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Trump Wants GOP To Make His Immigration Policies The Center Of The 2018 Campaign 20.6.2018 Outside the Beltway
Donald Trump wants Republicans to make his immigration policies the centerpiece of the midterm campaign. What could possibly go wrong?
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Immigration Divides Europe and the German Left 20.6.2018
A battle between regulated immigration and a utopian vision in line with international finance is splitting the German Left Party, giving an opening to the right, as Diana Johnstone explains. By Diana Johnstone  Special to Consortium News Freedom of movement…Read more →
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New Report Reveals Just How Difficult Life Can Be for Texas’ Latina Domestic Workers 19.6.2018 Mother Jones
Life for Latina domestic workers in the Texas border region can be incredibly bleak. Many face severe economic hardships, often struggling to pay rent and cover basic needs, according to a new report released Tuesday—one of the first to provide a window into the lives of these women, many of whom face heightened instability under President Trump.  […]
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Trump Blunders Forward with Incoherent Trade Policy 19.6.2018 American Prospect
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik President Donald Trump, center, and First Lady Melania Trump, second from left, accompanied by Chinese President Xi Jinping, third from right, tour the Forbidden City in Beijing. This article  originally appeared  at The Huffington Post.  Subscribe here .  What on earth is President  Donald Trump  up to with his trade policy? So far, he has managed to grab the symbolism of trade serving the interest of elites but not regular people. Slapping on tariffs, almost indiscriminately, does accomplish that. Tariffs are popular with frustrated working people who see jobs migrating overseas. But he has totally bungled the substance of repositioning America in the world, rebalancing the calculus of whose interests are served by trade and rebuilding an American economy of broadly shared prosperity. This is classic Trump, of course. This botched execution is one part short attention span, disdain for details and thin skin, and one part a preference for cheap political symbolism over ...
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Oval Money app launches its investment products for millennials 18.6.2018 techCrunch
Back in April Oval Money launched with the idea of combining expense tracking, saving, and investing into one app, while also adding a social element by enabling its community of users to share tips and suggestions to one another. The idea is to help users grow their savings in less time by teaching them to […]
Linking Commuter Rail to Jobs, Housing, and Opportunity in Eastern Massachusetts 18.6.2018 American Prospect
AP Photo/Michael Dwyer Passengers board a train at South Station in Boston Waiting at a suburban station for the train to Boston, I remember my father, who commuted to the state capital from our home south of the city for more than four decades. These old, stubborn purple-trimmed trains still lumber along just like they did when he first started riding them to work in the 1970s. As I listen for the rails to hiss and give away the approaching train, I wonder if the waves of growth and innovation engulfing metro Boston will finally force the Bay State to take a fresh approach to transit, housing, and commercial development. Scurrying down the platform toward a conductor, who hangs out of an open door to wave us in, I pass a route map for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) vast commuter rail network. A dozen branching lines carry passengers over nearly 400 miles of track (Chicago and New York are the only systems in the U.S. with greater reach). In the first half of the 19th century, ...
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Trump plans campaign rally in Fargo 17.6.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
President Donald Trump is coming to North Dakota's largest city for a campaign rally later this month, a week after his planned visit to Duluth.
Today’s Capitalism Is a Far Cry From What It Was Intended to Be 16.6.2018
US protectionism violates capitalism's free-market principle.

The post Today’s Capitalism Is a Far Cry From What It Was Intended to Be appeared first on Truthout.

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The Brazilian Truckers’ Strike: How WhatsApp Is Changing the Rules of the Game 15.6.2018
What does it mean for the future of mass mobilizing and electoral politics in Brazil?

The post The Brazilian Truckers’ Strike: How WhatsApp Is Changing the Rules of the Game appeared first on Truthout.

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Union wins right to challenge Deliveroo on human rights grounds 15.6.2018 techCrunch
The UK High Court has granted a union permission to challenge Deliveroo’s opposition to collective bargaining for its couriers on human rights grounds. The IWGB union argues that couriers for the restaurant food delivery company should be classed as workers — who would then have basic employment rights such as the minimum wage, holiday pay and […]
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The Next Recession Could Be Catastrophic 15.6.2018 Crooks Liars
Perhaps the most condescending and unintentionally revealing comments any banker made in the wake of the banker-created 2008 financial crisis came from Jamie Dimon, CEO of too-big-to-fail bank JP Morgan Chase. “Not to be funny about it,” Dimon told a congressional panel in 2010, “but my daughter asked me when she came home from school ‘what’s the financial crisis,’ and I said, ‘Well it’s something that happens every five to seven years.”’ Millions of Americans lost their homes in the wake of Wall Street’s crisis – which, come to think of it, isn’t that funny at all. Downturns are so simple, Dimon implies, that they can be explained to schoolchildren in a single sentence. Dimon also admitted his own industry’s ineptness and irresponsibility when he told the panel that “in mortgage underwriting, we somehow missed that home prices don’t go up forever.” Dimon wasn’t the only banker to tell Congress that the titans of Wall Street were clueless. “We never knew what was happening at any minute,” said Goldman ...
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D.C. to Decide on Giving Its Servers a Raise 15.6.2018 American Prospect
trickle-downers_54.jpg The “2026” pop-up bar occupies the basement of a two-story building in Washington’s trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood, where young professionals observe the tradition of the weekly happy hour with near-religious fervor. Upstairs, the parent bar, Rebellion, brims with the usual sounds of glasses clinking and laughter. Head to lower level, though, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks painting, reimagined for a new age.  The dimly lit and almost-empty bar stretches to the end of the room. Two servers sit idle on their smartphones while the bartender finds ways to keep busy.  This not-so-happy hour is dolorous by design, part of a campaign by restaurant owners to depict a ballot measure, known as  Initiative 77 , as a threat to their workers. The measure will come before voters in the city’s primary elections on June 19.  The initiative would gradually phase out the District’s current two-tiered wage system, under which tipped employees earn $3.33 an hour ...
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ZTE has few cards left to play to avoid ‘death penalty’ 14.6.2018 TechCrunch
It’s not every day you see a company that employs 75,000 and once had a market cap of $20 billion facing instant doom on an hour-by-hour basis. But that’s the situation that Chinese telecom firm ZTE finds itself in right now. Following revelations that the company sold equipment with U.S. technology to Iran and North […]
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Labor’s New Terrain: Working on the Supply Chain Gang 14.6.2018
One of the biggest sources of potential power is to be found among the rank-and-file union members.

The post Labor’s New Terrain: Working on the Supply Chain Gang appeared first on Truthout.

Fed raises key rate and sees possible acceleration in hikes 13.6.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The Federal Reserve has raised its benchmark interest rate for the second time this year and signaled that it may step up its pace of rate increases because of solid economic growth and rising inflation.
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Over 90 Percent of UPS Teamsters Just Voted to Strike 13.6.2018
It’s up to the rank-and-file now.

The post Over 90 Percent of UPS Teamsters Just Voted to Strike appeared first on Truthout.

Deliveroo fattens its market presence by opening to restaurants that do deliveries 13.6.2018 techCrunch
Restaurant food delivery startup Deliveroo is taking the next logical step to expand its business by opening up to restaurants that have their own delivery fleets — thereby also expanding the food choices it can offer its couch-loving users. Next month the company will launch the new service, called Marketplace+, in seven of its markets […]
Ali Velshi Chews On GOP Rep: 'I Didn't Just Fall Off The Canadian Turnip Truck!' 12.6.2018 Crooks Liars
Not sure who to feel worse for, here - Oklahoma Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin for being so painfully out of his league in this discussion, or Ali Velshi for having to having to attempt to have a conversation with this ill-informed, backwards-thinking Trump apologist. JUST KIDDING -- I never feel sorry for a Trump apologist. He got exactly what was coming to him. I'm sorry, you just don't come onto Velshi's show about BUSINESS and ECONOMICS and try to wing it and make up crap on the fly. You'll get shredded, and you'll have deserved it. Don't pretend Canada and Mexico are violating the terms of NAFTA, or are unwilling to negotiate when their representatives are at the table. Silly Republican. Do your homework, next time. If you get invited back, that is. Velshi seemed displeased... Partial transcript below: VELSHI: We gain jobs and we lose jobs every single month. Every single month that's how it goes. We've had years of job creation since 2009, since April of 2009 we've had job creation. MULLIN: We ...
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo welcomes Sumatran orangutan baby 11.6.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
COLORADO SPRINGS -- The baby boom continues for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
Front Range housing growth control measure faces dim future as efforts to get it on the ballot flounder 11.6.2018 Denver Post: All Political News
A growth-control ballot measure that would severely curtail the construction of new homes and apartments along the Front Range likely won't get a hearing before voters, after its chief cheerleader conceded he's abandoning the effort for now.
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