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France women's minister appears to support headscarves ban in universities 5.3.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Socialist Pascale Boistard says: ‘I’m not sure the headscarf is part of higher education’ and reignites debate – but college leaders are against any prohibition

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How to Help Fight Terrorism with a $5 Donation 5.3.2015 Inc
Give a girl an education and connect her to the Internet, and she'll bring economic development and a more peaceful ...
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How Yarmouk refugee camp became the worst place in Syria 5.3.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page
Yarmouk, near the centre of Damascus, prospered as a safe haven for Palestinians. Under siege, it is now a prison for its remaining residents, who survive on little food and water, with no hope of escape On 18 January 2014, barely five miles from the centre of Damascus – with President Bashar al‑Assad’s office complex visible in the distance – a small crowd of desperate people emerged from a seemingly uninhabited wasteland of bomb-shattered buildings. News had spread throughout Yarmouk, a district of the capital that is home to Syria’s largest community of Palestinians, that the government and rebel groups had agreed to allow a delivery of food, briefly opening a crack in a year-long siege that had starved the area’s civilians and caused dozens of deaths. Families had sent their strongest members to collect the newly arrived supplies, and the hungry throng filled the entire width of a street, throwing up dust in the morning light. The relief workers making the delivery recalled one woman, gaunt with ...
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Study Confirms That Abstinence Education Has Utterly Failed At Preventing AIDS In Africa 4.3.2015 Think Progres

Infection rates remained steady or increased under the abstinence only program.

The post Study Confirms That Abstinence Education Has Utterly Failed At Preventing AIDS In Africa appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Sweet Briar College to close because of financial challenges 4.3.2015 Washington Post
For more than a century, Sweet Briar College has offered women a liberal arts education in a pastoral setting near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Equestrian programs, a tight-knit residential community and, lately, an engineering science degree have been its hallmarks.Read full article >>
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More CEOs are men named John than are women 3.3.2015 Daily Kos
Man, it sure is great that American society has made such big strides toward gender equality, isn't it? Here we are, at a point where many claim, straight-faced, that women have equal chances to succeed at almost anything. Um, yeah. About that. Among chief executives of S.&P. 1500 firms, for each woman, there are four men named John, Robert, William or James. We’re calling this ratio the Glass Ceiling Index, and an index value above one means that Jims, Bobs, Jacks and Bills — combined — outnumber the total number of women, including every women’s name, from Abby to Zara. Thus we score chief executive officers of large firms as having an index score of 4.0. The disparity is so extreme that there are actually fewer women CEOs than CEOs named John. In politics, Democrats can be pleased that our congressional glass ceiling is nowhere near as thick as the Republicans', by this measure. We may have come a long way, baby. But we've got a long way to ...
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Obamas to announce global focus on the education of girls 3.3.2015 Washington Post
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will announce a government initiative Tuesday to support the education of girls around the globe. As part of the new effort, called “Let Girls Learn,” federal agencies will direct resources toward helping girls attend school.Read full article ...
Children Having Children: No School for Young Brides in Nepal 3.3.2015 Global Voices Online » South Asia
Last year, 4,000 Nepalese brides were younger than 15-years-old. In parts of the country's southern lowlands, over half of marriages involve girls younger than 12.
Closing gender gap in mobile phone usage could add $170 billion to market 3.3.2015 L.A. Times - Technology News
Businesses and mobile carriers are missing out on billions of dollars in potential revenue by not closing the gender gap in mobile phone ownership and usage in developing countries, according to research by the GSMA, an association of mobile operators and related businesses.
Mikulski, a role model for generations of women in politics, to retire in 2016 2.3.2015 Washington Post
Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the Maryland Democrat who is the longest-serving woman in congressional history, announced Monday that she will leave the Senate next year at the end of her fifth term.Mikulski, 78 and in good health, departs the way she came in — with a sharp tongue, an unabashed liberalism, and a reputation for straight talk. She won all ten of her elections to the House and then the Senate with support from more than 60 percent of voters.Read full article ...
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MBA by numbers: The gender salary divide 2.3.2015 Financial Times US
Salary data reveal pay premium enjoyed by female MBA graduates lags behind male graduates
Young Afghans strive for education and better lives after years of turmoil 2.3.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

For students from poor families in Afghanistan, university promises a path to greater prosperity – but demand for tuition far outstrips the places available

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Local Briefs 1.3.2015 Durango Herald
Buchanan celebration March 8 in SilvertonThe Buchanans wish to invite family and friends to a celebration of Olivia Buchanan at 3 p.m. March 8 at the Kendall Mountain Recreation Center in Silverton. Participants are asked to bring stories or memories to share at 3:30 p.m., wear warm clothes and be ready to dance to the sounds...
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UK director gets star backing for ‘daughters of India’ campaign 1.3.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest
Global drive to tackle violence against women takes title from documentary about Delhi rape Continue reading...
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Forget Madonna – Malawi’s parents find their own way of keeping girls in school 1.3.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest
The superstar’s much-hyped bid to set up a girls’ academy failed. Now villagers are ensuring their daughters stay in education, and success is built on small steps - like making sure pupils have lunch

On weak-legged plastic chairs under the partial shade of one of the schoolyard’s two vast acacia trees, there is a lot of counting on fingers going on.

Their children might be well beyond basic maths now at Likwenu secondary, but these mothers, sharp as they are, have had little experience of formal arithmetic; there’s rarely money around to count.

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Ann Cotton: educating millions within Africa by inspiring sustainable change 1.3.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

The Campaign for Female Education founder supports children’s education in five countries – without sending outsiders in to tell them what to do

For someone who gave up teaching two decades ago, Ann Cotton educates an awful lot of children. Since she began her Campaign for Female Education (Camfed) in 1993, she has supported 3 million children in five countries to stay in school and will support another million over the next five years.

“Changemakers don’t come from the elites, from the rich,” she says, but from the poor. Which is why she invests in them.

Related: It's too easy to make Madonna the scapegoat for the Malawi debacle | Barbara Ellen

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New Documentary Reveals Universities’ Responses To Rape Are Even Worse Than You Think 28.2.2015 Think Progres

Talking to the team behind "The Hunting Ground," a cinematic exploration of sexual assault on college campuses.

The post New Documentary Reveals Universities’ Responses To Rape Are Even Worse Than You Think appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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The amahs: China’s sisterhood of quiet pioneers 28.2.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page
Hong Kong movies have made sharp-tongued caricatures of amahs, the women who left the mainland to make a living as housemaids. Roger Lee explains why he wrote a play to celebrate their independence and tenacity The amahs were women who left rural China for Hong Kong in the late 1940s to find work as live-in housemaids in wealthy households. They moved there alone and took work in this strange new city to support their families back at home. In Hong Kong, amahs were seen as subordinates; they had come from poor villages on the mainland and, having had no access to education, endured a life of illiteracy. To my mind, though, they were brave pioneers ahead of their time. They strove for independence, resisted relying on men and eschewed marriage, dedicating themselves instead to the amah sisterhood and to a life of hard work. Their resilience and sheer strength has always impressed me: here was a group of women who fought against their inherited social suppression in a male-dominated society, and dared to ...
Ted Cruz says motivating conservatives is key to winning White House 28.2.2015 Washington Post: Politics
PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Ted Cruz may not be running for anything yet, but the senator from Texas nevertheless presented his theory here Friday night for why a presidential candidate like him would be best positioned to win back the White House for Republicans.Read full article ...
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The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, ex-Notre Dame president, dies at 97 27.2.2015 Washington Post
The Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, a transformative figure in Catholic higher education who led the University of Notre Dame for 35 years and wielded influence with U.S. presidents on civil rights and other charged issues of his era, died Feb. 26 on the university campus. He was 97. Read full article ...
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