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China's cheap factories face new challenge as growth inexorably slows 17.4.2014 Star Tribune: World
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Here comes the next effort to get more money into politics 17.4.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
If you were wondering what limits on money in politics would be challenged in court next , here's one place to look. The lawyer who brought you the McCutcheon case is going after political action committee donation limits, because "These discriminatory restrictions impermissibly allow entrenched institutions and interests to engage in protected First Amendment activities to a greater extent than newly formed grassroots organizations that have spontaneously mobilized in response to emergent political issues and developments." His beef: PACs that are less than 6 months old are permitted to give up to $5,200 to a candidate in an election cycle, while PACs more than 6 months old can give $10,000 per election cycle. By contrast, new PACs can give $10,000 to a state political party committee and $32,400 to a national political party per year. Those limits actually decrease once a PAC reaches 6 months old to $5,000 each year to a state or local party and $15,000 annually to a national party. “The right of ...
Yellen: Fed stimulus still needed for job market 17.4.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Business
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday that the U.S. job market still needs help from the Fed and that the central bank must remain intent on adjusting its policy to respond to unforeseen challenges.
Obama, Biden tout job-training grants 17.4.2014 LA Times: Top News
Rep. Dennis Ross Tells Low-Income Constituent He Won't Support Raising Minimum Wage 17.4.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
I'm not sure how people like this get up and look themselves in the mirror every morning, but somehow this man manages: Congressman Tells Low-Income Worker: Higher Minimum Wage Is ‘Not Right’ : TAMPA, Florida — People like Shaneeka Rainer are often told that they shouldn’t try to get the minimum wage increased because it only really applies to teenagers working entry-level jobs. That indeed may have described Rainer 10 years ago, when he first entered the workforce. But a decade after he got his first job in fast food, Rainer still finds himself working at Arby’s for minimum wage. In other words, Rainer has worked an entire decade receiving only one raise: when Congress increased the minimum wage in 2007. And so he showed up at his congressman’s public forum on Tuesday to ask Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) to finally give him and millions of other low-income Americans a raise. Ross, who is seeking a third term representing Tampa’s northwest suburbs, was unmoved by Rainer’s plea. “It’s not right,” the ...
Obama, Biden announce $600M for job grants 17.4.2014 Nation
OAKDALE, Pa. (AP) — Emphasizing skills training as key to a growing middle class, President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced $600 million in competitive grants to spur creation of targeted training and apprenticeship programs to help people land good-paying jobs.
Republican governors group attacks Democrat for supporting plan supported by Republican governors 17.4.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
This is what happens when outside groups, desperate for simple slogans to use in their attack ads, go off half-cocked : In the spot above, the Republican Governors Association slams Democrat Mark Schauer, who is running for governor in Michigan, for allegedly supporting "a new fee on nursing home beds" when he served in the legislature. I mean, look at that crazy libruhl—taxing the elderly and infirm just so they can have a place to lay their heads at night! Can you imagine the kind of person who would support such a thing? Here's one: Republican Gov. Rick Snyder —the very man Schauer is running against. Of course, the law is nothing like the RGA's caricature. Rather, according to a press release Snyder issued when he extended the program in 2011, "the state receives more in federal matching Medicaid funds than what is paid out by nursing homes." Those matching funds are then returned to the nursing homes, who wind up as net beneficiaries. Indeed, the original legislation passed with broad bipartisan ...
Cartoon: The joy of retirement 17.4.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed

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Growth picks up across most of U.S., 'beige book' reports 17.4.2014 LA Times: Business
WASHINGTON — A Federal Reserve survey shows improved economic growth across most of the United States over the last two months as bitter winter weather ...
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Some exempted from minimum wage, increased or not 17.4.2014 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some low-paid workers won't benefit even if a long-shot Democratic proposal to raise the federal minimum wage becomes law....
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Christie whitewash firm a big donor to political group headed by Christie 17.4.2014 Daily Kos
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at a 2013 meeting of the Republican Governors Association, the organization devoted to electing GOP governors that he now heads When the law firm hired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to conduct an internal investigation of the Fort Lee lane closure scandal released its findings, the lead attorney took great pains to defend the investigation's independence, even declaring himself to be a Democrat: I met Governor Christie for the first time in mid-January the day we were hired. Yes, I was Giuliani’s former deputy mayor and I’m also a former prosecutor and as you two both know, I’m an independent Democrat, life-long. But what he didn't mention was this : Nine days before a team of its top lawyers made public a report clearing Governor Christie in the George Washington Bridge scandal, the law firm donated $10,000 to the Republican Governors Association, a group he heads. As with so many other nuggets of information in the scandal, this doesn't prove what Christie did or ...
Ro Khanna: Republicans and Democrats can agree on some things 17.4.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Opinion
Rather than political posturing on budgets, a congressional representative aiming for consensus can restore progress for Americans.
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Economics Daily Digest: The ideas generation 16.4.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
By Tim Price, originally published on Next New Deal Click here  to receive the Daily Digest via email. That '70s Show, Starring Ted Cruz ( New Republic ) Despite conservatives' tendency to compare Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter, today's economic challenges are the opposite of those the U.S. faced in the 1970s, writes Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal. When Tax Refunds Aren't Just a Bonus, But a Lifeline ( ThinkProgress ) Twenty-eight million low-income families depend on the Earned Income Tax Credit to make ends meet, writes Bryce Covert, but not all poor parents qualify for it, and tax preparers' fees can hurt those who do. In Many Cities, Rent Is Rising Out of Reach of Middle Class ( NYT ) A new analysis finds 90 U.S. cities where the median rent excluding utilities is more than 30 percent of the median gross income, writes Shaila Dewan, and it's putting the squeeze on renters and the recovery. The Sad, Slow Death of America's Retail Workforce ( The Atlantic ) The retail sector's sales and jobs ...
Atlanta Braves get hate mail after Hank Aaron says reaction to Obama shows we have 'long ways to go' 16.4.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Baseball legend Hank Aaron was asked last month why he still keeps the old hate mail that resulted when he broke Babe Ruth's home run record : "To remind myself," he said, "that we are not that far removed from when I was chasing the record. If you think that, you are fooling yourself. A lot of things have happened in this country, but we have so far to go. There's not a whole lot that has changed. "We can talk about baseball. Talk about politics. Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he's treated. We have moved in the right direction, and there have been improvements, but we still have a long ways to go. "The bigger difference is back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts." This of course did not go over well in our brave new post-racial society : The Atlanta Braves have been deluged with hate mail after baseball great Hank Aaron's recent ...
Even more far-right rhetoric from Mississippi Senate candidate Chris McDaniel 16.4.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
It may not be scientifically possible to describe how big a tool McDaniel is. I have serious questions as to whether it is even possible to be too extremist or race-baiting for the Mississippi Republican Party to stomach , but Senate candidate Chris McDaniel seems determined to test that theory. Because he used to be (God help us, etc.) a far-right radio talking head, there's lots and lots of documentation as to his recent opinions on things . Mississippi Senator Chris McDaniel hosted two radio shows in the mid-2000s, The Right Side and Right Talk, and wrote blog posts for the sites associated with the shows as well. The majority of commentary and blog posts were either signed by McDaniel at the bottom of the post or were unsigned. And the opinions presented were pretty much what you would expect. Here's a post about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: Had the hurricane been approaching Orange County, California or South Beach, Miami, the great majority of residents in either of those towns would ...
Yellen: The recovery could be nearly complete within two years 16.4.2014 Ezra Klein
In her first monetary policy speech as Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen said Wednesday that the nation’s economic recovery will be nearly complete within two years, but cautioned that the economy still needs the central bank's support. The Fed's own forecasts project that the unemployment rate will bottom out and inflation will pick up by the ...
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Gallup: Obamacare working better in states that embraced the law 16.4.2014 Daily Kos
Gallup, which tracks rates of health insurance for its Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, confirms the obvious result of Obamacare implementation in the states:Those that embraced the law and expanded Medicaid have reduced uninsured rates more than those who fought it. WASHINGTON, D.C.—The uninsured rate among adults aged 18 and older in the states that have chosen to expand Medicaid and set up their own exchanges in the health insurance marketplace has declined significantly more this year than in the remaining states that have not done so. The uninsured rate, on average, declined 2.5 percentage points in the 21 states (plus the District of Columbia) that have implemented both of these measures, compared with a 0.8-point drop across the 29 states that have taken only one or neither of these actions. As Gallup previously reported, the states that have chosen to expand Medicaid and set up their own healthcare exchanges had a lower average uninsured rate to begin with: 16.1% compared with 18.7% for the ...
Yellen says key task of central bank is to respond to economy's fluctuations 16.4.2014 Star Tribune: Business
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Reuters: 'Americans increasingly prefer Democrats on health care' 16.4.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
The latest Reuters/Ipsos survey shows the results of several weeks of nothing but good news about Obamacare. Nearly one-third of respondents in the online survey released on Tuesday said they prefer Democrats' plan, policy or approach to healthcare, compared to just 18 percent for Republicans. This marks both an uptick in support for Democrats and a slide for Republicans since a similar poll in February. […] "In the last couple of weeks, as the exchanges hit their goals, news coverage has been more positive and the support of the Democratic Party on this issue has rebounded," said Ipsos pollster Chris Jackson. "It's not that independents are moving their way, it's that Democrats who had previously been a little bit ambivalent in their support are coming back to the party," he said. One-fifth of respondents said they did not know which party had a better plan, and another fifth said neither party did. Reuters' February poll showed just about 25 percent of respondents saying that Democrats had a better ...
CEO Pay Soars As Worker Pay Stagnates 16.4.2014 Crooks Liars
How's your job going – if you even have one? The odds are very, very high that you haven't seen a raise in a long time. Or maybe you were laid off and found a new job at half your old pay. They say this is the "new normal." Meanwhile, CEO pay just keeps climbing and climbing and climbing (and climbing and climbing and climbing and climbing and climbing and climbing). This inequality is destabilizing our economy. Soaring CEO Pay The AFL-CIO has released this year's 2014 Executive PayWatch at , a "comprehensive searchable online database tracking the excessive pay of CEOs of the nation’s largest companies." offers workers the unique ability to compare their own pay to the pay of top executives. According to Executive PayWatch data, U.S. CEOs pocketed, on average, $11.7 million in 2013, compared to the average worker who earned $35,293. That means CEOs were paid 331 times that of the average worker. (CEO pay was 774 times the minimum wage.) "A Rigged ...
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