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Immigration plan draws cheers, criticism across US 21.11.2014 AP Washington
Thousands of immigrant-rights activists, families and elected officials cheered across the country as President Barack Obama announced on television his plan for relief from deportations for about 5 million people....
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What Mark Reckless said about migrants goes beyond another Ukip win | Pukkah Punjabi 21.11.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
The MP’s call for repatriation shows a growing confidence among those seeking political gain from the issue of immigration – including mainstream parties • Mark Reckless wins Rochester and Strood byelection for Ukip – live reaction However you want to term me – Asian, British, BrIndian or even politically black – more than at any other time in my life I feel alienated from the country in which I was born. As someone who grew up the in the era of the “Paki-bashing” 1970s, that is a startling and depressing realisation. The poisonous terms in which the immigration debate is being conducted have made me hesitate before venturing outside any of the UK’s big cities. A visit to a semi-rural Oxfordshire village last month gave me an unease and a feeling of discomfort that I was unable to pinpoint as anything other than as unfriendliness until I returned home (to Willesden Green) and experienced the relief of seeing and hearing a mixture of nationalities and languages on my local high street. It’s a feeling that ...
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Emotions rise as people hear immigration plan 21.11.2014 AP National
Thousands of immigrant-rights activists, families and elected officials cheered across the country as President Barack Obama announced on television his plan for relief from deportations for about five million people....
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Britain’s UK Independence Party expected to win crucial vote before general election 20.11.2014 Washington Post: World
ROCHESTER, England — It would be hard to find a place more quintessentially British than Rochester, a handsome river town framed by a spectacularly ancient castle and cathedral. Charles Dickens called the area home and often depicted Rochester’s picturesque main shopping street in his ...
Ex-Labour MP attacks Ukip’s ‘nasty, anti-immigrant, very rightwing’ tactics 17.11.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Bob Marshall-Andrews is ‘profoundly unhappy’ that many of his former constituents will be voting Ukip in Rochester byelection

The former Labour MP for Medway has expressed his distress that many of his ex-constituents in Rochester & Strood are set to vote for a “extreme rightwing party” like Ukip, saying the party’s policies would put voters’ jobs seriously at risk.

Bob Marshall-Andrews, who represented the area for 13 years, said he was not a tribal politician and had friends in the Conservatives as well as Labour but he was “profoundly unhappy” that so many people in the Medway towns were likely to vote for Ukip.

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Republicans have called him a dictator. So why cant Obama get his own way? 17.11.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
He should be pushing at an open door on reforms to immigration. But his foes are pushing back A crowd of anti-immigration protesters in Oracle, Arizona, gathered in July to block a bus theyd heard was full of children from Central America who had crossed the border unaccompanied, and possibly illegally, and were supposed to be arriving at a local shelter. Seeing a school bus approaching, Adam Kwasman, a Republican state legislator, broke off from a rant about Lady Liberty to tweet : Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law. He then joined the mob of protesters. He later told a television reporter: I was able to actually see some of the children in the bus and the fear on their faces This is not compassion. Kwasman was right about one thing. This was not compassion. But then it was not a bus full of migrants either. Kwasman, it turned out, had got his Latinos in a twist. He had, in fact, harangued a bus full of kids from the local YMCA on their way to camp. ...
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Viva Podemos: the left shows it can adapt and thrive in a crisis 17.11.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
The explosive ascent of Podemos in Spain proves there is nothing inevitable about Ukip-style anti-immigrant politics Its almost a political cliche. If a country is battered by economic disaster, its ever poorer citizens will turn in droves to the crude xenophobia of the populist right. A lack of secure jobs and affordable homes, plummeting living standards: Johnny Foreigner proves an all-too-convenient scapegoat. This is a script that seems to have been followed to the letter in austerity Britain. Anti-establishment fury has been funnelled into an anti-immigration party led by an ex-City broker who wants to stick it to the man by privatising public services, slashing taxes on the rich, and attacking hard-won British workers rights. But, as Spain shows us, it doesnt have to be this way. Spain is in a mess, with unemployment at almost 25% , and over half its young people without work , a plight that can damage an individual for life. And in comparison with Britain it has been transformed by immigration at ...
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Pope: tensions in Europe over immigrants risk worsening unless all sides listen to each other 16.11.2014 Star Tribune: World
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Across Europe disillusioned voters turn to outsiders for solutions 16.11.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page

Our correspondents in the European capitals report on the rise of insurgent parties across the continent

To make their point that Frances mainstream parties are both as inept as each other, the Front National has taken to calling its rivals the UMPS, an amalgam of the acronyms for the opposition centre-right Union pour un Mouvement Populaire and the ruling Parti Socialiste.

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Camerons masterplan for tackling jihadis rides roughshod over rights | Hugh Muir 14.11.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
Banning suspected fighters from returning to the UK from Syria unless they agree to strict controls elevates the power of suspicion over the rule of law We need to talk about the prime minister. Specifically about the company he has been keeping. Faced with election defeat, and the ignominy that would bring, David Cameron turns to Lynton Crosby , the Australian election strategist with a track record of orchestrating election campaigns of which a one-nation Tory might not approve. Such as Michael Howards 2005 election campaign, with its infamous anti immigration poster, Are you thinking what were thinking?. Faced with Ukip gnawing at his right flank, and a public egged on by the security services hyperventilating about jihadis, the PM heads to Australia, to draw boldness perhaps from its absurdly rightwing prime minister, Tony Abbott. The result we see today; Camerons new masterplan for cracking down on Brits who travel to Syria . The conclusion easily reached is that he needs better role models than ...
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Survey: Latino satisfaction tempered by concern for U.S. direction 12.11.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
From recent immigrants to families who have been Americans for generations, Latinos express widespread satisfaction with life in the United States — but a new, far-reaching survey illustrates a complex population that shares deep concern about the direction of the country.
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Scapegoating immigrants is the oldest trick in the book 7.11.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
It is bizarre that some people think immigrants are a threat to something called Christian Britain (whatever that is) Just behind the trendy restaurants and tattoo parlours of Londons Exmouth Market lies the architecturally undistinguished presence of Taylor House, home to a number of Londons many immigration and asylum courts. As in an airport departure lounge, you enter via a metal detector and body scan and sit in serried ranks on cheap fixed chairs like motorway service stations used to have. Anxiety is locked on the faces of those waiting for judgment. Three distinguished-looking gentlemen sit upright, looking straight ahead, each sporting a chestful of medals. I cannot tell the expression of the woman in the niqab, but her two small boys have brown eyes that dart around the room trying to accustom themselves to this intimidating world of faceless bureaucracy. A blind, Turkish-looking man is helped into court by his nephew. Amid the general hubbub, lawyers back into the corners of the room to create ...
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Room for Debate: The Possibility of Post-Election Bipartisan Deals 6.11.2014 NY Times: Editorials
What compromises, if any, are realistic for President Obama and the new Congress to make?
Statistics alone wont win the immigration debate | Owen Jones 5.11.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
A new immigration study shows European migrants have contributed £20bn to the British economy. But how to convince a sceptical public? UK gains £20bn from European migrants, UCL economists reveal If statistics won political arguments, the nation would be more riled by tax avoidance than benefit fraud, which they would know is a tiny problem ; theyd be convinced that only a tiny proportion of teenagers become pregnant; and theyd realise that crime has long been falling, not rising. Todays study on immigration from University College, London should, of course, be welcomed by all of us who refute the pernicious idea fanned by cynical media outlets and politicians that Johnny Foreigner is responsible for our countrys myriad problems. Rather than representing a drain on Britains hard-pressed finances, European migrants made a net contribution of £20bn to the exchequer between 2000 and 2011. They are, essentially, walking, talking deficit reducers. But try responding to someones expressed hostility towards ...
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Immigration is vital to neoliberalism but no politician will admit it 27.10.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Michael Fallon and his fellow Tories know it, as do Labour, Ukip too. But they wont tell the ordinary people theyre fighting over The defence secretary, Michael Fallon, is under siege . He is being swamped with criticism. He has used the language of plague and war to describe how the residents of British towns feel about immigrants, even though this is broadly considered to be an unhelpful and cheap, populist way of discussing profound demographic change in the UK. Downing Street has been quick to disassociate itself from such intemperate language. Ukip, universally viewed as the political force that is persuading Conservatives to ramp up their anti-immigration hyperbole , has been quick to point out that their political opponents would be very annoyed if their own campaigners started using words like swamped and siege. Yet, such language attracts votes. It must be annoying, seeing your power base slip away, simply because your bosses dont want you articulating how you reckon your constituents feel. ...
Hispanics, US citizens and otherwise, join campaigns for close midterm fights 24.10.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page

This years midterms are taking place against a backdrop of Latino frustration at dithering candidates over immigration issues

An estimated 11 million people in America are barred from voting in the midterm elections because of their immigration status. Abel Perez is one of them.

The 24-year-old was recently knocking on doors in the Colorado town of Longmont with a list of 150 Latino residents who, unlike him, are eligible to cast a ballot.

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Ukip calypso song should be withdrawn, says repentant Mike Read 22.10.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Ex-Radio 1 DJ has apologised for unintentionally causing offence with ditty he sang in Caribbean accent

Is Ukip winning on Facebook and Twitter?

Former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read has apologised for his Ukip calypso song and asked for it to be withdrawn from sale following criticism that it was racist.

Read said he was sorry for unintentionally causing offence with the tune sung in a fake Caribbean accent, featuring lyrics about open borders and illegal immigrants in every town.

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MigrationWatch chairman Sir Andrew Green appointed as a peer 21.10.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page

Labour accuses David Cameron of desperation over thinktank chiefs peerage, suggesting it is a response to Ukip popularity

Sir Andrew Green, the long-term chairman of the thinktank MigrationWatch UK, has been made a peer by David Cameron.

Labour immediately accused the prime minister of desperation, suggesting it was responding to the rising popularity of Ukip and attempting to prove the Conservatives anti-immigration credentials.

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‘No arbitrary caps on EU immigration’ 21.10.2014 Hindu: International
The plans by the Conservative government to restrict the numbers of immigrants coming into United Kingdom for work will not be accepted by the European Union (EU), and is not compatible with EU re...
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The Fix: Why the GOP might not need immigration reform any time soon 20.10.2014 Washington Post: Politics
After Mitt Romney lost in 2012, the Republican Party crafted a plan of action intended to bolster its showing among constituencies that backed the reelection of the president. Among the prescriptions was improved outreach to the nation's Latinos, which was already at the heart of a new push for reforms to the immigration system. Then, as you know, the effort stalled, and with Rep. Eric Cantor's (R-Va.) primary election loss, came to an even-more-sudden ...
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