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Southern Ute shale drilling goals draw scrutiny 30.4.2016 Durango Herald
Citizen and environmental groups are calling for transparency and a new environmental impact statement for prospective shale oil and gas development on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. Last month, the tribe announced plans to conduct a supplemental environmental impact statement for an existing EIS on natural resource extraction on...
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Why drinking red wine and eating chocolate may be good for your gut 29.4.2016 Washington Post
Some scientists hope to use the microbes that live in our guts to diagnose and treat the diseases that seem to be linked to them.
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Blind Mice and Bird Brains: Silent Spring of Chernobyl and Fukushima 28.4.2016 Truthout - All Articles
Dr.  Timothy Mousseau  has published more than  90 peer reviewed articles  in scientific journals, related to the effects of radiation in natural populations (and more than 200 publications in total). He has spent 16 years looking at the effects on wildlife and the ecosystem of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He and his colleagues have also spent the last five years studying how non-human biota is faring in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdowns in Japan. But none of this work has received anything like the high profile publicity afforded the 'findings' in the  2006 Chernobyl Forum report  which claimed the Chernobyl zone "has become a wildlife sanctuary", and a subsequent article published in  Current Biology  in 2015 that said wildlife was "thriving"around Chernobyl. "I suppose everyone loves a Cinderella story", speculated Mousseau, an evolutionary biologist based at the University of South Carolina. "They want that happy ending." But Mousseau felt sure the moment he read the Forum ...
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2 Widely-Used Pesticides Are Putting 97 Percent Of America’s Endangered Species At Risk 28.4.2016 Think Progres

"This is a huge wake-up call."

The post 2 Widely-Used Pesticides Are Putting 97 Percent Of America’s Endangered Species At Risk appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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From preserving ecosystems to building airports, Asia needs to work together | Vinod Thomas and Marco Gatti 28.4.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest
When two or more countries come together they can solve the problem better than one on its own, with far reaching benefits and greater success rates In an increasingly fragile, interconnected world, where humanitarian and development needs are a burden on budgets , cooperation is a buzzword. The scale of the challenges facing humanity, and the scope of ambitions to leave no one behind under the new global development roadmap , have placed collaboration in the spotlight. This holds true for regional development as well as humanitarian initiatives. But international projects require time and effort, and a nagging question has long been whether all that work is worth the ...
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Islands and their biodiversity 28.4.2016 The Earth Times Online Newspaper - Environment News
A new theory on why we have such biodiverse islands, while some are literally desert has been long in coming, but it’s here.
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New Discovery: A Massive Reef System at the Mouth of the Amazon River 26.4.2016
Could coral reefs have anything to do with the Amazon River? Apparently so. In case you missed this new finding among the sea of reports about the impending demise of coral reefs (especially the  Great Barrier Reef ) across the world, here's the lowdown: A team of scientists from Brazil and the United States have discovered a 600-mile long sponge and coral reel at the mouth of the Amazon River, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The reef stretches across more than 3,600 square miles in ocean floor off of the South American continental shelf, between the French Guiana-Brazil border and the Maranhão State in Brazil, according to the researchers whose findings were published in the journal  Science Advances  on Friday. Here's why this is unexpected and amazing: First, coral reefs are usually found in clear, briny water, off the continental shelf in tropical areas -- waters where sunlight can penetrate. Yet the water where the Amazon meets the Atlantic is anything but clear. In fact, the Amazon plume ...
Do we really need a new U.N. oceans treaty? Yes, and here's why. 26.4.2016 Washington Post
Do we really need a new U.N. oceans treaty? Yes, and here's why.
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Air pollution hurting U.S. plant diversity, CU scientists find 25.4.2016 Headlines: All Headlines
Air pollution is hurting plant life across North America, diminishing species diversity and may have reached a tipping point.
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25,015 diaries have now been highlighted by the Spotlight on Green News and Views: Here's the latest 24.4.2016 Daily Kos
Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue) appears twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Today’s edition is the 435th entry in this series. More than 25,015 environmentally oriented stories have now been highlighted in this series since 2006. Inclusion of a story in the Spotlight does not necessarily indicate my agreement with or endorsement of it.  Here is the most recent previous Green Spotlight. OUTSTANDING GREEN STORIES  Crimson Quillfeather writes— Magnificent Methane : “I’ve always wanted to see  Abraham Lake  in the winter.  I’ve always wanted to see the methane bubbles in its waters.   This week in history saw the birth of Earth Day in  1970 . The trend to think in such terms as a global environment was all begun by a fore-mother, the one and only Rachel Carson, whose book became a clarion call for the movement.  The oceans are heating up. The Pacific’s warming waters flows up to Arctic Ocean through the Bering Strait.  On the other side, the Gulf Stream is ...
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Follow the birdie from the Ace Hotel rooftop 23.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Birding while sipping a beer atop the Ace Hotel?

As part of Bird Day L.A.'s many city events celebrating the region's biodiversity, a May 7 exploration and Q&A on the hotel roof will hopefully showcase the huge colonies of swifts and raptors swooping for prey around the skyscrapers of DTLA.


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US claims success in efforts to save endangered species 22.4.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

Obama administration puffs its chest out over apparent victories in removing animals from endangered species list at accelerated pace

The world may be hurtling to the worst extinction crisis since the dinosaurs were wiped out, but the US is claiming success in its own efforts to prevent species following the path of titanosaurs, dodos and passenger pigeons.

A total of 34 species have been removed from federal Endangered Species Act protections since 1978 due to them recovering, rather than becoming extinct. This pace has accelerated under Barack Obama’s presidency – 16 of the 34 recovered species have been delisted during the current administration.

Continue reading...
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8 Stunning Photo Galleries of Our Precious Planet 22.4.2016 Wired Top Stories
8 Stunning Photo Galleries of Our Precious Planet
From ancient trees to lightning striking a volcano, WIRED presents our favorite photos of the natural world. The post 8 Stunning Photo Galleries of Our Precious Planet appeared first on WIRED.
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Open thread for night owls: 100s of groups urge Obama to use climate emergency to ban oil exports 21.4.2016 Daily Kos
Nadia Prupis at Common Dreams writes— Groups to Obama: Declare Climate Emergency, Ban Crude Oil Exports : Hundreds of organizations on Wednesday filed a  legal petition  (pdf) calling on the Obama administration to declare a "national climate emergency" and end all U.S. crude oil exports, which they say would keep millions of tons of greenhouse gas pollution from entering the atmosphere. The petition comes as the U.S. nears a signing date for the  COP21  climate agreement agreed to late last year in Paris. Less than a week after pledging to lower greenhouse gas emissions, President Barack Obama in December also signed the omnibus spending and taxation bill that lifted a  40-year-old export ban  on crude oil. Environmental advocacy groups Center for Biological Diversity and Food and Water Watch, who organized the petition,  stated : As global temperatures hit record highs, the petition points out that “climate change is unquestionably a national emergency.” It also notes that halting crude exports is ...
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Interior sued over 'fast track' deep-sea well permits 21.4.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
New Orleans • An environmental group sued the Interior Department on Wednesday for what it called the “fast track” permitting of potentially dangerous oil and natural gas wells in offshore waters. The action came on the sixth anniversary of the nation’s largest offshore oil spill. The federal lawsuit, filed by the California-based Center for Biological Diversity in Washington, D.C., seeks to force regulators to conduct more in-depth environmental reviews of drilling plans before handing out perm...
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More than 1,000 species have been moved due to human impact 20.4.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page
Animals and plants are increasingly being ‘translocated’ from their native areas to survive effects of climate change, poaching and habitat loss, says top conservationist More than a thousand species have had to be relocated because of climate change, poaching and humans taking their habitat, according to a top conservationist. Dr Axel Moehrenschlager said cases of “translocation”, such as India’s plan to relocate tigers to Cambodia or South Africa’s scheme to airlift rhinos to Australia , have increased exponentially in recent decades and will become more common due to human pressures driving species closer to ...
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Mural of rare yellow-billed cuckoos is a mix of social commentary and environmental conservation 20.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The rare yellow-billed cuckoo is a shy, slender, long-tailed bird that migrates from Central America in spring to breed in streamside forests that once thrived throughout Southern California.

And that got some female high school students and two art instructors at the Miguel Contreras Learning...

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Endangered butterfly could get new lease on life with breeding program at San Diego Zoo 18.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

An endangered butterfly could get a new lease on life thanks to a breeding program at the San Diego Zoo.

The population of the Quino checkerspot butterfly, known for its distinctive checkerboard-patterned orange, black and white wings, has drastically declined because of urban development that...

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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up 17.4.2016 Daily Kos
It’s getting close to the time when people come blundering through my woods with their eyes fixed on the ground. Mushroom season. But please note that just a couple of years ago, three kids in my neighborhood picked some nice white ‘shrooms that turned out to have the lovely name of Destroying Angel . One of them lived. After a liver transplant. Think it’s edible? Check again. Okay then.  I’d like to say this morning was free of a different kind of toxin. Trumpless. De-Donald’d. Combed free of comb-overs. But I’d be lying.  Once again I’d like to remind you that the pundits do not work for me. Neither do I wrangle them. I merely follow them around on Sunday morning and pick up their fresh, recently deposited…. leavings. So if some of these people still find fascination in a screaming orange zonker, well, we’re probably going to go there.  But at least there are people looking into other colors. Like deep, deep blue. James Nestor  goes deep to have a conversation. I held my breath and swam deeper. 10, 20, ...
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Feds seek public comments on caribou habitat plan 16.4.2016 AP Washington
BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Federal officials are seeking public comments on a plan to designate 30,000 acres of critical habitat for the last remaining herd of mountain caribou in the Lower 48 states....
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