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FactChecking the Sixth Democratic Debate 12.2.2016 FactCheck
Clinton, Sanders face off on foreign policy, health care, wages and Social Security in round two.
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How impoverished but nuclear-armed North Korea earns money 12.2.2016 AP Business
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- The closure of a factory park in North Korea jointly run by both Koreas has robbed the impoverished North of a rare source of legitimate hard currency. Seoul says it shut the Kaesong complex in response to the North's recent long-range rocket launch to keep its impoverished neighbor from using the money factories provided to fund its nuclear and missile programs....
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Reserve Bank has room to cut rates further as markets 'drop their bundle' 12.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

RBA governor Glenn Stevens says panic in the financial system might hurt the Australian economy but there was flexibility for more monetary easing

The Reserve Bank has room to cut interest rates again if global investors continue to panic and the uncertainty sweeping financial markets hurts the Australian economy, governor Glenn Stevens has said.

As Australian shares fell again on Friday in the wake of more selling in Europe and the US overnight, Stevens said that continued low inflation meant the bank had the flexibility to ease rates further.

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Bristol airport warns against devolved air passenger duty powers 12.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

Chief executive says giving powers to Welsh government would cost south-west England £843m and more than 1,500 jobs

A move in next month’s budget to devolve air passenger duty (APD) powers to Wales could seriously damage jobs and investment in south-west England, Bristol airport has warned.

Bristol, England’s third largest airport outside London, claims the south-west economy would lose £843m and more than 1,500 jobs if APD were devolved to the Welsh government, which is likely to axe it altogether.

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When Government 'Saves Money' And Gets 'Smaller' We All Lose 11.2.2016 Crooks Liars
Many say we should "run government like a business" and "save money" by "cutting spending" and "making government smaller." Does this work? Do We the People really save money by doing these things? Have you heard the phrase “penny-wise and pound-foolish”? How about "a stitch in time saves nine"? Maybe "eating the seed corn?" When government "saves money," all of these snippets of time-honored wisdom, warning of what happens to those who try to "do it on the cheap," should come to mind. Infrastructure You can "save money" by not changing the oil in your car. But have you ever seen a car that has never had its oil changed? After a while white smoke pours out the back because the rings are ruined. Other parts of the engine are also being ruined. Eventually the engine will seize up and quit and you have to either replace the engine or scrap the car. A simple and inexpensive procedure every few months would have prevented many thousands of dollars in expenses later. After the Reagan tax cuts we "made ...
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Burden of Kaesong closure to mostly fall on S. Korean firms 11.2.2016 AP Business
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- South Korea's sudden withdrawal from a factory park in North Korea is a severe blow for the South Korean businesses that populated it, but is unlikely to make much difference to the North's decrepit economy despite being a stern diplomatic measure....
Open Thread - What You 'Have' To Watch 11.2.2016 Crooks Liars

It's an interesting distinction, and needless to say, in my house "The News" for what that means in the world of cable, is on most of the time.

What would you recommend as a "Have to Watch" show? Any big disagreements with the College Humor list?

Open thread below...

Two nonprofits face more than $47,000 in fines over L.A. lobbying forms 11.2.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Two nonprofits could face fines totaling more than $47,000 from the city Ethics Commission for failing to accurately report how much they had spent on lobbying at City Hall.

Ethics Commission staffers have proposed a fine of $30,000 for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, an influential...

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Spotlight on green news & views: Sup. Ct. holds up Clean Power Plan; charges filed over methane 11.2.2016 Daily Kos
Perhaps if climate change looked like this, there would be fewer deniers and delayers. See Lenny Flank’s photo diary on the Cocohatchee Preserve under Critters and the Great Outdoors. Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue) appears twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Here is the most recent previous Green Spotlight . More than 24,635 environmentally oriented stories have been rescued to appear in this series since 2006. Inclusion of a story in the Spotlight does not necessarily indicate my agreement with or endorsement of it. OUTSTANDING GREEN STORIES In Defense of Farmers/Ranchers  written by Nodin: “My first diary contains an image of the Shideler Ranch where I spent a lot of hours as a kid bucking bales of hay, herding cattle or just plain doing gruntwork on fencing or stockyard cleaning. I want to give you a fairer perception of the small farmer/rancher across America, one that is not in any way exemplified by the Bundys of recent notoriety. This diary ...
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Fed could delay raising interest rates, Janet Yellen indicates 11.2.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet L. Yellen indicated Wednesday that the Federal Reserve could delay further raising a key interest rate while the U.S. economy faces increased risks from slower global growth and roiling financial markets.

But she said the U.S. appeared to be weathering the turmoil...

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Janet Yellen hints further rate rises on hold amid plunging markets 11.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

Wall Street unimpressed after Fed chief refuses to rule out return to modest increases should financial market turmoil blow over

The chair of the Federal Reserve has dropped the broadest of hints that it has put future US interest rate increases on hold following the plunge in global stock markets since the start of the year.

In testimony before Congress, Janet Yellen admitted that the selloff in shares on Wall Street had affected the growth prospects for the world’s biggest economy and left investors in little doubt that the US central bank had no intention of following last December’s increase in the cost of borrowing with a second increase in March.

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Yellen: Persistent economic weakness could slow rate hikes 11.2.2016 Chicago Tribune: Business
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen cautioned Wednesday that global weakness and falling financial markets could depress the U.S. economy's growth and slow the pace of Fed interest rate hikes. But Yellen made clear that the Fed won't likely find it necessary to cut rates after having raised ...
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California And Massachusetts Lead U.S. Solar Boom 10.2.2016 Think Progres

The U.S. solar industry now employs slightly over 200,000 workers, representing a growth of 20 percent since November of 2014.

The post California And Massachusetts Lead U.S. Solar Boom appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Yellen: Slower rate hikes if economy disappoints 10.2.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the U.S. economy faces a number of global threats that could hamper growth and compel the Fed to slow the pace of future interest rate hikes.
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Corporate Power Doesn't Always Win: Remembering the Free Trade Area of the Americas 10.2.2016
In retrospect, it sounds like a dream come true: a mobilized population, intercontinental organizing, cooperative left-wing governments - all culminating in the downfall of a major corporate-friendly trade agreement that would have covered a large chunk of the global economy. It wasn't just a dream. The proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA - meant to span all of North and Latin America - went down in defeat in 2005. Now, over a decade later, as we face two other upcoming trade deals - the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) uniting 12 Pacific Rim countries, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) connecting the United States and Europe - the FTAA victory has a lot to teach us about successful social movement strategies, and the challenges of building and sustaining power. Not Just a Trade Deal In 1994, Western hemisphere elites were riding high. The North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA - which stitched the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a trade bloc - had ...
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Yellen: Slower rate hikes if economy disappoints 10.2.2016 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the U.S. economy faces a number of global threats that could hamper growth and compel the Fed to slow the pace of future interest rate hikes. She highlighted in her semiannual report to Congress the widening fallout from concerns over China's weaker ...
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Live coverage: Janet Yellen indicates Fed could delay interest rate hikes 10.2.2016 LA Times: Business
Broken Promises: Smaller Middle Class Has Less Room for Families 10.2.2016 Truthout - All Articles
After Gabriel Cardenas graduated from high school, he seemed on track to join America's middle class. He worked at Google in Silicon Valley, enrolled in classes at San Jose's Evergreen Valley College and took a second job. But seven years after graduation, Cardenas is no closer to a middle class that has been shrinking for decades. Instead, his career reflects a common storyline in the modern economy. Cardenas was not an employee at the high-tech firm. Instead, he worked there as a contractor, spending his days unloading crates of bottled water, pet food and other goods for the company's new delivery service, Google Express. He has not earned a college degree either, since he could only afford to take a few community college courses on the $17 an hour he earned as a contractor at Google. When Cardenas turned 25, he moved back home. Cardenas isn't alone. Last year, the middle class shrunk to its lowest share of the U.S. population in four decades, with only 50 percent of Americans living in middle-income ...
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In President Obama’s Final Budget, Green Priorities Take Center Stage 10.2.2016 Think Progres

In his final budget proposal, President Obama unleashes his plan for transitioning to a "climate-smart" economy.

The post In President Obama’s Final Budget, Green Priorities Take Center Stage appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Dad time important for women’s careers 10.2.2016 Durango Herald
WASHINGTON – A huge study released Monday reveals yet more unsettling statistics about the low numbers of women in leadership jobs. In the report, the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the consulting firm EY found that nearly 60 percent of the almost 22,000 companies around the globe examined in its giant sample had no...
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