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Report finds disparity in Denver Public School contract awards 21.10.2014 Denver Post: News: Local
Businesses owned by minorities and women were not well-represented among the companies that received contracts from Denver Public Schools between 2009 and 2013, according to the draft ...
Quinn, Rauner unleash negativity in final debate 21.10.2014 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Facing off for the final time in the contentious race for governor, Gov. Pat Quinn decried “savage cuts” in a Bruce Rauner budget, while the Republican challenger repeatedly branded the Democratic chief executive a “phony” and a ...
Boston Area Middle Schools ‘Get Real’ About Sex 21.10.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Boston schools participating in Planned Parenthood’s ‘Get Real’ sex education program saw a decrease in sexually active middle school students over the last three ...
Sex is for the rich 19.10.2014 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
Our country apparently doesn't want low-income Americans to have free access to birth control, either by compelling all insurance plans to offer it or by adequately funding public reproductive health programs. In many schools — predominantly located in low-income, ...
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Education hits the trail 19.10.2014 Politico
Republicans thought this would be the year to make education their winning issue, but not so far.
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Obituary: St. Kate's professor fought for women's rights 19.10.2014 Star Tribune: Local
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This week in the war on workers: $10.10 minimum wage could save the government $7.6 billion 18.10.2014 Daily Kos
Hey, surprise. When companies like Walmart and McDonald's pay low wages, their workers have to go on public assistance. And that means that low wages lead to higher public assistance use. In fact, raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would save the government $7.6 billion a year , because working people would be paid enough to live on: About half of all workers in the bottom 20 percent of wage earners (roughly anyone earning less than $10.10) receive public assistance in the form of Medicaid and the six primary means-tested income-support programs, either directly or through a family member. [...] Workers in the bottom 20 percent of wage earners receive over $45 billion in government assistance each year from the six primary means-tested income-support programs. Roughly half of all public assistance dollars from means-tested income-support programs that go to working individuals go to workers with wages below $10.10. If the minimum wage were raised to $10.10, more than 1.7 million American workers would no ...
Campus reporting of sexual assault, other crimes to expand under new rule 17.10.2014 Star Tribune: Politics
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America's Dumbest Congressman: CDC Ebola response is part of 'the Democrats' war on women nurses' 17.10.2014 Daily Kos
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) Rep. Louie Gohmert (of course), speaking to Glenn Beck (of course), is angry that the CDC said the Texas nurses who contracted Ebola had violated protocols: "It’s a shame that the CDC head, Frieden, is apparently the new commander of the Democrats’ war on women nurses," Gohmert told Beck. "Because, goodnight, they set them up, and then they throw them under the bus." We could talk about how, in reality, Frieden called the nurses "good, dedicated people" who violated protocol in part by wearing too much protective gear, something one obviously does with the best of intentions. And how, in reality, Republicans are always looking for ways to make nurses' jobs harder and less safe. But coming from Gohmert, this isn't about nurses. It's about finding a way to connect Ebola and Democrats. And lo! Women are involved, so he just threw a "war on women" accusation in there, because that's how Republican word salad works. It doesn't make sense. It's not supposed to make sense. It's just ...
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Colleges, universities required to expand sexual crimes tracked, made public 17.10.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: There's no room on the air for Sean Parnell 17.10.2014 Daily Kos
Republican Gov. Sean Parnell Leading Off: • AK-Gov: The National Journal's Karyn Bruggeman checks in to see what's ailing Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell , who's mostly been trailing in the polls ever since Democrat Byron Mallot teamed up with and independent Bill Walker to create a "unity ticket" last month. Parnell's still bedeviled by a controversial oil company tax cut he pushed last year (which only narrowly survived a ballot-box repeal attempt in August), as well as a burgeoning sexual-assault scandal in the state National Guard. But Parnell also faces a mathematical problem, too: He can't squeeze his way on to the airwaves because they're already so chock-full of ads for Alaska's hotly contested Senate race. Over 50,000 Senate ads had aired through Oct. 9, according to a Wesleyan Media Project study Bruggeman cites, compared with just 1,300 for the governor's race, and Parnell's only managed to run his own ads a paltry 170 times. Parnell may still get lucky thanks to his state's heavy red lean, but when ...
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Domestic conduct advisers say NFL is serious about reform after damaging scandals 17.10.2014 Star Tribune: Nation
Is sex only for rich people? 17.10.2014 Washington Post: Op-Eds
America has decided: Sex is for rich people. Non-procreative sex in particular. How else would you explain the trap we’re laying for poor people who deign to get it on? Our country apparently doesn’t want low-income Americans to have free access to birth control, either by compelling all insurance plans to offer it or by adequately funding public reproductive health programs. In many schools — predominantly located in low-income, high-teen-pregnancy areas — we don’t even teach kids how contraception works. We also don’t want them to have easy access to abortions when they inevitably get pregnant because they’re not using birth control, with states such as Texas and Mississippi trying to shutter their few remaining abortion ...
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Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: The GOP hopes Bruce Braley's old gaffes still have legs 17.10.2014 Daily Kos
Leading Off: • IA-Sen: On the GOP side, Freedom Partners continues to hammer Democrat Bruce Braley on his "farmer from Iowa" gaffe. The spot features a husband and wife arguing that Braley hates all farmers. The NRSC also goes after Braley, resurrecting a story from a few months ago in which Braley allegedly threatened to sue a neighbor after her chickens took a dump on his property. American Crossroads also throws down $1,082,000. But weirdest of all, a group called " Protect the Harvest " is spending $104,000. The group exists to fight "the radical animal rights movement" and it's no surprise they'd make common cause with Republican Joni Ernst, who's famously talked about castrating pigs. On the other side, the DSCC has two new spots ( here and here ). The first features a woman on a sexual assault response team hitting Ernst for wanting to ban abortion, even for victims of rape and incest. The second ad briefly hits Ernst on education before praising Braley on his humble background and plans to make ...
Guy On A Bike: The Future of Cycling in Hennepin County 16.10.2014 WCCO: Local News
(credit: Hennepin County)Hennepin County has recently released the draft of its 2040 Bicycle Transportation Plan and the county seeks your input before finalizing it. There plans includes some very interesting, and lofty, goals.
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Stephen Colbert brutally mocks GOP efforts to win over women voters 15.10.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Remember that ridiculously insulting "Yes to the Dress" ad from the College Republican National Committee? Well, Stephen came up with an ad of his own to get women to vote Republican. (How much do you want to bet that some Republican strategist somewhere is actually lamenting "Why didn't we think of that?!")

Full video after the jump.

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Top Dem: House candidates need more outside help 15.10.2014 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Outside groups are not helping House Democratic candidates as much as they have in the past, but there's still time for them to up the ante before Election Day, the leader of the party's congressional campaign effort said Wednesday....
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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: PPP sees Idaho Republican Butch Otter up just 3 in governor race 15.10.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Idaho Gov. Butch Otter (R) Leading Off: • ID-Gov: Republican Gov. Butch Otter has never been particularly popular even in dark red Idaho, but it was still a surprise when the Republican Governor's Association committed six figures to his re-election at the beginning of October. It was hard to believe that the RGA would spend so much so late in the cycle unless they were worried about Otter's future, and a new Public Policy Polling survey confirms that this contest is a lot more interesting than anyone had a reason to think. PPP finds Otter leading wealthy conservative Democrat A.J. Balukoff only 39-36, with four independent candidates taking a combined 12 percent, including 3 percent for the famous perennial candidate who legally changed his name to " Pro-Life ." Otter appears to have worn out his welcome with his constituents, and he sports an underwater 36-49 job approval rating. By contrast Balukoff, who has been freely spending his own money, has a 38-32 favorability score. There have been very few ...
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Downey Unified School District settles transgender discrimination claim 15.10.2014 LA Times: Top News
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Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: The air war intensifies in Georgia's Senate race 15.10.2014 Daily Kos
Leading Off: • GA-Sen: In recent days both the DSCC and NRSC have made ad reservations in the Peach State, ensuring that this ad war will get even more intense. Of course, it's not like the ad campaign was low-key to begin with. Democrat Michelle Nunn is once again taking advantage of Republican David Perdue's recent defense of his career spent outsourcing jobs, featuring mostly unfavorable news reports about Perdue. Perdue uses his ad to defend his job record, arguing its Obama's policies that are costing Georgia jobs. The GOP-friendly Ending Spending also goes negative, arguing several times that a vote for Nunn is a vote for Obama. Jump below the fold for ...
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