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US backs Tunisia's efforts to improve investment appeal 7.3.2015 AP Business
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) -- Tunisia's new government gave an inaugural performance this week by hosting a U.S.-sponsored conference on investment and entrepreneurship designed to boost international confidence in the struggling new democracy....
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New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez to face criminal corruption charges 7.3.2015 Daily Kos
From CNN : The Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal corruption charges against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, alleging he used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts. People briefed on the case say Attorney General Eric Holder has signed off on prosecutors' request to proceed with charges, CNN has learned exclusively. An announcement could come within weeks. Menendez was the target of a faked prostitution scandal in 2013. These charges are not related to those claims, but to alleged attempts by Menendez to use his office to advocate for the interests of a prominent campaign ...
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Midday open thread: A close-up of Ceres, unplanned pregnancies cost taxpayers a bundle 7.3.2015 Daily Kos
Unplanned pregnancies cost taxpayers $21 billion a year : Unintended pregnancies cost American taxpayers $21 billion each year, according to a new analysis released by the Guttmacher Institute. That averages out to a cost of about $366 per every woman of childbearing age in the U.S. Overall, more than half of U.S. pregnancies are unintended, and roughly 1-in-20 American women of reproductive age have an unplanned pregnancy each year. Nationally there were 1.5 million unplanned births in 2010. Public insurance programs like Medicaid paid for 68 percent of those births. Check out the map that accompanies the story. Infrastructure boom in threatens Earth's last wild places : We are living in the midst of what William Laurance calls “the most explosive era of infrastructure expansion in human history.” Humans are paving over the planet’s remaining wilderness faster than ever before, building cities, highways, bridges, dams, mines, and power plants at an unprecedented rate. By midcentury, there will be 60 ...
House Democrats tell Boehner they have his back 6.3.2015 Daily Kos
Sorry, Boehner. She's the only thing standing between you and a bucket of tar and feathers. House Democrats saved House Speaker John Boehner—and the Republicans—from another disastrous government shutdown when they helped him pass the Homeland Security funding bill. Then they helped him save Amtrak . Now they're letting him know they'll help him keep his job . Tea Party Republicans contemplating a bid to oust Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) shouldn't count on Democrats to help them unseat the Speaker. And without their support, there is no chance to topple Boehner in this Congress. It's not all out of the goodness of their hearts. It's out of a desire to actually save the institution. "I'd probably vote for Boehner [because] who the hell is going to replace him? [Ted] Yoho?" Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) said Wednesday, referencing the Florida Tea Party Republican who's fought Boehner on a host of bipartisan compromise bills. "In terms of the institution, I would rather have John Boehner as the Speaker than ...
US employers added a robust 295K jobs in Feb; unemployment rate falls to 5.5 pct. 6.3.2015 Star Tribune: Business
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Fox Cheap Labor Shills Continue To Lie About 'Right To Work' Laws 6.3.2015 Crooks Liars
Your World with Neil Cavuto presented another union-bashing segment that put one relatively passive liberal against three very misinformed union-busting bullies. This is the format on Fox News: have a token liberal on there and prevent him or her from making a cogent argument. Today's subject? Why Scott Walker's Right-To-Work state is terrific for workers even thought that's only true in an alternate universe. Remember, Scott Walker compared protesters of his savage cuts to workers' wages to ISIS fighters. We aren't talking about a man with a firm grasp on sanity. The one opponent of right-to-work states in this segment, Mark Brenner, explained that the people who Scott Walker is catering to are the 1% who fund his campaigns. They are the ones who have benefited most from his anti-worker policies . Moreover, the meager earnings growth that has come to Wisconsin has mostly gone to the top 1 percent of earners. Another Wisconsin Budget Project report shows that the state hit a record share of income ...
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Revolutionary Extractivism in Bolivia? 6.3.2015 Truthout - All Articles
Across Latin America, the boom in oil, gas, and mineral extraction and export—extractivism—has intensified debate about the trade-off between social redistribution and socio-environmental impacts.  In neoliberal countries where violent dispossession is intensified, extractivism is easier to critique. Yet in Bolivia, where recently re-elected President Evo Morales speaks of deepening a socialist project through what we might call 'social' extractivism, the ecological left is often at odds.  Social extractivism uses money (rents) from natural gas and mineral exports to improve public infrastructures and alleviate poverty through redistributive policies. This positions the state in a key economic role and reverses, in some ways, two decades of free-market neoliberalism.  If a lower poverty rate and 61% of the country voting for Evo is any indication, extractivism with a redistributive side has broad popular support.  So what is to critique?  Critics have argued that extractivism, even with 'social' ...
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Why the Federal Reserve should raise interest rates now 6.3.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
By your mid-20s, if you're lucky enough to have a job, it's time to move out of the house and support yourself. You've saved some money. Your prospects are decent. Success isn't guaranteed, but you can't live on mommy and daddy's money forever, ...
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February Jobs Report Stronger Than Expected 6.3.2015 Outside the Beltway
February's jobs report came in stronger than analysts expected, but wage growth remains stubbornly stagnant.
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February Marked 12 Straight Months Of Job Growth Above 200,000 6.3.2015 Think Progres

Analysts had expected 240,000 jobs to be added.

The post February Marked 12 Straight Months Of Job Growth Above 200,000 appeared first on ThinkProgress.

US economy adds 295,000 jobs in February 6.3.2015 Financial Times US
Unemployment rate falls to 5.5% as labour market powers ahead
Apple to replace AT&T in Dow Jones industrial average 6.3.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Apple is replacing AT&T in the Dow Jones industrial average after the close of trading on Wednesday, March ...
US adds a robust 295K jobs; jobless rate falls to 5.5 pct. 6.3.2015 Star Tribune: Latest
U.S. employers extended a healthy streak of hiring in February by adding 295,000 jobs, the 12th straight monthly gain above 200,000. It was the latest sign that the U.S. economy is further strengthening and outpacing other major economies around the world.
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U.S. employers add nearly 300K jobs in February; Unemployment dips to 5.5 percent 6.3.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The Labor Department's latest report comes on the heels of an especially robust survey for January that showed a gain of 240,000 jobs.
U.S. adds a robust 295K jobs; jobless rate falls to 5.5% 6.3.2015 Chicago Tribune: Popular
U.S. employers extended a healthy streak of hiring in February by adding 295,000 jobs, the 12th straight monthly gain above ...
U.S. economy creates a robust 295,000 jobs in February 6.3.2015 LA Times: Top News
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U.S. adds surprisingly strong 295,000 jobs, but wage growth slows 6.3.2015 LA Times: Opinion
U.S. employers shook off some severe winter weather and added a surprisingly strong 295,000 net new jobs in February while the unemployment rate fell to a post-Great Recession low of 5.5%, the Labor Department said Friday.
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Government says 295,000 new jobs created in February. Official unemployment rate falls to 5.5% 6.3.2015 Daily Kos
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that, on a seasonally adjusted basis, the economy created 295,000 new jobs in February. That's the 12th consecutive month new job generation has exceeded 200,000. Of the total, 288,000 were in the private sector and 7,000 in the public sector. The tally for December remained at 329,000, but the bureau revised its January figure from 257,000 to 239,000 The average monthly gain for the year ending in February is 295,250. The best previous 12-month stretch in recent past was in 1999-2000, when the average monthly job gain was 274,000. The official (and problematic) "headline" unemployment rate—which is called U3 in BLS jargon—fell to 5.5 percent. U6, which is the bureau's gauge of unemployment and underemployment that includes people with no job at all, part-time workers who want full-time jobs but can't find one, and many "discouraged" workers—fell to 11 percent from 11.3 percent. The employment-population ratio remained at 59.3 percent. The labor force ...
International Women's Day: we have made great strides but there's a long way to go 6.3.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Despite much to celebrate, women continue to be hit hardest by financial crises

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Another solid month of job gains expected for February 6.3.2015 LA Times: Business
U.S. employers are expected to follow the best three-month burst of hiring in 17 years with another solid round of job gains in February.
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