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Cameron on Corbyn: were the PM's attacks on Labour's leader justified? 7.10.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

In his first major attack on the leader of the opposition, the PM accused Jeremy Corbyn of sympathising with terrorists and posing a threat to national security

David Cameron had some strong words for his Labour opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, in his party conference speech, his first major attack on the new party leader.

Addressing the Conservative party conference in Manchester, Cameron said of Corbyn:

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Cameron accuses Corbyn of 'Britain-hating ideology' in conference speech 7.10.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

PM tells Tory party conference that Labour leader sympathises with terrorists and poses threat to national security

David Cameron has accused Jeremy Corbyn of “hating” Britain in his most outspoken attack on the new Labour leader, as he sought to sharpen the dividing lines between his party and his principal opponents.

The prime minister delivered a direct warning about the threat posed by his opposition rival in a speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester.

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Obama Boots Syrian Peace Chance 7.10.2015
Exclusive: President Obama thinks he can appease the neocons and liberal hawks by talking tough about Syria and Russia but – in doing so – he is throwing away a promising opportunity to resolve the Syrian conflict, plus he still gets bashed by Official Washington’s pundits, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry President Barack Obama is turning…
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Syrian rebels face a new reality amid Russian air campaign 7.10.2015 Washington Post: World
The U.S.-backed rebel group Tajammu Alezzah has been fighting the Syrian military outside the city of Hama for months, but a new player has joined the fray: Russian warplanes, which have repeatedly hit their front-line positions, followed by airstrikes from government ...
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Syrian rebels face a new reality amid Russian air campaign 7.10.2015 AP Top News
BEIRUT (AP) -- The U.S.-backed rebel group Tajammu Alezzah has been fighting the Syrian military outside the city of Hama for months, but a new player has joined the fray: Russian warplanes, which have repeatedly hit their front-line positions, followed by airstrikes from government planes....
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Kenyan Lawman Vows To Defeat Terrorism The Way He Fought Crime 6.10.2015 NPR News
Mohamud Saleh made his name by reducing crime in a lawless part of northeast Kenya. After an absence of more than a decade, he's returned to fight terrorism and argues the very same tactics will work.
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Congress likely to cut failed Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels 6.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

The Obama administration's initial effort to build a proxy military force inside Syria to help fight Islamic State appears on shaky ground as key U.S. lawmakers consider closing a $500-million Pentagon program widely considered an embarrassing failure.

Partly as a result, the Pentagon has proposed...

Turkey says Russian warplane violated its airspace 5.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

A Russian fighter jet breached Turkish air space this weekend, prompting Ankara to scramble F-16 fighters and issue a stern warning, Turkish authorities said Monday.

According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry in Ankara, the Russian jet crossed into the nation’s airspace on Saturday above...

Are Islamic State terrorists sneaking into the West? 5.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

It is rare that refugees are welcomed with open arms. Yet in parts of Europe, they are literally being greeted with applause. Though Europe's response to the plight of the Middle East's beleaguered masses may be heartwarming, it is also dangerously naive. Among the migrants are inevitably members...

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The Hope Behind Putin’s Syria Help 5.10.2015
Exclusive: President Obama insists on looking the gift horse of Russian military help for Syria’s embattled government in the mouth. Rather than welcome assistance in blocking a Sunni extremist victory, Obama bends to the neocons and liberal hawks, as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains. By Ray McGovern Russia’s airstrikes on rebel strongholds in Syria, now in…
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Europe needs Recep Tayyip ​​Erdoğan – but he will play hard-to-get 4.10.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Facing an escalating migrant crisis and threat from Isis, Brussels is desperate for the cooperation of Turkey’s president

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s combative president, has been viewed almost as a pariah figure in recent years by European politicians worried about his perceived authoritarian tendencies, regressive brand of neo-Islamist politics and refusals to play to Washington’s and Nato’s tune.

But as he headed for Brussels on Sunday for two days of talks, his first visit since he abruptly cancelled a 2011 trip, EU leaders are painfully aware the tables have turned.

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Kremlin claims to take out major Islamic State base in Syria 3.10.2015 L.A. Times - World News

A Russian defense official Saturday issued the first detailed report on damage inflicted on Islamic State after four days of airstrikes in Syria, claiming Russian bombers have destroyed a command and control center of the extremist group near its stronghold in Raqqa.

"Accurate delivery of a concrete-piercing...

Obama Tolerates the Warmongers 3.10.2015
Exclusive: President Obama is caught between the harsh realities of the Mideast and the fantasy world of Washington’s warmongers, but he prefers to risk a global catastrophe than to stand up to the neocons, the liberal hawks, the Israelis and the Saudis, a dilemma that Daniel Lazare explains. By Daniel Lazare “Only odd-numbered world wars…
Giving Saudis a Pass on Yemen War 3.10.2015
By supporting Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen, the U.S. is again finding itself on the same side with Al Qaeda in a Mideast conflict, a troubling pattern driven by a compulsion to excuse actions by U.S. “allies” no matter how outrageous, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains. By Paul R. Pillar The killing earlier…
This Man Wants Apology For Drone Strike He Says Killed His Family. The U.S. Won’t Admit It Happened. 2.10.2015 Think Progres

“[T]his is not justice,” Faisal bin Ali Jaber said. “There are many other families in Yemen who have lost innocent relatives in US drone strikes but do not receive hush money for speaking out.”

The post This Man Wants Apology For Drone Strike He Says Killed His Family. The U.S. Won’t Admit It Happened. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Explosions hit Nigerian city in suspected Boko Haram suicide attacks 2.10.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

Maiduguri, where Islamists have been using teenage girls to carry out bombings, is hit again with one explosion targeting a mosque

A series of explosions rocked the city of Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria on Thursday, with casualties feared, witnesses and police said.

It was not immediately clear how many blasts hit the Borno state capital but one police officer said as many as seven went off and locals reported at least two bombs were strapped to teenage girls.

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Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria? 2.10.2015
Exclusive: The new U.S. “group think” is that Russian President Putin broke his promise to attack only the Islamic State when his warplanes hit other rebel targets in Syria. But Putin never limited which terrorists he’d hit and the targeted rebel coalition includes Al Qaeda’s affiliate, as Robert Parry reports. By Robert Parry The key sentence in…
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Russia warplanes strike targets in Syria for 2nd day 1.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

Russian warplanes pounded opposition-held areas of Syria on Thursday, according to official Russian and Syrian accounts, the second day of a large-scale air campaign against what Moscow said were Islamic State targets.

The Syrian state news agency quoted a Russian Defense Ministry report saying...

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Russia Launches Airstrikes In Syria; U.S. Questions Targets 1.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

BEIRUT — Russian warplanes launched their first airstrikes Wednesday against opposition targets in Syria, signaling a new and uncertain turn in the long conflict there.

Russian officials said the attacks in support of President Bashar Assad's government targeted positions of the Islamic State, the...

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Turkey’s president is destabilizing the nation in his quest for more power 1.10.2015 Washington Post: Editorials
RUSSIAN AIRSTRIKES are not the only complicating factor as the Obama administration continues to search for a Syria strategy. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared ready to join with the United States in a more determined campaign against the Islamic State in July, when he agreed to allow U.S. planes to conduct missions from a Turkish air base. Now that is looking like a feint. In the days after the agreement, the Turkish military launched an all-out assault not on the Islamists but on Kurdish insurgents in Turkey and Iraq, breaking a two-year cease-fire. Rather than help U.S. operations, the campaign is complicating U.S. efforts to support a Kurdish militia inside Syria that has emerged as the strongest anti-Islamic State ground force.Read full article ...
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