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Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump's Tweet About The Death Of Dwyane Wade's Cousin 29.8.2016 Crooks Liars
As Josh Marshall discussed earlier this week, the Trump campaign basically has no campaign manager , because the person who has that title is too busy doing things like this. Kellyanne Conway appeared on this Sunday's Face the Nation and defended the indefensible when she tried to make excuses for Hair Drumpf and his reprehensible tweet following the murder of NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin . Conway was asked about Trump's incessant need to make everything about himself, and Conway assured everyone that he really was concerned about the family because he tweeted about it immediately after the disgusting tweet where he claimed that it proved somehow that black people will vote for him. Yeah, after he was savaged for it on line . DICKERSON: Let me touch on couple of other issues. Mr. Trump tweeted yesterday after an NBA player’s cousin was shot. Mr. Trump tweeted: “Dwyane Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will vote ...
The snooze economy 29.8.2016 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Its plodding performance is probably helping Hillary Clinton by minimizing bad economic news.
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New version of con man Trump is the same phony, racialist, pandering grifter as the old Trump 28.8.2016 Daily Kos
As we move into the last few months of the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton has taken a commanding electoral lead, so far ahead that if she lost every current remaining toss-up state, she’d still become the 45th president of the United States. So naturally Donald Trump has grown desperate and panicked—pathetically so. He’s fired his second campaign manager, bringing on pollster Kellyanne Conway and Breitbart’s openly alt-right, bullying bigot of the moment Steve Bannon to his campaign. He’s decided to “soften” his signature issue (the mass deportation of 11 million people) to not so mass—and not so much deportation (but not quite amnesty). And now he’s talking not exactly about open borders, but floating the idea that law-abiding undocumented workers will be allowed to stay, maybe, if they pay their back taxes and/or do the hokey pokey. And it’ll be kinda like the plans previously presented by Jeb Bush, or John Kasich, or Marco Rubio. And it’ll be kinda like what President Obama has already ...
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Clive Crook: It was a union for the ages, until it wasn't. Is Europe lost? 28.8.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Britain’s vote to quit the European Union is the enterprise’s worst setback since it was conceived in the 1950s. Until now, the EU has always grown in scale and ambition. For the first time, Brexit shows that Europe’s manifest destiny - ever closer union - may not be destiny after all. Merely knowing that European integration can be reversed is a threat: It makes the unthinkable thinkable. But this isn’t the only danger. The union is increasingly unpopular not only in the U.K. but also in other ...
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Since 2012, the economy has changed, and so has the conversation 28.8.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
Since the last presidential election, a growing economy has sent the unemployment rate plunging. That improvement has changed the political conversation, but it hasn't stopped worries about wages.
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Just As With Trump, 'Polite' Republicans Closed Ranks Behind Paul LePage 28.8.2016 Crooks Liars
Maine Democrats are fed up with Govrnor Paul LePage: Friday, leading state Democrats called on the governor to resign or seek professional help.... For obvious reasons: Gov. Paul LePage left a state lawmaker from Westbrook an expletive-laden phone message Thursday in which he accused the legislator of calling him a racist, encouraged him to make the message public and said, “I’m after you.” LePage sent the message Thursday morning after a television reporter appeared to suggest that Democratic Rep. Drew Gattine was among several people who had called the governor a racist, which Gattine later denied. The message? “Mr. Gattine, this is Governor Paul Richard LePage. I would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist, you cocksucker,” LePage said. “I want to talk to you. I want you to prove that I’m a racist. I’ve spent my life helping black people and you little son-of-a-bitch, socialist cocksucker. You, I need you to, just freakin’, I want you to record this and make it ...
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Disrupting the Myth of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Age of Trump, Sanders and Clinton 28.8.2016
The 2016 presidential election cycle and its three prominent candidates are being held up as representing polarizing interests that are emblematic of the political, economic and cultural tensions of our time. Yet, a look back at the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt reveals some familiar tones and policy positions that capture those of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. As president, Roosevelt is widely celebrated by American "progressives" for fathering the New Deal, which encompassed financial regulations, union rights and a number of social programs. While FDR's extramarital affairs are well known, what is less known is his racist and anti-Semitic worldview and white supremacist loyalties, which contributed to the suffering and death of millions of the most vulnerable people. Many understand the New Deal as a program to save US capitalism based on Keynesian interventions meant to soften its blow via social programs and collective bargaining rights, while simultaneously regulating the ...
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Can epistocracy, or knowledge-based voting, fix democracy? 28.8.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Elected officials tend to pass laws they believe will appeal to the median voter. A politician on the left or right usually can win more votes by moving to the center, a theory you can see in action by watching how presidential candidates soften their policies after the primaries.

The median voter...

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Rocky Mountain Energy Summit examines intersecting industry issues 28.8.2016 Durango Herald
DENVER – The theme of this year’s Rocky Mountain Energy Summit was evolution.Stakeholders, including some of the most powerful oil and gas executives in the West, heard from politicians about how the evolving industry has intersected with evolving community and environmental concerns.The timing of the three-day...
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A hotbed of frustration, Nevada becomes one of Trump's big hopes for swing state win 28.8.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
LAS VEGAS • Russ Wheeler bears the financial scars of Nevada’s lost decade, and he hopes Donald Trump can heal them. He worked for a Las Vegas roofing company when the real estate bust crushed the state’s economy. He took two pay cuts before getting laid off. He had to commute into the California desert to find work after that. Wheeler considers himself one of the lucky ones. He was able to build up enough savings to retire, but even now his wife had her teaching hours reduced at a community col...
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Betsey Stevenson: Believe it or not, women are doing better 27.8.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
It’s easy to get the impression, as the U.S. celebrates the 45th annual Women’s Equality Day on Friday, that the march toward equality has slowed to a crawl. Allow me to disagree. True, the usual statistics tell a story of stalled progress. Women’s labor force participation stands at less than 57 percent, down from a peak of 60 percent in the late 1990s. The rapid improvements in the gender wage gap that occurred in the 1980s and early 1990s show little sign of returning. And mothers — particula... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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Sluggish Economic Growth, The Federal Reserve, And The 2016 Election 27.8.2016 Outside the Beltway
Another sign of a weak economy as the Federal Reserve considers rate hikes and the Presidential campaign moves forward.
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A monumental task: Getting Mainers to support a new park 27.8.2016 AP Top News
MILLINOCKET, Maine (AP) -- Among the empty storefronts on once-bustling Penobscot Avenue, longtime resident Jean McLean stood in her art gallery, the sole employee left at a business that once had three....
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New Tunisian government approved, must fix economy 27.8.2016 Washington Post: World
Tunisia’s Parliament has approved 41-year-old Youssef Chahed as prime minister along with a new government focused on turning around the economy and fighting terrorism.
Yellen suggests that a rate hike coming, offers no timetable 27.8.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington • Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Friday that the case for raising interest rates has strengthened in light of a solid job market and an improved outlook for the U.S. economy and inflation. But she stopped short of offering any timetable. Yellen sketched a generally upbeat assessment of the economy in a speech to an annual conference of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyo. She pointed to steady gains in employment and strength in consumer spending. She also noted that while i...
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Airlines bring sandwiches, streaming to coach 27.8.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
After decades of red ink, U.S. airlines have gotten their financial houses in significantly better order. And while this new wherewithal certainly won’t mean more legroom or free checked bags, some carriers are exploring inexpensive ways to make flying economy class a smidge less arduous. Free meals and booze are returning on some long domestic flights, and gratis snacks are common again. A few airlines are even dropping fees for streaming audio and video: American Airlines just matched its two-...
Yellen says interest rate hike on the table, not a sure thing 27.8.2016 SFGate: Business & Technology
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen signaled Friday that an increase in a key interest rate is on the table at the central bank’s next meeting in September, but that it is far from a sure thing. In her first public comments in two months, Yellen said the economy is improving to the point that policymakers soon could nudge up the benchmark federal funds rate for the first time since December. “In light of the continued solid performance of the labor market and our outlook for economic activity and inflation, I believe the case for an increase in the federal funds rate has strengthened in recent months,” Yellen said at a central bankers conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo. [...] business investment has been soft and exports have been held back by “subdued foreign demand” and the strong dollar, Yellen said. In saying the Fed expects moderate economic growth, “additional strengthening in the labor market” and inflation rising toward the central bank’s annual 2 percent target, Yellen appeared to be ...
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Yellen imagines Fed tinkering with inflation target 27.8.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen raised the possibility that future policymakers might increase their inflation target and broaden the types of assets they can buy to enhance their ability to counteract a severe recession. While stressing that the central bank was “not actively considering” such steps, she told a Fed symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on Friday that “they are important subjects for research.” Yellen said monetary policymakers currently have sufficient tools to handle economic...
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California's new climate bill may dampen growth but it won't cripple the economy 27.8.2016 LA Times: Business

California’s landmark climate bill, passed by the Assembly this week, has earned the ire of business groups that say it will cripple their industries. The law will not be a moneymaker for everyone, but it probably won’t wreak havoc on the economy either, research shows.

The new legislation, SB...

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One curious effect of the recession may bolster the case for driverless cars 27.8.2016 Washington Post
One curious effect of the recession may bolster the case for driverless cars
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