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The Taliban’s ‘alarmingly efficient’ war on education 21.12.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
The attack in Peshawar that killed more than 100 children last week was just one of hundreds of Taliban attacks against schools, says a new report. And the violence is working, with millions of Pakistani children now out of school Continue reading...
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Want to go to war? Consider Vietnam first 21.12.2014 LA Times: Opinion
To the editor: I served in Vietnam starting when I was 18; at 19 I was one of the war's youngest veterans. Your article cites all the social programs Lyndon Johnson championed along with his decision to send American boys to fight a war that he had previously said "Asian boys" should be...
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San Diego region has become hub of gang-controlled prostitution rings 21.12.2014 LA Times: Top News
Transforming The Conversation On Women In Computer Science 20.12.2014 techCrunch
 Barbie and Mattel made news recently in the world of computer science. While initial reaction to Mattel’sBarbie “I Can Be a Computer Engineer” book focused on all-too-common and inaccurate stereotypes, conversation that has developed around the book is actually helping to shine the spotlight on two very important issues. Read ...
This Company Is Paying Nigerians To Learn Computer Programming 18.12.2014 Wired Top Stories
Andela pays people in Africa to learn to code, then puts them to work for U.S. ...
Red Love: Toward Racial, Economic and Social Justice 18.12.2014
Racism is exacerbated by a capitalist production process that teaches us that some people have a God-given right to pursue their economic and social interests without regard for other people's right to thrive, free of fear for their own survival. The antidote is red love. Let the fight for justice begin! November 28, 2014: Black Lives Matter mach in New York City. (Photo: The All-Nite Images ) Want to support Truthout and double your impact? Click here to make a donation that will be matched dollar-for-dollar - but only if we meet our matching grant goal in time! Racism is exacerbated by a capitalist production process that teaches us that some people have a God-given right to pursue their economic and social interests without regard for other people's right to thrive, free of fear for their own survival. The antidote is red love. The Slaughter-Bench of Race It seems that it is an everlasting open hunting season in the United States and the kills are Black men. The senseless killing of unarmed Black ...
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She The People: Pension cuts helped keep the government open, but they hurt many retired women 18.12.2014 Washington Post: Politics
On Nov. 14, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. reported that 200 of the 1,400 multi-employer plans covering 1 million participants are at risk of failing within the next decade. The PBGC is worried about this because it becomes responsible for the pension obligations of these failed plans.Read full article ...
The campaigners who won’t forget the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram 18.12.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
For more than six months, Oby Ezekwesili has been leading daily protests in the Nigerian capital, keeping pressure on the government to ‘bring back our girls’ Continue reading...
Does the Caribbean Have a Rape Culture? 16.12.2014 Global Voices
Is Caribbean society doing everything it can to protect women from rape? Some activists have had enough with the region's passive acceptance of a rape culture.
How to beat the forces that keep low-income students from graduating 16.12.2014 Washington Post
FORT WORTH — Chelsey Stone had already escaped so many of the traps that keep poor children in poverty for life. She recalls begging neighbors for dinner when her mother sold their food stamps for drug money. She slept on the trampoline outside when the heroin showed up and her mom locked the door and the binges began. When she rebelled as a teenager, it was with poster board: She plastered her house with bright signs warning, “Do Not Throw Needles Away Here.”Read full article >>
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U.S. has a surgeon general, for the first time in 17 months 16.12.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
The Senate voted 51-43 to confirm Vivek Murthy. His nomination faced opposition from Republicans and the NRA because of tweets he'd written that said guns are a health care issue.
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Colleges often reluctant to expel for sexual violence — with U-Va. a prime example 16.12.2014 Washington Post
As growing numbers of students report sexual violence, those who seek justice through internal channels at colleges are learning that even when allegations are upheld, school officials are often reluctant to impose their harshest punishment on the attackers: expulsion.Read full article ...
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Women's Reproductive Rights in Croatia: Is the Clock Ticking? 16.12.2014 Global Voices
As Croatia looks to develop in the EU and Serbia looks to ascend to the European family, women's reproductive rights are being reorganized and restricted.
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Software engineer in 18 weeks? Twin Cities tech groups launch training 16.12.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Backers say the effort will help fill the growing demand for high tech workers in Minnesota. Tuition costs $12,500. Applications are due Jan. 22 for classes starting in March.
Spelman College suspends Bill Cosby ties over sex abuse controversy 15.12.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
  • Comedian had given university its largest single donation of $20m
  • School faced pressure from students and other universities
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Women's colleges lead push to redefine gender rules 15.12.2014 LA Times: Opinion
At a women's college, gender should be the easiest qualification for entry.
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Sex education from church and state sends mixed messages in Vietnam 15.12.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest

As church activists hand out information on ‘safe sex days’ to students, Vietnam’s high abortion rate suggests a need for accurate contraception advice

Abortion rights around the world – interactive

Continue reading...
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Charitable Giving Guide 15.12.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Here's a guide to the charities the Boingers support in our own annual giving. As always, please add the causes and charities you give to in the forums! Read the rest
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Girls Who Code Expands To Get More Young Women In Computer Science Majors 15.12.2014 TechCrunch
 The computer science gender gap struggle in Silicon Valley is real. A mere 17 percent of Google’s tech workers are women. It’s 15 percent at Facebook. Similar stats can be found at most of the larger tech companies. Girls Who Code is trying to reverse those digits with an announcement of a major expansion in partnerships today. The non-profit organization that aims to close the… Read ...
Think ALEC is the only bill mill? Meet the AUL 15.12.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
The mini-ALEC is known as Americans United for Life, or AUL , and it too, gets Koch money to write model legislation, just like its big brother. The AUL is strictly focused on limiting women's freedom, and we have seen its success over the past decade. Not content with blowing up reproductive health clinics, or shooting doctors while at church, the anti-abortion movement is now fighting to destroy women's rights in the state legislatures. One law at a time. Coordinated and written by a single group: Americans United for Life. Of course, the group only claims credit for a third of the laws passed that make a legal medical procedure expensive and difficult to obtain. But others who have looked at the different state laws are willing to give them more credit . AUL doesn't really want us to know that they exist. They are very happy to operate under the radar, known mostly to other forced birthers, and to many legislators, especially those who rode to the statehouses on the tea party wave of 2010. Remember ...
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