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Greek court sentences 2 men to life imprisonment for stabbing murder of Pakistani worker 16.4.2014 Star Tribune: World
Is it un-Australian to be driving on with fossil fuel expansion plans? | Graham Readfearn 14.4.2014 Guardian: Environment
As the IPCC warns greenhouse gas emissions need to be cut quickly, an Australian court decides that stopping a mega coal mine won't cut emissions About five years back, I was crawling in Brisbane traffic behind one of the city's ubiquitous white utility vehicles on my way to an anonymous city centre office to sit my Australian citizenship test. Stuck to the back of this ute was a large anti-immigration sticker, peeling on one corner, declaring "Fuck off, we're full," to all literate observers. I can sympathise with the position of the objectors who see [greenhouse gas] emissions rising, and the likely adverse climate change consequences that will flow should nothing be done to alter the course that the world is heading down. I have no reason to doubt the eminent expert evidence that was presented in this case to that effect. However, I must on the evidence of this case determine that it is the demand for coal-fired electricity, and not the supply of coal from coal mines, which is at the heart of the ...
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Review: 'No God, No Master' turns history into preachy exercise 11.4.2014 LA Times: Top News
Nigel Farage's anti-immigration message is winning converts in Britain 3.4.2014 Washington Post: World
LONDON -- For years, Nigel Farage has operated on the fringes of British politics, dismissed as a demagogue -- or worse -- for his strident calls to get out of the European Union and dramatically limit ...
The shocking story of Yashika's deportation is dispiriting, but it does bring hope 3.4.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
The anti-immigration lobby is cynical in how it uses extreme examples to win hearts now we can fight back with Yashika What a cold, miserable country we have been made to look today by Home Office officialdom. With Yashika Bageerathi deported back to Mauritius , the government can congratulate itself on a job well done: Britain is finally free of a model 19-year-old A-level student whose studies have now been trashed. Aspiring young mathematicians in Enfield no longer have to suffer the imposition of the tutoring and coaching she has been volunteering to do in her spare time. She has been dragged from the loving care of her mother, whose case is being held separately. Let the slow handclap ...
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Far-right sets sights on European Parliament 3.4.2014 AP Top News
PARIS (AP) -- France's far-right National Front, coming off a historic electoral victory at home, is marching toward a new target: the European Parliament....
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Hard Questions in Belgium After Paper’s Satire of Obama 27.3.2014 NY Times: World
Antiracism groups say the images depicting the president and his wife as apes points to a normalization of hateful political speech in Europe.
Arizona woos Mexico, downplays anti-immigrant law 22.3.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Arizona woos Mexico, downplays anti-immigrant law
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Arizona, known for US's toughest anti-immigrant law, leaves its past to woo Mexican business 22.3.2014 Star Tribune: World
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Ministers 'raised migrant prejudice' 21.3.2014 BBC: Front Page
The government "increased anti-immigrant prejudice" by not getting an estimate of the number of Romanians and Bulgarians entering the UK, MPs say.
As EU doors open, Bulgarian and Romanian migrants see minds closing 14.3.2014 LA Times: Top News
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Centuries-old mass grave of Irish laborers probed in Pennsylvania 9.3.2014 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Centuries-old mass grave of Irish laborers probed in Pennsylvania
A vision of life under Ukip's steel-capped Hush Puppies | Stewart Lee 9.3.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
How will the artist fare when The Ukip take over? The messages from HQ are far from clear The inevitable victory of the Scottish independence campaign and the subsequent collapse of the Labour vote in the sorry remnants of the UK will see the next election won by a coalition of The Ukip and The Conservative party. Then the Bullingdon boys' lack of appeal to the common man will eventually leave the country entirely crushed by The Ukip's steel-capped Hush Puppy, as a pipe and cardigan version of The Golden Dawn gradually reshapes society in its own image, smothering dissent under an enormous tartan travel rug of hate. But whether one is a supporter of The Ukip's position on immigration or not, at least it is easy to grasp. The Ukip dislikes immigration even more than it loves smoking in pubs. But I was born here so I'm all right. What concerns me, as a professional creative, is the apparent incoherence of the anti-immigration party's arts policy, as this will have a direct effect on my own ...
Supreme Court Refuses To Revisit Case On Anti-Immigrant Laws 4.3.2014 NPR News
The court's decision means the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch, which has spent millions defending laws that make it illegal to rent to undocumented immigrants, has reached the end of this legal road.
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French far right: No funds for religious groups 4.3.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
French far right: No funds for religious groups
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What's wrong with selling visas to rich immigrants at £2.5m a pop? 2.3.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
The money raised would solve a lot of economic problems and quell political scaremongering about immigration It's time to make some serious money from immigration. Britain could and should raise billions every year from the world's rich and skilled who want to live and work here. We should auction residential visas to the world's super-rich. We should top that up with swingeing fines on employers of illegal migrant workers. (We currently don't bother to collect what are only modest fines.) We could even auction some work permits. We should spend the proceeds on a programme of house building, job creation and training for the young – focused on unemployment black spots. The message would be that immigration is beneficial and, by showing how, take some of the sting from the tidal wave of scapegoating and quasi-xenophobia that masquerades as honest-to-God Euroscepticism or freedom to speak the allegedly unspeakable. Far from not talking about immigration, we now talk about little else. Along ...
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EU reacts to Switzerland's anti-immigration vote 17.2.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
EU reacts to Switzerland's anti-immigration vote
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Switzerland declines Croatia deal 16.2.2014 BBC: World
Switzerland refuses to sign a deal granting Croatians free access to the Swiss work market, after voters backed a proposal to curb immigration.
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Austria's Freedom Party stages comeback with new look and new wave of popularity 15.2.2014 The Guardian -- Front Page
Eurosceptic, anti-immigration party once led by Jörg Haider sees rise in working-class votes When Christian Ragger heard that the Swiss had voted to cap immigration into their country in a referendum last weekend , he was "deeply impressed", he says. "All over the world, immigration is protected [from being limited]. It required a special courage to vote in that way. This was a typically democratic Swiss action." Ragger heads the local branch of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) in its mountainous stronghold of Carinthia, in the south of the country. Once led by the flamboyant Jörg Haider, the FPÖ has been called everything from populist to neo-Nazi, yet it would be hard to imagine anyone less like the stereotype of a bull-necked, red-faced Alpine far right-winger than the FPÖ's trim and cosmopolitan young leader. Ragger speaks good English and excellent Italian and, before joining the regional government, was a partner in a law firm that has branches in Milan and Florence. When ...
Switzerland mulls over implications for economy of vote to curb immigration 15.2.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
Referendum to limit foreign workers pits town against country, French against German speakers – and Berne against the EU When Mario Da Rugna heard that Switzerland had voted to curb "mass migration" , he was not so much disappointed as horrified. Da Rugna is head of human resources at Basel's university hospital, where 45% of staff, and 50% of doctors, do not hold a Swiss passport. His home country does not train enough surgeons and radiologists. Without foreigners, how will he look after his patients? "We are told there will be contingencies, but no one has explained how they are meant to work," he said. Sunday's referendum on quotas for immigration was won by only 0.6 percentage points, yet the vote has sent shock waves through the continent. Cheered on by EU critics and anti-immigration parties such as Ukip and France's National Front, the outcome could not only embolden rightwing populists ahead of the European parliamentary elections in May, but also raises serious questions about ...
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