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Puerto Rico: The Financial Implications of Dependency 30.8.2015 Truthout - All Articles
A street in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The economic crisis in Puerto Rico is a result of dubious policy decisions by the Puerto Rican government and Washington. (Photo: Jack Delano ) On Monday, August 3, Puerto Rico's Public Finance Corporation defaulted on a $58 million USD bond payment, the island's first debt nonpayment in its 117 years as a U.S. territory. Puerto Rican Governor Alejandro García Padilla has called the $72 billion USD debt "not payable." A report by former IMF economist Anne Krueger sponsored by the Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico offered a neoliberal analysis of the situation. To Krueger, Puerto Rico's problems stem from the commonwealth's too high minimum wage and overly generous welfare benefits. [1] A somewhat less reticent report sponsored by a group of hedge fund managers, who control a significant chunk of Puerto Rican debt, recommended outright austerity measures such as making sharp cuts to education and health care. [2] However, these neoliberal prescriptions are far ...
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Corporate Developers Seize Indigenous Lands in Brazil and Hire Hit Men to Murder Residents 30.8.2015 Truthout - All Articles
The number of indigenous people killed in Brazil in connection to huge development projects is on the rise. These projects are a principal reason that indigenous ancestral lands are not being officially recognized. A Xucuru dancer in front of the National Congress in April 2015. The indigenous Xucuru people from the state of Pernambuco are from one of the best-organized groups in Brazil. (Photo: Santiago Navarro F.) Translated by Miriam Taylor In an effort to make way for new investment projects, the Brazilian government and transnational corporations have been taking over ancestral indigenous lands, triggering a rise in murders of indigenous people in Brazil. According to the report , "Violence Against Indigenous People in Brazil," recently published by the Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI by its Portuguese initials), the number of indigenous people killed in the country grew 42 percent from 2013 to 2014; 138 cases were officially registered. The majority of the murders were carried out by hit men ...
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Puerto Rico movement pitches solution to economic woes: rejoin Spain 30.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

The idea is a long shot but campaigners assert that the countries were closely integrated until the US separated them against their will

As Puerto Rico grapples with crippling debt and double-digit unemployment, a far-fetched idea to tackle the US territory’s economic woes may be gaining modest traction – one that would see Puerto Rico break off from the United States to re-join Spain.

“By returning to Spain, we’ll have autonomy,” said José Nieves Seise, who in 2013 founded the group Reunification of Puerto Rico with Spain. “With autonomy Puerto Rico could have sufficient powers to boost the economy and attract foreign investment.”

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Brazil Officially in Recession 30.8.2015 Outside the Beltway
The economic news has been poor in Brazil for a while now, and with the release of new GDP figures the country is officially in recession, the BBC reports: Brazil has entered recession after official figures showed the country’s economy contracted by 1.9% between April and June compared with the previous three months. Analysts had […]
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Rattled investors brace for big week as Federal Reserve considers rate increase 30.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

After last week’s ‘Black Monday’ amid concerns over China, Wall Street is preparing for the release of economic reports that could drive the Fed’s plans

After a tumultuous week on the world’s stock markets, investors will be focused on Wall Street Monday ahead of another set of economic reports likely to steer the Federal Reserve’s decision on whether to raise interest rates for the first time in almost a decade.

Related: Fed vice-chairman hints at interest rate increase in speech on inflation

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Open thread: A Republican's guide, Thurgood Marshall and physics 30.8.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
What's coming up on Sunday Kos .. A newly displaced centrist Republican's guide to third parties, by Mark E Andersen Remembering Thurgood Marshall, and fighting to ensure the future of SCOTUS, by Denise Oliver Velez Straight outta physics, by DarkSyde The 2016 Presidential polling is deeply weird (but does that matter?), by Steve Singiser 'My body, my choice' is not true for women in poverty, in federal employment or in the military, by Susan Grigsby Unicornomics, by Jon Perr Tea Party and Trump supporters can't accept people like Jorge Ramos and Barack Obama as Americans, by Ian Reifowitz Immigration is all the GOP has and Donald Trump is the canary in the mine, by Egberto ...
Pew: Americans don't want mass deportation or an end to birthright citizenship 30.8.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Pew Research Center dug back in its archives for its surveys of American preferences on some of the most pressing issues on immigration this election season. Guess what? The Donald is on the wrong side of basically every immigration issue. Stay or deport? In a Pew Research Center survey conducted in May, a solid majority (72%) of Americans – including 80% of Democrats, 76% of independents and 56% of Republicans – say undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. should be allowed to stay in this country legally if they meet certain requirements. [...] Moreover, in a 2013 survey, 76% of Republicans said that deporting all immigrants in the U.S. illegally was “unrealistic.” Birthright citizenship On that issue, a majority of Americans (57%) in February 2011 said that the Constitution should remain as it is, allowing any child born in the U.S. full citizenship; 39% favored changing the Constitution to bar birthright citizenship. At that time, the idea of ending birthright citizenship drew broad ...
Cartoon: Animal Nuz: Faster pussycat edition 29.8.2015 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed

strip 266 panel 1

Can California's economy keep its momentum? 29.8.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Ten years later, Hurricane Katrina still shapes New Orleans, and our memories 29.8.2015 Daily Kos
Ten years ago, the United States suffered one of its worst natural disasters ever when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. A mandatory evacuation order came late, with the highways out of New Orleans already jammed with traffic and many residents unable to leave. The city's levees failed, and the nation was horrified by images of residents trapped in a flooded ...
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How Social Security is another front in the War on Women 29.8.2015 Daily Kos
Republicans' hostility to everyone who isn't white and male and conservative and wealthy is by now irrefutable. But how deeply those hostilities run through all facets of their policy is worth highlighting. Slate's Helaine Olen does just that in this case study about how Social Security cuts are particularly damaging to women. In national politics, the war on women isn’t always about denying women the right to choose to end a pregnancy or to have health insurance pay for contraception. It’s also about denying women their financial dignity. So is Social Security another front in the politicians’ affronts to the lives of American women? “Absolutely,” says Nancy Altman, co-founder of the advocacy organization Social Security Works and co-author of a book with the same name. “Attacks on the program are attacks on everyone, but they are especially attacks on women.” […] From the time an American can first claim eligibility at age 62, the majority of those receiving a Social Security check in retirement are ...
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Sarah Palin showers Donald Trump with adoration in 'interview of the year' 29.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Palin overwhelmed the Republican frontrunner, who has considered her for his team, with praise: ‘Everything about Donald Trump’s campaign is ... avant garde’

It sounded like a match made in Tea Party heaven and did not disappoint. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump teamed up for a celestial voyage to the solar system where Trump is beloved, Trump is right, and Trump will win.

Palin, moonlighting as a guest host on the One America News Network, promised their encounter on Friday night would be the “interview of the year”. In a strange way it was compelling.

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Baltimore law enforcement uses cellphone tracking to violate rights of 2,000 defendants 29.8.2015 Daily Kos
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake doesn’t quite get the illegality of tracking cellphones A recent investigation by USA Today showed that police in Baltimore have been tracking cellphones during investigations but have failed to disclose the tracking to defendants and their attorneys. As a result, public defenders in Baltimore are expected to request that "a large number" of criminal convictions be thrown out. Baltimore police have used cellphone trackers, commonly known as stingrays, to investigate crimes as minor as harassing phone calls, then concealed the surveillance from suspects and their lawyers. Maryland law generally requires that electronic surveillance be disclosed in court. […] Stingrays are suitcase-sized devices that allow the police to pinpoint a cellphone’s location to within a few yards by posing as a cell tower. In the process, they also can intercept information from the phones of nearly everyone else who happens to be nearby. At least fifty-three police departments from Miami ...
The Donald outspends the Kochs 29.8.2015 The Moderate Voice

Maybe none of this has to do with politics. Maybe the only “left” and “right” in the game is about the size of the wads of dollars coming out of the fists of people like the Kochs and Donald Trump. Trump has bought the Kochs’ top advisors and bag men. … The conservative billionaire brothers [...]

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Cop kills six people in 12 years, now teaches other cops how to use their guns 29.8.2015 Daily Kos
Six people in 12 years. That's how many people former cop James Peters killed. His killing streak culminated in the death of John Loxas, a man who was shot while carrying his grandson with his back turned to Peters. Peters claimed that Loxas had a black object in his pocket that he thought was a gun. Turned out it was a cellphone. You may wonder what happened to James Peters. Is he in jail? Fired dishonorably? Forced to pay the family of John Loxas? Nope. James Peters took an early retirement from the Scottsdale, Arizona, police department. Now he has a new job where he—wait for it—teaches police officers how and when to use and their guns. That's right. A man whose killing record equals that of many serial killers is now training cops on how to use their weapons. According to Gawker : The Arizona blog Down and Drought reports that Peters now works as "Regional Director of International Business Development and Law Enforcement SME/Trainer" for VirTra Systems, manufacturers of virtual-reality equipment ...
Cartoon: The GOP's anti-immigrant stupor 29.8.2015 Daily Kos
Click to enlarge. With Trump leading Republican polls with a full-blown racist nationalist platform of slurs and insults, the rest of the field is following his lead and it’s ugly. Stripped of the dog whistles and coded language employed by Republicans for decades, the hatefulness of that party toward immigrants is now obvious to anyone, especially those who will be voting in the general ...
Hillary Clinton: Republican mass deportation dreams are 'not only absurd, but appalling' 29.8.2015 Daily Kos
Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump and too many other Republicans when she was asked about immigration Friday afternoon: "I know that there are some on the other side who are seriously advocating to deport 11-12 million people who are working here.” She continued, saying it was “the height of irony that a party which espouses small government would want to unleash a massive law enforcement effort–-including perhaps National Guard and others–-to go and literally pull people out of their homes and their workplaces, round them up, put them, I don’t know, in buses, boxcars, in order to take them across our border.” “I just find that not only absurd, but appalling,” Clinton said. Republicans are trying to make this A Thing, because, see, she said "boxcars." Some -me included- criticized Huckabee for Holocaust comparison. Hope they do same w/Hillary. Grossly inappropriate. — Ana Navarro (@ananavarro) August 28, 2015 Yes, and saying buses or boxcars with no actual Holocaust reference is ...
What Elon Musk and Other Tech Entrepreneurs Say About Burning Man 29.8.2015 Inc
It's that time of year again: Silicon Valley's tech elite head to the Nevada desert for the week-long radical art ...
GOP's tough talk doesn't square with US-China relationship 29.8.2015 AP Top News
CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) -- If there was ever a week for the Republican presidential candidates to talk tough on China, this was it: Spurred by the stock market's wild ride, they lashed out at the world's most populous nation....
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Calm on Wall Street: A turbulent week ends on a placid note 29.8.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Calm on Wall Street: A turbulent week ends on a placid note
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