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Time to declare victory on illegal immigration and fix DACA 7.12.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Time to declare victory on illegal immigration and fix DACA
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The outrage over the Steinle verdict is misplaced 3.12.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
The outrage over the Steinle verdict is misplaced
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Fighting for Freedom From Surveillance: Redefining "Sanctuary" for Trans, Queer and Immigrant Communities 30.11.2017
Since Trump's election, several cities around the US have declared themselves sanctuaries. But can a city really call itself a "sanctuary" if it has regressive policing tactics and a surveillance apparatus that disproportionately targets certain communities -- especially queer, trans and poor people of color? Jennicet Gutiérrez of Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement and Hamid Khan of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition weigh in. Protesters drape themselves in the LGBTQ+ pride flag and Trans pride flag at a dance protest celebrating trans youth in Washington, DC, February 24, 2017. (Photo: Ted Eytan )   Stories like this are more important than ever! To make sure Truthout can keep publishing them, please give a tax-deductible donation today. One of the leading strategic movements after the installation of Donald Trump's administration has been the sanctuary movement. Yet, as many critics have asked, what's a sanctuary with jails? Though cities have been quick to claim the mantle of sanctuary, a ...
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Trump Watch, Volume 11: Sessions remakes DOJ, Trump amplifies far-right anti-Muslim group 29.11.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Trump Watch, Volume 11: Sessions remakes DOJ, Trump amplifies far-right anti-Muslim group
L.A. County hate crimes linked to white supremacists jumped 67% in 2016, study finds 17.11.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles County saw a surge in reported hate crimes last year linked to white supremacists, with a wave of incidents targeting Jews, Muslims and African Americans, according to a study released Thursday.

Immigrants have also been targeted, prompting officials to call in sheriff’s deputies to...

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Most California sheriffs fiercely opposed the 'sanctuary state' law. Soon they'll have to implement it 12.11.2017 LA Times: Commentary
As elected officials and keepers of jails across the state, sheriffs will bear the brunt of implementing California's 'sanctuary state' law.
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More than half of Californians support 'sanctuary state' legislation, poll finds 10.11.2017 LA Times: Commentary

More than 50% of Californians favor a new “sanctuary state” law to shield people from deportation, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

This year, California officials and the Trump administration have squared off over the landmark sanctuary state law, which takes effect in January...

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In New Jersey, racial politics loses big on a new cricket pitch 10.11.2017 Front Page – The Indian Express
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Virginia shows that anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats still have a pulse 8.11.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Virginia shows that anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats still have a pulse
Slovakia’s far-right party, ruling leftists lose regional elections 5.11.2017 World – The Indian Express
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Greek Economist Yanis Varoufakis on Nazi Resurgence in Europe and Why "ISIS Loves Donald Trump" 3.11.2017

We speak with former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis about the rise of the far-right Golden Dawn party in his country and how their policies "have infiltrated the mainstream" in European politics, including anti-immigrant measures similar to those proposed by Trump. Varoufakis says Trump's vow to crack down on immigration after the attack in New York City will only inspire more attacks, noting that "ISIS loves Donald Trump."

Please check back later for full transcript.

The border as muse: Two PST art shows look at flow of humanity between the U.S. and Mexico 3.11.2017 LA Times: Commentary

In a darkened gallery of the Torrance Art Museum, anti-immigration protesters projected onto the wall are walking down a lonely dirt road, carrying signs reading “Stop Invasion.”

In a different scene, they plant an American flag amid a rocky landscape, recalling the iconic photo of Marines raising...

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Could a DACA fix get done? 26.10.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Could a DACA fix get done?
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The Crack-Up: Donald Trump and the Fourth Great Shattering 24.10.2017 Truthout - All Articles
Whether you read Truthout daily, weekly or even once a month, now's the perfect time to show that you value real journalism. Make a donation to Truthout by clicking here! When the historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., published his bestseller  The Disuniting of America  in 1991, he didn't seriously entertain the worst-case scenario suggested by the title. At the time, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were imploding, while separatist movements in Quebec, East Timor, Spain's Basque country, and elsewhere were already clamoring for their own states. But when it came to the United States, Schlesinger's worries were principally focused on the far smaller battlefield of the American classroom and what he saw as multiculturalism's threat to the mythic "melting pot." Although he took those teacup tempests seriously, the worst future Schlesinger could imagine was what he called the "tribalization of American life." He didn't contemplate the actual dismemberment of the country. Today, controversies over hate speech ...
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Czech elections have become really volatile. This year was no exception. 24.10.2017 Washington Post
Czech elections have become really volatile. This year was no exception.
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Why Europe's populists are here to stay 23.10.2017 Washington Post: World
A new book charts the rise of anti-immigrant populists.
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Populist parties gain more victories in European politics 16.10.2017 AP Top News
BERLIN (AP) -- Right-wing parties chalked up two more victories in Europe over the weekend, coming second in Austria's national election and entering another state parliament in Germany, putting further pressure on mainstream conservatives to take a harder line on immigration....
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Win or lose in Austrian vote, the far right triumphs as rivals back policies once deemed fringe 13.10.2017 Washington Post: World
The election reveals just how far toward the margins politics in Europe have shifted.
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Protect the Dreamers, but Don't Fall for an E-Verify "Compromise" 12.10.2017 Truthout - All Articles
Democratic leaders working with Trump to protect DACA recipients may be unwilling to fund a border wall, but they seem open to concessions on E-Verify -- a system for checking on work authorization. However, universal E-Verify would only drive undocumented workers into the underground economy, costing billions of dollars in tax revenue and mostly benefiting big businesses that use subcontractors. US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano speaks during a news conference to announce the launch of E-Verify Self Check service March 21, 2011 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images) Support from readers provides Truthout with vital funds to keep investigating what mainstream media won't cover. Fund more stories like this by donating now! E-Verify is back on the political agenda. For years, politicians have wanted to force all of the country's  7.7 million  private employers to check new hires against this online system -- which compares employees' documents with government databases in ...
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Trump's anti-immigration aide tries to take charge 9.10.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Trump's anti-immigration aide tries to take charge
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