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Susan Rice meets Pakistan's PM in Islamabad to discuss militant attacks 30.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest
  • US national security adviser joins Nawaz Sharif during Asian tour
  • Pakistan faces questions over whether US will provide $300m in military aid

President Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, met Pakistan’s prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, on Sunday to press concerns over attacks launched by militants based in Pakistan, officials said.

The visit to Islamabad, part of an Asian tour that included an earlier stop in China, comes amid uncertainty over whether the US will release $300m in military aid to Pakistan.

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Rice makes surprise visit to Pakistan on peace mission 30.8.2015 Hindu: National
Amid rising tensions and firing on the Line of Control, U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice is in Islamabad for a day-long visit to discuss “regional security issues”, sources in Islamabad s...
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Pakistan bans Islamic State, US issues travel advisory 29.8.2015 Hindustan Times: World
Pakistan has banned the Islamic State militant group that has overrun vast stretches of Iraq and Syria after repeatedly denying the dreaded outfits presence within its ...
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U.S. NSA Rice to visit Pakistan on Sunday 29.8.2015 Hindu: Home
U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice is expected to pay a day-long visit to Pakistan on Sunday for discussions on various bilateral and regional issues, officials said here on Saturday.
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India rebuffs Afghanistan on strategic meet 29.8.2015 Hindu: National
Stung by Afghanistan’s security and strategic shift towards Pakistan in the past year, India has rebuffed another invitation from Kabul to revive the Pakistan: Suicide bomber kills wife, kids during police raid 28.8.2015 Hindustan Times: World
A suspected Taliban militant blew himself up during a police raid in central Pakistan on Thursday, killing his own wife and two children, police said.
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Afghan militants foil Taliban's plan 28.8.2015 New Kerala: World News
Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Aug 27 : Afghan military officials on Thursday said that they were successful in foiling the Taliban's plan of making inroads in the Hesarak district of eastern Nangarhar province of the country.
Hamid Gul obituary 27.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest
Pakistan intelligence chief who championed the Taliban and was known as the ‘jihadi spymaster’ Hamid Gul, who has died aged 78, led Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the largest of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, for two years in the late 1980s when it played a vital role in channelling billions of dollars of American and Saudi money and armaments to jihadist groups in Afghanistan that were in the process of driving out the Soviet army of occupation. Gul worked closely with the CIA at this stage and was well enough regarded by the Americans. But he subsequently championed the Taliban, which took control in Afghanistan following the Soviet retreat, gave outspoken support for hardline Islamists in Pakistan and beyond, insisted that Israel had been responsible for the 9/11 attacks in the US and refused to accept that Osama bin Laden was other than “a romantic figure”. While winning him many admirers at home, this made him a figure of loathing in Washington. Gul also had enemies closer to home. He was ...
Pro-Govt. tribal elder killed in TTP blast 27.8.2015 New Kerala: World News
Karachi, Aug. 27 : A pro-government tribal elder has been killed in a blast in Bajaur tribal agency's Chamarkand tehsil in Pakistan.
Two Pak Taliban commanders killed in custody, TTP vows revenge 26.8.2015 Hindustan Times: World
The Pakistan Taliban, on Wednesday, claimed two of their senior commanders, arrested in 2009 while engaged in "peace talks" with the government, have been fatally poisoned while in custody of the security forces.
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Pakistan arrests terrorist involved in kidnapping U.S. aid worker 25.8.2015 Hindu: News
Pakistani security agencies have arrested a Taliban terrorist allegedly involved in the kidnapping of an American aid worker who was accidentally killed in a U.S. drone strike targeting al-Qaeda.
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Only three of 116 Guantánamo detainees were captured by US forces 25.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Bulk of remaining detainees – who US politicians refer to as ‘worst of the worst’ – were rounded up by Pakistani and Afghan spies, warlords and security services

Only three of the 116 men still detained at Guantánamo Bay were apprehended by US forces, a Guardian review of military documents has uncovered.

The foundations of the guilt of the remaining 113, whom US politicians often refer to as the “worst of the worst” terrorists, involves a degree of faith in the Pakistani and Afghan spies, warlords and security services who initially captured 98 of the remaining Guantánamo population.

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Death row convict hanged in Pakistan 25.8.2015 New Kerala: World News
Islamabad, Aug 25 : A death row prisoner, convicted of killing four policemen, was hanged on Tuesday in Pakistan, a media report said.
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Pakistan militants strike checkpoints in tribal area, at least 11 dead 25.8.2015 Hindu: International
At least five soldiers and six Taliban militants have been killed after raids on Pakistan army checkpoints in the restive tribal area of Waziristan, security officials say, as the military presses...
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Pakistan executes man convicted for killing policemen 25.8.2015 Hindu: International
Pakistan on Tuesday executed a death row prisoner convicted of killing four policemen in 1997, taking the number of convicts executed to 211 since the country lifted its moratorium on the death pen...
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Pakistani forces kill over 1,000 terrorists in 9 months 24.8.2015 New Kerala: World News
Islamabad, Aug 24 : Pakistani security forces have killed 1,114 terrorists since the launch of an anti-terror campaign following the deadly December 16 attack on an army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said on Monday.
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Five Things You Need to Know About the US's "Reconstruction" Effort in Afghanistan 24.8.2015 Truthout - All Articles
Local Afghan police prepare for a mission in Kakeran, Afghanistan, February 18, 2013. (Bryan Denton/The New York Times) With billions of dollars earmarked for the ''reconstruction'' of Afghanistan unaccounted for, there is a strong possibility that the US is repeating its military mistakes of old, unwittingly financing the armed opposition in the name of liberating the Afghan people. Local Afghan police prepare for a mission in Kakeran, Afghanistan, February 18, 2013. (Bryan Denton/The New York Times) Want to challenge injustice and make real change happen? That's Truthout's goal - support our work with a donation today! Let's start with what we know: Since 2002, the US Congress has appropriated just over $109 billion for Afghanistan's development, making this the largest foreign reconstruction program the government has ever undertaken (and surpassing the amount spent on the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe's economies following World War II). Much of the money has already been spent, with just $11.9 ...
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Afghan ties with Pakistan sour as Taliban gain strength 22.8.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
One of the world's testier strategic relationships is deteriorating by the day as Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of meddling in its affairs and prolonging a 14-year war by aiding Taliban militants in a cynical quest for ...
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Afghan ties with Pakistan sour as Taliban gain strength 21.8.2015 AP Top News
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- One the world's testier strategic relationships is deteriorating by the day as Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of meddling in its affairs and prolonging a 14-year war by aiding Taliban militants in a cynical quest for influence....
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Pakistan launch offensive against militants 21.8.2015 New Kerala: World News
Islamabad, Aug 21 : Pakistani troops have launched a ground operation against militants hiding in the mountains of Waziristan tribal region, a media report said on Friday.
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