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Why do more U.S. women study abroad than men? 9.10.2015 Washington Post
Why do more U.S. women study abroad than men?
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League of Women Voters forum draws a crowd 9.10.2015 Durango Herald
If the maxim, “People vote with their pocketbook,” is true, you couldn’t have proved it by the attendance at the League of Women Voters’ Election Forum on Thursday evening.The turnout was strong for the first half, when Durango School District 9-R Board of Education candidates were the main event, but when...
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VA addresses suicide by gun problem among female veterans 9.10.2015 Washington Post
VA addresses suicide by gun problem among female veterans
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Anonymise CVs to get more British Muslims in top jobs, says thinktank 9.10.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Government and community must tackle under-representation by anonymising job applications and increasing university participation, report finds

The government should address the under-representation of British Muslims in top professions by passing legislation to make job applications anonymous, a thinktank has said.

Only 16% of British Muslims are in senior roles, fewer people than any other religious group, and compared with a UK average of 30% of people in such roles, according to the Rising to the Top report published by Demos on Friday.

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Women veterans have such a high success rate in committing suicide - because they use guns 8.10.2015 Washington Post: Politics
Women veterans die by suicide at nearly six times the rate of women civilians, such an alarming number that mental health experts at the VA say the agency is reaching out to female former service women to talk about gun ...
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Tax reforms are small beer when big firms are denying poor countries billions | Anders Dahlbeck 8.10.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest
An unfair global tax deal backed by the world’s richest countries will do little to curb tax dodging by multinational firms in developing nations Marta Luttgrodt, whose stall selling food and beer stands in the shadow of Ghana’s Accra Brewery, is one of the many losers in a clever game of international smoke and mirrors that revolves around tax systems. Corporate tax avoidance drives poverty in developing countries and sucks funding from crucial public services including healthcare, schools and sanitation . Meanwhile, small businesses like the one run by Luttgrodt get slapped with tax bills they can barely afford. In urban Ghana, informal sector taxation is primarily a tax on women. The informal trading sector is dominated by women, with less than 2% of them working in businesses employing 30 or more people. Women are also the biggest losers when it comes to companies avoiding corporate tax. They are often the first to forego health, education or employment opportunities because of cuts to public ...
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What most people don't understand about immigrants - but should 7.10.2015 Washington Post: Politics
What most people don't understand about immigrants - but should
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A Reactionary World Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis 7.10.2015 Truthout - All Articles
The refugee crisis stemming from the Syrian conflict is a human rights failure that most of the world seems to be missing. That failure did not start in Greece or at the borders of Hungary, but right across the Syrian border, in Turkey. Migrants arrive by raft near the town of Mithimna, on Lesbos Island in Greece, September 25, 2015. (Photo: Tyler Hicks / The New York Times) The streets of Reyhanli, Turkey, have a false sense of calm. The Turkish border with Syria is just a few kilometers away, and with Turkey officially engaged in the conflict with ISIS and the Kurdish PKK alongside the United States, the already enormously complex conflict appears on the verge of completely spilling over the border. Syrian residents seem secure here until you start talking to the refugees living in Reyhanli, known as "Little Syria." It only takes a few moments to realize how tense the situation is, even for those living in relative safety. Reyhanli was the site of the worst terrorist attack in Turkish history when two ...
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Presidential Candidate Says ‘Experience’ and ‘Skills’ Explain Gender Pay Gap 7.10.2015 Think Progres

Women are paid roughly 78 percent what men make in his state.

The post Presidential Candidate Says ‘Experience’ and ‘Skills’ Explain Gender Pay Gap appeared first on ThinkProgress.

After Ray Rice, The NFL Pledged Millions To Fight Domestic Violence. Here’s How The Money Was Spent. 7.10.2015 Think Progres

Where exactly did the NFL’s money go, and how much did it really help? Has the culture within the league changed at all? And how involved should sports leagues even be in this space?

The post After Ray Rice, The NFL Pledged Millions To Fight Domestic Violence. Here’s How The Money Was Spent. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Looking for love? Check potential mate’s credit score 7.10.2015 SFGate: Business & Technology
Banks have long used credit scores to evaluate customers, but these days potential employers, landlords, insurance companies, cell phone companies and many other businesses do, too. [...] for every extra 100 points in the couple’s average credit score when beginning the relationship, their odds of splitting in the second year fell by around 30 percent. For one thing, credit scores can provide a practical obstacle for couples. Because credit agencies often use the lower score of the two, being with someone else with a lower credit score can limit the kind of house, car or lifestyle a person can have. For another thing, low or significantly different credit scores could be a sign of financial trouble to come. Since credit scores reflect a person’s potential to default, low scores could signal that one partner is more likely to lead the couple into financial trouble, a main reason for relationships and marriages to end. [...] the researchers believe that credit scores might reflect something deeper ...
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Chelsea Clinton And Sheryl Sandberg Address Silicon Valley’s Gender Gap ‘Crisis’ 6.10.2015 techCrunch
 Joining Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg onstage Monday in Palo Alto, Chelsea Clinton said she wanted to see the private sector and government work together to show girls they can grow up to be like Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. In the recent years, high profile sexual harassment lawsuits and diversity reports have put an increased spotlight on the dismal numbers of women working in tech roles… Read ...
The one number that's eerily good at predicting your success in love 6.10.2015 Washington Post
The one number that's eerily good at predicting your success in love
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Carly Fiorina's campaign includes the rare job: "body woman" 6.10.2015 AP Politics
IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) -- In her six months working for Carly Fiorina, Rebecca Schieber has learned to always have a Sharpie pen handy for autographs. She's found ways to order the right vegetable-loaded meals on the road and become an expert at whisking her boss out of a room....
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New education project aims to put young women on the right path to heart health 5.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary

Cal State L.A. will unveil a new project Monday aimed at preventing heart disease in young women who are not generally perceived to be at high risk of cardiovascular illness.

The campus is joining with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative and the Women's Heart Alliance, which cite recent data...

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Steamboat briefs: Primal Birthing to be offered at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 12, 13 5.10.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Primal Birthing: The Art of Childbirth, an intense two-day childbirth and breast-feeding education class, is being offered from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dec. 12 and 13. Tera Johnson-Swartz will lead this class that will explore the philosophy and importance of giving birth naturally, that will help reignite a woman’s innate power and wisdom to do so without intervention. This class is interactive and realistic, providing both an academic and emotional preparation for birth. The classes will be held in the small meeting room at Bud Werner Memorial Library. The cost per couple is $125, and the deadline to sign up is Nov. 30. Call 970-819-0728 or email for more information. New placards to be unveiled at ribbon cutting ceremony A ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil new Catch the Drift educational placards will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 6 at Rotary Park, 1600 Mount Werner Road. The event is free and open to the public. Everyone who loves the Yampa River is encouraged to attend. Routt ...
Texas Radio Host: 'I Get A Say' Over Whether Women Can Terminate Their Pregnancies 5.10.2015 Crooks Liars
Conservative radio host Mark Davis argued on Sunday that he deserved to have "a say" on whether women were forced to carry their pregnancies to term because he said that "half of the babies aborted are women" and needed his protection. On Sunday's edition of Inside Texas Politics on WFAA, former Democratic state Rep. Domingo Garcia and Davis reflected on last week's congressional Planned Parenthood hearings. "This isn't about abortion rights or women health," Davis scoffed. "It's about whether this group might have broken the law in selling baby parts for money." Garcia, however, argued that the attack on Planned Parenthood was part of the "war on women" being waged by Republicans. "The Republicans, especially grumpy old guys, care about what women to with their bodies," Garcia noted. "Why can't you leave them alone? Let them make their own decisions." "This grumpy old guy believes that those distinct lives in the womb deserve protection," Davis shot back. "I'm a grumpy old guy, that's a human life, I ...
Nepal earthquake Everest survivor Sara Safari to tell her story at REI Huntington Beach 4.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary



Bruce Hale, an international trip leader with the Sierra Club, will discuss "Cuba: Island Nation in Transition," with slides and narration describing his December 2014 visit.

When, where: 7:30 p.m. Monday at Distant Lands, 20 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena.

Admission, info: Free. RSVP...

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Across four continents: Danziger's tales from Bolivia and Honduras | Rory MacLean 4.10.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

The struggles for survival on Bolivia’s altiplano and in the slums of Honduras are linked by such familiar themes as poverty and poor education

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Indie Focus: Getting really real with '99 Homes' and 'He Named Me Malala' 4.10.2015 LA Times: Commentary
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