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An Australian senator wore a burqa in Parliament — then called for a ban on Muslim immigrants 17.8.2017 Washington Post
An Australian senator wore a burqa in Parliament — then called for a ban on Muslim immigrants
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With racial clashes rattling the country, the 'Hamilton' message of inclusion marches on 16.8.2017 LA Times: Commentary

While the country confronts the violent reemergence of white supremacists, Los Angeles is welcoming an antidote in “Hamilton.” The hip-hop musical about equality and inclusion, officially opening here Wednesday, is a testament against the racism and cultural wars that threaten the spirit of the...

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Anti-immigration firebrand Joe Arpaio hasn’t said whether he’ll seek a pardon from his ally in the White House 10.8.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio brushed off his recent criminal conviction in federal court as a “petty crime” and has not said he would seek a pardon from President Trump, despite the pair regularly sharing the stage at political rallies during the 2016 campaign.

In an interview with the Associated...

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Anti-immigrant Louisiana marriage law struck down by U.S. court 9.8.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Anti-immigrant Louisiana marriage law struck down by U.S. court
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Ups and downs 7.8.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Ups and downs
Trump and immigration exclusionists undermine economic goals 6.8.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Trump and immigration exclusionists undermine economic goals
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America’s competitors angle for Silicon Valley’s business 5.8.2017 SFGate: Business & Technology
Trump’s plans, combined with a U.S. political climate that has left many immigrants feeling less welcome, has cast a pall of uncertainty over the U.S. tech industry, which relies heavily on highly skilled workers from abroad. Under the program, which was in development before Trump’s election victory, the Canadian government has promised to approve two-year visas in less than two weeks — blindingly fast compared with the process in the United States. In Mexico, states with growing regional tech hubs, like Jalisco, have been redoubling their efforts to attract talent and investment in recent months, peddling a philosophy of openness that departs from what Sandoval called Trump’s “xenophobia” and “lack of global vision.” The Chronicle published an opinion piece by Sandoval pitching the advantages of doing business in his state. China’s tech leaders have also been seizing the opportunity created by Trump’s immigration policies. Wang Huiyao, founder and president of the Center for China and ...
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July's jobs report ought to signal to politicians: First, do no harm 4.8.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
July's jobs report ought to signal to politicians: First, do no harm
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A crass play to xenophobes will go nowhere 3.8.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
A crass play to xenophobes will go nowhere
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"Give Them Hell": Exposing the Corporate Backers of Anti-Immigrant Hate 2.8.2017
This administration cannot implement its anti-immigrant agenda without the backing of firms like JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, which finance the private immigrant prisons, say José Lopez and Daniel Altschuler of Make the Road New York. They organized the August 2 national day of action to draw attention to the companies profiting from Trump's odious policies. Make the Road New York activists and allies display signs during the #BackersofHate action in New York City, August 2, 2018. (Photo courtesy of Make the Road New York) Since election night 2016, the streets of the US have rung with resistance. People all over the country have woken up with the conviction that they must do something to fight inequality in all its forms. But many are wondering what it is they can do. In this ongoing "Interviews for Resistance" series, experienced organizers, troublemakers and thinkers share their insights on what works, what doesn't, what has changed and what is still the same. Today's interview is the 61st in the ...
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An anti-immigrant group mistook empty bus seats for women wearing burqas 1.8.2017 Washington Post: World
“It looks really scary, should be banned,” wrote one Facebook user.
Behold the Trump boomerang effect 31.7.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
For every malignant or bigoted action, there will be an opposite reaction.
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As Trump Targets Teenagers for Deportation, Immigrants Push Back With Direct Action 28.7.2017
Activists march near the Texas state capitol in Austin, Texas, in protest of immigration officials' arrests of teenage immigrants in a demonstration on July 26, 2017. (Image: Democracy Now!) In Austin, Texas, four undocumented immigrants were arrested protesting President Trump's crackdown on sanctuary cities and plans to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This comes as Immigration and Customs Enforcement carried out raids targeting undocumented teenagers it says are affiliated with gangs. ICE's criteria for assessing gang affiliation includes whether teenagers have tattoos, wear clothing typical to a gang or even spend time in an area that's known to have gangs. We speak with Catalina Adorno, one of those arrested in Texas, and with Alex Sanchez of Homies Unidos about how many immigrants are being wrongfully targeted as gang members. TRANSCRIPT This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The War and Peace Report. I'm Amy ...
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Troubles deepen for Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions as White House spokesman questions the 'future of the relationship' 25.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions faced increasing questions about his future as Monday began with a fresh public slap from his boss, President Trump, and continued with new calls to testify about his conversations with the Russian ambassador last year.

Sessions, the first senator to endorse Trump, was...

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California Lawmakers Move to Protect Undocumented Workers 17.7.2017 Truthout - All Articles
San Francisco—If immigration agents show up at a worksite, employers don't have to let them in. That is one of the key messages immigrant rights advocates are sending out as a new bill that would increase protections for workers makes its way through committees in the California legislature. Employers across the country already have certain rights, said Grisel Ruiz, staff attorney of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC). "If an employer has ICE agents coming to their workplace, so long as the workplace is private property, they should also keep ICE agents out…unless they have an ICE warrant," she said. Ruiz spoke on a national press call last week hosted by New America Media and Ready California. Proposed legislation in California would go a step further in protecting workers and helping employers navigate what happens when ICE agents show up at their business. Under the Immigrant Worker Protection Act, AB 450 (David Chiu, D-San Francisco), employers would be required to ask for a warrant before ...
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Islamophobia Is the Glue That Unites Diverse Factions of the Far Right 14.7.2017 Truthout - All Articles
Women bradish US flags and shout at the "March Against Sharia" at Foley Square on June 10, 2017 in New York City. (Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images) Increasingly, various segments of the far right -- including some who previously would not be seen in the same room -- are coming together based on their mutual hatred of Muslims. It is crucial to understand how different far-right groups are deploying Islamophobia as a unifying tool -- and how this affects the growth of the far right as a whole. Women bradish US flags and shout at the "March Against Sharia" at Foley Square on June 10, 2017 in New York City. (Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images) The nationwide "March Against Sharia" rallies on June 10, 2017, brought an unholy alliance of far-right actors into the streets. While normally many of them would not be seen in the same room with each other, these different factions were drawn together by their mutual hatred of Muslims. Nazis and right-wing Zionists, LGBTQ activists and right-wing ...
Largest US Latino group changing name to be more inclusive 11.7.2017 AP National
PHOENIX (AP) -- The largest Latino civil rights organization in the U.S. is changing its name to be less polarizing and more inclusive as it steps up its battle against what it calls anti-immigrant policies by the Trump administration....
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In Poland, a right-wing, populist, anti-immigrant government sees an ally in Trump 6.7.2017 L.A. Times - World News

Poland hasn’t really had a turn in the world spotlight since the 1980s, when all eyes were on the drama of the Solidarity labor movement’s perilous but ultimately successful struggle against Communist rule.

President Trump’s stop in Warsaw, where he arrived Wednesday night on his way to the Group...

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White House is mostly ignoring Spanish speakers in official communications 3.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The Trump White House no habla español. Well, un poquito.

After a succession of administrations that embraced Spanish-language content, President Trump's White House is all but ignoring Spanish speakers even though he has a robust online presence in English.

His administration has yet to offer...

Trump's White House is all but ignoring Spanish speakers 1.7.2017 AP Top News
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Trump White House no habla espa�ol. Well, un poquito....
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