPad — that integrates solar cells, an inverter and a solid-state battery into one self-contained unit that looks much like an oversized smartphone. The portable version could even run an apartment’s lights and appliances at night, using software that can push precise amounts of electricity into a standard wall socket. [...] the company’s preliminary estimate for SolPad Home pegs the installed cost at $19,443 for a system capable of generating 5.3 kilowatts of electricity. Based on data from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a typical residential solar system of that size currently costs about $21,700 — and doesn’t include a battery. Longtime solar entrepreneur Barry Cinnamon has seen the SolPad and considers it an elegant way to combine two products — solar and energy storage — that will inevitably come together. ...
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MacArthur Fellow Jin-Quan Yu breaks some of nature's strongest bonds to synthesize new molecules 22.9.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Growing up in a small Chinese village, Jin-Quan Yu walked nearly four miles to school, traversing a mountain pass and rowing himself across a river to get to the campus.

“Every day when I reached school, pretty much the first two classes I would have missed,” Yu said.

And yet he didn’t miss much,...

These HD TV sets use more energy than you'd expect, group alleges 22.9.2016 L.A. Times - Technology News

An environmental group is accusing three major television manufacturers of misleading consumers and regulators about how much energy their high-definition screens devour and that sets from two of the companies are designed to draw less power during government testing than in ordinary use.

The report...

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Sartaj Aziz raises 'Kashmir' issue with Japan, Austria, Switzerland at UNGA 22.9.2016 New Kerala: World News
Sartaj Aziz raises 'Kashmir' issue with Japan, Austria, Switzerland at UNGA
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AT&T wants to make every telephone pole an ultra-fast wireless hotspot 21.9.2016 Washington Post
AT&T wants to make every telephone pole an ultra-fast wireless hotspot
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Protests filed over PG&E plan to shut down Diablo Canyon nuclear plant 21.9.2016 LA Times: Commentary

It's been less than three months since Pacific Gas & Electric, along with an assortment of groups including environmentalists, announced its intention to shut down the last remaining nuclear power plant in California — Diablo Canyon.

Now the protests have been filed.

And the groups complaining...

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And the Oscars (for federal employees) go to ... 21.9.2016 Washington Post
And the Oscars (for federal employees) go to ...
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When it comes to climate change, let's get our priorities straight 21.9.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
When it comes to climate change, let's get our priorities straight
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Scientists know climate change is a threat. Politicians need to realize it, too. 21.9.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
That's why we and 373 other scientists have written a letter about what's at risk.
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Apple Inc. joins global initiative, committed to renewable energy 20.9.2016 New Kerala: Technology
Apple Inc. joins global initiative, committed to renewable energy
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Scotland the Wave (tidal power takes over in the north) 20.9.2016 The Earth Times Online Newspaper - Health News
Wave power or tidal power? The answer probably depends on where you are. If you have the frightening power that has always inspired names like Cape Wrath, then those tides should produce the most power in Europe. On the other hand, the regular movement of waves could well be capable of inspiring a design to accumulate energy over a lengthy period, albeit with less energy production per unit.
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L'Oreal building solar projects at Arkansas, Kentucky plants 20.9.2016 AP Business
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- Cosmetics maker L'Oreal USA announced Tuesday it is building thousands of solar panels at its manufacturing facilities in Kentucky and Arkansas, a move the company says will help cut carbon emissions and create two of the biggest solar-powered projects in each state....
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Tesla Watch: Merger with SolarCity is challenged; Autopilot upgrade is panned 19.9.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Lawsuits could delay Tesla Motors’ proposed merger with SolarCity.

In an SEC filing released Monday, Tesla said the merger is being challenged in four separate lawsuits that were filed in early September.

The main claims: Tesla and SolarCity breached their fiduciary duties to shareholders, and...

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How did a subsidy boosting a politically connected energy company get to the governor's desk? It's complicated. 19.9.2016 LA Times: Commentary
Essential Politics: Congressional Republicans mostly staying out of Harris-Sanchez U.S. Senate race, podcast examines Brown's legacy through bill signings Sept. 19, 2016, 12:09 p.m. This is Essential Politics, our daily feed on California government and politics news. Here's what we're watching:Most...
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A 'clean-energy champion?' Groups debate Rep. Mia Love's environmental stance 19.9.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
A wealthy conservative trying to push the Republican Party into fighting climate change has dubbed Rep. Mia Love a “clean-energy champion” and is spending at least $100,000 on digital ads supporting her re-election. The ClearPath Action Fund is a new group created by Jay Faison, a North Carolina entrepreneur, and his interest in Love is based partly on her votes during her first term and partly on what she may become if given more time in office. “Mia Love is a candidate who wants to do the righ... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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First wave-produced electricity in US goes online in Hawaii 19.9.2016 AP National
KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii (AP) -- In the waters off the coast of Hawaii, a tall buoy bobs and sways in the water, using the rise and fall of the waves to generate electricity....
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On renewables, Trump caught between corn, oil 17.9.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Donald Trump is trying to walk a fine line between Iowa corn interests and the oil industry. The Republican presidential candidate’s struggle to appease the antagonistic industries was in the spotlight Thursday when his campaign published a fact sheet calling for the elimination of a slew of regulations, including a scandal-marred system of buying and selling biofuel blending credits that some oil refiners hate. “The EPA’s renewable identification number program penalizes refineries if they do n...
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Clean energy won big. So where's the party? 17.9.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
To the skeptic, it may look like a con. The renewable-energy industry won lucrative U.S. subsidies and immediately snapped into inaction. Advocates had lobbied hard for the revival or extension of wind and solar federal tax credits that came in December. With victory in hand . . . very little followed. The industry’s windfall hasn’t spurred tremendous growth. In some cases, the renewal of the credits actually prompted a sudden slowdown in growth. Without the context, it kind of looks like they w...
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After Brexit, sea wind undermine carbon prices 17.9.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
In shallow waters off the Dutch coast, you’ll soon see why the world’s biggest carbon market is struggling with slumping prices. Dong Energy plans to build two offshore wind parks there supplying as many as one million homes. The cost of the projects is about 60 percent cheaper than average rates estimated only a year ago by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in London. If they stick, the tariffs could be a “game changer” because they are showing lawmakers fighting climate change just how quickly ener...
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