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Military Weekend: On Military Family Separations 24.7.2016 The Moderate Voice

The year was 1962. I had just been selected to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) at an Air Force base in Texas. I knew it would be a very tough six-month course — it turned out to be even tougher — but there was one bright spot. After three months, I would get a one-week [...]

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Where Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine stand on key issues 23.7.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton's running mate. The two agree on how government should tackle abortion and gun control, but disagree on the authorization of military force.
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Kaine liberal appeal muted by energy ties, abortion concerns 23.7.2016 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine are closely aligned on many issues, but Kaine's cautious, left-leaning political profile in a closely contested state is blurred by his ties to energy industry interests and his personal qualms over abortion....
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Trump’s prepared speech to the GOP convention, annotated 22.7.2016 Washington Post
His remarks accepting the nomination were provided on an embargoed basis. Other news outlets leaked the text early, so we’re posting it here.
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The role of higher education in entrepreneurship 22.7.2016 techCrunch
 The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report recently published rankings of university entrepreneurship. Among the top 12 schools, the two lists share but a single institution. How can two highly regarded agencies compile lists of excellence with virtually no overlap? It’s hard to measure success when you don’t know what that success looks like. So what is the role of… Read ...
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Trans Students File Federal Lawsuits Saying Schools Violated Their Rights 21.7.2016 Think Progres

These trans students filed federal lawsuits saying their civil rights were violated after being denied access to bathrooms of their gender.

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Why some young evangelical women are increasingly drawn to feminism — and to Hillary Clinton 20.7.2016 Washington Post
Why some young evangelical women are increasingly drawn to feminism — and to Hillary Clinton
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With Turkey in chaos, its secular citizens feel even more nervous 20.7.2016 Washington Post: World
Many critics of President Erdogan fear his apparent power grab after a failed coup attempt.
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Trump Tracts: Subgenius-inflected mini-comics about Trump in the style of Jack Chick tracts 19.7.2016 Boing Boing
Ethan Persoff is releasing a new "Trump Tract" every day during the RNC, and he encourages you to print out stacks of them and leave them around Cleveland during the convention, "at a coffee shop, or in the bathroom at a $30,000/plate dinner, or hand-distributing these out in public." ...
This one survey shows why Trump won't win over Sanders supporters 19.7.2016 Washington Post: Politics
Their beliefs and values are just too opposed.
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Motorola's snap-fit magnetic puzzle-phone looks promising 19.7.2016 Boing Boing
The Moto Z phone uses a system of magnetically aligned components that snap on and off to add functionality, from high-quality speakers to extra batteries to a projector. ...
First lady's 'Carpool Karaoke' video airing Wednesday 19.7.2016 AP Politics
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Michelle Obama's "Carpool Karaoke" joyride with James Corden will air Wednesday on the late-night host's CBS show....
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Textbook reignites Mexican-American studies flap in Texas 19.7.2016 AP National
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Activists and educators on Monday called a Mexican-American studies textbook proposed for use across Texas biased and poorly researched and argued that its contents are especially offensive in a state where a majority of public school students are Hispanic....
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Eva Longoria's Advice for Entrepreneurs: Create Social Impact 19.7.2016 Inc
The actress sat down for an interview with Inc. and shared her advice for entrepreneurs.
Marc Andreessen Predicts 2 Types of Jobs in the Future. Which One Will You Have? 18.7.2016 Inc
New York-based startup Codecademy just raised $30 million to help anybody learn to code, for free.
How generation Z females could be the answer to tech’s gender diversity problem 18.7.2016 techCrunch
 While the biggest names in tech strive to close the gender gap and build more inclusive working environments, the pool of talent on offer is predominantly male. The truth is, while retention is an issue, there are simply fewer women opting for a career in tech. But new initiatives and an uptick of Gen Z girls opting for sciences in top-tier universities paints a very different future. Read ...
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Sextortion: Virtual sexual assault 17.7.2016 Daily Kos
The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines sextortion as: ...a serious crime that occurs when someone threatens to distribute your private and sensitive material if you don’t provide them images of a sexual nature, sexual favors, or money. The perpetrator may also threaten to harm your friends or relatives by using information they have obtained from your electronic devices unless you comply with their demands. Using information posted on social media, the perpetrators of extortion gain the confidence of their victims by friending them on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, or one of the other rapidly growing social media sites where young people gather. Today’s teens and pre-teens have never lived in a world in which they were not virtually connected. In her book, Girls & Sex , Peggy Orenstein wrote that many teens learn about sex through online pornography  that is freely available in an era of “abstinence only” education. Their lives are lived online, they are not noted for using strong passwords or ...
Breast milk is best and free, so why is it a luxury for American moms? 17.7.2016 LA Times: Commentary

In an immaculate mid-century spread nestled in the canyons of Beverly Hills, a Hollywood actress plucks her sleepy infant daughter from the co-sleeper bassinet attached to her bed and settles in for a cozy breastfeeding session. Soon, the child’s live-in nurse swoops in to bathe the baby.


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Does television have a teacher problem? 17.7.2016 Washington Post
Does television have a teacher problem?
Presidential Blather In Time of Tragedy 16.7.2016 NewsBusters
WASHINGTON — Race is what you make of it. For me I have made race a part of what social scientists once called the "melting pot," by which they meant that differences -- including ethnicity and race -- were all melted down into one great variegated country called America. There might be different heritages and different sub-cultures mixed into the American melting pot, but once mixed together we were all ...
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