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Russia is the big winner in Syria’s flawed ‘truce’ | Shashank Joshi 12.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest
As Russian airstrikes help the Assad regime make gains, and refugees flee to Europe, the agreement sees Moscow trouncing the US and its allies Putting aside the unfortunate historical ring to “peace” agreements signed in Munich, today’s Syrian truce is deeply flawed and unlikely to hold for long. The “cessation of hostilities” – for it is not a true ceasefire – has been hailed as a landmark piece of diplomacy that brings some respite to a war that long ago spiralled out of control. The veteran diplomat Lord Williams told the BBC: “In a cold war fashion, the two superpowers have taken ownership of the problem.” In fact, it is the US and Europe that appear to own the problem, while Russia has held tight to the solution. Washington, wielding words, has few credible means of enforcement against Moscow, wielding unguided, though effective, bombs. This is why the truce includes loopholes large enough to fly a few dozen Russian jets ...
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Syrian opposition greets news of truce with guarded optimism 12.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

Western-backed rebel groups say they do not trust Russia to halt air campaign and question real impact of deal on the ground

Members of Syria’s moderate, western-backed opposition have reacted with guarded optimism to news of a deal to pause hostilities, but said they did not trust Russia to keep its end of the bargain and halt an intense aerial campaign responsible for the most significant advances by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad since the start of the civil war.

Related: 'No one believes it': Aleppo losing hope amid doubts over ceasefire

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Pakistan Army chief confirms death sentence of 12 terrorists 11.2.2016 New Kerala: World News
Islamabad, Feb 11 : Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif on Thursday confirmed death sentence to another 12 "hardcore terrorists", who were involved in "heinous offences", the military said.
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Bangladesh court upholds death for Islamists for attacking U.K. convoy 11.2.2016 Hindu: Home
A Bangladeshi court on Thursday upheld the death penalty against three Islamist militants for a 2004 attack on the then Bangladeshi-origin British envoy to the country that left three people dead. “Th...
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Turkey’s Revival of a Dirty ‘Deep State’ 11.2.2016
Exclusive: NATO keeps backing Turkey, one of its members, despite its aid to the Islamic State and other jihadists fighting Syria’s secular government — and even though Turkey’s erratic President Erdogan may be leading NATO into a risky showdown with Syria’s Russian allies, writes Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall Turkey’s embattled President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is resurrecting the “deep…
Syria talks at make-or-break point as humanitarian disaster widens 11.2.2016 LA Times: Commentary

U.S. officials see Thursday’s attempt to renew negotiations on Syria as a make-or-break moment that could lead to a cease-fire or to a disastrously downward spiral in an already brutal war.

World powers will convene in Munich, including allies of the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad, principally...

Feds: Army deserter who supported IS faces gun charges 9.2.2016 AP Washington
SEATTLE (AP) -- An Army deserter from Washington state who called Osama bin Laden "a beautiful man," made statements supporting the Islamic State group and called for the death of American troops has been charged with illegally possessing firearms, including machine guns, federal prosecutors said Monday....
Only 10 of Scores Killed by US Drones in Pakistan Last Year Have Been Identified 8.2.2016
Al Qaeda Al Qaeda propaganda Little or nothing is publicly known about the remaining 50 people. Most were described as "militants" of varying nationalities by intelligence and government officials, and military officers who were quoted anonymously in Pakistani and international media. In six of the 13 strikes in 2015, the unnamed sources labelled  some if not all the people killed as "Uzbeks" . In four more strikes, the dead were described by their affiliation to an armed group, such as a TTP faction under a specific commander. Although Pakistani officials were happy to brief journalists throughout last year on the nature of the drone strikes and the nationalities or terrorist affiliations of those killed, it was the first time since 2004 they did not help in the identification process. They have previously leaked the names of those killed. Why So Few Named in 2015? It is unclear why 2015 was different. It could be that the identities of those killed were not known before Hellfire missiles struck and ...
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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: The US Military Bombs in the 21st Century 8.2.2016
(Photo: John M. Cropper ) Here's my twenty-first-century rule of thumb about this country: if you have to say it over and over, it probably ain't so. Which is why I'd think twice every time we're told how "exceptional" or " indispensable " the United States is. For someone like me who can still remember a moment when Americans assumed that was so, but no sitting president, presidential candidate, or politician felt you had to say the obvious, such lines reverberate with defensiveness. They seem to incorporate other voices you can almost hear whispering that we're ever less exceptional, more dispensable, no longer (to  quote  the greatest of them all by his own estimate) "the greatest." In this vein, consider a commonplace line running around  Washington (as it has  for years ): the US military is "the finest fighting force in the history of the world." Uh, folks, if that's so, then why the hell can't it win a damn thing 14-plus years later? If you don't mind a little what-if history lesson, it's just ...
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Pak. PM Sharif soft on India, says Hafiz Saeed 7.2.2016 Hindu: International
The Mumbai attack mastermind asked Mr. Sharif to own the "Kashmir cause" and praised the United Jihad Council (UJC) which had claimed the Pathankot attack.
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After the Black Hawks Arrived: In Somalia, a History of US Meddling Continues 7.2.2016 Truthout - All Articles
The official reason for the US presence in Somalia is to fight the perennial war against terrorism. But realistically, the United States is more interested in Somalia's geostrategic location and close proximity to Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The real reason is oil. (Photo: Jan Wellmann) I was a shivering in bed on my first night in Mogadishu. At 3:30 am, I killed the air conditioner. Moments later, the room felt stuffier than a London subway. I got up and paced around, wondering if it was safe to keep the balcony door open. A few months back, al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda faction, had stormed  Jazeera Palace Hotel , where I was currently staying, and sprayed a group of Chinese diplomats with lead. Now the building was secured by a street blockade, a double-gated check-in, blastproof walls, two dozen armed men and Abdullah, the small, wiry gentleman with an AK-47 outside my door. I took a peek into the corridor and caught Abdullah dozing off. He was balancing on a tiny wooden stool, with the rifle propped ...
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Pakistan behind rise of international jihadi forces: NYT 7.2.2016 Hindu: Home
"(Pakistan’s) intelligence service has long acted as the manager of international mujahedeen forces, and there is even speculation that it may have been involved in the rise of the Islamic State".
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Syria and Iran warn Saudis against sending troops, who would 'return in wooden boxes' 7.2.2016 L.A. Times - World News

Syrian officials and their Iranian allies on Saturday warned Saudi Arabia to drop any plans to send troops in support of retreating Syrian rebels facing a potentially shattering defeat in the northern province of Aleppo.

At a news conference in Damascus, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem declared...

‘There is a kind of deep state in India’ 6.2.2016 Hindu: Op-Ed
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Steve Coll on how India has changed since the 1990s and its way forward with its neighbours
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Syrian forces, aided by Russian airstrikes, move closer toward a siege on Aleppo 6.2.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Pro-government forces backed by Russian airstrikes consolidated their grip Friday on strategic terrain in northwestern Syria, escalating an offensive that has pushed thousands of civilians toward Turkey and raised the prospect of a siege on the long-divided city of Aleppo.

The Syrian army, backed...

Giving Peace Very Little Chance 5.2.2016
Exclusive: What the next U.S. president can do to bring endless warfare to an end is one of the most important issues of Campaign 2016, but it is getting only a cursory treatment in debates as politicians seem to fear neocon wrath if they seek peace, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry After nearly 15…
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Islamic State losing recruits to casualties and desertions, says Washington 5.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

Number of Isis fighters falls from about 31,000 to 25,000 as US-backed forces make advances, while Saudi Arabia offers to join ground operations

Islamic State’s contingent of fighters in Syria and Iraq has fallen from about 31,000 to 25,000 according to a US intelligence report revealed by the White House.

Officials in Washington cited battlefield casualties and desertions to explain the roughly 20% decrease and said the report showed a US-led campaign against Isis was making progress.

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Timbuktu marks rebuilding of mausoleums destroyed by Islamists 5.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest

Desert city in Mali formally receives keys to shrines to Muslim saints after they were rebuilt with Unesco funding following damage in 2012

Timbuktu has celebrated the recovery of its historic mausoleums, destroyed during an Islamist takeover of northern Mali in 2012 and rebuilt thanks to the UN cultural agency, Unesco.

The desert city formally received the keys to the shrines to Muslim saints at a ceremony on Thursday in the Djingareyber mosque. Five head of cattle were ritually sacrificed just after dawn before a reading of the entire Qur’an and the handing of the keys to the families in charge of the shrines’ care.

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Europe’s security Achilles heel — the sea 4.2.2016 Financial Times US
Data show ships making unexplained stops in terrorist havens before entering European ports
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Explosion on flight from Somalia was caused by bomb, sources say 3.2.2016 The Guardian -- Front Page

Blast on board Daallo Airlines plane killed one man and tore hole in plane’s fuselage

An explosion that forced an Airbus A321 to return to the Somali capital for an emergency landing this week was probably caused by a bomb, US government sources have said.

One man was killed in the blast on Tuesday on the Daallo Airlines plane. Officials north of Mogadishu said the body of a man believed to have been sucked through a hole in the fuselage made by the blast had been found in the area.

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